Indus Fast Remit

    Indus-Fast Remit is a fast, simple, and secure way to send money from US or UK to your family in India.
    This is an extremely convenient way to transfer money from the comfort of your home using an internet connection.

    In US it uses the Automated Clearing House (ACH) which is paperless and 100% online remittance platform to transfer funds from United States to India.
    In UK the fund transfer can be done using the online banking access provided by your UK account holding bank.

Features & Benefits

    • Secure & Easy International Money transfer
    • Free transfer to any Bank in India
    • Attractive Exchange Rates
    • Online tracking facility available
    • Set Reminders for future transactions (in US)
    • Maintain your Beneficiary Address Book
    • Free Mobile alerts to beneficiary on the status of Money Transfer
    • Local helpline number in the US and UK (toll free) for all your money transfer queries
    FAQs related to Indus Fast Remit


    Any adult (18 years of age and above) having an active US and UK Bank account is eligible for using this service.


     This is a completely online process with no paper work.

    Register online:
    Register and create your User id and Password.

    Add beneficiary
    Add details of beneficiary bank account in India

    Register for ACH (only US)
    Add your US bank account details, ABA routing number. After 2 working days 3 sub-dollar entries will appear in your bank statement.

    Check your U.S bank account statement for 3 sub-dollar transactions, and accordingly enter it in activation screen. Your account is activated.

    Remit money
    Once your account is activated, all you need to do is login and Remit money to India.

    Secure Remittance
    Indus Fast Remit does not share the personal information provided by you with any third party. All transactions are carried out across secure encrypted lines through 128 bit SSL, Firewall etc.


    • Am I eligible to use the IndusFast Remit service?
      Any adult (18 years of age and above) having an active US Bank account is eligible for using this service.

    • Why do I need to enroll a beneficiary?
      You only need to enroll one beneficiary during the enrollment process and this is performed as part of the security of our system.

    • Can I enroll more than one beneficiary?
      Yes, after you complete the initial enrollment you can add as many beneficiaries as you would like.

    • How long does it take to receive the two sub-dollar credit payments?
      The process can take up to three business days, but quite often if you have online access to your statement you can access the payment amounts the next morning.

    • Why are you sending me two sub-dollar credit payments?
      This process is used to validate ownership of the account. We do this to protect your security and prevent fraudulent activity.

    • Can I use more than one bank account?
      Yes, after you complete the enrollment you will be allowed to enter as many bank accounts as needed.

    • Does the password have to contain a certain structure?
      Yes the password must be at least 6 characters and include at least 1 number.

    • How do I get the beneficiaries information for enrollment?
      You will need to contact the beneficiary in order to receive this information. If you reach the point in the application where you need this information you can save your work by click on “Save as Draft” and you will be allowed to return to the application and enter your username and password and complete the enrollment.

    • How long will it take to complete the enrollment?
      It can take as long as 3 days and as short as 1 business day depending on how long it takes for the sub-dollar payments to post to your account.

    • How do I find the sub-dollar payment amounts that were sent to my account?
      In order to find the sub-dollar payment amounts you will need to access your bank statement. The fastest way to accomplish will be to access your statement online and retrieve the amounts.

    • It has been at least 4 full business days since I submitted the payment and the beneficiary has not received the money?
      In order to reply to your request in the most efficient manner you should look up [link to transaction history] the individual transaction in dispute and click on the non-receipt link and complete the form. This will electronically submit your request directly to the operations group that delivers the payment to the beneficiary and they will respond with an answer to your request.

    • It has been less then 4 full business days since I submitted the payment and the beneficiary has not received the money?
      Due to international holidays, different time zones and different processing schedules it requires four full business days to apply the money to the beneficiary's account. Unfortunately we cannot accept any non-receipt claims until after the expiration of the four business days. If after four business days the payment has not been received please access the transaction on the Web site and click on the non-receipt link to electronically file a claim.

    • It has been at least 3 full business days since I submitted the non-receipt claim online?
      If you have received a refund for your transaction then you will need to contact the beneficiary to verify that you have the accurate account information and then submit your payment again. If you have not received a refund for your transaction and the beneficiary has not received the money then you will need to contact us by calling 5052170975(10 AM to 6 PM EST).

    • It has been less then 3 full business days since I submitted the non-receipt claim online?
      Due to international holidays, different time zones, and different processing schedules it requires 3 full business days to respond to non-receipt requests. Our customer team thoroughly investigates all non-receipt claims to resolve any discrepancies and they will respond to you via email as soon as they complete their investigation.

    • Why was the money I tried to send returned to my account?
      The reason the money was refunded to you was because we were unable to locate the beneficiary's account. It is very important that you check with your beneficiary and confirm their account information matches the account information you have stored in our system. After you have successfully confirmed this information and updated the beneficiary profile on the Web site please try to send your payment again.

    • I have a transaction that is marked as Failed?
      The transaction failed because we were unable to debit the money from your U.S. Bank account. This usually happens when there are insufficient funds to cover the debit. You should confirm that the money has not been debited from your account and then check to see that you have sufficient money to cover the payment amount. If you have sufficient money in your account you can create the transaction again.

    • I sent a payment to a beneficiary and now I want a refund?
      A refund will only be processed in cases when the money you sent could not be delivered to the designated beneficiary. If the money has been successfully delivered to the beneficiary you will need to contact the beneficiary and request that they refund the money to your account.

    • I have received a refund for my transaction but the amount is different.
      This is because your transaction amount has been reconverted from INR to USD at the exchange rate prevalent at the time of this reconversion.

    • I want to reissue a transaction that had been returned earlier.
      You could re issue the transaction that had been returned earlier after the required amendments. This transaction will be treated as a fresh transaction and all charges pertaining to transactions would be applicable. Additionally, a charge of USD 5 would be levied in the US.

    • There has been a charge levied although the service is free.
      There are no service charges for this service. However as per Indian regulations a Foreign Currency Conversion Tax and Service Tax has been deducted from the beneficiary account. This is a small deduction of INR 25 per transaction deducted from the final beneficiary amount.

    • How do I cancel a future payment?
      In order to cancel a future payment you must go to the manage beneficiary page and select ?edit? the beneficiary that is receiving the recurring payment. From this edit page you will be able to modify or cancel your instructions.

    • Why does it take at least 3 days to receive the sub-dollar credits in my account?
      This delay is due to the payment network that is used to transmit the funds. This payment network requires at least 24 hours to make funds available. This can sometimes take up to 3 days depending on your financial institution.

    • Why do you send me two sub-dollar credits in order to set up a new financial account?
      This is to protect the security of your relationship with us. The two sub-dollar credits are sent to the account registered as the sender’s account. To verify that only an authorized party of that account has access to the data, we require you to confirm the amounts issued. This ensures that only you or an assignee on the account has access to your data.

    • How many months of transaction history is available through the Web site?
      We maintain 12 months of payment history on the Web site. We will maintain an offline history that may also be requested if the need arises.

    • Why do some transactions allow me to file a non-receipt and others do not have the option?
      You cannot file a non-receipt claim until the transaction has been successfully received from your U.S. Bank. This delay can be due to international holidays, different time zones, and processing schedules.

    • What is the availability date mean?
      This is the date the funds should be available to the beneficiary. We cannot always guarantee this date because of different time zones, country holidays and general processing schedules. This should serve as a guideline for availability of funds. Please contact your beneficiary to confirm receipt.

    • What happens if I change my financial account if I have future payments scheduled?
      When you change your financial account all of the future payments associated with that account are canceled. In order to continue with the future payments you will need to access each beneficiary with future payments and modify the financial account to reflect the new account. We advise that you add your new account before deleting the old account so that you can associate any future payments with the new account and then delete the old account.

    • How do I use the rate calculator?
      The rate calculator is used for informational purposes only. The rates in this calculator do not represent the actual rate that will be applied to your transaction. This calculator provides an approximation. You can submit either the USD or Local Currency amount to see an approximation of the corresponding amount.

    • How long will it take until the beneficiary can receive the money?
      A beneficiary can receive payment on the third day following the initiation of your instructions. For payments through the local clearing or through check there may be an additional delay depending on the time it takes for the delivery of funds.

    • How much does it cost to transfer money?
      The service fee for each transfer is dependent on the payment method you choose. Available methods include:
      Cheque: $ 0.00
      Direct Deposit: $ 0.00
      Electronic Deposit: $ 0.00

    • Does the beneficiary have to pay anything to receive the money in his account?
      This would be as per the policy of the beneficiary bank in which the account is maintained.

    • Is there a limit to the frequency or value of the transfers that I can make?
      Yes there are limits for how much you can send for each payment method.
      Yes, there are limits set up for the safety of your transactions as follows:
      Per Transaction limit of - $5,000
      Monthly limit $30,000.00 as a total of all transactions in a month.
      A single enrolled beneficiary could receive 3 credits on a day.
      Maximum number of transactions per day to all enrolled beneficiaries are 5.
      Maximum number of transactions per month to all enrolled beneficiaries are 10.

    • How do I cancel a transaction?
      Instructions that have been issued for immediate single transfer may not be cancelled once confirmed. Payment requests for future dates may be cancelled prior to the transaction date.

    • How many beneficiaries can I enroll?
      There is no limit to the number of beneficiaries that you can enroll. Please note you may not exceed the monthly transaction limit for the total of beneficiaries enrolled.

    • Can I enroll more than one bank account?
      You may enroll more than one bank account for the purpose of issuing transactions. You can structure your payments so that any beneficiary may receive funds from the various accounts you have enrolled.

    • I want to block my account as I believe that my password has been leaked ?
      We advise frequent changing of the password and maintaining total secrecy about your login details to prevent any password misuse. In case you need to block your account , just send us a mail through the e mail id that you had registered with us on or call us on our call centre numbers. The registered id would be disabled within 15 working days of receipt of the request. You could also delete your account online if you are able to login to Indus Fast Remit. We also recommend that you immediately inform your Bank in the US whose account has been registered for this service to prevent any wrongful debits.

    • Who can I contact if needed?
      If you are in U.S. and you are looking for assistance on how to transfer money, call our customer service representative at 5052170975 10 AM to 6 PM EST). Alternatively, you can send your inquiries at

    • Which bank in the US manages the Automated Clearing House (ACH) mechanism for the Indus Fast Remit service?
      Bank of New York, Mellon, USA manages the ACH portion of this service.

    • Are then any special requirements when using the site for making donations to India?
      In case of donations, please ensure that the association is registered in India under The Foreign Currency Regulation Act.

    • Where can I get further information on Foreign Exchange regulations in India?
      Information on the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) can be obtained on the URL:

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