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Cash - on - Mobile


Have you forgotten your wallet at home!!! No need to worry with IndusMobile's Cash-on-Mobile. This innovative feature allows an IndusInd bank customer to withdraw/send money by just using the receiver's mobile number. The receiver of the funds can withdraw money from select IndusInd Bank ATMs. The receiver will get all the details required for withdrawal of the cash on his or her phone.

Importance of Cash-on-Mobile: This service can be used when:

  • Receiver prefers cash
  • The receiver needs money instantly/needs emergency cash
  • The receiver does not have a bank account
  • When receivers bank account details are not known
  • The receiver is not within close proximity

Please click here to view demo.


Please click here to view IndusMobile Terms and conditions.


Issue Cash-on-Mobile: As an IndusInd Bank customer you can initiate a Cash-on-Mobile transaction from either select IndusInd Bank ATMs or through the IndusMobile Application*. In both cases you would need to provide:

  • Mobile Number of receiver
  • Transaction amount
  • Remitter PIN

As soon as Cash-on-Mobile is issued to a beneficiary he will receive an SMS from IndusInd Bank with the beneficiary PIN. The beneficiary can withdraw the Cash-on-Mobile using the remitter, beneficiary pin from select IndusInd Bank ATMs.

Withdraw Cash-on-Mobile: The receiver can withdraw the funds at select IndusInd bank ATMs. The customer does not necessarily have to be an IndusInd Bank Customer. Funds can be withdrawn as:

  • Cardless transaction: Select the Cash-on-Mobile option on select IndusInd Bank ATM screen and choose withdraw Cash-on-Mobile. Validate your PINs for the transaction to withdraw funds
  • Card-based transaction: Enter any debit card and validate your debit card pin, choose the withdraw Cash-on-mobile option and validate the required pins to withdraw the funds

Cancel Cash-on-Mobile: A Cash-on-Mobile request can be cancelled by the sender either through select IndusInd Bank ATMs or IndusMobile application on your phone

Cash-on-Mobile Status: Check on the status of an issued Cash-on-Mobile request either through select IndusInd Bank ATMs or IndusMobile application on your phone

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  • Daily balance upto 1 lac 4 %
  • Daily balance above 1 lac and upto 10 lac 5 %
  • Daily Balance above 10 lac 6 %

  • 1 year to 1 year 2 months 7.35 %
  • Indus Tax Saver Scheme - 5 years (upto Rs 1.5 lacs) 7.25 %
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