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Familiarization Programme For Independent Directors

Objectives The Programme aims to provide to the Independent Directors an insight into the Bank's functioning, and to help them understand its business in depth so as to help them contribute significantly during the deliberations in the Board / Committee meetings.
Process The Bank shall, through its Executive Directors / Core Executive Team (CET), Top Executives conduct programmes / presentations at quarterly / half-yearly / annual intervals to familiarize the Independent Directors with the strategy, operations and functioning of the Bank.
Such programmes / presentations will provide an opportunity to the Independent Directors to interact with members of the CET, and help them understand the Bank’s strategy, business plan, operations, services and product mix, technology, and risk management / mitigation plans, etc.
The orientation programme / module shall also help the Independent Directors to familiarize themselves with their role, duties and responsibilities.
Orientation / induction Programme inputs Orientation / induction Programme inputs
Brief Profile of fellow Board members
Code of Conduct for Directors and Senior Management
Code of Conduct for Directors and Senior Management
In addition to the above (which shall be made available upon induction of Independent Directors), the following content shall be covered during quarterly Board Meetings:
On-going updates / overview on the Industry and Operational performance Orientation / induction Programme inputs Quarterly/ Annual Results
Operations review / Presentation by the Functional / BU Heads at the Board Meetings Quarterly
Brief insights on Economic Overview, Market Indicators, New Developments, Funds Management, etc. Quarterly / Half Yearly
Bank’s Business Plan for a particular planning cycle and the Budget– Presentation by MD & CEO and discussion among the Board members and Leadership team Business Plan is for Planning Cycle of 3 years and Annual Budget
Memorandum on important Circulars issued by RBI and other important communication received, guidelines published by RBI along with the status of compliance placed before the Board at the Board Meeting Monthly basis / event based
Presentation / Updates on the regulatory changes, if any, viz., Companies Act, SEBI Regulations and Banking Regulation Act and guidelines issued by various statutory authorities, etc. Event-based
Feedback on
Effectiveness /
Participation of
Board Members in Meetings
By the Board Members, collectively.