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Loan Against Shares


We understand your securities are meant for meeting long term financial goals. And now we are glad to introduce IndusInd Bank Loan against Securities to help get more than just returns from these Securities.

So go ahead and unleash the power of your shares with the 3L advantage provided by IndusInd Loan against Securities

  • Liquidity on shares which can release value without losing ownership  of the shares or any benefits associated with it
  • Lower Processing Fee and Interest Rates to ensure the best possible loan structure. Further, one can reduce the actual interest rate on the loan by making part payments without any restriction
  • Larger value for stocks where the bank will provide a higher Loan to value on select scrips.

Features & Benefits

  • Loan amounts vary from 2 Lacs to 20 Lacs based on the actual value of shares provided by the customer
  • Loan available against 600 + shares. Margins vary from 35% to 65% based on the list of shares provided as security
  • Loan can be used for any purpose other than speculative purposes. Loan cannot be used for purchase of Land or Gold  
  • Loan available in the form of an overdraft facility which is renewable annually at the discretion of the bank

Please refer to the schedule for charges for details on charges applicable on the loan


Any person who owns dematerialized shares, and is between 21 and 70 years can avail Loan against Securities for their Personal use or Business use. We have launched this product in select cities and plan to offer it in more locations, in the next few months. Please check with your nearest branch for more details.

How to Apply

You can apply for Loan Against Shares online. Click on the Apply Now button on this page, fill in your details and submit it. We will get back to you for further process. Alternately, you can visit your nearest IndusInd branch and submit the Loan application form.


  • Identity proof
  • Address Proof
  • Signature proof
  • Annexure W for pledge of shares
  • Easy documentation – Application form and loan agreement

Note: The Bank may seek additional documents for sanction of loan facility, where necessary.


Schedule of Charges for Current Account Loan Against Shares

Loan Sanction and Maintenance charges
Processing Fee Upto 1% of the sanction amount subject to a minimum of INR 2500/=
Renewal Fee Upto 1% of the sanction amount subject to a minimum of INR 2500/=
Charges for Late Payment 24% p.a. on overdue amount. This will be calculated on a daily product basis and levied on a monthly basis
Pledge Depledge fees 0.02% of the pledge / depledge value sibject to a minimum INR 20 per trf
Pre payment / part payment penalty Not Applicable
Charges on drawings in excess of Limits ( due to application of interest or revaluation of portfolio under pledge) Penal interest of 24% p.a. plus tax on the amount drawn in excess of the Limit. This will be calculated on a daily product basis and levied on a monthly basis.
Sale of security All brokerages, transaction charges and other levies as per actuals
Legal & incidental charges As per actuals.
Demat Charges As applicable to the Demat account from time to time.
Stamp duty and other statutory charges As per Applicable laws of the State
Credit assessment charges Not Applicable
AMB & Cheque Book Charges
Average Monthly Balance Requirement (Category A and A+ Branches) NIL
Average Monthly Balance Requirement (Category B,C,IMFS and Rural Branches) NIL
Charges for Non-Maintainance of AMB NA
Cheque Book Issuances (Payable At Par: 50 leaves Book) 1st Cheque book FREE
Charges of Cheque Book on additional usage Rs. 2 per leaf
Local Cheque Deposit Free
Cheques deposited at any location of Indusind Bank for clearing in the same location Free
Outstation Cheque Deposit on Indusind Location (inclusive of all charges and service tax)
Instrument Value Charges (Inclusive of all Charges)
Cheques collection Up to and including 5,000 - Rs. 25/-
Above 5,000 and up to and including 10,000 - Rs. 50/-
Above 10,000 and up to and including 1,00,000 - Rs. 100/-
Above 1,00,000 - Rs. 200/-
Outstation Cheque Deposit on Non-Indusind Location (inclusive of all charges and service tax)
Funds Transfer (Between any Indusind Bank Branches) (Online/through Branch) Free
Funds Transfer (Between any Indusind Bank Branches) (Online/through Branch) Free
Payments at Any Location of IndusInd Bank for clearing in same location through PAP cheque Free
DD/ PO (At Branch Locations)
Free Limit NIL
Charges on Additional usage Rs. 1/1000 Min Rs. 25 Max Rs. 10,000
DD/ PO (Correspondent Bank Location)
Free Limit NIL
Charges on Additional usage Rs. 2/1000 Min Rs. 100 Max Rs. 15000
DD/ PO (Non-Correspondent Bank) Rs. 3/1000, Min Rs. 100 Max Rs. 15000
NEFT (NATIONAL ELECTRONIC FUNDS TRANSFER) Upto Rs. 1 lac Charges of Rs. 5/- per transaction –From Rs. 1 lac to 2 lac Charges of Rs. 15/- per transaction- Rs. 2 lakh and above Rs. 25 per transaction
RTGS (REAL TIME GROSS SETTLEMENT) From Rs. 2 lac to 5 lac Charges of Rs. 25/- per transaction – Rs. 5 lakh and above Rs. 50 per transaction
Cash Transactions
Cash Deposit at Home Location
Free Limit per month Rs. 5,00,000
Additional Charges on incremental deposits Rs. 3/1000
Charges for Cash Deposit at Non-Home Location Rs. 4/1000
Cash Withdrawal
Cash Withdrawal (Home Location) Free
Cash Withdrawal (Non-Home Location) Free
Cash Withdrawal (ATM's) IndusInd Network Free
Cash Withdrawal Other ATMs Free unlimited for balance above Rs. 10,000 in previous month. If balance in previous month is less than Rs. 10,000/- then 5 transactions Free. Beyond 5 Transactions, Charge of Rs. 20 per Transaction
Cash Withdrawal Outside India Rs. 125/-
Cash Withdrawal Limit by ATM Card  
Cash Withdrawal Limit by Platinum Dr Card NA
Account Access
Net Banking Available
Phone Banking Available
Mobile Alerts Available
Doorstep Banking* Available
Stop Payment (Single Cheque) Rs. 100
Stop Payment (Series Cheque) Rs. 150
Cheque Return (Inward) For Financial Reasons Upto 2 instruments per month- Rs.350 per instrument.
On 3rd & 4th instrument - Rs.500 per instrument
5th Instrument onwards- Rs.750 per instrument
Cheque Return (Outward) IndusInd Location Rs. 50 per cheque
Cheque Return (Outward) Other Locations Rs 100 per cheque + Out of pocket Expenses
Internal Transfer Return Charges NIL
ECS Returns Rs. 200
Debit Card
Business Gold Debit Card Without CHIP (Issuance, Annual Charges, Replacement & Supplementary Card) Rs 100 p.a.
Gold Debit Card (Issuance, Annual Charges, Replacement & Supplementary Card) Rs. 250 p.a.
Platinum Business Dr Card (Issuance, Annual Charges, Replacement & Supplementary Card) NA
Balance Inquiry at Other ATMs within India Free
Balance Inquiry Outside India  
POS Limit on Debit Card  
POS Limit on Platinum Business Debit Card (per day basis) NA
Email Statement (Daily) Free
Adhoc Statement printed Rs. 10 per page
Dormancy Charges Rs. 100
Dormant Account Activation Free
Account Closure Charges
Before Six Months Rs. 200
After Six Months NIL
Cash Delivery / Pickup (Per call)
Till 2 lacs Rs. 150
2 - 5 lacs Rs. 250
5 - 10 lacs Rs. 400
10 - 20 lacs Rs. 800
20 - 50 lacs Rs. 1,100
> 50 lacs Contact Branch
Cash Delivery / Pickup (Beat delivery) per month
Till 1 lacs Rs. 2,000
1 - 2 lacs Rs. 3,000
2 - 5 lacs Rs. 5,500
5 - 10 lacs Rs. 9,000
10 - 20 lacs Rs. 16,000
20 - 50 lacs Rs. 25,000
> 50 lacs Contact Branch
Cheque Pickup (On call)* Rs. 50 per instance
Cheque Pickup (Beat) per month* Rs. 500
PAP- Payable At Par
Taxes and other satutory charges shall be as applicable as per regulation and statutes
* Services Available on Request at Select Locations

Display of Information

Interest Rate Range for Jan to Mar 2016

Min Max Average Min Max
11.25% 12.00% 11.64% 12.50% 13.25%

Note: APR calculations assumes 100% Utilization and pledge through a single TRF. On going pledge and depledge charges for any additional pledge or depledge, taxes and penalties on the loan are not included in APR calculation.

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  • Daily balance upto 1 lac 4 %
  • Daily balance above 1 lac and upto 10 lac 5 %
  • Daily Balance above 10 lac 6 %

  • 1 year to 1 year 2 months 7.75 %
  • Indus Tax Saver Scheme - 5 years (upto Rs 1.5 lacs) 7.5 %
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