Co-branded Credit Cards

IndusInd Bank Matrix Credit Card

    IndusInd Bank and Matrix Cellular Services International Pvt. Ltd have joined hands to bring you the IndusInd Bank Matrix Platinum Credit Card - a premium offering with a comprehensive range of international travel, lifestyle and golf benefits. Now earn points not only on services offered by Matrix but also when you travel, eat out, rent cars or party the night away!


    Auto Assist

    When on the road, there could be a thousand things that could interrupt your journey.

    An unwanted flat tyre, an unforeseen vehicle break-down or any other emergency can now be tackled with your Platinum Auto Assist. For the first time in India, IndusInd Bank introduces an emergency service for 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. So, when in need on the road, all you have to do is call our Platinum Auto Assist.

    International Concierge Assistance

    Imagine having a man Friday. Someone who you trust would make the right decision and someone who would be there to serve you – 24/7 all 365 days. Welcome to the world of IndusInd Bank Platinum Concierge Assistance. Expect exclusive service, for you hold the tag of being among the privileged few. And at every step of the way, you’ll receive the prestige and recognition that you deserve, an impeccable service where your personal preferences take precedence. Be it booking tickets for a Brazil soccer match, gifting a special soft toy to your loved one or acquiring passes to the Bryan Adams concert. We do it all on your behalf.


    • The concierge services are brought to you by Europ Assistance India Pvt Ltd (“Service Provider”).
    • Both IndusInd Bank and the Service Provider shall be acting under instructions through specified media from the Cardholder under good faith. All services would be rendered on a best efforts basis and shall be subject to the availability and existence of the third party providers to render the service.
    • IndusInd Bank & the Service Provider shall not be responsible for delays or failures to provide services caused by any strike, war, invasion, act of foreign enemies, armed hostilities (regardless of a formal declaration of war), civil war, rebellion, insurrection, terrorism, political coup, riot and civil commotion, administrative or political impediments, or radioactivity or any other event of force majeure or Act of God which prevents the Service Provider from rendering the services.
    • The services shall be available to the Cardholder only if the Cardholder’s credit card is in ‘live’ status and the transactions ordered by the Cardholders is within the available credit limit on the credit card.
    • The Cardholder agrees that transaction charges and cost of the goods ordered shall be debited from his IndusInd Bank platinum credit card account.
    • The transaction will be carried out by the service provider based on the instructions provided to them by the Cardholder.
    • IndusInd bank does not underwrite or warrant the services of service providers/ goods of the vendors procured using the platinum credit card and shall not be responsible for any defect, deficiency, delay or imperfection in such goods/ services or for any loss or damage suffered or personal injury caused to the Cardholder directly or indirectly by the use or non-use of the goods/ services provided by the respective vendors/ service providers.
    • IndusInd Bank reserves the right to modify wholly or in part the scope of the services being offered under this facility.

    Platinum assurance

    Get a complimentary insurance cover up to Rs. 25 lakh.

    Comprehensive Travel Insurance

    Unforeseen events often take you by surprise. With our comprehensive travel insurance up to Rs. 25 lakhs, you are always prepared. Be assured that your loved ones are secure and always have a helping hand with the IndusInd Bank Platinum Credit Card.

    Complete security with Total Protection

    With the IndusInd Bank Platinum Credit Card we offer you the following complimentary insurance features to make your card usage as safe and secure as possible:

    Total Protection Total Protection is a unique IndusInd Bank feature that covers you for unauthorised transactions on your card at merchant establishments. Total Protection covers you for a sum up to the credit limit on your card. Total Protection covers the following:

    • Unauthorised transactions in case of loss / theft of card: We provide an insurance cover up to 48 hours prior to your reporting the loss of your card to IndusInd Bank.
    • Counterfeit Fraud: In case your card or its details are stolen the IndusInd Bank Platinum Credit Card offers you insurance to protect yourself against unscrupulous usage of your card.

    Platinum organiser

    Get additional card for tracking your business expenses separately.

    Additional Card for business expenses

    IndusInd Bank now offers an additional card for your business expenses. This gives you the advantage of tracking your business expenses separately and allows you to have a record segregating your business and personal expenses.

    Year End summary of accounts

    When you spend, we take care that a record of your expense is maintained. Your card provides you with a Year-End summary of your spends to give you a 360 degree view of your card spends. With this, you can enjoy convenience and use this benefit to help simplify budgeting and tax preparation.

    Platinum travel plus

    IndusInd Bank values your enduring patronage and strives to offer the very best of services to keep our relationship growing. Because you are exclusive to us, we have brought a unique travel assist program - 'Travel Plus'.

    Extensive International travel insurance benefits (up to 20 days per year)

    Being a Travel Plus Program member, ensures that you are at complete peace of mind while traveling abroad. You can avail of insurance covers for medicals, baggage protection or other possible misfortunes such as loss of air ticket or a missed flight connection.

    Insurance cover Sum assured (up to)
    Overseas medical insurance $ 100,000
    Lost baggage Rs. 100,000
    Delayed baggage Rs. 25,000
    Loss of passport Rs. 50,000
    Lost ticket Rs. 25,000
    Missed connection Rs. 25,000

    Waiver of lounge usage charges

    As a IndusInd Bank cardholder, you have access to over 500 VIP airport lounges around the world as part of the Priority Pass Program. With the Travel Plus Program, you also enjoy special waivers on lounge usage charges outside India. For a maximum of ten lounge usages per year, $27 is waived on every usage which means you can save up to $270 (Rs. 10,800 approximately)!

    Enjoy the benefits of Travel Plus Program at a nominal fee of Rs. 3,000 per annum

      Terms and conditions

Connectivity with Matrix

    Matrix Platinum Credit Card offers mobile phone, and 3G data services for international travelers. 


    With country-specific mobile connections by Matrix, you get:

    • Up to 85% savings on international roaming bills
    • Free incoming calls in most of the countries
    • Convenience of carrying a local mobile number abroad
    • Billing in Indian rupees
    • Delivery anywhere in India
    • 24x7, round the year, Matrix customer care toll-free helpline

    Value for Money

    With Matrix 3G Data Card, connectivity costs less, and happens anywhere.

    • 85% cheaper than other Indian data cards
    • Connect to the Internet at broadband speeds of up to 1.8 mbps
    • Sleek, space-saving design makes it travel-friendly

    Business as usual

    Matrix also offers a full range of voice and data communication solutions that are tailored to fit the particular needs of your business with your personalized account manager.

    Student Solutions

    Getting a post-paid mobile connection abroad could be a nightmare for students. Don’t end up paying huge deposits for a local SIM card. Prepaid SIM cards are also inconvenient. Avoid all hassles! 

    Please call the Concierge on 1860 267 7777 to avail special offers on your Matrix Platinum Credit Card. 

    *Terms and conditions apply. 

Rewards Plan

    As a Matrix Platinum Credit Cardholder, the Rewards Plan on your credit card is specially designed to suit your spending patterns. With this special Rewards Plan, the world is your backyard.

    Accrual of Savings Points

    Listed Categories Talk Points (on Rs. 100 spent) Annual Expenses (Rs.) Your Annual Talk Points**
    Matrix Spends 6 50,000 3,000
    International Spends 3 2,40,000 7,200
    Petrol Purchases 1 50,000 500
    All other spends 1 2,60,000 2600
    Total Talk Points 13,300
    Savings on Fuel Surcharge* Waiver (Rs.) 

    Redemption of Savings Points

    Each time you spend on the listed spend-categories with your Matrix Platinum Credit Card, you earn Savings Points that you can later redeem for a range of exciting options:

    1 Savings Point = Re. 1 worth of Matrix talk time
    100 Savings Points = 100 airline miles
    1 Savings Point = Re 0.85 of cash value

    To redeem the Talk Points on your Matrix Platinum Credit Card, please call our 24x7 Phone Banking Number 1860 267 7777. 

    *  Please note that service tax levied on fuel surcharge (if any) will not be waived and will need to be borne by the cardholders.
    ** The above illustration is based on hypothetical estimates of periodic expenses.

    Please refer to the applicable terms and conditions. 


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