Security Tips

Caution against Vishing/Phishing

    A method of illegally capturing personal security data.

    IMPORTANT: IndusInd Bank does not ask for personal security details like your Internet banking or phone banking passwords on the email, phone or otherwise. Never disclose your passwords to anyone, even to the bank's staff. In case you get an email or a phone call asking your personal security details or a Bank staff approaches you to disclose your password, please report to us. You can send an email to

    What is Vishing?
    Vishing is a combination of the words voice and phishing. Vishing is very similar to phishing - the only difference is the technology.

    Phishing involves the use of emails to trick you into providing your personal details whereas vishing involves voice or telephone services. If you use a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service, you are particularly vulnerable to a vishing scam.

    A typical vishing call involves a scammer, posing as an employee from your bank or another organisation, claiming to need your personal details. Scammers are very creative and they could tell you many different reasons why they need this information from you. Do not assume you won't be a target of a vishing scam.

    Regardless of the story you are told, the scammer will be aiming to convince you to divulge confidential personal and banking information, such as your PIN or password. Even if you use your telephone keypad or keyboard to type in your details, if you are on the line to a scammer, the scammer can record them.

    What is Phishing?
    Phishing is a technique employed by scamsters to illegally procure personal information like account numbers, Internet banking user ids and passwords, etc.

    The most frequently used method is to send a spam email to a large database of email ids say, all gmail ids or all yahoo ids. The spam email is designed in such a way as to look exactly like an email sent by the targeted company / bank.

    The email simply asks the recipient to click on a link and enter their user id and password. Different techniques are used to lure the recipient to click on the link: validation of account information, threat of account suspension, etc.

    If you look carefully, the link will not lead you to our websites: or

    Never click on any such link and never enter your login id and password without verifying the authenticity of the web page


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