Alternate Investment Products

    At Indusind we offer a broad range of Alternate investment products to diversify the traditional portfolio.

    Alternate Investment Products comprise of three main products- structured Products, Private Equity and Portfolio Management Services. These products are specially designed to cater to a niche segment of customers having different risk reward appetite.


    Portfolio Management Services

    Portfolio Management Services are products offered by various Fund houses that invest in stocks, fixed incomes, debt, cash and other financial instruments , managed by professional portfolio managers to meet specific individual objectives. Unlike a mutual fund where the investor holds units, in a PMS product, the investor holds individual securities.

    Structured Products

    Structured products are investment platforms that give exposure to equity markets, interest rates, bonds, currency, commodity and derivatives to give the upside in returns while protecting your downside. A Structured Product is created by combining the economics of a long call option on equity with a long discount bond position. The investment structure generally provides 100% principal protection. The coupon or final payment at maturity is determined by the appreciation of the underlying equity.

    Private Equity

    Private Equity Products invest in opportunities in companies that are not publicly traded on a stock exchange. Private Equity has emerged as an attractive asset class. However, lacking the expertise or the time or resources to structure and monitor the Private Equity investment, you can invest indirectly through a private equity fund.


    As per SEBI circular: SEBI/IMD/CIR No. 4/ 168230/09, following are the details of the comparative commission earned by Indusind Bank from various fund-houses, whose products are being distributed:

    Disclosure on Commission received By IndusInd Bank for Various Company's


    Upfront Commisson Brokerage

    Trail 1st Year Onwards(annualised)

    Other Fees (if any)

    Portfolio Management service

    0 to 4.50%

    0 to 0.75%


    Private Equity Fund

    0 to 3.60%

    0 to 0.75%


    Structured Product

    0 to 3.00%



    Capital Gain Bonds

    0 to 0.01%



    Debt MF

    0 to 1.00%

    0 to 1.00%

    Equity MF

    0 to 4.50%

    0 to 1.75%

    Liquid MF

    0 to 1.00%

    0 to 0.80%

    MIP MF

    0 to 1.85%

    0 to 1.60%

    # 25% of portfolio managers fees in case of profit sharing option

    Note :-

    1. The above Rate are effective 1st November or later than that and will be updated on best effort basis and subject to change without any prior consent and at a sole discretion between AMC and the Bank.
    2. Indusind Bank may receive reimbursement from AMC for marketing related activities, which cannot be attributed to any scheme or period, as the same is based on any event or marketing activity being carried out along with any one or multiple AMC.
    3. For further detail commission structure, please contact our nearest branch or call your relationship manager.


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