Cash Management Services

Easy Collections

    Specialized Collection through CMS:

    Converting your receivables quickly into liquid cash is critical to the health of any company's cash flow. But given the vast geographical spread of the country and the multiple clearing patterns, the time and effort taken to manage your receivables, across all channels and from different locations (paper or electronic, local or cross-border), becomes a daunting challenge and at times prove costly to your business.

    With IndusInd Bank Receivables Management Solution you can outsource your entire accounts receivables to us. IndusInd Bank offers a range of paper based and electronic collections products. With a complete product suite and coverage of more than 3000 plus locations (155 own locations and correspondent bank arrangements) to cater to all your business collection products, we are uniquely placed to offer you a cost-efficient customized solution.

Electronic Collections

    A unique identification allows the creation of multilple receiver IDs all linked to a single corporate current account thereby providing instant credits, easy remitter identification. All you have to do is follow a simple registration process for its remitters who can then remit the funds electronically through RTGS/NEFT with the unique Indus Electronic identification account number.

Paper Collections

    Enjoy swift realisation of funds across different locations! Get your cheques picked up from locations where sales and distribution channels are present. The advantage is that the realised funds can be moved to a location of your choice. We enable your requuest for funds on a guaranteed agreement i.e.fixed day of credit*. The services also allows pooling of funds into a single account, through connectivity between branches, thereby removing the need to open and monitor multiple accounts.

    Local Cheque Collections

    Go ahead, avail funds, either on a guarantee or clear funds basisnfor MICR cheque drawn at any Indusland Bank or correspondent bank location and deposited at the same location. You can access this service in over 168 Indusland Bank branches and over 3000 correspondent bank locations.

    Upcountry Collections

    This service allows availablity of funds either on a guaranteed or clear funds basis for cheques drawn on any upcountry Indusland Bank or correspondent bank location or remote location and deposited at any Indusland Bank location. Do avail this facility in over 224 branches across 168 geographical locations and over 3000 correspondent locations.

    Anywhere Collection

    Enjoy additional savings through efficiency of anywhere services, collect your local cheques at any of our 155 locations. We will collect your funds and remit to your Account at the home location.

    Outstation Collection

    Add more to your business, with a collection of outstation cheques payable at IndusInd Bank locations. The service enables you to get your funds collected from across the country at a fraction of cost.

    Our coverage of 400 locations across the country for local cheques and over 3000 locations for upcountry cheque collections provide an efficient mechanism to collect cheques/drafts with best in class service and turn around times.

    Cash Deposit

    Our unique flexi cash deposit allows you to enjoy additional savings on your Account. Indus Edge Business Account does not bind you to a static cash deposit limit. Our flexi, free cash deposit limit is five times the balance maintained in the previous month for your local cash deposits.

    Our Collections Products include

    • Electronic Collections
    • Local cheques
    • Outstation cheques

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