Global Markets

    The treasury of the bank is a very active participant in the inter-bank market. It mobilises resources for the bank from domestic as well as international markets and also manages the surplus funds available by deploying it profitably. The treasury is divided into foreign exchange and money market desks. The foreign exchange desk is supported by the sales desk, which interacts with the corporate clients keeping them abreast of the latest happenings in the international markets and advising them on risk management tools available and the best strategies for hedging their exposures.

    Foreign Exchange Desk
    Foreign Exchange Desk is bifurcated into Inter-bank & Corporate Desk. The corporate desk interacts with the branches and clients for trade and other related transactions, while the Inter-Bank desk undertakes the cover operations for such transactions. The Inter-bank desk also trades in currencies on bank’s account.

    Spot Contract
    This facility helps a corporate hedge it’s near term foreign currency exposure upto two working days without any additional cost.

    Forward Contract
    Using this facility a corporate can hedge his medium and long term currency exposures at a nominal cost.  This helps the corporate to lock into a specific exchange rate for any currency irrespective of the market movement in that currency thus ensuring stability in a volatile market.

    Derivatives Desk
    IndusInd Bank Ltd. offers following derivative instruments for management of both currency and interest rate risk.

Money Market Desk

Money Market desk performs the following activities on the bank’s ...

Currency Option

To hedge against foreign exchange rate risk arising from trade exp...

Interest Rate Swap (IRS)

It allows a corporate to hedge the interest rate risks

Currency Swap

The currency swap involves two principal amounts, one for each cur...

Forward Rate Agreement (FRA)

FRA thus enables a party a guaranteed future rate of interest

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IBL Registration Number NSE: INE231308847
MCX Stock Exchange Limited: INE261314434 for dealing in currency derivatives segment