Depository Services

    In line with its commitment of providing highly evolved products and prompt services, the Bank provides depository services to its clients. IndusInd Bank is one of the first banks to offer depository products to its customers, which commenced with the enactment of Depositories Act 1996, in India. The Bank got registered as a Depository Participant (DP) of National Securities Depository Limited and started offering a range of Depository Services since January, 1997.

    IndusInd Bank offers the following depository products/ services

    Basic Services
    • Demat accounts
    • Dematerialization
    • Rematerialization
    • Transfer of securities
    • Pledge services

    Internet Based Services
    • On-line instructions through SPEED-e
    • Statement through e-mail
    • Freezing of accounts

    IndusInd Bank depository services provides you a secure and convenient alternative for holding your securities. The depository operations enable you to convert your physical securities to electronic format. When you choose this option, you retain control of the securities but eliminate problems like loss of certificate, mutilation, forgery and postal delays.
    IndusInd Bank as a DP shall provide you one stop electronic age solution to your Capital Market Instruments thereby making your capital investment a lot easier and convenient. For this you just need to open a depository account with any of the branches of IndusInd Bank and thereafter you may operate your account and receive / give delivery for all buy / sell transactions done, merely by giving instructions to IndusInd Bank accordingly.

    Grievance Redressal Cell
    Mahesh Kumar
    Grievances Redressal Officer for Depository services
    Ground Floor, Sonawala Bldg,
    59 & 61, Mumbai Samachar Marg,
    Fort, Mumbai 400 001   
    For more information contact us at the Depository Cell:
    Opening of Demat Account

    Applications are accepted for opening accounts in the format given hereunder from the individuals only. Corporate member (broker) may contact any of our nearest branch. Securities held in joint names require account in joint names.

    Shares held in combination of names, open separate account for each such combination. Stamped Agreement to be executed between client and bank. Unique client ID to be allotted by the bank which has to quoted in all correspondence with bank.


    In the account opening form apart from the holder details, following are the mandatory fields which have to be necessarily filled out for the account to be opened.

    Pincode for address
    Bank details (for dividend purpose only)
    Standing Instructions

    For NRI Clients only

    RBI Reference No.
    RBI Approval Date


    Demat Account

    Shares are traditionally held in physical or paper form. This method has its own inherent weaknesses like loss/theft of certificates, forged/fake certificates, cumbersome and time consuming procedure for transfer of shares etc. Therefore, to eliminate these weaknesses, a new system called Depository System was introduced in India after the enactment of the Depositories Act 1996.

    A depository system is a system, which holds your shares in the form of electronic accounts in the same way a bank holds your money in a savings account.

    Depository System provides the following advantages to an investor:

    • Your shares cannot be lost or stolen or mutilated.
    • You never need to doubt the genuineness of your shares i.e., whether they are forged or fake.
    • Share transactions like transfer, transmission etc. can be effected immediately.
    • Transaction costs are usually lower than that in the physical segment.
    • There is no risk of bad delivery.
    • Bonus/Rights shares allotted to you will be immediately credited to your account.
    • You will receive the statement of account of your transactions/holdings periodically.

    When you decide to have your shares in electronic form you should approach a Depository Participant (DP) who is an agent of the depository to open an account. You should surrender your share certificates in physical form and your DP will arrange to get them sent to and verified by the company and on confirmation credit your account with an equivalent number of shares. This process is known as dematerialisation. You can always reverse this process if you so desire and get your shares reconverted into paper form. This process is known as rematerialisation.

    Share transactions (like sale or purchase and transfer/transmission etc.) in the electronic form can be effected in a much simpler and faster way. All you need to do is that after confirmation of sale/purchase transaction by your broker, you should approach your DP with a request to debit/credit your account for the transaction. The Depository will immediately arrange to complete the transaction by updating your account. There is no need for separate communication to the company to register the transfer.


    Rematerilisation is the process of conversion of securities from electronic form to physical form. You may withdraw your security balances with the depository at any point of time by making an application to that effect to the depository through us.

    You may make the withdrawal of balance in your account by using the Rematerialisation Request Form. On receipt of your request we will check your balance and then accept the same and the same will be sent to the registrar or issuer after electronically intimating the depository.

    The Registrar or Issuer will confirm the same to the depository to remove the balances from your respective account and dispatch the share certificates in physical form to you.

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