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Customer Feedback
Customer Speaks
28-Feb-2019 Shivshamfab Venkat Bothula helped me in net banking. I am Happy with your service. Thank you Indusind bank.
28-Feb-2019 Sandeep Kumar  Darshana Hirlekar. I am very appreciable to your work style and you have fully satisfied me. Love that support with Customer.
28-Feb-2019 Animesh Bhattacharya Handling of request by your floor Supervisor Darshana was very much satisfactory. 5+ for her only & good job by her colleague to whom I spoke yesterday.
28-Feb-2019 Kunal Darwani Kazvin is good, Keep it up!
28-Feb-2019 Pundaleek Jitendra Kotadia - Thanks for helping me and understand in personal loan details. Thanks for nice support Jitendra. 
28-Feb-2019 J Sandeep Nice experience
28-Feb-2019 Vijay Ajmera Appreciating Ms. Barnali Mazumdar's approach as despite my hard words, she remained cool, calm and composed, she was absolutely polite and courteous.
28-Feb-2019 P. J. Akhilesh Kumar  Excellent
28-Feb-2019 Rajnish Murarka Thank you for your understanding.
27-Feb-2019 Sohanveer Reenaji conversation is best and I am satisfied.
27-Feb-2019 Suresh Thank you Manasa. I was looking for user id change and transaction password change. I got all the information I am looking for.
27-Feb-2019 Sachin Saini Drashya Shetty was handling my request in a very peaceful way and satisfied me with my queries and she was talking very nicely. I am very thankful for her.
27-Feb-2019 Dhananjay Kumar Maharaj Thanks Shruti Sawant. Rated 4
27-Feb-2019 Lalit Kumar Talked with Mr. Shubham today at this time, he was excellent in giving answer of all my queries.
27-Feb-2019 Ram Mohanty So nice experience.
27-Feb-2019 Harsh Khanna Hello Fredrick, best wishes! Fredrick ! Thanks for your such favourable understanding and action. Your action is commendable and appreciable. Thanks
26-Feb-2019 Sahil Narang For Jasjot maam. Good conversation with her. Hope my request is soon fulfilled.
26-Feb-2019 Smita Kadam Shruthi Nair. Rated 4
26-Feb-2019 Vikas Naruka Riya Chandwani by you good work
26-Feb-2019 Manu Sharma Hanuprasad. Complaint which could not be rectified in last 6 days by your team was taken care in single call by him.
25-Feb-2019 Munawar Arshiya  Vidhi Shah thank you for your support and services for handling my request.
25-Feb-2019 Utsav Corporation Anjali Pal. Rated 4.
25-Feb-2019 Shyam Jadhav Tejas D was very good & patient in solving my issue. 
25-Feb-2019 Suresh Thank you Drashya Shetty. I was looking for the information about the internet banking and I got all the information I am looking for.
25-Feb-2019 Biswajit Patra Now I have spoken with Miss Unnati Bhoir regarding how to create internet banking and she explained me very nicely.
25-Feb-2019 Praveen Kumar Outstanding receiving call from Charmi.
25-Feb-2019 Seshagiri Potlapalli Everything is excellent 
25-Feb-2019 Caroline Oberoi Tribhuvan was very prompt and professional. Good job! 
25-Feb-2019 R Venkatraman Nishad was very efficient and helpful. While I called your helpline I had to wait long to get connected to your staff without knowing time frame.
25-Feb-2019 Malik Ahmed Ullah Her name is Ashwini Ugale she is the best. She give me best solution about all my queries. I am very grateful to her. Thankyou Indusind
24-Feb-2019 Rachna Bhatdwaj Very good
24-Feb-2019 Bala Murali Krishna  Excellent
23-Feb-2019 Vikas Sharma Thanks to Abhishek Ghodeswar for supporting me.
23-Feb-2019 Rajaji  Jerome Costa. It's nice and very friendly and helpful and resolved all my queries
22-Feb-2019 Konark Ply Centre Sonal Umraniya, We got an excellent resolution from Mrs. Sonal  
22-Feb-2019 Akash Narayan Gupta Drashya Shetty. Service was extremely good.
22-Feb-2019 Eswarachar Manohar Excellent
22-Feb-2019 Umesh Chandra It was good experience. 
22-Feb-2019 Hasendrasinh Jhala Excellent
21-Feb-2019 Mahadev Hassan Bheemaiah Mr. Tejas D. has explained well about Indusind bank / net banking / current account and safety use of debit card. I am satisfied with his service.
21-Feb-2019 Deepak Kumar Nandini bahut hi accha
21-Feb-2019 Arun Thakur Minal Salvi she is a good person and good co-ordination. 
21-Feb-2019 Anurag Yadav Good
21-Feb-2019 Krishan Kumar Karn Excellent
20-Feb-2019 Ankesh Kr Srivastava Today I spoke to Mr. Hariprasad regarding my issue. He had given a great assistance. It was very polite and helpful. It was a really nice service.
20-Feb-2019 Gaurav Patel Thanks a lot Barnali. I appreciate your prompt responses and the way you helped me on it. 
19-Feb-2019 Abidi Mohammad It was very nice to talk to Mr Rakesh Panwelkar. He helped a lot to solve my problems and I hope IndusInd bank will solve it. Thanks again to Rakesh.
19-Feb-2019 Mohammad H Abidi Excellent service given by Rakesh Panwelkar for my all queries. Thank you so much.
19-Feb-2019 Yogitha Nice speaking to Shweta Jaiswal. Excellent in understanding the customer concern. Giving accurate & kind info to the customer regarding the concern.
19-Feb-2019 Surinder Kumar Malhotra  keep up the good service thank you
19-Feb-2019 Anuj Tiwari Excellent
19-Feb-2019 Nasiruddin Kazi Overall it was good service and experience
19-Feb-2019 Happiest Singh Excellent
18-Feb-2019 Prakash I am happy to bank with IndusInd not by the name of the bank but by the agent and employee like Shruti Sawant. Thank you Shruti.
18-Feb-2019 Balamurugan.G.S Mr. Aravind Kumar Loganathan. Rating 5
18-Feb-2019 Flexitech India Ms. Sonal Umraniya is very cooperative and excellent in handling customers.
18-Feb-2019 Flexicam India Pvt Ltd Ms. Sonal Umraniya is very good at handling customer and she really helped to resolve problems of customer.
18-Feb-2019 Manish Shah Prayag Varal - Thanks for your fast and quick response for my problem.
18-Feb-2019 Gopal Choudhary Nandini good
18-Feb-2019 Sougato Chatterjee Deepak Kumar Vishwakarma was the customer service person who was very supportive and provided me excellent service for this issue. Excellent overall.
18-Feb-2019 Raju Singh All over is good
18-Feb-2019 Devyang Rohit Nice
17-Feb-2019 Karan K Bhatia Deepak Kumar Vishwakarma quite efficient and helpful and quick service
17-Feb-2019 Mohamed Safeen Shabeer Excellent
17-Feb-2019 Vikram Kumar I have been associated with your bank for over a decade now. The level of customer service is simple awesome. I appreciate :)
16-Feb-2019 Agnimitra Mukherjee With reference to the officer I had a word with Deepak Kumar Vishwakarma. He was very polite, understands customer issue properly and great service.
16-Feb-2019 Monica Sharma Thank you for your kind help Bikash Prasad
16-Feb-2019 Manikantan C S Very much satisfied with Bikash Prasad who has taken responsibility and resolved my problem. Very much thankful to you.
16-Feb-2019 Unnikrishnan Gopalan Deepak Kumar Vishwakarma. He is a very specific person in solving the customer issue & he is very courtious and customer centric. I appreciate.
15-Feb-2019 Ghaseeram Anjali Pal. Rated 4.
15-Feb-2019 Vikas Mishra Nandini madam I have good experience, thank you for supporting me.
15-Feb-2019 Ritesh Salian Milan Yadav guided me perfectly on call. He helped me in generating the debit card pin. Kudos to the excellent service.
15-Feb-2019 Lathesh  Thank you Sudhakar for the quick response & support.
15-Feb-2019 Saurabh Bhargava Barnali maam - Thanks so much for your prompt support.
14-Feb-2019 Atulbhai Balabhai Roy Sonal Umraniya. I am happy
14-Feb-2019 Tharai Sonal Umraniya thanks for giving new information about the product of your bank. Its very useful for us.
14-Feb-2019 Ritesh N Salian Abhishek Kolte has been kind on the call. Has helped me with all my queries.
14-Feb-2019 Tehmton Nariman Toorkey  Excellent
14-Feb-2019 Sanjeev Kumar Patra Manisha is an excellent hand the way she resolved my problem through her experience and knowledge thanks Manisha
14-Feb-2019 Sasi Kiran Pamarthi I received good support and resolution from Ms. Indu Raman. She is able to resolve the issue which 3 other representatives failed to. She is amazing.
14-Feb-2019 Austin George. P I very sincerely from my heart, appreciate Mr. Jagyanlok for the effort taken on my card reversal request, understanding the customer situation by helping
13-Feb-2019 Usha Mohanty Hi Hitendra Mhashilkar, You are full of patience, fully dedicated to your work, problem resolving, excellent service assistance. Keep it up!
13-Feb-2019 Sumit I have spoken to Leelavati Bonthu regarding my upi transaction dispute, she has provided me complete information. I am happy with this service. 
13-Feb-2019 Mohd Hashim Rishika Bhaduri. Rated 4
13-Feb-2019 Bharat Vadher Prayag sir is a good support and has given an excellent service.
13-Feb-2019 Rahul Shah  Good service provided for me. Thanks Miss. Darshnaji customer care and also thanks to IndusInd bank.
13-Feb-2019 Priya Lalithadevi, chennai contact center. Rated 5
13-Feb-2019 Vaneet I had called netbanking. I talked to Mr. Amit Puthran. He deals very well.
13-Feb-2019 Hitesh Kachhia  Excellent 
13-Feb-2019 Bhanoji Rao Excellent
13-Feb-2019 Sarfaraz Ahmad Excellent
13-Feb-2019 Pankaj Radhakrishna Singh Hi good morning I am happy with your representative person very nice talking and give me good knowledge of credit card my details thanks a lot. Regards
13-Feb-2019 Balakrishna J Best service
13-Feb-2019 Gauri Shankar Sharma Excellent
13-Feb-2019 Bhumika Madaan I wasn't impressed by phone banking services during the episode of my oct.18 card payment which went to Amex suspense account.
13-Feb-2019 Manoj Agarwal The call centre reply and support was great but unfortunately the operations team who dispatched my card was really disappointing. 
13-Feb-2019 Shashwat Dwivedi Advisor was knowledgeable and handled my queries wonderfully. Thanks and keep up the good work
13-Feb-2019 Shazleen Naved Khopekar Hi I am Naved, this card belongs to my wife but I was co-ordinating with Mr. Darshan. Excellent service by him a wow service infact. Gr8 job, happy with it
12-Feb-2019 Jasdeep S Ahluwalia I was given excellent service by Savitha Vijayakumaran.
12-Feb-2019 Abhay Ram Mr. Suryakant Verma has guided us in a very simple way regarding our current account login and debit card. Thanks.
12-Feb-2019 Nikhil Shah Anjali Pal. Good Work. Thanks!
12-Feb-2019 Amit Sudi Dipak Mali is the person who has been in contact with me since a long time. I bank with IndusInd and I am very much happy with the overall service. 
12-Feb-2019 Anurag Nagpal The rep was very helpful and knowledgeable. I really appreciate the service .😊
12-Feb-2019 Yogesh  Excellent 
11-Feb-2019 Kuldeep Gupta Kavita Mishra has given me a very good service. She is really good in handling queries. She understands the customers needs.
11-Feb-2019 Meera  Minal Salvi - Very Cooperative
11-Feb-2019 Kamal Singh Excellent
11-Feb-2019 Shridhar Chary Excellent
11-Feb-2019 Kush Sharma The agent on call was really helpful. Appreciate his efforts.
11-Feb-2019 Mithun Behera I’m happy with your service. Special thanks for Karshima G.
11-Feb-2019 R S Gophala Excellent support from the customer support team. Kudos to the executive who took prompt action to close the issue.
11-Feb-2019 Vijaya Bhaskar Vadlamudi Excellent
11-Feb-2019 Mohammad Fazal Excellent
11-Feb-2019 Vivek Kumar Jaiswal Excellent
11-Feb-2019 Deepak Kumar Had an interaction with your executive Ankita, she was so confident and has very good knowledge of process also have good knowledge of how to handle
11-Feb-2019 Anil. Kumar  Excellent
11-Feb-2019 Rajiv Goenka Excellent
11-Feb-2019 Mohamed Ishaq Mohammed Afsar has managed to resolve the query very well
09-Feb-2019 Rama Chandra Barik Hiral Siddhapura. I am so happy. Because this maam was so helpful on my account debit pin generated. Thanks maam
09-Feb-2019 Kalu Ram Kumhar Mamta Singh very good
09-Feb-2019 Manakchand Hiral Siddhapura very good 
09-Feb-2019 Shubham P. Dhobale I have spoken to Miss Leelavati Bonthu. Happy with this service.
09-Feb-2019 Powergen Talked to Ms. Mamta; queries answered satisfactorily.
09-Feb-2019 Surinder Excellent
09-Feb-2019 Arijit Roy  Outstanding 
09-Feb-2019 Vineet Gupta I have all praises for Smitha Uchil who understood my request and took care of the request and resolved it without much hassle. I'm impressed
08-Feb-2019 Phillip Subba Your officer Arya. She was very helpful and patient enough to handle my query. The girl deserves a pat on her back for her good service. :)
08-Feb-2019 Himalaya Diamonds Llp Sreejith Sreekumar. 4 Rating
08-Feb-2019 Vijay Kumar Bhayabhai Hadiya I am very-very appreciative with Charmi Mota's information. I have never ever seen that kind of helpful and kindly person in any customer care department.
08-Feb-2019 Surajit Kumar Biswas Mr. Abhishek Pawar is a good person and has a very good behaviour. I like it so much and this guy is so smart. Thank you for your help Mr. Abhishek.
08-Feb-2019 Surender Pal Singh Fully satisfied with the handling of request. Staff knowledge is excellent. Staff Ms. Bhavna is most polite and humble
08-Feb-2019 Dinesh Kumar Great customer service by Khushboo Gandhi. I like to give 5/ 5 for her service 
08-Feb-2019 Sanjeev Jaidka Terry Wilson, excellent support & feedback, really did an effective & excellent support job
07-Feb-2019 Sanjoy Banerjee Neela Hasti was really kind and patient enough to answer all my queries with detailed information. I deeply appreciate your assistance. Good luck.
07-Feb-2019 Vinod Vasudevan Ms. Dhanya's guidance was very helpful and helped to resolve the issue immediately which otherwise could have taken at least a week. Kudos to Dhanya!!
07-Feb-2019 Indrajit Debnath Anjali Pal. 5 Rating
07-Feb-2019 S.S.Export Mamta Singh. 4 Rating
07-Feb-2019 Ranjit Kumar Nice discussion with Mamta Singh
07-Feb-2019 Vaisakh R Srutikanta Mishra. 5 Rating
07-Feb-2019 Santhosh First officer denied my request and transferred me back to ivr, however the second officer was very kind enough to fulfil my request. 
07-Feb-2019 Ritankar Dey Excellent
07-Feb-2019 Senthil Prabu You're helping the customer by understanding the problem/concern, which looks simple - but not actually. Thank you for all the support!! 
07-Feb-2019 Rakesh P Mehta Excellent
07-Feb-2019 Rajib Sarkar Every query has been addressed properly, thanks a lot once again.
07-Feb-2019 Supriya Jain Thanks 
07-Feb-2019 Tammireddi Ravi Chandra Good job. And was handled to the point and resolved.5
06-Feb-2019 Mahulkumar Makati I am satisfied with customer care service of Ms. Nishita
06-Feb-2019 Kesava Raj Pushyakumar Neela Hasti has been of a great help today. You made my day. Thank you!! Kesava Raj P.
06-Feb-2019 Sathish Deepak Kumar Vishwakarma was very helpful on my call. Thanks
06-Feb-2019 Krishna Paria I have recently spoken to Leelavati Bonthu regarding my debit card request. She provided me all the information which was required. It was excellent.
06-Feb-2019 Keyur Shah Mr Hanuprasad has resolved my issue so quickly than expected. Thank you Mr. Prasad and thank you to Indusind bank as well for having Hanuprasad. 
06-Feb-2019 Purvi Mittal Minal Salvi - Nice & Fast Services
06-Feb-2019 Narendra Vasant Bhoge Srutikanta Mishra got full help from him
06-Feb-2019 Pradeep Really appreciate the response. I was trying to connect from past couple of years and finally got it through during my recent request. 
06-Feb-2019 Pankaj Radhakrisna Singh Good service. Thanks.
06-Feb-2019 Prasanth V U Mr A. Kumar efficient and good work, dealing very nicely and good efforts and solve problems. He has outstanding performance in phone banking service.
05-Feb-2019 Suraj Minal Salvi, very good
05-Feb-2019 Cyrus S Shamala - Enabled transaction access with persistance. Good work done. Thanks a lot.
05-Feb-2019 Amit Kumar Minal Salvi. She had helped me properly
05-Feb-2019 Pervin M Dear Pooja, I truly appreciate your quick response. My money was credited back in my account before the dead line given to me. Superb effort.
05-Feb-2019 Mohammad Afsar Anjali Pal very good help
05-Feb-2019 Sajan Abrol Mr. Suryakant Verma. He is a very nice person, very helpful
05-Feb-2019 Atul Bansal Dinesh Sachdev. Rated 5
04-Feb-2019 Trineteshwar Respected Sir/Maam, this mail is in regards to the appreciation of one of your customer helpline advisor. His name is Avinash Chachle. He helped me out during one of my problems related to your application. Very professional behaviour accurate solution and politeness on point. This is an appreciation mail to him from my side. All the very best for your future Avinash. Keep Shining.
04-Feb-2019 Nitin Jadia Tejas D. Rated 4
04-Feb-2019 Garvit Jain Hanuprasad was very good for helping me.
04-Feb-2019 Pratiksha Premdas Karwade I have already requested to Miss. Shruti Sawant to refund second amount which is wrongly deducted so kindly refund as per my request as soon as possible. Thanks a lot.
04-Feb-2019 Jitendra Kaushik I am very thankful to her to generate credit card pin. 
03-Feb-2019 Sonu Sharma Shambhavi Varadkar. Good communication. 
03-Feb-2019 Raju Varadaraj Appreciate your wonderful support..!!!
02-Feb-2019 Dharm Exports Shaileshkumar Vadadoriya Mr. Suryakant Varma has best knowledge. Very Nice. Thank you.
02-Feb-2019 Sarvesh Biyani Thank you Darshana Hirlekar for solving the problem which was pending from months.
02-Feb-2019 Desh Raj  The executive was talking to me nicely and friendly. Thanks to IndusInd bank for granting me banking services and special thanks to Charmi Mota
02-Feb-2019 Pratekk Minal Salvi (Excellent)
02-Feb-2019 Imi Services Satisfied with call service officer name Mr. Bharat.
02-Feb-2019 Sarfaraz Sayed Sarika Kule - Excellent
02-Feb-2019 Josuah Joseph Awesome customer service, it's better to promote this lady as trainer or lead whom I spoke to. Very kind and patient even after 100 of questions I asked
02-Feb-2019 Jayashankar A Excellent
02-Feb-2019 Shivkumar Sharma Thanks for resolving my queries. 
02-Feb-2019 Chalika Soundarya Am impressed with the representative who solved the issue within less time.
01-Feb-2019 Manish Kumar Gupta I talked to Mayur Mani Kashyap over the phone for my chip based debit card which is not delivered. Mayur had taken the request and helped me to get it.
01-Feb-2019 Sagar Gauridatt Nautiyal Ref. to my request, received call from Complaint Desk Ms. Sayali Patil. She resolved all my concern and built my confidence on Indusind. Kudos
01-Feb-2019 Simmerjeet Singh  Nice talking with Neela, very nice understanding of domain :)
01-Feb-2019 Simmerjeet Singh  Neela :), nice talking with you. Issue resolved 
01-Feb-2019 Ahamad Maharoof B U Mayur Mani Kashyap. Very accurate in providing the service and answered all my queries.
01-Feb-2019 Chandrashekhar Mahendra Kumar was very polite and handled the call very greatly
01-Feb-2019 Kallol Das I have spoken to Gaurav Sharma. Excellent and good service.
01-Feb-2019 Sachin Yadav Sanjay Kumar very good
01-Feb-2019 Thoufeeq M R Mayur Mani Kashyap. Thanks for your help. I really appreciate your concern towards my issue. Thank you so much. Please help me with returning my money back.
01-Feb-2019 Ravi Jethwani Excellent
01-Feb-2019 K Venkatesham Excellent
01-Feb-2019 Lakhwinder Singh Mayur Mani Kashyap very accurate in providing the service and answered all my queries.
01-Feb-2019 Rajesh Sharma  Satish sir very nice knowledge
01-Feb-2019 Hershit Excellent
01-Feb-2019 Krishna Pundlikrao Suste I have spoken to Gaurav Sharma, excellent and good service
01-Feb-2019 Govinda Reddy Beeram  Connecting very waiting, but handling very good. Thanks.
01-Feb-2019 Pavanjeet Sethi  Very good
01-Feb-2019 Kamlesh J Madhani Mayur Mani Kashyap thanks to you. I really appreciate your concern towards my issue. Thank you so much. 
01-Feb-2019 Anant Kumar Pandit Mr. Tejas helped me on how to operate the netbanking and other queries very well
31-Jan-2019 Krishna Prasad Gupta  I am highly satisfied with my personal banker Ms. Siksha Singh. She gave me full support in terms of operation of my account and other queries. Thanks.
31-Jan-2019 Dinesh Kumar Pandey I spoke with Leelavati Bonthu. She was very helpful and resolved all of my concerns. I appreciate her work and courtesy in handling my issues.
31-Jan-2019 Sabndeep Saroj Priyasandy. Service very good Dsouza
31-Jan-2019 Giruka Manish I have spoken to Leelavati Bonthu regarding account opening and was very pleased with the assistance. 
31-Jan-2019 Suraj Agrawal Dipak Mali has informed me about GST payment and easily I made GST payment online which seems very easy. He always contacts over phone.
31-Jan-2019 Amit Hi, I talked to Mr. Pavan Panchal. It was nice talking to him and very helpful. Regards, Amit.
31-Jan-2019 Prianshu Bhat Sanjay good assistance 
31-Jan-2019 Sumanth Mora Excellent
31-Jan-2019 Murgesh  Excellent
30-Jan-2019 Ravi Pathak Best support by Miss Divya Shetty.
30-Jan-2019 Vinit Rasiwasia Nice talking to Savitha
30-Jan-2019 Hitesh Kumar Gupta Miss Kazvin has good knowledge about IndusInd banking details. I am happy to talk with her and she has resolved my issue.
30-Jan-2019 Yogesh Gandhi I appreciate Nandini for helping and telling me clearly.
30-Jan-2019 Kavya Enterprise Excellent service by Sonal Umraniya
30-Jan-2019 Bhupesh Singh I am completely satisfied with the services provided by Mr. Dinesh Sachdev.
30-Jan-2019 K Subramanian Spoke to Ms. Nainaz Cooper and my query resolved. 
30-Jan-2019 Sameer Excellent
30-Jan-2019 Kamlesh Verma Excellent
30-Jan-2019 Sanjay Mane  Great. Excellent.
30-Jan-2019 Balaguru Excellent
30-Jan-2019 Rajesh Kumar Excellent
30-Jan-2019 Ritesh Kumar Superb
30-Jan-2019 Christopher  Excellent
30-Jan-2019 Kothandapani Kannan  Excellent
30-Jan-2019 Sanjay Rai Good
30-Jan-2019 Munish Malhautra Excellent
29-Jan-2019 Mothilal Subramani  I have spoken to the officer Hemavathi R on 26th regarding my FD account. Officer is having a good knowledge and she helped me a lot. Good staff. 
29-Jan-2019 Harsh Yadav Good support by Mr Manjeet. 
29-Jan-2019 Mohammed Junaid Pasha Thank you for your support especially Darshana. She solved my problem at her best. 
29-Jan-2019 Pratima Singh Kazvin has satisfied me. Very good.
29-Jan-2019 Rajeev Ranjan It was pleasure talking to Mrs Dimple Nishad. She was well informed about all the services. She resolved my all queries. Thank you for your patience.
29-Jan-2019 Suresh Kanojia Ms. Darshana has done an excellent job.
29-Jan-2019 Rajeev Ranjan Mrs. Dimple Nishad, my relationship manager, knew a lot about the product and services I was looking at and was very helpful. She wasn't pushy at all.
29-Jan-2019 Nakibul I am extremely happy with the service provided by Avinash Chachle.
29-Jan-2019 Shankar Francis  Good 
29-Jan-2019 Mayur Kashyap Mayur Khatavkar helped very efficiently. All the very best for his success.
29-Jan-2019 Ujjawal Khera Excellent
29-Jan-2019 Sreenath  Excellent
29-Jan-2019 Williamcarey Excellent customer services
29-Jan-2019 Ashwani Kumar Calling back by customer care in case of call not connect by customer is amazing. Feeling good factor for every customer. All the best. Thanks
29-Jan-2019 Rajeev Overall very good
29-Jan-2019 Surjeet Kumar Excellent
29-Jan-2019 Anand Vara Prasad Rao Pudota Mr. Sudhakar. D helped me a lot. Thanks for your quick support Sudhakar.
29-Jan-2019 Sunil Excellent
29-Jan-2019 Chalika Soundarya I should appreciate the representative name Aamir Khan for his decency, patience and knowledge. He is simply awesome in dealing with customers issues.
29-Jan-2019 Rajivkumar Good job
29-Jan-2019 Mustafa Excellent
28-Jan-2019 Ashish Great
28-Jan-2019 Shailendra Saxena Very good excellent service satisfied with staff
28-Jan-2019 Viraj Shah Excellent
28-Jan-2019 Kishore Mannadi Thank you
28-Jan-2019 Sasi Excellent
28-Jan-2019 Subramani  Excellent
27-Jan-2019 Vishnu Prakash Excellent
25-Jan-2019 Shail S Gill Simi helped out in a voucher error done by the bank or the sender! 
25-Jan-2019 Mahesh Excellent
25-Jan-2019 Vinay Sharma Thank you so much Darshana maam
25-Jan-2019 Hamender Singh Parmar Excellent
25-Jan-2019 T.Y.Babu Excellent coordination and helping for customers, thanks for giving opportunity. Thanks customer care. Thank you
25-Jan-2019 Neha Excellent
25-Jan-2019 Mohammad Fazal I'm very happy with the service.
25-Jan-2019 Ronny Rodrigues  Excellent
25-Jan-2019 Devendra Kumar Thank you
25-Jan-2019 Saikat Mukherjee  Excellent
24-Jan-2019 Suhail Qayoom It was nice to get assistance from Miss Jasjot.
24-Jan-2019 Neelesh Jain Pranali Sawant very helpful
24-Jan-2019 Vivek Sharma Miss Sowmya helped me on my RD account pre-maturity
24-Jan-2019 Koushal Sarrof Mayur Mani Kashyap was great to deal with my problems. 
24-Jan-2019 Mukul Singla Excellent
24-Jan-2019 Bharat Kumar Panchal  Excellent
24-Jan-2019 Mahesh Kamble I am really happy to hold IndusInd credit card
24-Jan-2019 Nikhil This message for Rahul, did a great job, outstanding helped me out in problem regarding ATM PIN. Thanks
23-Jan-2019 Oscano Corporation Mamta Singh is very helpful for account related information. 
23-Jan-2019 Madan Lal Thakur Solution provided by Charmi Mota is very good and helpful for me. Thanks.
23-Jan-2019 Kishlaya  Pandey I am having great experience and great help from relationship manager Akshita Jain madam. All my problems and queries have been sort out immediately through her help. Awesome and great experience.
23-Jan-2019 Kasam Satarbhai Mogal I have a savings account in IndusInd bank. Ms. Vidhi Shah is my relationship manger. Ms. Vidhi Shah is very active and very helpful RM for me. I am giving 5 rating out of 5.
23-Jan-2019 Mahesh Kamble Fredrick sir, Thank you and no words for helping hands service towards to my issue. I am speechless and you and your team worked for me till late night
22-Jan-2019 Vinu  Veluthedath I am happy with the service provided by Nitin B.
22-Jan-2019 Rathinakumar  P I talked with Nainaz Cooper. She knows how to solve the customer problems. Excellent. 
22-Jan-2019 Dilin  Davidson Great experience on resolving the issue of internet banking with Nitin B.
22-Jan-2019 Lalit  Sharma Hiral Siddhapura. Mujhe hiralji ki service bahut acchi lagi. Kaafi dino se bahut pareshan tha. Aaj Hiralji ne meri problem solve kar di. Excellent service.
22-Jan-2019   Ramavari Got a call from Dipak Mali regarding online banking and issue on credit card. He is handling our account very well and is very soft spoken. I am very much happy with the online banking platform of IndusInd. 
22-Jan-2019 Sameena  Begum Mayur Mani Kashyap thanks for your instant response regarding my query. 
22-Jan-2019 Amit  Singh I had a word with Sonam Kumari in customer care. She resolved all my queries one by one. I used to call IndusInd, this was my best experience. I appreciate her knowledge and call handling.
22-Jan-2019 Ashakali Excellent
22-Jan-2019 Prafulla Pant Excellent Support
22-Jan-2019 Singam Chanakya Excellent
22-Jan-2019 Md Wasif Ali Mondal It was satisfactory assistance.
22-Jan-2019 G Vinod Kumar Excellent
22-Jan-2019 Praveen  Nice experience 
22-Jan-2019 Pankaj Kumar Pal Excellent
22-Jan-2019 Sabitabrata Bhattacharya Vignesh Iyer is just too good to clear my all doubts.
22-Jan-2019 Pankaj Radhakrisna Singh Hi I’m very happy with Indusind bank representative person right now I had a talk with. Maam was so good and she was nice treating with me. Again I am thankful.
21-Jan-2019 Satya Ranjan Mohanty Pranali Sawant. Very nice support.
21-Jan-2019 Sanjay Kumar Agarwal I have talked with Reena Shetty. She guided me very well.
21-Jan-2019   Mark Industries Sonal Umraniya. Good service.
21-Jan-2019 Jolen  Samad Kazvin Jasoomoney has provided me a very positive service and she was very prompt to respond to my query and provide an equally good resolution to my problem. Wishing her the very best in her career.
21-Jan-2019 Nagaveni  D Mr. Mayur was very-very helpful. Previous to this I called but they sent combined statements which was no where use for me. But this guy helped me a lot as per my need. Am fully satisfied.
21-Jan-2019 Pooja Prathmesh has given very-very good resolution about mobile banking.
21-Jan-2019 Jasjot  Singh Mayur Mani Kashyap helped me thoroughly. Thanks a lot bro. 
21-Jan-2019 Pawan Excellent
21-Jan-2019 Ajay Pundhir Excellent
21-Jan-2019 Prawin Kumar Jha Mr Alok did an excellent job while handling my grievance of reversal. Mr Alok is thoroughly professional.
21-Jan-2019 Cheruvallil Kuruvilla Geevarghese I am satisfied in your approach and service quality
21-Jan-2019 R.Suresh Shruti Deshmuk in Head Card services has responded to my query in appropriate manner and I really appreciate the service rendered. 
20-Jan-2019 Pancha Nand Singh Bikash Prasadji very good service 
20-Jan-2019 Nk Kiran Excellent
20-Jan-2019 Nikhil Pratap Singh Chauhan Excellent
19-Jan-2019 Avdhesh Mohan Tiwari I am satisfied with the services of Nitin B.  
19-Jan-2019   Trp Traders Suryakant Varma was very helpful and patient.
19-Jan-2019 Anil  Kumar Best customer support by Sindhu Gopalan madam.
19-Jan-2019 Manoj Batra Excellent
19-Jan-2019 Balasubrahmanyam Excellent
19-Jan-2019 Saurabh Bhargava Rachana/Barnali - Once again thanks so much for your superb follow up. I haven't ever seen such a wonderful follow up till now 
19-Jan-2019 Hari Krishna Mishrs Jayaraman officer is a very good officer.
19-Jan-2019 Baqer Ali Mirza Good
19-Jan-2019 Venkata Sridhar Mr Abhay Kumar deserves all kudos for a speedy response
18-Jan-2019 Donavan  Hopley Rima Paul helped me a lot. I really liked the customer service. Thanks for your help Rima. Keep up the good work.
18-Jan-2019   Maverick Compucare Private Limited Shilpa Salvi. Excellent service provided.
18-Jan-2019   Chaganraj & Co Very good service and on the spot solution. Thanks to Milan Yadav.
18-Jan-2019   Brain Wave Technologies I called the customer care for activating my internet banking and Sonal Umraniya helped me with due diligence and support till the end of process. She was very friendly and helpful.
18-Jan-2019   Shree Ganesh Pattern Wooden Works Tejas D mobile banking information is good.
18-Jan-2019 Ganesh Pradeep Narewadikar Roopa Rajai very good and excellent service. I am very happy. Thank you so much.
18-Jan-2019   Turnpro (Opc) Private Limited Shruthi Nair was genuinely helpful and sorted out my account in under a minute. Already happy with IndusInd as my company banking service provider thanks to her.
18-Jan-2019 Mohd  Abdullah I am fully satisfied with your customer executive Mr. Anandh Devarajan. Rating hundred percent because I called customer care and he has supported me a lot to complete my all task and services. Thanks.
18-Jan-2019 Dhirender Kumar Excellent 
18-Jan-2019 Santosh Excellent 
18-Jan-2019 John Martin Very happy
18-Jan-2019 Kadimi Bharati Excellent
18-Jan-2019 Rohit Rohilla Thanks
18-Jan-2019 Jacob Samuvel Excellent
18-Jan-2019 Visvateja Raj Kumar is good & excellent response
18-Jan-2019 Nagaiah Pakkiri Samy Excellent response from the executive. Getting connected takes long time.
18-Jan-2019 Rajendran S I am extremely happy to be the Indusind bank customer due to the excellent service being provided by phone banking services & also by customer service
17-Jan-2019 Gaurav  Garg The call was superb with Neela Hasti. All my doubts were cleared with great patience. 
17-Jan-2019   Kalaniketan Cctv Nandini. Very good service.
17-Jan-2019   Cold Crush Sindhu Gopalan assisted very professionally and patiently. I wish her all the best for future. Your bank is fortunate to have an employee like Sindhu. 
16-Jan-2019 Naba Kumar Maiti Sindhu Gopalan has given good services related to my account transaction.
16-Jan-2019   Jm Overseas Sonal Gaikwad. First of all thank you so much. Very easy teaching to me about online net banking. Indusind bank really thank you so much.
16-Jan-2019   Afforestt Eco Services Private Limited Mrs. Neela Hasti helped me a lot on my problem. She is very good in her work.
16-Jan-2019   Pm Traders And Retailers I was talking to Nandini today. She was assisting me on my query and she provided me suggestions of my query. I hope it will work and my query will be resolved. Also she assisted me on proper basis. Thanks.
16-Jan-2019 Gaurav Kumar Patel Sanjay Gupta work done is very good.
16-Jan-2019 Vipul Shyam Dhuppad I had got a very nice service from Nitin B. Knowledge about our saving account interest rate.
16-Jan-2019   Jsk Retail Shamala helped me to reset the credentials without any haste. This type of service helps to retain customer forever. 
16-Jan-2019 Kumar Nirmaldas Keswani Priti guided me very nicely and politely for my internet banking.
16-Jan-2019 Bhumika Jethwani  Helpful
16-Jan-2019 P Naveen Kumar  Excellent
16-Jan-2019 Gagan Excellent
16-Jan-2019 Suksham Singh I need to express my gratitude and appreciation for Alok to whom my call was escalated . He understood my grievance & resolved the issue promptly 
15-Jan-2019 Khushi Powder Coating I contacted to Ms. Kazvin Jasoomoney regarding my wrong transaction to 09xxxxxxxxx4. She troubleshooted the issue very nicely and wisely. She has good knowledge of her domain and customer support.
15-Jan-2019 Narender  Mahajan Abhishek Vora. Service provided by Mr. Vora was outstanding. He resolved my long pending issue very perfectly.
15-Jan-2019 Anurag Singh Patel  Thank you. Customer service is very good. 
15-Jan-2019 Sachin Chowdhary Excellent
15-Jan-2019 Vijay Pratap The way your executives seem dedicated to resolve the issue was appreciable. It's overall a great experience to have a credit card from your bank.
15-Jan-2019 Ashok Kumar Gupta Excellent
15-Jan-2019 Venugopal Rao The person I spoke to was extremely helpful, patient and capable. 
15-Jan-2019 Sanjeev Just awesome
15-Jan-2019 Addepalli Prabhakar Excellent
14-Jan-2019   Digital Boom Dipak Mali is very supportive and genuine person. He always delivers his promise as per bank terms. Thanks IndusInd team to provide me a perfect and a gentleman relationship manager. Good work team.
14-Jan-2019   Matrix Engineering & Services Mamta Singh guided me very well to start my IB. Thanks.
14-Jan-2019 Addepalli Prabhakar Excellent
14-Jan-2019 Sheena Parveen This best experience talking with Mr Abhay Sir. He listened to the details very intelligently and calmly. He resolved my complaint. I'll love to talk again.
14-Jan-2019 Veeranjaneya Reddy Excellent
14-Jan-2019 Sandeep Kumar Excellent
13-Jan-2019 Nirav Jayantibhai Sanghani Milan Yadav thanks for the help. Good service.
13-Jan-2019 Manohar Excellent
13-Jan-2019 Rajender Excellent
13-Jan-2019 Sohel Parkar Excellent
12-Jan-2019 Pinaben Ashvinkumar Valand Pranali Sawant awesome
12-Jan-2019 Ashok Kumar Modala Good job Charmi Mota. Thanks a lot.
12-Jan-2019 Arpita  Manikchand Rakesh Panwelkar has given me great help for my net banking services.
12-Jan-2019 Jatinder Singh Nagra  Excellent
12-Jan-2019 Kiran Thank you for the good response 
12-Jan-2019 Amit Kumar  Excellent service 
12-Jan-2019 Abhaykumar  Excellent
12-Jan-2019 Vibha Ahir Nice and excellent
11-Jan-2019 Dankanachary  L Mr. Madhan Raj he has given good service.
11-Jan-2019   Banrujjeder Orchid Bagan Private Limited Sreejith Sreekumar it's nice to talk to you. I am satisfied and happy with facility resolved. Hope for a good transaction relationship.
11-Jan-2019   Siddhi Vinayak International It was very helpful communication with Ms. Mamta Singh. Each and everything was explained to me so peacefully and precisely. Well appreciated.
11-Jan-2019 Uday  Singh I have spoken to Miss Leelavati Bonthu regarding my communication address on IndusInd website and I appreciate that she is quite excellent in that service. Kudos Leela.
11-Jan-2019 Sunny  Saxena Excellent support by customer service member Divya Shetty.
11-Jan-2019 Ankur  Sharma Bikash Prasad a real gentleman who understood my problem and solved it. Appreciate your efforts. Thank you so much.
11-Jan-2019 Farooque Khan All information given to me were correct
11-Jan-2019 Sampathkumar A Good
11-Jan-2019 Matta Sai Lokesh Excellent
11-Jan-2019 Akash D Thakkar I’m very much satisfied from service given by Rahul
11-Jan-2019 Rahul Kumar Tiwari Excellent
10-Jan-2019 Duggaraju  Kiran Spoke to Mr. Vimalan regarding activation of my Netbanking account. He was amazing. Guided me through the process like a hero. Thank you so much Vimalan you have been a great help.
10-Jan-2019   Saark Engineering Shilpa Salvi assisted for net banking. Very good.
10-Jan-2019 Vijay  Vaidyanathan Hardeep Singh Sidhu helped me step by step to create online net banking account. Thank you so much and keep up your sincerity. 
10-Jan-2019 Jayesh Prakash Rajani Jitendra Khairwar you provided me proper service.
10-Jan-2019 Raman  Arora Good experience with Mayur Kashyap. Please resolve my pending query. Rated 4 out of 5. Excellent.
10-Jan-2019 Ajaz Ahmed I want to appreciate your escalation officer Mr. Sadanand Deheri. He was very polite and solved my issue. A big Kudos To Him.
10-Jan-2019 Niha Khan Balaji helped me very efficiently, he did all necessary actions and saved lots of my time too. Thanks Balaji.
10-Jan-2019 Chandrashekar Gulecha Awesome service and quick turnaround
10-Jan-2019 Ayaz Pasha A P Good work keep it up. One word can match you better. It's Awesome. What else you need guys . 
09-Jan-2019 Dhawan Traders It's too good, very helpful. Ishita maam thankyou so much.
09-Jan-2019 Navin  Divakar Drashya Shetty I am satisfied and the talking style is good. Very good communication with her. Overall five out of five.
09-Jan-2019 Purushotham Stella Sandhya Kumari It was a great time with Sarika as she helped me out in regards with the statement where I was actually in need. I would like to appreciate her work and I am very thankful. Great job Sarika Kule.
09-Jan-2019 Kushal Vasant Pai Thanks Nainaz Cooper for getting this problem solved amicably. Surely will recommend all my friends to associate with IndusInd.
09-Jan-2019 Raman  Kumar This is a compliment for Vajrika Nath. She is helping resolve my problem. Good services. Good way of talking. Thankyou very much.
09-Jan-2019 Dheeraj Kumar Tiwari Ketan Patel is very supportive and has given the satisfactory help on issue. Thanks Ketan.
09-Jan-2019 Datta Good
09-Jan-2019 Vishal Nimbalkar  Grateful person.  
09-Jan-2019 Prahalad Roy Choudhary  Very good 
09-Jan-2019 Raju Singh Excellent
09-Jan-2019 B Siva Rama Kumar Excellent
09-Jan-2019 Mkrishna Mohan Good and feel happy 
08-Jan-2019 Maddireddy Prasada Reddy Thank you so much Hiral Siddhapura. I got very good responce and cleared all my doubts regarding fixed and recurring deposits. It helps me a lot to bank with indusind.
08-Jan-2019 Jitendra Jagdish Kotadia Abhishek Kolte was very helpful in resolving my issue. Thank you Abhishek.
08-Jan-2019 Pardeep Kumar Bhasin Miss Varsha Waydande has helped me a lot to solve my problem. Good job.
08-Jan-2019 Rajeswari  Palaniappan Mayur Mani Kashyap was good and helpful
08-Jan-2019 Aravind S Thank you for your support
08-Jan-2019 Shekar Ks Good
07-Jan-2019   Anjali Enterprises Mamta Singh good help. Thanks
07-Jan-2019   Navkar Mandap Service Superb experience with Janhavi and I am full satisfied.
07-Jan-2019 Bommana Lohit Kumar Srutikanta Mishra has solved my issue in a short span of time and everything explained in a clear manner. He is a great asset to your team. Thank you so much.
07-Jan-2019 Amin Mariya Murtuza Mr. Hanuprasad has been proved to be very helpful in sorting out my query. He guided me well and explained me the procedures in detail.
07-Jan-2019 Sandeep Maurya Thanks IndusInd
07-Jan-2019 Ramesh Chandra Very Good
07-Jan-2019 Prabhat Agarwal Good
07-Jan-2019 Avinash Jadhav Very Good
07-Jan-2019 Ketan Beladiya Your staff Mayuri Maam has excellent power of handling the query of the customer. She is such a good, nice and gentle personality.
07-Jan-2019 Shiv Shankar  Very Good
07-Jan-2019 Upendra Kumar Mishra  Excellent
07-Jan-2019 Shankar Lal Very Good
07-Jan-2019 P.Sarat Babu  Very Good
07-Jan-2019 Jacob Samuel Overall Excellent experience
05-Jan-2019 Shambhu Nath Singh As spoken with Ms. Leelavati Bonthu regarding my account transaction she has provided me complete detail. She is very polite and I am very happy with her service.
05-Jan-2019   Nirawati Healthcare Pvt Ltd Hanuprasad has given me online resolution for which was getting problem from last three days.
04-Jan-2019 Manash  Roy Abhishek Kolte helped me very politely and guided me very well for my ATM card redespatch.
04-Jan-2019   Eatlot Media Private Limited Satisfied with Mr. Mayur Mani Kashyap services.
04-Jan-2019 Rekha  Jairazbhoy Dinesh Sachdev excellent customer service. Resolved my query immediately and called back and confirmed the same in 10 minutes.
04-Jan-2019 Harishchandra  Singh I spoke with Mr. Gaurav Sharma. My name is Harish Chandra and I am very happy because you helped me.
03-Jan-2019 Anadi  Srivastava Nitin B was very helpful in resolving my queries. All my pending issues were resolved successfully by him. In addition he was very humble. Good Job Nitin.
03-Jan-2019   V World Creation & Solutions Mamta Singh told me very useful things about net banking and details about my profile.
03-Jan-2019   Earth3dtech Private Limited Had a nice talk with her. Ohh I forgot her name Shilpa Salvi, she helped me out from a very harmful miss guidance provided by my bank branch. She talked in a very warm manner. Thank you once again Shilpa. Have a nice day.
03-Jan-2019 Vinod  Kumar Prayag Varal. Good communication. Very nice and good job keep it up.
03-Jan-2019 Rakesh Kumar Hi team, You have resolved my request and I seriously would like to recognise Sudhakar. Good job keep it up. Regards, Rakesh
02-Jan-2019 Iyappan  K Dilip Rathod. Good Feedback.
01-Jan-2019   Isafal Interglobe Consultants Private Limited Shambhavi Varadkar helped me out for my queries.
01-Jan-2019 Mithun  Kaushal Mayur Mani Kashyap. I am satisfied.
01-Jan-2019   Winona  International Marketing Pvt Ltd Shivani Lamba has given me excellent service. Thank you IndusInd Bank.
31-Dec-2018 Prince Hyaena Productions Llp Jerome Costa. Good Customer Skills shown by this guy. Thanks a lot.
31-Dec-2018 Rameshwar  Choudhary Nandini very good 
31-Dec-2018 Abhishek Vasant Korlhalli Akshada one of Sr. TL handling escalation calls was very calm towards rendering her support to my problem and queries which was been pending from past 3 months. I am very thankful to her.
31-Dec-2018 Mahendra Kumhar I got my queries answered and officer has the right answers to the most difficult question
31-Dec-2018 Jatin Katyal Call representative is very good
31-Dec-2018 Raushan Kumar Very good
31-Dec-2018 Anurag Yadav Swapnali was comfortable enough for me to talk
31-Dec-2018 Nilesh 5 star support provided by Ashish. Thank you for addressing all my issues.
31-Dec-2018 M Ramesh "Mr. Abhay Kumar. Your officer is very kind, communicative and helpful."
30-Dec-2018 Himanshu Very good by officer
30-Dec-2018 Ashutosh Pandey For Abhay (Very good)
30-Dec-2018 Mithun "Nice to talk with Mr. Prem. He has the knowledge about services."
30-Dec-2018 J.Balasubramani I am very-very happy in Indusind bank all services. Thank you
29-Dec-2018 Daljeet  Kumar Fully satisfied by Nitin B
29-Dec-2018   Patel Graphics Janhavi Great 
29-Dec-2018 Dhivya  A I am really thankful to Ms. Sindhu Gopalan the executive who has helped me a lot for opening net banking and other information.
29-Dec-2018 Naseer  Uddin Sunil Jangid good
29-Dec-2018 Mohit  Goyal Bikash Parshad. He is a correct person to solve my problems.
29-Dec-2018 M P Selvaganapathy Spoke to Nitin B for my monthly statement. Excellent and prompt resolution. Got my request done. Thank you.
29-Dec-2018 Bipinkumar Arya Madhu helped me resolve my issue. She was very helpful.
28-Dec-2018   Rj Cake Studio Thanks Ishita for helping me with internet banking and mobile banking
28-Dec-2018 Riyaz Shaikh Good
28-Dec-2018 Amit Gupta Good
28-Dec-2018 Mailaram Rajkumar Satisfied with Indusind bank services
28-Dec-2018 Raj J Maurya "I am fully satisfied from your support. Keep it up."
27-Dec-2018 Gaurav Rajendra Behere Very good service provided by Miss Vajrika Nath and have got good support.
27-Dec-2018 Prashant Dattatraya Kulkarni Mayur Kashyap. Very capable person and most useful.
27-Dec-2018 Milan Deep Singh It was a great help talking to Ms. Reena Shetty. She helped me in resolving issues I was facing from last one month regarding my internet banking with in few minutes which is appreciated.
27-Dec-2018 Ratnakar  Mishra Good. Vajrika Nath.
27-Dec-2018 Hiteshbhai R Parmar Darshana Hirlekar. Service is excellent.
27-Dec-2018 Shambhu Kumar Gupta Hi, I got assistance from Milan Yadav which was truly amazing. I was tying to do imps but I was not able to do. He really guided me very well till registering my net banking. Good knowledge.
27-Dec-2018   Michraeon Retail Private Limited First of all thanks for providing this service. Special thanks to Divya Shetty. She properly solved my problem instantly. I am very happy.
27-Dec-2018 Srinivas Good
27-Dec-2018 Rohan Lengade  Excellent
27-Dec-2018 Shailesh Somvanshi Excellent service from Indusind bank; special thanks to Ms. Pranjali Kshirsagar for quickly resolving my complaint
27-Dec-2018 Abhishek "Good, Mr. Dinish handing my concern."
27-Dec-2018 Sunil Singh  Very good
26-Dec-2018 Kalptree Online Marketing Pvt Ltd Anjali Pal very good. Aapne bahut acche se samjaya mujhe. Mae satisfied hu. Thank you maam.
26-Dec-2018 Aditya  Choudhary    I like the way she talks and as well as she is very polite and confident. Nainaz Cooper.
26-Dec-2018 Pallavee  Barbaruah Resolution was resolved in regards to redemption of reward points by Nitin B.
26-Dec-2018 Mohammad  Owais I talked to Ms. Leelavati Bonthu about my problem and she helped me to solve it. I would like to give 5 star for her service.
26-Dec-2018 Pritish  Gautam Deepak Kumar Vishwakarma was very patient and addressed multiple queries related to my NRE and NRO accounts. He also helped with incorrect payment transaction. Great work. Appreciated. Thanks so much.
26-Dec-2018 Partha Sarathi Saha Anil Kumar Mishra has been the most helpful for me today. The best agent in this organisation.
26-Dec-2018 S.K.Ahuja Thanks for help there was some problem in app as data had changed. I am sending page photo for your analysis
26-Dec-2018 Thiruvasagan R Excellent
26-Dec-2018 Hemant Kumar Officer was excellent in term of knowledge and dedication towards her work provides me appropriate and exactly details which i am looking for
26-Dec-2018 Vishal Gupta The person taken my call has a very polite and confidence in his voice.
26-Dec-2018 Debajyoti Mondal "Mr. Abhay Kumar is very nice and I found a good gesture. Very cordial in his behaviour. Nice to talk to him and I think the problem has been resolved."
26-Dec-2018 Ashish Kumar Singh Good man!! God bless
25-Dec-2018 Abhishek Rajkumar Tiwari Thank you Manasa for your support for Internet Banking 
25-Dec-2018 Avinash Kumar Singh Aapne bahut sahayta kiya Sanjayji
25-Dec-2018 Sagar Mahajan Excellent
24-Dec-2018 Dherender  Rana We need good people like Hemant Mehta. It was a nice experience. Keep it up.
24-Dec-2018 Mahendrakar . Jagdish Drashya Shetty was very good and gave all help needed. Was very good in dealing with my query and solved my requirement by answering to the point.
24-Dec-2018 Virender  Kumar Ms. Vajrika Nath was very courteous and helpful enough to assist me over the call to generate the pin of my debit card. Fantabulous experience and top notch assistance provided by her. Compliments.
24-Dec-2018 Jitendra Mahananda  Mahananda Mayur Mani Kashyap thank you sir
24-Dec-2018   Earth3dtech Private Limited She is a great amazing lady Kazvin Jasoomoney. First parsi lady which I talked to. Any way she provided very amazing services and thank you Kazvin for helping me.
24-Dec-2018 Krishna Kant Verma I spoke to Mayur Kashyap. It was a nice experience. The guy was superb in supporting me. I was very much satisfied.
24-Dec-2018 Suraj Mahendrasingh Ranawat. Very good information provided to me.
24-Dec-2018 Madan  Good to have a person who could help me in getting my issue resolved. Please help her grow to higher standards
24-Dec-2018 Vikram Gahlot You are awesome. You deserve a raise
23-Dec-2018 Vinod Kumar Maurya Excellent
23-Dec-2018 Poonam Singh The phone banking agent was very helpful
23-Dec-2018 Lunminthang Doungel Excellent
22-Dec-2018 Aman    (Min) U/G Manjeet  Kumar Sunny Singh it is a very satisfying experience.
22-Dec-2018 Sajjan  Kumar Sanjay Kumar very good help and assistance. 
22-Dec-2018 Ashok Kumar I am very happy
22-Dec-2018 Rahil Khanna Excellent job by your assistant Mr. Alok.
22-Dec-2018 Sugith Explained and answered all
22-Dec-2018 S Das Excellent
21-Dec-2018   Namita Kishore & Co  Shamala. Never in my lifespan of 57 years I have witnessed such a dedicated and courteous people. Expect good service but few are willing to give and you are one of them.
21-Dec-2018 Sanjeev Kumar Lal I spoke to Miss Reena Shetty about my personal loan top up and she guided me very well and I very much appreciate her helping attitude and wish her every success in her life.
21-Dec-2018 Heena  Naaz Ishita explained well about features and benefits of account and the debit card as well.
21-Dec-2018 Reema  Devi Poonam Kumavat has helped me a lot in solving problem.
21-Dec-2018 Bhavik Naresh Patel Mayur Mani Kashyap. Good service.
21-Dec-2018 Meherzad Marzban Patel Mayur Mani Kashyap has helped me with my complaint promptly. I appreciate his efforts.
21-Dec-2018 Ravikumar Good information
21-Dec-2018 Indervesh Rathee Great experience.
20-Dec-2018 Srutikanta  Mishra Shailendra Rathod from Complaints Management Cell. Thank you for resolving the issue.
20-Dec-2018 R  Arvind Shambhavi Varadkar has helped me on call for the bank statement. I rate her as 5.
20-Dec-2018 Sumit Kumar Dutta I had a word with Rima Paul regarding my ongoing issues. She guided me very well. I would like to appreciate her effort.
20-Dec-2018 Mohan Rao  Anumalasetty Sindhu Gopalan helped me to understand my transaction. Felt very good service. Wanted to pass on my appreciation. Thanks a lot for support.
20-Dec-2018 Sanjaybhai Shantilal Patel Best service ever. Thank for your best positive attitude and best efforts for banking business from Vidhi Shah.
20-Dec-2018 Radhakrishnan  N Mayur Mani Kashyap. Very good service provided.
20-Dec-2018   The Science World Sanjay Gupta spoken to him. Was cordial and my queries resolved.
20-Dec-2018 Surbhi  Sharma I spoke to P Swathi. Amazing support. Was very helpful.
20-Dec-2018   Infosoft Technologies Mayur Mani Kashyap is giving good information.
20-Dec-2018 Magesh Kumar B Mayur Mani Kashyap helped me in creating RD account and friendly guiding person.
20-Dec-2018 Deepu Excellent
19-Dec-2018 Somnath Maruti Gorade Just talked to Mr. Hemant Mehta for statement regarding query. Satisfied for response and knowledge.
19-Dec-2018 Vivek  Singh Mayur Mani Kashyap. Good skills and nice way to talk.
19-Dec-2018 Nikhilesh  Sharma Just had a word with Mr. Nitin B regarding my Net Banking issue and I am so much overwhelmed with his services. He was so polite and helpful in resolving my query. Thank you so much to Mr. Nitin B.
19-Dec-2018 Janagaraj  K Mr. Mayur Mani Kashyap has given excellent response so I am giving five stars.
19-Dec-2018 Gajendran.K  Simi escalation supervisor customer handling is very good
19-Dec-2018 Vinod Kumar Very good
19-Dec-2018 Hirdey Kohli Excellent service by Neha! Keep up the good work
19-Dec-2018 S.Kumar "Customer service representative was very soft spoken and attended to all my queries and sorted out all issue."
19-Dec-2018 Rajendra Bhavsar Excellent
18-Dec-2018 Dawood Siddiq Bakali Rima Paul had helped me out through out the call. She had kept good patience. I would rate for her call 10 out of 10. 
18-Dec-2018   Kalaniketan Cctv Nandini maam. Very good.
18-Dec-2018 Rajkumar  Vishwakarma Ms. Drashya Shetty is a very good person and she has given a nice guidance to the customer and she has behaved in a very polite way.
18-Dec-2018   Ammani Impex Mr. Sanjay Gupta was polite and very useful for communication. I hope in this Indusind Bank he grows well as an empolyee. Thanks.
18-Dec-2018 Sarika  Karne Shivani Lamba. I like the service of Indusind Bank and offer for this debit card and phone banking services.
18-Dec-2018 Vipul Kumar Garg Very nice and helpful Savitha Vijayakumaran
18-Dec-2018 Dilip Kumar K C  Very good
18-Dec-2018 Amit Kumar Very good
18-Dec-2018 Manoj  Very good
18-Dec-2018 Jenpuii Gonmei All my questions were answered clearly. Thanks!
18-Dec-2018 Syedimroze Officer Tripti she gave very good help to activate my pin and other request. I must say she deserves promotion.
18-Dec-2018 Chris Very good
18-Dec-2018 Dinakaran If not for Dharmesh's understanding of the process and his act of follow up. I would have cancelled this card. Thank you, Dharmesh.
18-Dec-2018 Sadanand Very good service
18-Dec-2018 Mohammed Ashir Nice handling
17-Dec-2018 Md Nasir Shah Anjali Pal is an excellent representative of Indusind bank because my query is solved immediately and I am very happy from the representative. I put grade 5.
17-Dec-2018 Kawal  Hasan Poonam Kumavat has provided complete solution. Thanks maam.
17-Dec-2018 Rahul Ranjan Jha Mayur Mani Kashyap was excellent in providing details. Very quick and helpful.
17-Dec-2018 Vinod  Verma Mayur Mani Kashyap. As per given service I am rating 5.
17-Dec-2018 Mukesh Keshrimal Jain Mayur Kashyap good service for me.
17-Dec-2018 Gaurav  Gupta Queries regarding RD and FD is successfully and patiently solved by Mr. Hanuprasad.
17-Dec-2018 Anil Arora Very good
17-Dec-2018 Manishkumar Thanks for clarifying
17-Dec-2018 Shabaz Khan Agent was very polite and humble thanks for the service provided
17-Dec-2018 Janmejoy Dash Excellent
17-Dec-2018 Syed Ahamed Excellent
16-Dec-2018 Jawanmal C Khivesara Interaction with the customer executive Ms. Jayasudha was good. She really helped me with the enquiry. Keep up the good work.
16-Dec-2018 Bangari  Tharun I appreciate the customer care executive response and the issue was resolved. He is Mayur Mani Kashyap.
16-Dec-2018 Hitesh Kumar Bhayana Mayur Kashyap helped me with my query and understood the problem patiently and assisted me with a new compliant number which I hope should resolve this long pending case. Appreciate his attentiveness.
16-Dec-2018 Vasu  Goenka Very kind of Sujit Maurya to help me guide with the process of transactions and rewards points. 
16-Dec-2018 Hardik Dugar Thumbs up for every part of the service!!!
16-Dec-2018 P. Thirunavukkarasu  Great help
16-Dec-2018 Vidya Sagar Soni Very good service
16-Dec-2018 Sudhavathi.Ka  My doubts all have been cleared, I love this service
15-Dec-2018 Ashish Vasant Tupe I had a discussion with Mr. Nikhil Bhambri he helped me towards my issues and I was satisfied with his help. I would appreciate more if other people will work according to him. Thank you Nikhil.
15-Dec-2018   Karar Finserve Private Limited Harshita Rathod provided me the best assistance regarding internet banking.
15-Dec-2018 Keyurkumar C Vyas Great work Vajrika Nath.
15-Dec-2018 Smita Ramvishal Pandey Thanks Hemant sir for a very good service.
15-Dec-2018 Rakesh  Kumar Excellent Ankit
15-Dec-2018 Raja  N Thanks to Hanuprasad the Escalation Manager for resolving the issue immediately when the other personnel could not do it in earlier 2 occasions when I complained.
15-Dec-2018 Vivek Shinde The staff was very courteous and patient to me understand my query. The response and promptness was exceptional. These gestures go a long way. Thanks
15-Dec-2018 Hitesh Lokhande  Excellent
15-Dec-2018 Ravindranath Loni Mr. Prakash was above excellent. Very good Prakash do well & have all the success in your professional career man. God bless you
15-Dec-2018 Erendra Malekar Very good
14-Dec-2018   Aakash Impex Shamala. Helpful
14-Dec-2018   Anwar Money Transfer Good Morning, Good way to talk and explain by Anjali Pal in your customer care.
14-Dec-2018 Himanshu  Goyal I am happy for you Miss Ankita Pandey. You were of a great help to me regarding Internet banking. Your way of understanding and speaking is too good. Again thanks to Miss Ankita Pandey.
14-Dec-2018   Sigma Cnc Automation Josphin Madam, I am very much thankful for your great effort to solve my transaction password issue complaint, I am really happy, the people like you is a must need in this field to help the customers.
14-Dec-2018 Prahaladbhai  Chauhan Sujit Maurya who is your customer care executive, I had been talking to him regarding my problem and he has been providing solutions as per my request and good executive according to his professional work. Nice to talk.
14-Dec-2018 Mayank  Roy Mayur Mani Kashyap helped me regarding my issue about blocked card and placed my request on priority. Very appreciable.
14-Dec-2018   V Tech Care I am fully satisfied with Mayur Mani Kashyap
14-Dec-2018 V Vishwanathan Nair Mr. Madan Raj was really helpful in assisting me on how to set netbanking and about other company offers I can avail. He was very polite in conversation.
14-Dec-2018 Shashikumar Basavanneppa Betadur Mr. Abhishek Kolte. It was well co-ordination with the staff. He clarified all my queries. Overall good experience.
14-Dec-2018 Fathima  Zehra Manikandan I am satisfied with the help and the solutions given to me by the executive and I am very happy with the solutions. Thank you.
14-Dec-2018   Foito Skill Development Services Private Limited Mahendra Kumar. Thanks for helping me out quickly to open net banking. Done a great job.
14-Dec-2018 Rahul Vattal  Nanaware   Excellent
14-Dec-2018 M Girdhar  Overall good
14-Dec-2018 Ashwani Kapoor Thanks for polite behaviour
14-Dec-2018 Somashekar R I spoke to Tarique from the escalation desk and after explaining all the issues for about 1 hr he got it resolved finally. The issue was pending since long.
14-Dec-2018 Keya Laha Barnali thank you so much for such a wonderful customer service. I appreciate your service & thanks for considering my request
14-Dec-2018 Varun Bharathwaj Excellent
13-Dec-2018 Abhilash A K Harshita Rathod is giving good service to access my complaint. I am very satisfied with her helping.
13-Dec-2018 Srinivas  Mamidipally I have coordinated with Mr. Anandh Devarajan for online banking support. He has helped me excellently in this regards.   
13-Dec-2018 Shahabaz  Afasar Mayur Mani Kashyap excellent working.
13-Dec-2018 Ashwani Chauhan I spoke to your representative Shreya Singh this morning. She really made my day. Excellent voice quality, superb product knowledge, good command over English.
13-Dec-2018 Ranjana Ghoshal Excellent
13-Dec-2018 Ashish Yadav  Good service from Indusind. First time I have requested something and they have resolved my concern. Super happy. Keep it up.
13-Dec-2018 Venkatesh G R Everything was good
13-Dec-2018 Md Javeed Pasha Excellent
13-Dec-2018 Santhosh P Rao  Very good
13-Dec-2018 Raju M Very good
12-Dec-2018 Nadipireddygari  Vamsikrishna Manasa good service on transaction password
12-Dec-2018   Indian Enterprises Mayur Mani Kashyap. Thanks for providing info.
12-Dec-2018 Adrian Verrel Dsouza Abhishek Kolte helped me in generating my debit card pin through IVR and has assisted me very well.
12-Dec-2018 R  Surya After one month finally got resolution from Bikash Prasad from senior team who helped to activate account. Very fast service. Appreciate you. 
12-Dec-2018 Debadatta Sahoo Excellent
12-Dec-2018 Pradeep Kumar Very good
12-Dec-2018 Kiran Gwala  Good
12-Dec-2018 Chaman  Service was extraordinary
11-Dec-2018   Hasti Infra Projects Pvt Ltd Sonal Umraniya excellent.
11-Dec-2018   Balaji Roadline Mayur Mani Kashyap is a very good person and a good service provided. 
11-Dec-2018 Sowmiya Excellent
11-Dec-2018 Tejaswini S Very good
11-Dec-2018 Vishal Sharma Awesome services keep it up!
11-Dec-2018 Happy Singh Tokas Excellent
10-Dec-2018 Maninder Singh Karotia Ms Ankita Pandey. Excellent service given and resolved my query quickly. Rating 5. Thanks a lot for your great support.
10-Dec-2018   Make Your Move Global Consulting Opc Private Limited Called for online login. Got good reply and support from Hema from Chennai.
10-Dec-2018   Jbd Steel Corporation Very good services. Tejas D
10-Dec-2018 Vishal Kadam We would also like to appreciate Ms. Barnali M - customer care team who took the initiative to understand my concerns.
10-Dec-2018 Vimal Kumar Thanks indusind bank
10-Dec-2018 Venkatavardhan Pillai Keep up the good work
10-Dec-2018 Agamjit Singh Excellent
10-Dec-2018 Rajesh Kumar Raghav  Excellent
10-Dec-2018 Ajay Saini The representative is good I forgot the person name.
10-Dec-2018 Aditya Dutt Excellent
10-Dec-2018 G Nageswararao Excellent
10-Dec-2018 Satyawan Shrama  Hi I talked with customer service Mrs. Babita Pandey. It was nice to talk with her and talking politely and clear all issues.
07-Dec-2018 Karthik  S Mayur Mani has supported nicely and I am happy. 
07-Dec-2018   Indian Craft City Thanks to Ms. Mamta Singh for set up of my new current account. Very helpful and kind in nature. Love her work and patience.
07-Dec-2018 S  Srinivasan Vishal Khaire helped me in a very short time. Thanks.
07-Dec-2018 Lokesh  Kumar Drashya Shetty is good, so kept it up. I am happy for your advice. When I call I got quick response. Thanks to you.
07-Dec-2018 Tej  Kanj Mayur Mani Kashyap successful 
07-Dec-2018   Vision Electronergy Private Limited (Opc) Manikandan is really helpful and a polite person
07-Dec-2018 Mohammad Shuaib Alam Abhishek Pawar best customer care very helpful person
07-Dec-2018   Kartvm Services Very helpful Mr. Paul
07-Dec-2018   Solera Life Sciences Private Limited Mr. Anil Kumar Mishra is a very helpful person. Thanks for the help. 
06-Dec-2018 Sarita  Kumari I talked to Vinayak Pathak two times. He was very patient and humble in listening to my issue and he helped me to log on to my account again which I deleted by resetting my phone.
06-Dec-2018   Mobelization Solutions Private Limited Ms. Leevathi Banthu resolved my transaction password reset issue satisfactorily. Thanks.
06-Dec-2018   Suraksha Force Private Limited Dimple Nishad. I am satisfied by maam. She has provided good service. She is a good help to me. Thanks.
06-Dec-2018   S S Gem Mfg Co Priyasandy Dsouza. Satisfied with all questions and happy with her service.
06-Dec-2018   Logictech Solar And Automation Pvt Ltd Dipak Mali. Good communication and helpful and also he helped me for my net banking transaction service.
05-Dec-2018 Shashikala Raju Kadam Priyasandy Dsouza was very helpful and understood my concern and assisted over the call. These employees are the ones who keeps the banking alive for indusind. Loved banking with Indusind.
05-Dec-2018   Spandel Enterprises Private Limited Shamala. I am very happy with your service.
05-Dec-2018 Mukesh  Kundu I called to costmer care Sujit Maurya regarding my complaint. He has a great presence of mind to understand my problem and eagerly he sorted out the same. This shows real care to job and customer.
05-Dec-2018 Sangamesh  Hegade Mayur generated the pin successfully. That was great work done.
05-Dec-2018 Shailendra  Pandey Jeetendra Thanai. Best feedback from Jeetendra Thanai.
04-Dec-2018 Ramesh  S I would like to convey my thanks to Binesh Mishra for the timely response and clear explanation for the request. Binesh was very polite and to the point to my queries.  
04-Dec-2018 Rohan  Deep Mayur Mani Kashyap has worked hard to help me.
04-Dec-2018 Rohan  Deep Sujit Maurya brilliantly helped me. He is very good in his sense of humour.
04-Dec-2018 Gondaliya Nitin Parshotambhai Good experience with Hemant Mehta.
04-Dec-2018 Sunil Kumar  Shaw Vimalan. Nice talking to the customer care person and he is very supportive and humble. Thank you Vimalan.
03-Dec-2018 Anand Shankar S Lalithadevi. Good response. Good customer service. Thank you so much for your response and speaking. 5 star for your call.
03-Dec-2018 Neeraj  Kumar I have spoken to Leelavati Bonthu regarding my indusnet to reset my login id and password. She provided me complete information. I am happy with the service. I have to rate her a 5.
03-Dec-2018 Shweta Vinod Gupta She was very helpful. She helped so well. I would like to appreciate her. Good work done by her. I was so busy but still I was on call because she was giving me proper information. Thanks Rima Paul.
03-Dec-2018 Ravi  Seva Manasa Information is excellent 
03-Dec-2018 Kunal Mannu Kagda Pallavi Patel thank you for solving my queries about net banking.
03-Dec-2018 Navdeep Kaur Excellent
02-Dec-2018 Pallavi Amol Kulkarni Caster. Thanks for the great help. And that too with a very short time. Very happy with the service.
01-Dec-2018 Prince  Kumar Mayur Mani Kashyap sir is a very helpful person.
01-Dec-2018   Jai Amba Travels Mayur Mani Kashyap good service.
01-Dec-2018 Rakesh Biharilal Parikh Mr Dhirendra Pal was extremely helpful, patient and knowledgeable and was able to resolve our long standing issue to our satisfaction. One of the most fruitful interaction with any call centre that we had.
30-Nov-2018 Dahl India Spoke to Mamta regarding transaction facility on online banking platform and we are very happy with the interaction and help by her. Thanks.
30-Nov-2018 Stuti  Srivastav Excellent services from Hemant Mehta.
29-Nov-2018 R-Tech Computers Janhvi is a very helpful girl and good experience for customer support.
29-Nov-2018 Akshay  Verma Kishore Kumar B. This person gave very good information. I really appreciate Mr. Kishore for guiding me properly. So I am really thankful and voice is very clear and properly helped me. Again thank you Kishore.
29-Nov-2018 Rampratap  Sharma Thank you Vishal Shetty for your kind net banking cooperation. 
28-Nov-2018 Avinash  Kumar Drashya Shetty, I am so happy because you gave me good experience on time of booking Fixed Deposit.
28-Nov-2018 A L Narayana Chowdari Shruti Sawant. Last 50 days I am facing internet banking. Shruti Sawant completing today. Very helpful.
28-Nov-2018 Deepak  Sharma Mayur Mani Kashyap. Gave full information
28-Nov-2018 Sarfraz  Dharmesh Joshi has guided me very well. It was great talking to Dharmesh as he was very helpful. 
27-Nov-2018 Saurabh Saini Prakash V was the very first point of contact. He was a nice guy. Soft spoken. Able to help me understand the situation and reached accordingly. Resolved the queries. Very professional
26-Nov-2018 Leepakshi  Rai Mayur Mani Kashayap. Perfect. Issue resolved quickly.
26-Nov-2018 Reconcept Private Limited Kashyap was patiently handling my request
26-Nov-2018 Pappu Gupta Dharmesh Joshi has been very kind and helpful not like other bank officers who don’t care for customers. Dharmesh has guided me properly and gave better solution to retain me. It was great talking to him.
25-Nov-2018 Ranjitha H V Drashya Shetty. I was very happy with quick resolution from the advisor and so polite and patient on the call. I should personally thank IndusInd bank for holding such a wonderful representative
25-Nov-2018 Avinash  Kumar Saranya I am so happy because you helped me nicely 
24-Nov-2018 Diya Fashion Janhavi very good. 10 Star.
24-Nov-2018 Michael Gomes Excellent
23-Nov-2018 Priya  Bansal Harshita Rathod service was too good.
23-Nov-2018 Vinayak  Shirur I got response on pre-matured withdrawal online with the help of Hanuprasad. 
23-Nov-2018 Dinesh Kumar Barik Mr. Hemant Mehta excellent experience.
23-Nov-2018 Manoj Sinha I am fully satisfied with the response of Ms Priya Sasidharan Service Delivery Specialist who attended my query mentioned in my email dated 22nd November 2018. Keep doing good things in life Thanks
22-Nov-2018 Ajay Kumar Batti Manasa thank you for your kind response and patience you have helped me to get my problem resolved. Great to see the kind response.
22-Nov-2018 Jipin P James The service provided by Nitin B has been prompt and he has helped me in registering my net banking service. Excellent Service
22-Nov-2018 Om International Ms. Josphin net banking Mobile apps Very Good 
22-Nov-2018 Manoj Kumar Roy Manikandan was very much helpful with my query. He helped me with all the queries and also helped on how can I change my details online. Thank you very much again.
22-Nov-2018 Purvi Anand Desai Mayur Mani Kashayap has helped us in setting up the ATM PIN and was helpful in explaining each steps.
22-Nov-2018 Sujeet  Patel Caster good service provided. Happy with the services.
22-Nov-2018 Neena Malik  Thank you for resolving the issue
22-Nov-2018 Nafees Alam Sayed  Indusind credit card offers excellent services and courteous handling.
22-Nov-2018 Amol Ghatpande Supportive & customer friendly interaction to resolve concerns.
22-Nov-2018 Manvendra Singh Yadav  Pramila excellent handling of customer 
22-Nov-2018 Madhav  Fast and systematic approach
22-Nov-2018 S Purohit Great service. I appreciate the transparency and genuineness in your system. Surely I will recommend IndusInd Credit Card to my contacts.
21-Nov-2018 Viaz Tubes Private Limited Minal Mehra helped me with all the login services which was upto the mark and perfect
21-Nov-2018 Md Asim Faraz Leelavati Bonthu was very efficient and well versed with her service. Helpful and great customer service skills. Keep up the good work.
21-Nov-2018 Rgp Enterprises Ms. Minal Mehra. Amazing and prompt response. Keep up the good work.
21-Nov-2018 Td Keerthi Kumar  Excellent service and very patient, helpful.
21-Nov-2018 Rahul Bhagchandani  Excellent
21-Nov-2018 Merita Dsouza I rarely am happy with most agents. But today's agent was great. Communicated well, comprehended too. Pleasing personality came through the phone.
20-Nov-2018 Pankaj  Kumar I have spoken to Leelavati Bonthu regarding my account status. She provided complete information. I am happy with the service. Will rate as 5.
20-Nov-2018 Maa Sharda Logistics Dimple Nishad. Good service provided on the call. Rated 5.
20-Nov-2018 Hetal Soni Good service
20-Nov-2018 Mamata Brahma I am extremely happy & satisfied.
20-Nov-2018 Salmankhan Excellent service and solution provided by Mr. Manish within limited time period
19-Nov-2018 Nikee  Singh Sarika Nanaware I am satisfied with your service. Resolved all my problems.
19-Nov-2018 Custlastname Service from Nitin B was helpful and he has been very patient and informative.
19-Nov-2018 Mr.Khurana Excellent
19-Nov-2018 Poovaprathapan  Very courteous and helpful
19-Nov-2018 Raju Dey Megha was great agents like her should be more so that they can get the company above the bar... Great Job and big TY
18-Nov-2018 Md  Vijay Spoke with Rima Paul and she had helped me a lot over the call. Really appreciate for her good work.
18-Nov-2018 Md  Vijay Spoke to Amit Puthran and he had helped me a lot. Really nice talking to him and all the best for his future. God bless him.
18-Nov-2018 Ravi Kiran Jaiswal Excellent
18-Nov-2018 Bharath Kumar Excellent overall 
18-Nov-2018 Sagar Ashok Dunh Excellent
18-Nov-2018 Vishal Jatale Hi this is Vishal. I would like to say that information provided by your executive Sony Singh is accurate and most valuable for me. Appreciated
18-Nov-2018 Kali Prasad Boyina Excellent
17-Nov-2018 Sudhir Prasad Soni Sarika Kule madam your suggestion was very helpful.
17-Nov-2018 B Thakur Vijay Prathap Singh Mahendra Kumar has tried to help me very hard to generate the pin and he is a very helpful guy.
17-Nov-2018 Lalit Kumar Mishra Excellent
17-Nov-2018 Shashi Kant Excellent
17-Nov-2018 Sara Maheshwar I am satisfied with this Indusind bank hope in future also it'll be better
16-Nov-2018 K-One Legal Services Private Limited Nandini Bangera. She is a very helpful person.
16-Nov-2018 Saemnup Container Services Have received a call from Miss Janhavi Surve and she guided me very well about how to use new Debit Card and how to generate pin. She also guided me about the secrecy of my account instruments.
16-Nov-2018 Vaddi Vinod Kumar Manasa, I am satisfied with this service.
16-Nov-2018 Kundan Kumar Karan Hi Team, I was having a problem by seeing the page of demat account and I called Indusind bank customer and case was being handled by Dinesh Sachdev and he did his job excellently. Tremendous job by him.
16-Nov-2018 Ambati Syam Sundar I spoke with P Swathi. It was very helpful.
16-Nov-2018 Anuj Pratap Singh Dinesh Sachdev this is very helpful to me. You resolved my problem.
16-Nov-2018 G D S Banga  Excellent
16-Nov-2018 Pawan Mishra Khusboo was very helpful and courteous
16-Nov-2018 Naresh K Raney Excellent
16-Nov-2018 Pilla P Kumar Excellent
16-Nov-2018 Shailesh Jaiswal  I am really thrilled of talking to the customer care staff Rekha. She is tremendously awesome of way interacting with me and loved your Induslnd bank products.
16-Nov-2018 M.M.Naidu  Nice and cozy experience in making comfortable approach when we need the card service assistance
15-Nov-2018 Pcpl & Rk Jv Mr. Mayur Mani Kashayap was very helpful in resolving the issue. Thanks
15-Nov-2018 Darshan Sureshbhai Patel Abhishek Kolte guided me for debit card pin and registering for net banking.
15-Nov-2018 Aakash  Kumar I have spoken to Miss. Leelavati Bonthu regarding my account status. She provided me with complete information. I am happy with this service, so I want to rate her a 5. 
15-Nov-2018 Anil Arora Excellent
15-Nov-2018 Sarvjit Singh Bedi Great job done
15-Nov-2018 Martin Jeremiah Excellent
15-Nov-2018 Rexson Rego Excellent
14-Nov-2018 Atluri  Narasimhareddy Manasa very good 
14-Nov-2018 Sohan Lal Shaw Got valuable support from Mr. Abhishek Kolte. 
14-Nov-2018 Hari Prasad Nawariya Excellent
14-Nov-2018 Irshad Khan Mansi had a great job, handled my query very well,  I was so pissed off with the services but Mansi handled it in very professional manner.  Thanks
14-Nov-2018 Deepak Chadha The customer care officer took care of my problem very fast, efficiently and very professionally. Thanks for good the experience.
14-Nov-2018 Harpreet Singh Everything Excellent
14-Nov-2018 Sachin Sathe Very Good
14-Nov-2018 Vishal Ghutepatil I would like to give apperception to Khushboo Gandhi for her excellent customer orientation approach. Happy to have Cc of IndusInd Bank 
14-Nov-2018 Arjit Gautam Excellent customer service. Satya was extremely helpful and full of knowledge. Wish I could get connected with him every time. He deserves some raise. 
14-Nov-2018 Trinath Lal Good
14-Nov-2018 Inderpal Singh Mr. Parvez Qureshi supported by all queries with very quick response. Thank you to him for resolving my query on top priority 
13-Nov-2018 Sri Hari Har Traders Spoke to Sanjay Gupta. Nice talking to him. He is very helpful.
13-Nov-2018 Kaka Electrical Solution Nandini Bangera. I am very happy with your support because my complain was immediately solved and my card works properly with new pin. 
13-Nov-2018 Chingleen Sana Singh Thank you Dinesh for reversing the charges.
13-Nov-2018 Inderjeet Singh Arora I spoke to Abhishek Pawar and he helped me quickly and that was a perfect example of friendly customer service.
13-Nov-2018 Vijay Sagar  The Phone Executive quickly tackled the reflection of a network error failed transaction of Rs. 3820 in my account.
13-Nov-2018 Akash Sharma Thanks for support 
13-Nov-2018 Uday Mahendru Hello Team, Today I called to preclose my loans,  had a word with nice Rep.  Khushboo.  She was very courteous and with patience,  explaining the point
13-Nov-2018 Sanil Tendle Excellent
13-Nov-2018 Ravi Shankar Sharma  Excellent
13-Nov-2018 Tushar Sarfaraz one of the best I must say hardly see such efficiency over helplines. He was ready with the solutions for every query of mine. thank you
12-Nov-2018 Benin  Clint Prince Singh. Thank you for your service. It was great.
12-Nov-2018 Ranbir Singh Panwar Nice experience
12-Nov-2018 Rajiv Kumar Shaw The executive helped me a lot and cleared my queries excellently. Great job. Keep it up. 
12-Nov-2018 Mdaslam Very Good
12-Nov-2018 Murali Kandhan Good
12-Nov-2018 Girdhar Gobindram Gianchandani Happy season's greetings 
12-Nov-2018 Manoj Kumar Very Good
12-Nov-2018 Hemanshu Kumar Excellent
12-Nov-2018 Abhishek Anand She is a very polite lady. Patient with her voice throughout. I hope she serves my call the next time as well
12-Nov-2018 Chsudhamohan Excellent
11-Nov-2018 Vishvarajsinh Raghuvirsinh Zala Great service experience with Hanuprasad. Thank you so much.
11-Nov-2018 Anitan Rai Very Good
11-Nov-2018 P S Manjula  Excellent
11-Nov-2018 Anitan Rai Very Good
11-Nov-2018 Varun Bansal Excellent
10-Nov-2018 Manish  Kumar Netbanking issue satisfied by Hanuprasad and to continue good working job
10-Nov-2018 Anand Abhishek Ghodeswar. Bro you were really helpful for me. I was unable to login to the account. When I talked to him I was able to use my indus bank netbanking. Really, Thanks bro.
10-Nov-2018 Karthikeyan S Good
10-Nov-2018 Sushil Birari Excellent
10-Nov-2018 Sudheer Pillai Excellent
10-Nov-2018 Vallapureddy Prashanth Reddy Thank you. Good service
10-Nov-2018 Venkatavardhan Pillai Keep up the good work Indusind customer service. Raju is an asset to your company. Give him a raise. He answered all my questions quickly.
10-Nov-2018 Afroze Sultana  Excellent
10-Nov-2018 Gunda Umakanth  Excellent
10-Nov-2018 Purnendu Das Excellent
09-Nov-2018 Inyt Technologies Pvt Ltd Excellent service by Miss Sarika Nanaware.
09-Nov-2018 Amanveer  Singh Great work. Highly helpful. Hema Chennai Centre.
09-Nov-2018 Parmeshwar Bharatrao Naybal Poonam Kumavat she provided me with the proper solution. 
09-Nov-2018 Sasikumar  K Srutikanta Mishra. Very good response
09-Nov-2018 Shankar Jee Kushwaha Excellent customer service
09-Nov-2018 Debolina Mozumdar Excellent
09-Nov-2018 Asif Khan Excellent
09-Nov-2018 Naresh Kumar Ahuja Excellent
09-Nov-2018 Shyam Kumar Excellent
09-Nov-2018 J Mahesha  Very good service 
09-Nov-2018 Nandini Excellent
09-Nov-2018 Subhapriyo Banerjee Awesome experience, great Job Mr. Amir Khan. Keep up the good work. God bless!!
09-Nov-2018 Anil Kumar Good experience
09-Nov-2018 Tajbar Singh Rahul was good in convincing me.
09-Nov-2018 Udaya Kumar R Mr Vignesh Iyyer clarified my queries in a best way
08-Nov-2018 Kiran  Naidu Sarika Nanaware. She was very helpful and loved the way she went all the way to get help and get my issue resolved. Would love to see such kind of help from all your reps... Cheers.
08-Nov-2018 Abhishek Pandey Excellent service provided 
07-Nov-2018 Raj Kumar Maitra Very Satisfied with service
07-Nov-2018 Kalpesh Prajapati  Excellent service provided 
06-Nov-2018 Ausdauer Consulting India Private Limited Tejas D has done a great job in helping to login into my account.
06-Nov-2018 Tanveerahmed Abdulgani Budihal Thanks for helping me to registering on net banking Mr. Mayur Kashyup. Thank you very much.
06-Nov-2018 Baba Sai Auto Care I am satisfied with the online help through Mahendra Kumar.  
06-Nov-2018 Arati Barik Excellent
06-Nov-2018 Bhagwati Gupta Excellent
06-Nov-2018 Darshana Bhatt  Laxmi Poojary handled my query very efficiently and resolved it to my satisfaction 
06-Nov-2018 Chandrasekhar Excellent
06-Nov-2018 Subhanshu Tewari  Called customer care today and customer care team Priyaka Dash offered great assistance. Please convey my thanks to her. outstanding job 
06-Nov-2018 Sreenivasrao Pallapu Sreejith Sreekumar did his job very well am delighted keep it up 
05-Nov-2018 S S Tax Solutions It was nice to talk to Miss Nandini Bangera. She assisted me in generating my Pin for my debit card without going to ATM and helped me on how to register for Netbanking. Thanks.
05-Nov-2018 Satish Hello Mayur, It's really great support from you. Keep up the good work. Thank you, Regards Satish Kalal.
05-Nov-2018 Raghavendar Karingula  Raghavendar Karingula Hemant Mehta. I have got all the information required from the representative.
05-Nov-2018 M  Venkatesan Mahendra Kumar. Awesome response, excellent patience with good knowledge.
05-Nov-2018 Sujay  Chakraborty Nice talking to the advisor. Was polite and good. Sunil Jangid.
05-Nov-2018 Alok Excellent
05-Nov-2018 Vivek Kumar Courteous and excellent 
05-Nov-2018 K Venkat Kumar  Good 
05-Nov-2018 Balvinder Singh  Excellent
05-Nov-2018 Krishan Gupta Thanks for solving my problem in easy manner.
05-Nov-2018 Anitha T Really I get some peace of mind when you’re talking. Thank you so much.
05-Nov-2018 D. Ke.  Virmani Excellent
05-Nov-2018 Duda Surendra Excellent service provided 
03-Nov-2018 Sri Sai Medical And General Store Mamta Singh helped me on the details for internet banking.
03-Nov-2018 Prakash  Chitla Mahendra Kumar. It's good to communicate with him and very cooperative and patient 
03-Nov-2018 Kiran  Gokhale Very good service by Mahendra Kumar. And l was very much happy to get cleared all my queries. Thanks a lot Mahendra. 
03-Nov-2018 Gunja  Ramesh Mahendra Kumar. He really helped me a lot. Very good executive for the customers.
03-Nov-2018 Sabir Mallick Neha was polite and spoke in a very polite manner. Happy with the service.
03-Nov-2018 Vishesh Makati Very good staff and very patient and addressed all my queries patiently. Very helpful and knowledgeable.
03-Nov-2018 Vinayak Chintaman Godse  The person who was on call, very supportive. Thanks to her. 
03-Nov-2018 Saikumar Thumu  Excellent
03-Nov-2018 Rakesh Kumar  Supporting having patience and very informative 
02-Nov-2018 Eccitare Technologies Private Limited Hi. Need to appreciate the help given by Prince Singh. He could help me with all my queries promptly which even the relationship Manager was unable to reply to. Thank you very much.
02-Nov-2018 Govind Kumar Jha Sunil Jangid is very good to talk and helped me on RD details
02-Nov-2018 Sarabjeet Singh Sembi Very Good
02-Nov-2018 Sandesh Kavatkar Excellent
02-Nov-2018 Inapakutika Pandu Ranga Raju Very Good
02-Nov-2018 Jaylal Very Good
02-Nov-2018 Sunil Suryakant Shah Excellent
02-Nov-2018 V Selvaganesan Excellent
02-Nov-2018 Indrajit Mandal Excellent
02-Nov-2018 Anil Kumar Patyal Mohammed was excellent over the call. He has awesome customer handling skills. Big thanks to him.
01-Nov-2018 Engitech Pro Solutions Customer care gave complete guidelines. Thanks to Alpa.
01-Nov-2018 Tousif Ahmed Amina was really good in solving my query, I was very much worried and she could able to understand my situation and she solved it. Very appreciative.
01-Nov-2018 Aakula Suman Kumar Excellent
01-Nov-2018 Mohammed Ruman Excellent Service by Ms. Anita. Solved my queries quick enough. Was very helpful too.
01-Nov-2018 Joginder Choudhary Excellent
31-Aug-2018 Jyothi Suresh Narayanan Kandath Pallavi Patel has helped me to login into net banking.
31-Aug-2018 Itlabz Technology Pvt Ltd I talked to Mr. Deepak Dubey regarding my bank account statement and he resolved my problem within 2 minutes with good behaviour. I would like to talk with him if I am in problem.
31-Aug-2018 Sudhir  Kumar Abhishek Kolte. Good guidance for Indusind. My banking issues and my problems are resolved. Excellent way of talking. Good job. Keep it up.
31-Aug-2018 Jitendra  Kumar Best service by Nitin B.
31-Aug-2018 Gourav  Kumar It was very nice experience with Nitin. All my problems have been resolved with patiently by Nitin.
31-Aug-2018 Komal Rajil Ahluwalia I spoke to Mr. Manikandan and would like to appreciate him as he was very polite and helpful. Kudos to you guys to have such great people working with you. Thank you.
Keep up the great work.
31-Aug-2018 Mohammed Ahmad  Agent Madhubala has helped me with the statement query I had. She took time, placed call on hold, gathered information and helped me out with my query. She was attentive and humble. Kudos 5 star service.
30-Aug-2018 Bhagwati Jewellers Gaurav Sakhare has given satisfied information to me. Good support.
30-Aug-2018 Saimed Healthcare India Private Limited Drashya Shetty. I have called her and she was very polite and excellent.
30-Aug-2018 Avik  Das Ketan Patel was very-very helpful. Thank you so much.
29-Aug-2018 Ambesh  Tiwari Miss Sonali Powale is a good agent for helping. I really appreciate this service and customer agent. I want to talk again with this agent.
29-Aug-2018 Rameshwar Graphics B. Ujwal. Monthly Statement. My case solved. 
28-Aug-2018 Nikhil  Kumar Sukhveersingh Sohal assisted me so nicely and with lots of patience and best way. Such people working in any organization are always a great asset and role model for others. I wish best for future. Great.
28-Aug-2018 Prudential Infotech Ltd Mahendra Kumar is excellent
27-Aug-2018 Ranbir Reema Jaiswar good customer support
27-Aug-2018 Praveen  Gour Deepak Dubey. My problem successfully resolved.
27-Aug-2018 Manish  Kumar I have spoken to Miss. Leelavati Bonthu regarding my account status. I am very happy with the provided information and end to end resolution on the call. I am satisfied with the service. I rate her a 5.
27-Aug-2018 Mohit Virendra Sawhney Spoke to Mr. Sanjay Gupta. Nice talking to him. Really helpful.
27-Aug-2018 Kamlesh Kumar Jha I give Leelavati 5 stars
27-Aug-2018 Chidambaram  Chidambaram Hema from Chennai contact centre. Good and Timely service.
27-Aug-2018 Lokesh  Tiwari I am very satisfied with Mr. Nitin Brahmadande because he has cleared all my queries and helped me with dedication. I am giving him 5 marks out of 5.
27-Aug-2018 Amar Kumar Das Pallavi Patel has helped me to login my netbanking. 
26-Aug-2018 Ganatra Mines And Minerals Sunny Singh is very cooperative
25-Aug-2018 Vijay  Kumar Sukhveersingh Sohal is great and very helpful for me. I am very happy with the service.
25-Aug-2018 Ashish  Jaiswal Minal Mehra. She provided a very good service and helped me a lot regarding my problem.
25-Aug-2018 Ekaaksh Consultancy(Opc)Private Limited Josphin had guided me to resolve my issue in netbanking and properly guided for the same. She is very cooperative and has a good knowledge of banking. 
25-Aug-2018 Atul  Kumar I had a chat with Mr. Nitin B Staff Banking. I am very much satisfied with the information provided by him. He is very polite and calmly understands my requirement.
25-Aug-2018 S N Mohamed Anwar Ali Nitin Brahmadande was very helpful in resolving my request and was very polite and courteous. He will definitely add value to Indusind Bank.
24-Aug-2018 Kushal Singh Negi Shamala very good
24-Aug-2018 Custlastname Nitin Brahmadande is a good man. I am very happy with the service. Thank you.
24-Aug-2018 Unnati  Aidasani Mr. Santosh Biswakarma was very clear in his explanation and assisted very well.  
24-Aug-2018 Manisha I spoke to Ramya R who was very helpful and the best person to whom I spoke. Thank you for the patience and resolving all my queries.
23-Aug-2018 Focus Eye Outdoor Solution Miss Vaishali. Very good job in Indusind bank in my experience. God bless you and enjoy your happy life. Thanks 
23-Aug-2018 Shashikala  G I spoke with Swathi. She explained about debit card and my request. She helped me with my transaction password. She is good.
23-Aug-2018 Lovepreet  Singh Akshada was very helpful in resolving my issue. Very calm and helpful. Thanks.
23-Aug-2018 Nitin Parbatbhai Chothani Mamta Singh. She is very helpful. She guided me for internet banking registration.
23-Aug-2018 Shyam Sundar Goel I am very satisfied with the service given by Rakesh Panwelkar. My Indus Mobile issue has been resolved.
23-Aug-2018 Dinesh Very nice experience as a customer while talking
23-Aug-2018 Prathamesh Sandeep Jadhav was very helpful to assist with my credit card request and help to convert my retail purchase into EMI which was pending from 12 days. Great service and very good patience level really.
22-Aug-2018 Rajesh  Kumar Sukhveersingh Sohal I feel very satisfactory assistance
22-Aug-2018 Alok Kumar Singh Pallavi Patel. Helped me for net banking
22-Aug-2018 Kiran Tej Y Abhishek Kolte. This person has very good command over the site that is every nook and corner. My issue got resolved very swiftly. Thanks a ton.
21-Aug-2018 Nishant  Kumar Abhishek Kolte thanks for guiding 
21-Aug-2018 Paras Enterprises Rahul Ture good.
21-Aug-2018 Sanjana C S I would like to appreciate Mr. Tarun Dev for being very polite and patient in assisting for transaction password change. Very happy with the customer service.
21-Aug-2018 Rakesh Singh I am very glad that my interaction id 6xxxxxxx had resolved to my satisfaction and happy to be part of this bank. Many thanks to Barnali Mazumdar service delivery specialist.
21-Aug-2018 Panchapakesan Vaidyanathan Thank you for understanding the customer issue and taking efforts to solve it to the satisfaction of the customer. Just a word of caution. Asking for a cc number in form submit is not secure.
21-Aug-2018 Nirmalbhai I was very happy and appreciate the service as well as guidance received from Neha.
20-Aug-2018 Deepak  Chugh Very helpful Mr. Aravindkumar Loganathan
20-Aug-2018 Hitesh Kumar Shrivastav I spoke with Swathi. She told me everything about my debit card that was valuable details for me. Contact Centre team is doing good. Well done and best of luck. Thanks and Regards, Hitesh.
20-Aug-2018 Sunil Uttamrao Patil Really great assistance I got by Shweta and I can surely say she is the first ever representative I saw who is eager to help the customer. She is the best. Hats off to Shweta. Thanks a lot again.
19-Aug-2018 Sahil  Gupta I spoke with P Swathi. Satisfied with the resolution that she provided to all my queries.
18-Aug-2018 Gaurav Garg  I had doubts regarding my cc balance and bills. The team responded to me on time and guided me towards the correct path.
17-Aug-2018 Manoj  Kumar I had a conversation with Mr. Sylvester Gomes today. Based on my complaint on internet banking he called me on my overseas number from India. I am pretty much happy with the services provided by him.
17-Aug-2018 Simranjeet Singh Sachdeva Ankita Pandey good service provided. 5 star for her.
17-Aug-2018 M/S Magadh Construction Manikandan is very helpful and has a nice way of solving problem.
17-Aug-2018  Kabir Garg I would like to pay compliments to the team handling the credit card complaints for their help and diligence.
16-Aug-2018 Gatla  Mahesh Jayasudha. She responded very patiently. She resolved my issue within minutes.
16-Aug-2018 Vinothkumar  Madhu Good Afternoon Sir. Advisor name Miss. Darshana Hirlekar. The advisor spoke to me. Miss. Darshana had cleared all my queries and gave me best resolution and future assistance also.
16-Aug-2018 Vinay  Kumar I am satisfied from good Net Banking support by Caster.
16-Aug-2018 Prathamesh Tawde Sindhu patiyath was very helpful to assist with my credit card and help to reverse the charges on my card account. I am satisfied with your service
16-Aug-2018 Venkatraman P Mrs Babitha Pandey was outstanding in answering all my questions. She took the time to also help me redeem my points earned in my Credit card. Very vocal and clear in her communication.
16-Aug-2018 Jay Chauhan Dear Shrikant Bothra Really happy to get support from you. You are a savior your steps were well presented. Thanks a lot for your awesome help. Keep it up Regards Jay Chauhan
16-Aug-2018 S Madhan Kumar I really appreciate Mr. Sushil Kumar. The executive I spoke today. Convincing. So much patience. Crystal clear info. He is an asset to the Indusind ! ! !
15-Aug-2018 Anju  Devi Mr. Bikash was very courteous and helpful. He solved my problem before expected time. My image towards your bank has become positive thanks to him. Thank you Mr. Bikash ji.
14-Aug-2018 Pradeep Kumar  Seth Thanks Akshada for helping me and unlocking my user id
14-Aug-2018 Amar Deep Rajput I have spoken to Ms. Leelavati Bonthu regarding my bank statement. She was very polite over the call and provided me end to end resolution on the call and I am satisfied. I am rating 5 marks to her. 
14-Aug-2018 Gosai Cutting Profiles Industries Rahul Ture. Excellent Service
14-Aug-2018 Dhanotiya Enterprises Sunil Jangid is a good person for our services.
14-Aug-2018 Subhash Kumar Gupta Dinesh Sachdev from Escalation was very helpful and quick.
13-Aug-2018 Wakar  Azam Just spoke with Miss Leelavati Bonthu regarding debit card status and account minimum balance detail and I am extremely happy and satisfied with the service she has provided to me and I would rate her five.
13-Aug-2018 Govind Kumar Mahto Sarika Kule helped in user id change.
13-Aug-2018 Dhananjay  Vishwakarma Shambhavi Varadkar dwara mere problem ko solve kiya gaya
13-Aug-2018 Pintu  Ghosh Dilip Rathod good
13-Aug-2018 Sukhdeep  Singh Neha Good and better service Thanks neha
13-Aug-2018 Kunal Rana Vinodh dilip provides me a brilliant customer service. I am very satisfied with his service. He definitely deserves a hike. He knows how to deal with a customer with appropriate solution.
12-Aug-2018 Rajuram Chandruji Gehlot I have spoken to Ms. Leelavati Bonthu regarding bank statements. She provided end to end resolution with my service. So would rate her 5.
12-Aug-2018 Shri H K Enterprises Dipika B it was very nice talking with her and I will give 5 stars for this interaction
12-Aug-2018 Vinay Karashnbhai Radadiya Pallavi Patel very helpful person. Thanks.
12-Aug-2018 Bhemnath  Rawal Abhishek Pawar has done a good job
11-Aug-2018 M Praveen Kumar Priyanka Suresh was carrying too much of patience and great support with service and very kind. Please do carry the same attitude madam. Thank you so much for your services you have provided.
11-Aug-2018 Nita Mahendra Poladia With help of customer care rep Ms. Nishita I was able to activiate my net banking. She was very polite and humble to guide me till the end. I wish her all the best.
11-Aug-2018 Anilkumar J Singh Mahendra Kumar patient and efficient guy.
11-Aug-2018 Nandakumar M R Great Service by Mahendra Kumar. User friendly. 
11-Aug-2018 Aparajita  Yolmo Prathmesh Ahire helped me a lot regarding my transaction which went on to the wrong account number. I am very satisfied with his service.
10-Aug-2018 Vishal . Saini Shivani Lamba Excellent
10-Aug-2018 Sparkfactor Technologies Pvt Ltd Mr. Siddhesh Salunke helped me over the phone to resolve my issues quickly and easily. Giving him 10 out of 10.
10-Aug-2018 Ramachandra P Habib Good response from Sunil Jangid. Solved all Queries 
10-Aug-2018 Deepanshu  Dhawan This person Mahendra Kumar helped me very much. He gave me good solutions and he solved my problems. His way of talking is very good and I am happy to speak with this banker. I really appreciate it.      
10-Aug-2018 Saikat  Das Mahendrasingh Ranawat excellent talking with you. Thank you.
09-Aug-2018 Shyam Dhingra It is very much experienced by me that INDUS team had given me positive feedback and results which any customer expect . All the grievances has been solved now . Thanks a lot to INDUS team .
09-Aug-2018 Vignesh Paul Good
08-Aug-2018 Pankaj  Kumar Sonali Powale has done a good job and given full support. Thank you so much.
08-Aug-2018 Ajay  Kumar Abhishek Pawar. It was nice to talk and thanks for solving my issues.
08-Aug-2018 Rajasekaran Seethapathy  I am writing this letter to greet the excellent service provided by Dipika Sawant on my credit card issue which was running for more than 6mth her service of delivery and communication was excellence
08-Aug-2018 Ravi Mane Thank you so much for your prompt action on complaint raised regarding misleading information about credit card.
07-Aug-2018 Premlatha  G Jayasudha had guided me in a good manner. I am feeling comfortable with her guidance.
07-Aug-2018 Goodwill Labware Dipak Mali excellent work with this person. Thanks Dipak.
07-Aug-2018 Ravi  Kumar Caster. Excellent work.
07-Aug-2018 Gaurav  Gupta Abhishek Pawar. Service provided to me is too good. I am satisfied first time with your banking service or bank sector. Mr Abhishek Pawar is a too good person with good behaviour. Thanks Mr. Abhishek. Over all 10 main se 10.
07-Aug-2018 Divya D J Sanjay Das. I have spoken to Mr. Sanjay regarding e-statement download. He helped me and I have downloaded the statement. It's nice to get good services like this.
06-Aug-2018 Hari Shyam Caterers Spoke to Sanjay Gupta. Very helpful person
06-Aug-2018 O P  Punani Mr. Mahendrasingh Ranawat had attended my call and was very helpful to me and to all my requriements. I appreciate his services. I am satisfied.
06-Aug-2018 Nilanjan Zorabia Mehta thanks a lot. You are an angel
05-Aug-2018 Ankita  Thareja Mahendra Kumar. I am totally satisfied with Mahendra Kumar. He was very patient with me and explained everything with details. 
04-Aug-2018 Veen S Beauty Spa And Saloon I got the information. Its very good. Sarika Kule 
04-Aug-2018 Neeraj Mr. Srutikanta Mishra thank you for providing proper information.
04-Aug-2018 Utkarsh  Dange I was discussing my issue with Mahendra Kumar and he guided and explained to me the process in detail. Appreciate and keep up the good work.
03-Aug-2018 Sahil  Verma I talked with Sabiha and I am satisfied with Sabiha. She helped me and resolved all my queries.
03-Aug-2018 Sandook Design First time my experience was speechless with customer care. Mr. Yogesh resolved my issues in a great way.
03-Aug-2018 Neurocell Communication Pvt Ltd Sushil Shukla Good 
02-Aug-2018 Ritesh  Singh Nirisha. She resolved my problem and helped with several things. Awesome service.
02-Aug-2018 Anegondi Venkata Lakshmi  Narayana Mahendra Kumar. Very good.
02-Aug-2018 Bhaveshkumar P Master Excellent. Sanjay Kumar has given good service to me. Too good.
02-Aug-2018 Satishkumar mr darshan gave me very good info about card
01-Aug-2018 Rongala Achiyya Naidu I got full satisfaction with the agent Alpa for the query.
01-Aug-2018 Premier Edge Solutions Pvt Ltd Nandini Bangera. I am satisfied with you. I want to give you 7 rating out of 10.
01-Aug-2018 Bridgette Fernandes Subhashani thank you for your support provided. Appreciate your good work.. Please continue the same and all the best for your future
31-Jul-2018 Gorkan Krishi Mechanics Private Limited Hemant ji se baat karke mujhe bahot achha laga.
30-Jul-2018 Raj . Kumar Name Siksha Singh. She is a very polite customer care executive and provides all details in a proper manner and also provided me extra details
30-Jul-2018 Nileshbhai Nanubhai Dhanani We communicated with Ashok Mandal. He gave good services.
30-Jul-2018 Deevesh Jain I have spoken to Ms. Leelavati Bonthu regarding my Indus net. She has provided end to end resolution on the call. I am satisfied with the info. So I would like to rate her 5.
30-Jul-2018 Jeevan Prakash Mahala Mahendrasingh Ranawat. It was a good experience.
30-Jul-2018 Pyaru B Thank you Satish good Assistance.
29-Jul-2018 Smrutiranjan Sahoo I really appreciate Mr. Darshan who has cleared all my doubts regarding my credit card.
28-Jul-2018 Kevinkumar K Patel Soundarya was very good in conversation. She was very helpful. Nice to talk with her. Nice behaviour.
28-Jul-2018 Karnail Singh Vidhi Shah. Thank you Vidhi Shah I am satisfied with your service.
28-Jul-2018 Charu Sharma Spoke to Gaurav Sharma. He was a helpful person and I am really happy with such a nice experience. Too polite and humble. If he would be infront of me I would like to give him the credit for what he did for me. He is too appreciable.
28-Jul-2018 Amit Aggravel Great service and very good patience level really happy that u helped me patiently thru every of my query thanks Vinod Dilip for your services.
28-Jul-2018 Vivek The information provided to me from you i am glad about that. The way guys are describing the solution for my doubts are impressive. That's why I love my bank and reliable to you for my each transaction.
27-Jul-2018 Rk Packaging Spoke to Sanjay Gupta. Very good service.
27-Jul-2018 Taralim Basistha Saranya helped me with net banking recovery. It was instant and clear
27-Jul-2018 Omefyi Software Technologies Pvt Ltd I am very happy with Hanuprasad from escalation team. He immediately resolved my query. Well done. Good job. Thank you man.
26-Jul-2018 Suyog Era I have spoken to Leelavati Bonthu regarding my account information. She has provided end to end resolution. I am satisfied. Rating 5 star.
26-Jul-2018 Pritesh Ramesh Chandra Majmumdar Miss. Sonali Powale. The person named Miss. Sonali Powale has solved all our queries. We are satisfied with her help. She is a really good person of banking sector. Thank you once again.
26-Jul-2018 Amit Pandey Akshita Jain was able to provide the relevant information and was very courteous.
26-Jul-2018 Suraj Chhetri I just spoke to Reena regarding Indus Platinum card. She handled the problem very carefully. She is a good listener. Thank you for your resolution.
26-Jul-2018 Onrenk Services Dipak Mali. I am satisfied with his service.
26-Jul-2018 Rakesh Kumar Helpful Contact Centre Employee. Sunil Jangid
26-Jul-2018 S K Communication Good customer care officer. Janhavi 10
26-Jul-2018 Dhiraj Kumar Abhishek Pawar very good
25-Jul-2018 Vaspan Homyar Medhora Josphin was humble to me and helped me in solving my query
25-Jul-2018 Shivam Kumar Excellent service provided by Janhavi
25-Jul-2018 Avarka Primax Technology Vidhi Shah your services are excellent and I am so happy with your services. Thanks.
25-Jul-2018 Balbir Singh Pallavi Patel has helped me to solve my internet banking problem. She is very cooperative. Thanks to Pallavi Patel.
25-Jul-2018 Arun Kumar I am really thankful to Paresh Rathod for helping me login to my net banking
25-Jul-2018 Laptop Spare India Dear Shilpa Bhagat you deserve five star. Excellent Service.
25-Jul-2018 Prafulla Shridhar Pawar For my complaint regarding netbanking had a word with Mahendrasingh Ranawat and I found him very polite and received a positive approach.
25-Jul-2018 Radhakrishnan G Appreciate your support of resolving the issue of degrading my Pinnacle card to Signature card.
25-Jul-2018 Kuldip Singh Nice to talk with Taj. He is very polite and customer friendly and provided the resolution of my query.
25-Jul-2018 Viral Shah Mohd Afsar was of great help. While he took time to understand my concern and took a little long to respond but he could get back to me with a positive response. A thumbs up for him.
24-Jul-2018 N Murali Good response from Sarika Kule
24-Jul-2018 Meghraj Meena Shipla Salvi. You are so helpful. I am completely satisfied with your suggestion. Thank you.
24-Jul-2018 Avadhesh Gupta Paresh Rathod aapne meri sahayta ki iske liye dhanyawad
24-Jul-2018 Archana Rai Shubham Mhetar. All good. 5 star performance.
24-Jul-2018 Deepa K B Sanjay Das. Good response.
24-Jul-2018 Priya P Mr. Mahendra Kumar helped me in stopping my RD premature by internet banking. I got full assistance.
23-Jul-2018 Dipali Mahadik Thanks to Pritismita to help me download my statement from net banking
23-Jul-2018 Motion Automation Systems Spoke to Sanjay Gupta and services given in assisting was very good.
22-Jul-2018 Gopal Singh Minal Mehra. She gave me good services and quick solution. Regards, Gopal.
22-Jul-2018 Rn Powertech Llp I have spoken to Ms. Leelavati Bonthu regarding my debit card and net banking. She has provided end to end resolution on the call. I am satisfied with the information. I would like to rate her 5.
22-Jul-2018 Srinivas Patnaik Finally my problem is solved. Thank you Mr. Mahendrasingh Ranawat. Really a job done well. Thank you very much.
21-Jul-2018 Gopinath B Satisfied with Ms. Ankita Pandey service. Am giving her a 5 star rating. Wishing her all the best.
21-Jul-2018 Zareen . Taj Veejay S Mantu was really helpful. It was a great experience talking to him. He was very courteous. He had that vigour to help the customer. All thanks to him.
21-Jul-2018 Tirthkumar B Patel Suryakant Varma is good & supportive
21-Jul-2018 Pushpendra Pal Awesome service with delight.
20-Jul-2018 Vyom Height & Infracon Pvt Ltd Shivani Lamba. Excellent. 10 points out of 10.
20-Jul-2018 Honey . Oberoi Zubair is a very good person. He solved all my problems.
20-Jul-2018 Shaik Junaid Ahamed Sanjay Das helped me to open net banking
20-Jul-2018 Shamba Mandal Till now the service is good which I have received by Mr. Hanuprasad of escalation team. Thank you very much for the service.
19-Jul-2018 Sugam Das I spoke to Mr. Tejas and he has provided wonderful service to me. Thanking you Tejas D.
19-Jul-2018 Andugula Kiran Kumar Customer care executive Sabiha has given very good information and she was speaking very politely. I give 5 star rating and she has given correct and clear information. Thank you IndusInd bank team members.
19-Jul-2018 Firoz Ahmed Sanjay Das. Thanks for help in voucher.
19-Jul-2018 Santosh Kumar Mandal Sunny Singh. Very good Performance and good explanation capacity.
19-Jul-2018 Chandrakanth Dear Mr Saravanan Thanks a lot for guiding done generating pin.
19-Jul-2018 Nilanjan Today I had a great experience after 2 disconnections Darshan answered my queries and it was a pleasant experience talking to him. He is genuinely concerned with my frustrations and that appealed too.
18-Jul-2018 Radhika T K Poonam helped me to sort out the problem when my account was blocked. I am really happy for her help and feel great for her ready help.
18-Jul-2018 Ramesh Kumar Gupta I spoke to Reena regarding ASBA. She guide me very politely.
18-Jul-2018 Rohit Kumar Gorai Miss Vidhi Shah thanks a lot for the help.
18-Jul-2018 Nikhil Kumar Singh I just talked to Reena regarding net banking issues. She is good in communication skills.
18-Jul-2018 Mountain Reels Media India Private Limited Veejay S Mantu was very helpful and articulate in providing excellent service in getting access to my online account. Thank you very much.
18-Jul-2018 Mohammed Abdul Rahman I am very happy with IndusInd Bank customer care officer Sanjay Kumar. Sanjay Kumar is a very good person. Thanks to IndusInd Customer care. Good job.
18-Jul-2018 V B Reddy I have raised a concern against interest fees charged on my credit card. Service Delivery Specialist Shruti Deshmukh looked into it and resolved. I am very happy and truly appreciate the response.
18-Jul-2018 Ajay Chalke Dear Sayali Thank you for your help in resolving a very technically challenging issue regarding Indus Mobile. I am extremely pleased with the quality of customer service provided to me by you.
17-Jul-2018 Ariba Rehan Ali (Min) U/G Rehan Ali Ankita Pandey is very good. I am very satisfied and gave very clear clarification.
17-Jul-2018 Balram Sharma Vajrika Nath has given best service to me. She is very helpful and gave good guidance.
17-Jul-2018 Diva Teltek Services Miss Nandini Bangera assisted me well in logging in to my account online as this was blocking me from last one month.
17-Jul-2018 Vedant Rakesh Agrawal Just had my issue figured out with help of Poonam. Thanks for the help and being patient with me.
17-Jul-2018 Durga N Yalamanchi Excellent service from Deepak Kumar Vishwakarma.
17-Jul-2018 Tishya Chatterjee (Min) U/G Tapapriya Chatterjee Good support received from Mr. Sunny Singh over registration of net banking while talking on phone banking numbers. Thanks.
17-Jul-2018 Tejpal Singh Sisodiya Sanjay Das was good
16-Jul-2018 T & T Travels Poonam. She is good, supportive and very helpful. Quickly resolved my problem. Keep it up. Good job.
16-Jul-2018 Avinash Pandey Today Leelavati Bonthu did an exceptional job in resolving my query and my best wishes along with appreciation for her exceptional customer service.
16-Jul-2018 Anil Kumar Jasjot is having excellent knowledge about her job. I am very happy to take support for netbanking.
16-Jul-2018 Manohar G Excellent service from Siksha Singh. She fulfilled my queries. Thanks for your patience Siksha. Good Day.
16-Jul-2018 Sarfaraz Past two months I was calling customer service for pin generation but no one helped me but R Ramya is the only person who helped me to solve the query in generating the pin. I am really happy to appreciate her.
16-Jul-2018 Narinder Chaudhary I would like to thank the executive yesterday and it was really a wonderful experience. She was so much helpful that I could get my PIN generated which I had forgotten. I would like to comment about the rating of that executive as 200 out of hundred. It be conveyed to your HR to reflect it in her appraisal.
15-Jul-2018 Idenisys Software Solutions Private Limited Archana Devadiga is very helpful
15-Jul-2018 Kalayil Jamal Babu Deepak Kumar Vishwakarma. Deepak was very helpful to create the online pin number. He was very polite.
15-Jul-2018 Vaibhav Chandrakant Doshi Jitendra Khairwar is very good at communication and he solved my problem
14-Jul-2018 Sanchit's Cuisine Gunja good service for debit card. Keep it up.
14-Jul-2018 Bhudagavi Ravi Bharadwaj Srutikanta Mishra. I am satisfied for the support given by Mishra on solving my problem.
14-Jul-2018 Kiran Shah I spoke to Miss Babita on 14 July 2018. I really felt she needs a reward for being humble, soft spoken, listening to the queries and solving to her best. Thank you very much Miss Babita
14-Jul-2018 Krishna Sarayan Devi is a wonderful customer care girl I ever had in my life. She is so patient and clarified all the details very clearly. She is eligible for awards I could say. Very nice employee you have.
13-Jul-2018 Prabal Kumar I have spoken to Miss Leelavati Bonthu regarding my bank statement. She has provided end to end resolution over the call and she was very polite over the call. I am fully satisfied. Good service.
13-Jul-2018 As Manpowers Mr. Ashok Mandal excellent services and resolved my query.
13-Jul-2018 Raghupati Biswanath Behera Thanks for your support Nirisha. The information you have provided is very good and I really appreciate your work. Very good customer support team.
13-Jul-2018 Gurinder Kumar I have been satisfied from Ms. Roopa Rajai's services
13-Jul-2018 Shobhit Pahwa I had a word with Prema Konar and she tackled my issue very nicely. I am very thankful to her for such a great assistance.
13-Jul-2018 Anand Keshav Paresh has given me excellent services during my interaction to customer support. Thanks Paresh
13-Jul-2018 Sai Shree Associates Mr. Siddhesh Salunke good help keli. Nice.
13-Jul-2018 Gopal K Ray Dear sir, I am happy with your service which you have fully supported me through toll free number. First time I have got the support like this. Thanks sir Hanuprasadji senior adviser.
13-Jul-2018 Mohan Kumar Subashini S. I just called and had interaction with Ms. Subashini S related to my credit card interest rates details also in requesting to convert for EMI option. She was excellent in answering.
13-Jul-2018 Rajesh Thakkar Mr. Darshan Bhalerao was so helpful and very clearly explained me.
13-Jul-2018 Gaurav Sharma Very good interaction with Darshan. He was very polite and understood the issue. He had the options in hand to solve the issue and attended me while I generated the pin
12-Jul-2018 Sageer Ahmad Prema my request regarding security the service was very best. Support team communication very good.
12-Jul-2018 Nagar Software Solutions Private Limited I spoke to P Swathi and it was very nice guidance which she did for me. Special thanks.
12-Jul-2018 Vasant Raina Manasa provided quick response to my query. It was very good to see my query getting resolved so fast.
12-Jul-2018 Saurabh Gaur Nitisha Tiwari. Good
12-Jul-2018 Panchamrut I just spoke to Reena regarding adhoc statement and she provided valuable response for my queries.
12-Jul-2018 Mohd Latif Sanjay Das helped.
12-Jul-2018 Sajan Subhash Daduriya I thank Sanjay Das for explaining Net Banking very well
12-Jul-2018 Dinesh Kumar Jayasawal Sanjay Das ne netbanking user id and password reset kerne mae help ki
12-Jul-2018 Dinesh Kumar Jayasawal Sanjay Das was helpful
11-Jul-2018 Digiipsum & Etransit Pvt Ltd Roopa Rajai. She helped me to reset the net banking id and password. She is very kind and helpful. May God bless her.
11-Jul-2018 Kim Vaiphei I have just spoken to Sheryl. To be honest it is the first time I feel helped by Indusind bank. I had an awesome experience. You are lucky to have her. Great Service. Thank you.
11-Jul-2018 Mintu Very good Sunil Jangid
11-Jul-2018 Karunanidhi K Excellent service from Savitha and given an end to end solution of my requirement.
11-Jul-2018 Sanjeev Mehra Terrific query resolving on cards. Awesome customer service.
10-Jul-2018 Avinash Jayawant Jadhav Good and polite information given with instructions by Prema.
10-Jul-2018 Rajendra Prasad Marella Jayasudha has helped me through mobile while contacted to helpdesk. She guided in a proper way and resolved my issue. Thanks a lot.
10-Jul-2018 Nukala S Prasad Suryakant Varma. Gave me best information.
10-Jul-2018 Meena Louis Prema Konar. Very thankful for prompt customer service.
10-Jul-2018 Ajit Kumar Mishra Ayaz from customer care satisfied all my queries of banking. Best service.
10-Jul-2018 Anudeep I had a word with Akshita. She was very helpful. I am happy to get a resolution from her. Rating 5.
10-Jul-2018 Mahesh I got good result on my complaint. Thanks
09-Jul-2018 Mohammed R Ramya was very helpful in resolving my issues.
09-Jul-2018 Sujith I contacted to update my email, get clarity on transactions made and cc 4 digit pin. Bunty Sachdev had helped me in getting clarified on my queries with a lot of patience and clear guidance. Thanks to him.
09-Jul-2018 Sanjay Would like to appreciate your customer care executive Jitender Choudhary for his excellent customer management best customer service only comes when your executive understand the customer genuinely.
08-Jul-2018 Vikas Khare Priyanka S helped me a lot. She is very good.
08-Jul-2018 P Iragam Reddy Jayasudha you clarified each and everything in a proper and clear way. Thanks.
07-Jul-2018 Gondhi Nishanth Manasa excellent
07-Jul-2018 Haratt 'S Manasa really helped me to solve my query and problem which I was facing for almost more than 10 days.
07-Jul-2018 Chemtex Materials Pvt Ltd Just spoke to Mr Mothilal. He helped me to decide right Debit card with nice clarity.
07-Jul-2018 Navratna Bhupharia I am happy talking with Santosh Kumar.
06-Jul-2018 Mukesh Kumar My service request about transaction password and one time password is completed by Sarika Kule. And now I am happy with her service.
06-Jul-2018 Ravindra Mandava I have spoken to Leelavati Bonthu regarding my debit card charge reversal. She was polite and guided me end to end process. I am delighted and satisfied with the call.
06-Jul-2018 Abhishek Kumar Good response of Reena maam
06-Jul-2018 Jyot Karan Singh (Min) U/G Harpreet Kaur I hope to share it that I many a times had a call with Indusind customer care number but Sheryl was the best representative to talk with.
06-Jul-2018 Athlen Marketing Private Limited I just talked to Komal. Very good.
06-Jul-2018 Dhanashree Sandesh Sawant Manikandan. It was helpful and good experience.
06-Jul-2018 Kranthikrishna Buddha Yerni Hemanth. It was wonderful. He has provided the right information without hesitation. I felt this is the best call I ever spoke with Indusind
05-Jul-2018 Rajesh Daulatram Kavrani It was nice experience as my both the queries were resolved successfully. Miss Vajrika Nath
05-Jul-2018 Sumita Barke I am happy with the service received from Pritismita. She was very patient with us while solving our queries.
05-Jul-2018 Sandeep Mishra This is to inform you that I have received the best services from Abhishek Pawar as he made the things look so easy and was very patient. Please raise him with colours. Thank you Mr. Pawar for the help.
05-Jul-2018 Diana Very Patient and helpful. Sorted the issue I had on the call.
05-Jul-2018 Kirtikanta Your service was too nice especially Ms. Subhasini S. addressed nicely. She is energetic and full of informative regarding your bank service
05-Jul-2018 Chandra Verma Shilpa guided me to generate ATM pin
05-Jul-2018 Ashok Kumar Good assistance by Saranya
04-Jul-2018 Abhimanyu Sharma Ms. Hema was very helpful and polite while she attended to my queries.
04-Jul-2018 Mayur Ashvanikumar Bhuva Appreciating Prajal for handling and addressing all my queries excellently and also for quick responses. Thumbs Up.
04-Jul-2018 Paleti Muralikrishna Akshita is good. I will give you 5 rating
04-Jul-2018 Prakashbhai . Valera Pareshbhai Rathod. Very good service. I am happy with your touch.
04-Jul-2018 Vineet Nice to talk with Siksha Singh. She is so kind and helpful. Thank you
04-Jul-2018 Siraj Ahmad Manjeet sir good. Acchi jaankari dene ke liye thanks.
04-Jul-2018 Manoranjan Saha Hi Komal you have served me in a very excellent way. Hope other teams of the organisation has an employee like you. Thanks.
04-Jul-2018 Sourabh Singh Sunil Jangid very good
03-Jul-2018 Maksud Islam I have spoken to Miss Leelavati Bonthu regarding my Indusnet. She has provided entire resolution. I have rated her 5.
03-Jul-2018 Satish Kumar R Good and helpful. Priyanka D.
03-Jul-2018 Service Corners Marketing Solutions I had spoken with P Swathi. She helped me with generating my password very professionally. Thanks Swathi.
03-Jul-2018 Yelokey World Infratech Dipak Mali nice service, helpful very informative.
03-Jul-2018 Ashok Rani Kataria This is just to highlight my recent communication with Alfred Pinto. And it is very nice talking with him. He is very cooperative and hardworking. Very Good.
03-Jul-2018 Donepudi V R Very Good
03-Jul-2018 Arun Pandurang The customer care attendant was extremely helpful and patient with us.
02-Jul-2018 Sofia Barrick Excellent service of Video Branch executive Anjali Sharma.
02-Jul-2018 P S Interior Spoke to Sanjay Gupta. Very good service through phone. Helped to make an internet account through phone. I got good response through service.
02-Jul-2018 Muneesh M Joshi It was a great pleasure to have spoken to Gaurav Sharma who dealt with my doubts and I was very satisfied with his approach to my problems. He guided me well to get solution to my problems.
01-Jul-2018 Anil Kumar I have spoken to Leelavati Bonthu regarding my debit card. Was polite over the call. She provided full information. I am satisfied with the information provided. Good service.
01-Jul-2018 William Scott Paka I was connected to Ms Leelavati Bonthu regarding my debit card issue for which the assistance provided was very well, professional and informative and I am completely satisfied with the support provided.
01-Jul-2018 Firoj Mondal I have spoken to Miss Leelavati Bonthu regarding my net banking. I am satisfied with the information. Rating 5.
01-Jul-2018 Siraj Ahmad Customer care me hamari baat Alpha se hui. Thanks and good service.
30-jun-18 Abhishek MD Afsar has very good knowledge about the whole process good listing power good command in Hindi and English. Honest man
30-jun-18 Amit Taneja Sanjay Das is very helpful
30-jun-18 Sujeet Kumar Very good feedback for Reena about High5 offer.
30-jun-18 Art Trends Ecommerce Llp Spoke to Reena regarding net banking and other issues. Excellent understanding and resolving
30-jun-18 Nirmal Bablani Ms. Roopa Rajai is an excellent lady. She has performed in an outstanding way. May god bless her.
30-jun-18 Nitendra Singh Gangwar Paresh Rathod has solved my problem very easily and fulfilled my query.
29-jun-18 Sukhdeep Singh Officer was nice and very helpful
29-jun-18 Bikramjit Singh Appreciable services
29-jun-18 Ratinder Singh Caster. Good person for me. Good service man.
29-jun-18 Rajat Arun Srivastava I would like to acknowledge immense input given by Mr. Paresh Rathod in getting the right and accurate information. His attitude towards work is on a completely different level. Good going.
29-jun-18 Vidhya Mol J Suryakant Varma is good.
29-jun-18 Cheeli Sudarsana Babu Mannem Mahendra Kumar. He is a very good person to resolve the customer problem. He had a lot of patience and I am very happy with his service to the customer.
29-jun-18 Sapphirine Technologies Private Limited Akshita has given me excellent information and helped me with proper guidance on registration for online banking. Would like to give her 9 out of 10.
29-jun-18 Pradeep Kumar Upadhyay Avinash Chachle thank you service good
28-jun-18 Venkata Komali Neelima Raj made my day by resolving the open issues towards ATM Pin and App installation by Patiently listening to the customer and professional addressing the need. GOOD JOB by Neelima.
28-jun-18 Anthony.M.Dsouza Pleasant call to check if there are any issues with Credit card.
28-jun-18 Hiru Mirapuri Santosh Prabhu has successfully helped and solved my query
28-jun-18 Hiru Mirapuri Santosh Prabhu was very helpful and successfully helped me and resolved my queries.
28-jun-18 Ajay Kumar Shrivastava Avinash Chachle good job. Thank you
28-jun-18 Rajnish Kumar Gaurav Hello Sunny Singh. Thank you for your support and guideline. I am totally happy with the service and response. Hope to see the same response in coming times. Thank you again.
28-jun-18 Saroj A Shah Mahendra Kumar assisted me with the transaction issues. Thank you, my problem is solved. Really helpful and brilliant customer service.
28-jun-18 Metra Issac Shivani Lamba. Fair Service
28-jun-18 Pontos Business Consulting Pvt Ltd It was a good help from her. Sheryl.
28-jun-18 Rakesh Kumar Yadav Roopa Rajai very good service provided
28-jun-18 Dev & Nandan Products Llp Komal provided all details to register for online banking. Thanks
28-jun-18 Amit Sitaram Tiwari Avinash Chachle service is good. Keep it up.
28-jun-18 Vijay Kumar Avinash Chachle explained about debit card very nicely. Thank you
27-jun-18 Shivani Caster so nice response
27-jun-18 Aragala Suvarna Ratna Sanjay Das has helped me a lot to login to internet banking. Thanks
27-jun-18 Vel Communications I spoke with Mr. Mannem Mahendra Kumar. My request has been resolved. I am happy with his response.
27-jun-18 Lalit Kumar Harshita Rathod. Excellent service, very helpful, patient, calm and satisfied with the service
27-jun-18 Computer Accessories Nandini Bangera guided me very well. I am satisfied. I will rate her 10
27-jun-18 Ashok Kumar I have spoken to Soundarya your contact centre services are the best.
26-jun-18 Pradeep Kumar I am satisfied with the response of Mr. Sanjay Kumar
26-jun-18 N Kalamma Nice help Sanjay Kumar
26-jun-18 Vikash Gupta Sunil Jangid good
26-jun-18 Shanmugasundaram D Good Sneha Kamble. The facility given was good and satisfactory.
26-jun-18 Sanuja M S Sandip Dushing helped me resolve my Issue. Keep up the good job Sandip. Thanks a lot.
26-jun-18 Anuj Sharma I give Avinash Chachle 5 out of 5 rating.
26-jun-18 P Kiran Kumar Hi team I spoke to Mr. Arul. I requested for 3 months bank statement. I called NRI specialized desk also, I didn't get resolution there but I spoke to Arul he resolved my issue. I appreciate him. Good work.
25-jun-18 Srinivas Rudravarapu I spoke to Hemant Mehta. I am pleased with the service provided by him.
25-jun-18 Harsh Vardhan Singh Mr. Hanuprasad is very good and he provided me actual information regarding my every detail.
25-jun-18 Obaidur Rahman Thank you. I spoke to Neha Cheryala. She helped me on my transaction password.
24-jun-18 Saksham Enterprises Service is too good. I am satisfied with Hemant Mehta.
24-jun-18 Ananya Choudhury Hanuprasad was very good and patient with his work. Thank you so much for your help and gesture.
24-jun-18 Anegondi Venkata Laks Hmi Narayana Jayasudha very good
24-jun-18 Abhinav Kumar Pritismita has just an amazing way to help out a customer. Very helpful and skillful employee of IndusInd
24-jun-18 Deepak Arora Avinash Chachle service excellent
23-jun-18 Petronas Projects Private Limited Caster provided excellent support to kick start my new account
23-jun-18 Mohammad Sartaj Very nice services with Pritismita
23-jun-18 Mohd Tariq Sanjay Das good support in my query solving
23-jun-18 Brahma Nand Pandey I have spoken to Leelavti Bonthu regarding net banking request. I am satisfied with the information. She has provided end to end resolution. I am happy with her information. I would like to rate her five.
22-jun-18 Nagaraju Chedde Thanks so much Vignesh as I thought of cancellation of card but you convinced to use some days. As while called by one of executive said there are offers such as BT and bookmyshow offer which I didn't get now
22-jun-18 Rahul Kumar Upadhyay Sanjay Das is a good team player
22-jun-18 Guru Ram Das Steels Ishita is a good girl. Has a sweet voice.
22-jun-18 V S Computers Dipak Mali is regularly giving us support. We are thankful for the support.
22-jun-18 Kalpana Devidas Chhatwani Namrata Pusalkar Nice speaking and helpful
22-jun-18 Subodh Prakash Sawant Support to unlock my login id and good response given by Hanuprasad
22-jun-18 Priyankkumar B Patel Suryakant Varma thank you for the valuable support
21-jun-18 Preetam Hanumant Pawar Deepak Kumar Vishwakarma. Good Person to guide through. Excellent
21-jun-18 Vedantham Sai Narasimha Pradeep I am very much impressed and satisfied with the way how Arul Prakash from escalation team took my concern and helped in resolving it. Thank you very much to all who are a part of it in resolving it.
21-jun-18 Vijay Kumar I spoke with Soundarya. She is very helpful. I am happy with IndusInd Bank service. Thanks to Soundarya. Excellent.
20-jun-18 Sameer Prakash V was very helpful
20-jun-18 Chaitanya S Doctor Ms. Ankita Pandey service and response was too good. Very satisfied. Complete end to end resolution provided.
20-jun-18 Gaurav Manaktala Very good and prompt action by Mr. Hanuprasad from Escalation team
20-jun-18 Deven Bansidhar Shah Ashvin addressed all my queries very nicely. His voice tone was polite and his understanding and knowledge level is great. I wish him best luck. Wait time to speak with executive is good.
20-jun-18 Y Govinda Rao I have got an entire information which I have required from customer care executive and would like to give 5 out of 5 Thank You. Name Alpha.
20-jun-18 Shashank Pal Good service provided by Santosh Kumar
20-jun-18 Rohit I have spoken to Miss Leelavti Bonthu regarding my account information. She was very polite and I am satisfied with the information provided. I would like to rate her a five.
20-jun-18 Rajesh Kumar Jha Sushma Vishwakarma. Very good service provided.
20-jun-18 Kkenworld Marketing And Servicing Spoke to Sanjay Gupta. Very good service.
20-jun-18 Sandeep Kumar Shivani Lamba very good performance. I am a very happy customer for IndusInd Bank customer care.
19-jun-18 Poonam Gupta I just interacted with Janhavi and she holds very good knowledge about the service for which I was having doubt. She is very polite. I really appreciate her help.
19-jun-18 Vayunandan Travels Spoke to Mr. Sanjay Gupta. Helped for my internet account and advised me about GST detail. All very good services from your side thank you for best service.
19-jun-18 Jahir Ahemmed Khan I am so happy because my problem is solved by Punamji.
19-jun-18 Jatin N Panchal Kannan helped me a lot best service.
19-jun-18 Shashikala G Manasa good service
18-jun-18 Shivanand Patil In case of Penalty late fee reversal activity by Your team understood my genuine situation and reversed the same. Thanks for the same I appreciate your service.
18-jun-18 Shri International Sushma Vishwakarma great job
18-jun-18 Ruchira Chemical Corporation Talked to Ms. Josphin and she properly guided me for the statement I required. Also helped me in the net banking process.
17-jun-18 Himanshu Ratta Mr. Sushil Shukla was quick and good in solving my problem.
17-jun-18 Amisha Hitesh Chheda Mr. Shubham is extremely helpful, polite and perfect customer service executive. Has the patience to hold on till every query of customer is resolved to complete satisfaction.
17-jun-18 Mangi Lal Jain I talked to Nishita. She guided me about 3 Acs and filled online 15H. Good services provided.
16-jun-18 Athina Technologies Yogesh Sharma gave an excellent support from debit card dept.
16-jun-18 Ramesh Kumar Sunny Singh. I am satisfied with talking to Mr. Sunny Singh for our netbanking.
16-jun-18 Nirmal Sonali Powale has given me good information regarding the internet banking. So I will rate the services as 5.
16-jun-18 Milto Food Products Shivani Lamba. It was great help talking to her. All issues are completely resolved. Thankyou.
16-jun-18 Amit Kumar Ojha Miss. Priya Chourasiya. I am satisfied with the service given by her. 5 Rating.
15-jun-18 Probal Biswas I am happy to find my request being dealt so efficiently by service specialist Reshma
15-jun-18 Gsn Impressions I am very satisfied with the services given by Shilpa Bhagat
15-jun-18 Amit Arora Dilip Rathod gave me a very nice customer support. Thanks for helping me.
15-jun-18 Oddhavkumar Popatlal Patel Akshada has a very nice response. I am happy from her services.
15-jun-18 Rajiv Kumar Giri Excellent. I am very happy. Very good. Meri net banking kaafi samay se nahi chali. Mujhe bahut khushi hui ki meri net banking start hui. Thanks Akshaya Moolya video branch officer.
15-jun-18 Mamta Good knowledge, soft spoken, good listener. Resolved all my queries. Siddhi
15-jun-18 Green Earth Products Pvt Ltd I had an interaction with your executive Vidhi Shah and I am happy to confirm satisfactory response from her. Thanks so much.
14-jun-18 Yogi Khatri Great Work by Reshma
14-jun-18 J K Pillay Tripti Keshari is the best customer care executive in IndusInd Bank. She has excellent communication skills and was very patient with me on the call. She must be promoted.
14-jun-18 Madmax Entertainment Mansa. She did a brilliant job and gave a quick resolution.
14-jun-18 A S Associates Good services from Gunja.
14-jun-18 Super Air Travels Pvt Ltd Service was very good from Mr. Manjeet
13-jun-18 Pankaj Bharti Ms. Ramaya R. She has excellently guided me about online banking.
13-jun-18 Shiv Mishra I have spoken with Mr Vikas Kumar he sorted out my all problem and good behaviour I would like to appreciate him.
13-jun-18 Suravarapu Raviteja Good communication with good knowledge and I am happy with the services Ms. P Swathi. Thank you
13-jun-18 Sarvesh Malhotra Hinal Nayak. I appreciate the way she helped me out. Thank you for your assistance Hinal.
13-jun-18 Sneh Ravikumar Patel (Min) U/G Ravi Patel Bharatbhai Sanjay Das good service
13-jun-18 Patel Divyaben Ravikumar Sanjay Das good service
13-jun-18 Ravi Bharatbhai Patel Sanjay Das good service
13-jun-18 Yadagani Balaji Paresh good response.
13-jun-18 Rutvik P Rathod Miss Akshita had done a good communication with me and guided me very well as to how to redeem bonus reward points and all the queries about banking services.
13-jun-18 Tharun S S Hinal Nayak. Had given good feedback and helped me solve my query.
12-jun-18 Darshan I am happy to have an instant reply for my query and timely and correct resolution of the issue. This will be a good step to have a good long term relationship. Thanks for your help.
12-jun-18 Shamsher Ali Sanjay Das is a good person
12-jun-18 Danveer Singh Dipika B. Services are good by the lady.
12-jun-18 Krishan Mr Arul Prakash is a very good person.
11-jun-18 Prabhakar Appreciate the help offered by Darshan Bhalerao. The gentleman was kind enough to give me 26 minutes and help me with changing the PIN of 3 add on cards since the website was not working.
11-jun-18 Ayush Sharma Very good Sunil Jangid
11-jun-18 Vikram Sitholay Sunil Jangid. We have liked talking to you. You are a very helpful person.
11-jun-18 Digital Solution Great customer service from bank. Also Shilpa Bhagat helped me a lot regarding my query. She is very helpful and polite talking with me.
11-jun-18 Manishkumar B Ahir Vaishali Gupta. Good response and service for online banking
09-jun-18 Raju Chhatui Dilip Rathod very good
08-jun-18 Sunil Services received for my request and query from Indusind bank CC is commendable and I am very much happy with everything. Thanks guys keep up the good work
08-jun-18 Prathamesh Mackinley Rodrigues was very helpful to assist with my credit card request and help to change the plan on my card account
08-jun-18 Sandipbhai V Rabadiya Rabadiya Nirisha good service and better feedback
08-jun-18 Jagrati Associates Service which was given by Shilpa Bhagat was nice. The information was perfect.
08-jun-18 Rani Devi Shruti Sawant was very helpful and cooperative on call. She helped me a lot.
08-jun-18 Sameer Gupta Drashya Shetty was very good in explaining, helpful and was very nice.
08-jun-18 Manoj Kumar Minal Mehra good service.
07-jun-18 Sudhanshu Singh Avinash Chachle is really helpful in guiding me out. Thanks a lot. Cheers to him.
07-jun-18 Mahipal Godara Mahendrasingh Ranawat. Very good
07-jun-18 Jai Ambe Agency I spoke to Mr. Sanjay Gupta. I got good response from him. I am very happy for the services.
07-jun-18 Deepak Kumar Chourasia Poonam Kumavat provided me good suggestion.
06-jun-18 Ravindra Kumar Very-Very Good
06-jun-18 Ashish Kumar I have got all proper resolution from Sarika Kule. While in the middle I got disconnected so she called back and helped me with proper resolution. Really appreciate her work.
06-jun-18 Soilson Enterprises Thanks Dipak Mali sir for updating my GST Number. Excellent service from you.
06-jun-18 Girish Josphin. This is very helpful. Guidance is very good. 10 Star Rating. Very thankful to you.
06-jun-18 Vanita Kaul Harpreet Kaur Khundu Customer Care Executive has been of good help to me for getting my internet banking restarted which due to some reasons had got blocked. I thank her for her patience and knowledge.
06-jun-18 Neelkanth Sweets And Dryfruits Shamala. I am very much pleased with your service and I will be happy to be with your bank.
06-jun-18 Sourabh Kochar Shivani Lamba. Satisfied with the services.
06-jun-18 Prakashbhai Ashokbhai Gajera Sunny Singh this service is very good, very helpful
05-jun-18 Dilip Odich Actually I am really satisfied for my all questions. So I am really thankful to Miss. Darshana for simply giving me answers.
05-jun-18 Srinidhi Sritharan Contact Centre executive Ronak was very helpful in helping me set my Debit Card PIN. His customer friendly attitude and his focus in helping me out and his patience in going over the steps really impressed me.
05-jun-18 Ajit K S I got to speak to Caster from customer care. He is an awesome guy. I am happy he assisted me.
05-jun-18 Aarti Kailashnath Upadhyay I just spoke with Mr. Mahendrasingh Ranawat. He is the best person who solved my problem in one time. I am very happy with his solution. I will rate Mr. Mahendrasingh Ranawat as ten.
05-jun-18 Gyanchand Kumar Dinesh Sachdev. Very good service.
04-jun-18 Rashmi Sharma I talked with your executive Mr. Shubham. He was very nice and polite over the call. Appreciate his work.
04-jun-18 Anaaya Ramchandra Shinde Pramasakthi. Excellent service guided through the registration process. Willing to help. Good service.
04-jun-18 DRS Logistics Sarika Kule helped me in resetting my net banking password and opening my current account statement. She was very helpful. I am completely satisfied.
04-jun-18 Bahadur Singh Caster. Very good help.
04-jun-18 Naramaneni Venkateswara Rao I spoke to Hema she is very helpful
03-jun-18 Sandeep Singh Very supportive and customer friendly. Hinal Nayak.
02-jun-18 Mars Saales Corporation Manikandan work was really very good. Good response and support.
02-jun-18 Pruthviraj B L Santosh Kumar. Super extraordinary person.
02-jun-18 Subbarao Chiruvolu Sunny Singh has served good. I got my error solved. He has resolved in an understandable manner with patience.
02-jun-18 Nazir Ahmed Sunny Singh bahut accha.
02-jun-18 Sudami Enterprises Ankita Pandey very nice and good behaviour and best customer satisfaction. Also your voice is very nice.
01-jun-18 Mrinmay Mandal Sanjay Das helpful
01-jun-18 Nidhi Babbar Best resolution by Varsha Waydande
01-jun-18 Shyam Sunder Sharma Thanks for help Rita Vishwakarma
01-jun-18 Pearl Simon Mecwan Deepak Kumar Vishwakarma. Very politely answered all my queries and tried his best to help me with all the available inputs and options.
31-May-18 JASMEET  KAUR  Thanks a lot Krishna Dhodayyanor,  For your revert . Much appreciated.
And appreciate your support for the reversal of the fees as well.
31-May-18 Fact Finder Investigation I spoke to Sanjay Gupta. Very helpful for GST registration and how to maintain account properly. Nice guidance for me.
31-May-18  Sharan Impex Services provided by Shubham were very helpful
31-May-18 Skylink Services Kannan is really of higher praise in communication skills who is an officer who stands at the peak of appreciation and admiration.
30-May-18 RAMANIRANJAN NAYAK Appreciate to your customer focused approach in resolving the issues raised by me Thank you very much
30-May-18 Ramakant Behera I would like to appreciate Mr. Darshan for his outstanding support and guidance on the issues related to fraud transactions. Well done.
30-May-18 Shubh Labh Consultants Ajit Kumar Mishra is very good on his service part with me
30-May-18 Akshay  Chhabra Helped me well. Thank yo so much Suryakant Varma
30-May-18 Ashoksudha Mediconist Pvt Ltd Komal Chinta is very supportive. She is customer friendly.
30-May-18 Mayank . Saxena Nice experience with Shubham. He helped me thoroughly in solving my queries. He was having good and detailed process knowledge and he is good in dealing with the customer. All the best for future.
30-May-18 Dynamics Prosthetics And Orthotics Solutions Pvt services got from Sunny Singh.
30-May-18 Vasugidevi  K Excellent service provided by Mr. Santosh Kumar. He helped me very patiently to resolve my problem. Thanks and regards.
29-May-18 United Sales Agency I spoke to Jasjot Bindra. I am very happy with Bindraji because first time I used online banking and understood what is the process to change password and create user id. So this customer care is best.
29-May-18 Gulmohar Marriage Garden Mr. Sanjay Gupta thanks for your cooperation for registering GST Number.
29-May-18 Arun Kumar Shivhare Sukhveersingh Sohal good
29-May-18 Kammari Ranjith Kumar Sanjay Das. It's good to talk with Sanjay. Thanks. 
29-May-18 Shresth Consultants Ketan Patel was very helpful to me and helped me a lot. Thanks a lot for helping.
29-May-18 Sridhar  S Wonderful and outstanding information given and I am very much happy ever since after the call with Basha. 
28-May-18 Mukesh  Sharma Sunny Singh thanks for all your support.
28-May-18 Aashish . Sharma I agree Soundarya with you and for helping me sincerely.
28-May-18 Pritesh B Soni Nice to talk with Sarika Nanaware. She is so kind and helpful. Thank you.
28-May-18 Manish  Jain Shwetaji gave me very good service.
28-May-18 Amit Kumar Birendra Prasad Kannan has resolved my issue in very less time, I am very happy. Thank you so much. 
28-May-18 Zppoz Private Limited Mr. Siddhesh Salunke. Proper information was provided. Helped me with the password reset.
28-May-18 Chiranjit  Chakravarti Hanuprasad had been of a great help in helping me to login to Indusnet for the first time and also helped me with the resolution of NEFT transaction refund from IRCTC and helping with reward points.
27-May-18 Vishwas Borkar  I spoke with Ms Bindy from CC Customer service and she was helpful and cooperative enough to help me with every query
27-May-18 Ajit Pingle  I would like to share my note of Appreciation for Raju Surpogi Credit Card Support as he helped to resolve my query and guided me to change PIN number 
27-May-18 Faizul Hasan Firdousi Shubham has given excellent service.
27-May-18 Mukesh  Kumar Sukhveersingh Sohal is a very good person. So very helpful in net banking.
27-May-18 Ankit  Lal I am happy to be handled by Akshita Babu the kind of support that I was provided by her to swim me out of the problematic situation. She provided me with very helpful information as expected by a customer.
27-May-18 Suhel Singh Bedi Sukhveersingh Sohal was the personnel in contact at the phone banking. He assisted me with the netbanking and debit card pin generation.
27-May-18 Basudeba  Sahu Sanjay Das is a very good and helpful guy. Thanks.
26-May-18 Shalini  Rai Akshada. Excellent services. Ok.
26-May-18 Jayita  Chattopadhyay Akshada you were very good and a great help.
25-May-18 Keeparkal George Varughese Priyanka Suresh provided with great customer service today and helped in resetting the password. Her instruction was so clear and to the point. Good Job
25-May-18 P C Enterprise Spoken with Mr. Sanjay Gupta. Good in service
25-May-18 Richa  Kapoor Shubham Mhetar has given very good service
25-May-18 Anwar H B Shaikh Hanuprasad has given proper knowledge and helped me for accessing net banking fund transfer.
25-May-18 Sk Azizul Haque Mr. Nikhil Bhageria gave full information about my account. I am thankful to him
24-May-18 Nirmal Patel  Hi it was great talking to Mr Vinodh Dilip he was very supportive and friendly he helped me in understanding how to create CC pin and also helped me in using mobile app. Great work.
24-May-18 Amit Sharma  Hi I was planning to deactivate my platinum Aura card but would like to share a token of appreciate to your Esclation Staff Ms Deepika Savant helped me to understand benefits of Amex Iconia Card
24-May-18 Shri  Ranjani Darshana Hirlekar is good in satisfying customer needs. Took initiative and gave a call back to unblock my online net banking.
24-May-18 Ankit  Tiwari Pritismita Maharana. She is a very good contact centre person. I give her 10 out of 10 marks in rating wise.
24-May-18 Shashank S R This has been a very informative call. Thank you for the time Ananya Choudhury.
24-May-18 Logictech Solar And Automation Pvt Ltd Spoke to Sanjay Gupta. He was a humble person and the provided all about GST online pay using Indus net banking and good hospitality. I will provide ten rating. Thanks for grate hospitality nature.
24-May-18 Suresh  Baranwal I have spoken to Miss Leelavati Bonthu regarding user id lock. Indusind bank is so very polite on call. I am satisfied with the information. I have rated her 5.
24-May-18 Digital Solution Spoke to Sanjay Gupta. I am very happy with Indusind customer service. He helped me very well regarding net banking issues and redeeming my debit card points. I give him 10 out of 10 points for helping me.
24-May-18 Provase Consultants Pvt Ltd Very happy with the support provided by Mr. Paresh.
24-May-18 Avijit  Roy Mr. Santosh Kharats service regarding foreclosure of personal loan was very helpful for me. Thanks.
23-May-18 Hardeep  Singh Santosh very good service.
23-May-18 Pratik Murlimanohar Airan I have spoken to executive named Vajrika Nath and she has assisted me very politely and with patience in answering my all queries. I want to appreciate her the way she handled the call.
23-May-18 Amir A Shamsi Drashya Shetty. Over all I felt good talking to Drashya. It was a nice experience. Keep up the good work. 
23-May-18 D Venkataramana Raju Excellent support given by Mr. Sunny Singh to reset my debit card pin and unlock net banking.
23-May-18 Vrinda  Deval Deepak Kumar Vishwakarma. I called in for account details. He was very helpful and prompt with his responses. Also knowledgeable with processes.
23-May-18 Harjosh  Singh Sunny Singh who assisted me via customer care today was really nice and humble. Took care of my issue and gave me the best answer possible. 
22-May-18 Sunilkumar Thanks for the assistance 
22-May-18 Rizwanullah Hi Team i would like to pass on my Appreciation to Neelima Raj as I have received an excellent service today after a long time. Her communication was good and willingness to help me with all the queries
22-May-18 Jaseetha  Ranjith Roopa Rajai good service.
22-May-18 Sanjay Kumar Mishra Mr. Sunny Singh doing very good job for me.
22-May-18 Sourav  Das Very good by Soundarya
22-May-18 Akash  Singhal Miss Ishita resolved the problem on call itself. She was very polite on the call and quick to provide solution.
22-May-18 Kishor  Joshi Ajaykumar Poonia good customer service. Excellent.
22-May-18 Sumayya  Shaji Shubham. He clearly explained my queries.
22-May-18 Savita  Kumari Bikash Prasad. Very good. He really helped me to solve my problem.
22-May-18 Digvijay  Singh Hanuprasad. On call resolution. Excellent.
22-May-18 Lalitha  Ramakrishnan Nishita was very helpful and courteous in assisting me to register online and get onto online banking quickly.
20-May-18 Jagmeet  Singh Sanday Das. Great support. Really appreciable.
19-May-18 Amit Sharma  Hi Team I spoke to Ms Neelima who helped me out much better way than others. I would like to share a token of appreciation for her plz promote such staffs.
19-May-18 Radhe Supplier Mr. Sanjay Gupta ranking 10 out of 10. Very good services. 
19-May-18 Shree Sai Enterprise Spoke to Sanjay Gupta. Very good service. Rating 10 of out 10. 
19-May-18 Vijay Kumar Yadav Very good Santosh Kumar
18-May-18 SANJAY SAINI Good job Excellent customer service by Mr sukhdeep singh
18-May-18 Saurabh Rajesh Komawar Mr. Santosh. Debit card amount refunded. Very well done Santosh.
18-May-18 Vaghela Sanjivkumar Babulal Sanjay Das good service.
17-May-18 Ajay Patodia Very very happy with the inter action
17-May-18 Amtec Health Care Private Limited I spoke to Neha. Nice service.
17-May-18 Mahender Reddy Karevedha I spoke with P. Swathi. She spoke very politely and gave me complete information and solved my issue with patience. Thank you Swathi. Apart from this personally I became a fan of your voice Swathi.
17-May-18 Pratikkumar C Sojitra I spoke to Jasjot Kaur Bindra. Good working.
17-May-18 Goodwill Labware Very good Mrs. Nandini Bangera. Thanks.
17-May-18 Ashish  Agrawal Ankita Pandey. Thanks for information.
17-May-18 Santosh  Singh Harpreet Kaur Khundu was very efficient, courteous and resolved and answered all my queries which were not answered earlier properly. She used the proper hold technique. Good work.
17-May-18 Nitin Balu Jagtap Good services Vasant Gawade
17-May-18 Jai Balaji Enterprises After talking to Poonam regarding my online banking, online transaction she gave me all the correct information and also suggested me how to tackle with that problem. Her information was valuable.
16-May-18 Mudit  Asthana Bunty sachdev helped me for my query. I m satisfied from the service he provided . Keep it up
16-May-18 SK ATHER Indusind is good service.. Full information.. Thank you for help.
16-May-18 Chinmay Deshmukh Mr.Bunty sachdev has been very much helpful and kind while resolving our login and pin generation query. He had been very calm and patient in such time consuming procedure. I truly appreciate
16-May-18 Akash Sarika Nanaware she solved my query.
16-May-18 Hasnain  Alam I am satisfied with you because you make the understanding better with the customer. Soundarya.
16-May-18 Talwinder  Singh Good service by Manjeet
16-May-18 L G Enterprises I spoke to Sheryl. She was very helpful.
16-May-18 Kaushik  Sinha It was wonderful talking to Sonali Powale. She solved my problem regarding user ID. I am highly satisfied.
16-May-18 Rajesh  Kumar Nikhil Bhambri sir se baat karke accha laga. Ok thanks. 
16-May-18 Manya Trading Company Savitha Vijayakumaran. Nicely query resolved.
16-May-18 Kishor  Joshi Deepak Kumar Vishwakarma has given me good service with full fledged knowledge. I appreciate his help.
15-May-18 Mo Saifalam Khan Spoke to Manjeet and he was very helpful.
15-May-18 Minesh Kumar  Dosi Akshita Jain was great and excellent
15-May-18 Sigma Cnc Automation Miss Caryl Rodrigues has given me positive feedback to my all the answers which I had Queries to her. She is a perfect, good and excellent employee for giving all the answers to my Questions. Nice to chat with Caryl.
15-May-18 Bablu Kashinath Kharat Sanjay Das excellent work.
15-May-18 Liberty Mobile Shoppe Spoke to Sanjay Gupta. I will give 10 out of 10. Very good understanding in virtual communication.
15-May-18 Rajesh  Kumar Ms. Drashya Shetty. Very good services.
15-May-18 Gurdarshan  Verma Sunny Singh is a very helpful person and your services are fabulous. I am very much satisfied.
15-May-18 Sinni . Singh Sanjay Das was helpful in assisting my query.
14-May-18 Arjun  Sen Sunny Singh your Customer Care Executive did an excellent job in resolving my queries yesterday.
14-May-18 Govindaraju A N Pallavi Patel. She helped me to register the mobile banking password. 
14-May-18 Sachiko Gaming Private Limited Very helpful and quick response. Highly appreciate Ananya Choudhury.
14-May-18 Raju I spoke to Neha Cheryala regarding net banking and loyalty points. I got the resolution.
14-May-18 Vinit  Gupta Mr. Santosh Kharat has given very nice service.
14-May-18 Pratham Enterprises My debit card was blocked for online payment. Upon my urgency talked on toll free number. The response I got was tremendous. Within 2 hours of time assured it was unblocked. Cheers to Sukhveersingh Sohal.
13-May-18 Sayed Noorul Hasan Savitha Vijayakumaran. Very nice.
12-May-18 Rakesh  Sharma Issue regarding my debit card and net banking was 100 percent resolved over phone and online guidance by Ms. Hema. She has done a perfect and good job. Thumbs up.
12-May-18 Sajeevan V P Thank you for the support from Ms.Vanita Shere. She was excellent and is brilliant. She helped to reset the PIN and activate account. She is a very helpful and patient listener. Has a great knowledge on work.
12-May-18 Amit Kumar Pandey Mahendrasingh Ranawat. Thanks for help in banking. 
12-May-18 Vandana . Grover Spoke to Jitendra Kotadia. It was wonderful getting all the support from him. Thank you.
12-May-18 Manoj  Punjabi Mahendrasingh Ranawat helpful.
12-May-18 Rising Career Solution Avinash Chachle has given excellent services
11-May-18 Rohini  Sharma Shivani Lamba. Great help. Happy with the services provided.
11-May-18 Surbhi Metal We talked to Vidhi Shah from Indusind bank. Thanks for your response Vidhi Shah. I am very happy with your response.
11-May-18 Akshay Pradeep Nakil I just spoke to Reena Shetty regarding my loyalty point and the experience that I had was great. Thank you for helping me with my concern.
11-May-18 Sangeeta Electronics Spoke to Sanjay Gupta. Best service.  
11-May-18 Ravinder  Kumar Very-very good Vajrika Nath
11-May-18 Raju  Chaudhary Sanjay Das good help
10-May-18 Habeeb Khan  Have a nice day ahead
I would have written compliment for you online but form is asking for credit card number.  I usually don't give out details online. Thank you for all your help
10-May-18 RASHMI BANSAL I wish to rate the interaction with Shri Vignesh at 10 against a scale of only 5. I feel he would be fitting for much higher responsibilities. May His tribe multiply.
10-May-18 Rajendra Kumar Thanks to Deepika Dixit head of credit card and IndusInd team. I would like to salute your great support. i am very happy for your customer satisfaction.. You are the best.
10-May-18 Rafique M  Thank you very much for your best co-operation and prompt services. I m glad that you have taken proper cognizance of my grievance and made the resolution which offers me proper justice.
10-May-18 Revti Raman Mishra Harpreet Kaur Khundu ji ne meri bahut acche se help ki indus net banking ke liye.
10-May-18 Atish Sharadrao Channawar Spoke with Paresh Rathod today. He has properly guided me on fixed deposit query. Good service.  
10-May-18 Laxmi Narayan Mishra Drashya Shetty. Excellent talk and communication with Drashya Shetty our Service Partner.
10-May-18 Shree Industries I just spoke to Jasjot Kaur. Really nice guidelines provided by you for opening my ID. Thankyou so much for this.
10-May-18 Manthan Shamjibhai Goyani Shilpa Bhagat. Great service by Shilpa.
10-May-18 Ajay  Kumar Dilip Rathod your service is best.
10-May-18 Riyaz  Ahamed Rita Vishwakarma excellent customer service.
10-May-18 Sonu Kumar Singh Sukhveersingh Sohal very good help for me.
10-May-18 Suparna  Jee Sanjay Das has helped me very shortly and nicely in activating my card.
09-May-18 Vikas jain  Had a excellent experience working with Ms Barnali mazumdar and team credit cards
09-May-18 Mittal Chetan Thakkar Vikas Yadav had been very helpful and cooperative to resolve my issue. Thanks.
09-May-18 Kuldeep  Verma Sanjay Das. He helped me and solved my query regarding my net banking issue.
09-May-18 Kumar  Nishant Sanjay Das. Great Support. I have been working for more than a week and few people created ticket to reset password and nothing worked until today. Thanks.
08-May-18 Rajendra Kumar Thanks to all IndusInd team and great supportable staff.You know very well what is the customer and customer service. So go ahead with indusind bank and feel as a luxury customer.
08-May-18 Indra  Garg Namrata Pusalkar provided all the information regarding FD needed.
08-May-18 Rahul  Singh Drashya Shetty. She assisted me so nicely and provided me all the information related to my subject. Her sales skills are so impressive. She should be on the top of sales marketing.
08-May-18 Syed Akhzar Al Rehman I have spoken to Miss Leelavati Bonthu regarding net banking registration. She was very helpful and kind and happy with the service and I would like to rate her 5.
08-May-18 Pratik Amrutlal Purohit Pramasakthi guided well.
08-May-18 Pakur Wireless Broadband Network Nandini Bangera. She helped with loyalty point redemption through Indusnet
08-May-18 Gurbakh Shish Singh I spoke to Gaurav. He is a very nice person and friendly. 
08-May-18 Mariyadas  P My interaction with Mr. Jitendra Kotadia was excellent. 
07-May-18 Suraj Kumar Jha I have spoken to Miss Leelavati Bonthu regarding transaction dispute. I am satisfied with the information. Rating 5.
07-May-18 Sourcecode Labs Private Limited Good and helping behaviour and resolved my query by Sukhveersingh Sohal.
07-May-18 Sushant  Joshi Mr. Ajay Kumar Poonia really helped me to figure out my net banking issue. Kudos to have a genuine customer care representative like him.
07-May-18 Mohammad Gulam Hussain Poonam Kumavat had provided with good resolution
07-May-18 Rohit Sanjay Das. Good for supporting.
07-May-18 Ganesh  Binwal Spoke to P. Swathi. Great help. Thanks.
06-May-18 Chandragiri Ravi Chander Talked to Vishal Shetty for netbanking registration assistance. His guidance was pretty clear. Thankyou.
06-May-18 Nitesh  Kanwal Thanks a lot Drashya for helping me out and providing me full resolution to my query.
06-May-18 Gadolinium Technologies Private Limited Good job by Sanjay Das.
05-May-18 Chetan B N Manasa. Excellent services.
05-May-18 Anupam Arts Enterprise Spoke to Sanjay Gupta. Thank you for helping in GST updation. It was very fast and helpful. Thank you.
05-May-18 Alankara  Somasekhar I am satisfied with this agent Ketan Patel. He has a lot of patience and very good quality of way of talking and giving the response. I am satisfied with this person.
05-May-18 Siddheswar  Nath Sukhveersingh Sohal thank you very much for helping.
04-May-18 Debajyoti mondal Talk with Mr.darshan and his cordiality praises me and he solved my concern very well.
04-May-18 Ashish Bagri I would like to thank Ms. Kalpana Patel from Mumbai contact center for her professionalism and superlative skills
04-May-18 Richbond Gomes Prakash veerapan was a fantastic agent to speak with he is the asset to the company. Please ask other agents to listen his calls and take ownership like him
04-May-18 Palla Raja Rama Mohan Manasa good service.
04-May-18 Kulpreet  Singh Sarika Kule. Awesome service, best service, best talking. Awesome. 
04-May-18 Vishnu  Soni 'Good service. By Ananya Choudhury
04-May-18 Satyam  Sharma Swathi thanks for support and great experience with your team. Thanks
04-May-18 Sudip Kumar Mitra Ms. Hema has given us a very good online support for internet banking.
04-May-18 Atul Natha Bachhav Miss Priya Chourasiya. Very nice information and good compliments.
04-May-18 Baranitharan  P Hitendra Mhashilkar. Excellent staff and good help. Keep it up.
03-May-18 Kiran  Kadam I Thank Mr. Dharsan from Customer Care Department for helping me in generating the T.Pin and The Card Pin. He really understand what was the query and helped me over the IVR Options. Good Job.
03-May-18 P S Rana I had talked with mr prem kumar and he help to generate my cc pin online.. So thanks to Mr. Kumar
03-May-18 Sura Prasad Panda Dear Miss Sindhu Gopalan, Till now I am satisfied with your service against my queries and if I get the final solution against this complain then I will be giving you full marks.
03-May-18 Shruti  Bhatia Sarika Nanaware service is very good and appreciable. She has a very helping nature.
03-May-18 Lachman Dass Natholimal Dharamshala Trust Sindhu Gopalan was very helpful. I wish her success in Life.
03-May-18 Anuj Kr Ojha Sanjay Das is helpful
02-May-18 Rupak Parida  Would like to rate of Mr Fredrick Chettlier as 5 star on the scale of 5. He is a nice person who actively handled my query and resolved so easily.  I appreciate his patience and skills.
02-May-18 Hemraj  Singh Thanks Miss Minal Mehra for good response against my query for restart of net banking.
02-May-18 Aaryaveer Aashish Dubey (Min) U/G Aashish Dubey A I spoke to Reena Shetty regarding Net banking Login not working issue and Reversal of the charges levied on my Account. She was very courteous, helpful and patient in resolving my queries. Thank You.
02-May-18 Prabhati  Devi I have contacted the customer representative Ms. Reena about net banking and she assisted me well. 
02-May-18 K Arun Kumar I have spoken with Sarika Nanaware. I am satisfied with the given information.
02-May-18 Jasprit  Singh Totally satisfied with Sarika Nanawara. She helped me on the call and assisted me nicely. Thank you. 
02-May-18 Ajay  Sonker Hi Sindhu Gopalan, You have resolved my NEFT issue successfully. And you have suggested me to update mobile number also in the bank record by ATM. Thanks maam and I am very happy for the same. 
02-May-18 Modalavalasa  Suresh Syed Saleem has helped me activate the login password as well as transaction password and unlocking net banking user id.
02-May-18 Kiran  Chaudhary Anandh Devarajan is an excellent customer care man. I am very happy with him.
02-May-18 Akhilesh  Kumar Hemant Mehta excellent. Solved.
01-May-18 Hk Enterprises Thanks Ankit for solving my problem. Excellent job.
01-May-18 Dharmendra  Singh Priyanka D. Good job done by Ms. Priyanka D.
01-May-18 Sharukh  Khan Sanjay Kumar is a very good person. Good job Sanjay Sir and thank you so much.  
01-May-18 Subbi Netylaxmana Kumar I called for this CC just to know about loyalty points and my aadhar link status. Customer Care executive Manasa she helped me a lot. Good in banking knowledge, patience, helping nature and well trained.
30-Apr-2018 Computer World Sharaj Kumar. Good experience.
30-Apr-2018 Rohit  Dhall I am very Happy with the Customer service for Credit card Department. Indusind team is customer centric
29-Apr-2018 Bommareddy Abhilash Reddy Syed Saleem has helped me in all my requirements of clearing my doubts in creating transaction password and in changing customer ID. Satisfied of calling him. Polite person to talk with.
29-Apr-2018   Sabiha helped me in clearing my doubts in creating and registering to internet banking and also helped me in mobile app.
28-Apr-2018 Vivek Kumar Agarwal Very helpful in telling to reset the password. The service was very fast and excellent. Many thanks to Mr. Sukhveersingh Sohal.
27-Apr-2018 Akash Pramod Taide Connected with Vidhi Shah today as I had an issue regarding my reward points. Vidhi helped me and resolved my issue in minutes. Previously called twice but other executives were not as helpful as Vidhi.
27-Apr-2018 Raj Siddharth Shah Would like to thank big time to Alwina Paul Pawar for helping me quickly on my issue. Thanks a ton for amazing service Alwina
27-Apr-2018 Sridhara TM  I just had conversation with Ms.Sonum regarding my credit card issue and she was excellent in handling custoner issue.
I just want to appreciate, please convey my best wishes
26-Apr-2018 Tarun  Kumar Ankita Pandeys service is very good. She is supportful. 
26-Apr-2018 Suryanarayana Gupta  Kolla Request for Unfreeze of my NRI ACs was pending from last week which was  annoying and poorest customer service. HanuPrasad from escalation team took the request and did a great job in completing it.
26-Apr-2018 Sahil  Kumar Sanjay Das good service
26-Apr-2018 Alan Abraham Excellent customer support
25-Apr-2018 Hotspot Celebrations It was very great talking to Sarika Nanaware as she has provided every detail properly. Good job.
25-Apr-2018 Vipin Kumar Sharma Hemant Mehta is very good person for Indusind Bank. Knowledge level so high. Thanks for your help.
25-Apr-2018 Aditya Bhandari Premkumar did assist me quickly and effectively
25-Apr-2018 RAJENDRA HOLKAR call was handled very nice manner and appreciate the help
25-Apr-2018 Pravin Jadhav I called your contact center to reset the card pin and Darshan helped me all the way till the end. He also educated me different ways to reset the card pin. I really had a very good expereince
24-Apr-2018 Wow Services Got a Call from Mr. Sanjay Gupta and really happy that he has helped me with GST registration and explained the features of the account. Thanks for your Support.
24-Apr-2018 Adde Palli Siva Kumar Raju I spoke with P. Swathi nice talking.
24-Apr-2018 Brokersadda Ms. Gunja was excellent. 
24-Apr-2018 Mool  Chand Jitendra Kotadia sir ji aap ki service se santusht hu. 
24-Apr-2018 Ravish Singla Really happy to talk to Mr. Mayur Bhuva who answered all my queries. Since I am not an existing customer he guided me step by step to each and every link from where I can find required information.
23-Apr-2018 Rahmani Sohaib Hussain Archana Devadiga. Thanks for IndusInd bank help
23-Apr-2018 Kryspi Holidays Spoke to Sanjay Gupta. He is very good at his job. Had issues with getting the UTR number. Helped me out on that. He is patient and a lot helpful.
23-Apr-2018 Parveen  Kumar I talked with P. Swathi and my problem was solved.
23-Apr-2018 Sandesh Sharad Pawaskar Dear Sanjay Kumar, Thanks for being with me on online support and resolving my query. Thanks once again. All The Best.
22-Apr-2018 Veer Bahadur Singh Mr. Sunil Jangid has helped me in a good way and I am really full satisfied with his help.
22-Apr-2018 Sonu  Singh Sonali Powale. 5 rating.
22-Apr-2018 Diwakar M D Sanjay Das. Thanks for help.
22-Apr-2018 Kunal Koushik A huge compliment to Contact Centre associate Mayuri Pikka. She deserves KUDOS for her excellent CSAT skills and precise approach to resolve issues. I appreciate her efforts. Thank You. Kunal Koushik
21-Apr-2018 Codechilli Technologies Pvt Ltd Sanjay Gupta is helpful and gave me knowledge of new feature added on portal i.e. GST and also helped me out for the usage of debit card. Thanks Sanjay.
21-Apr-2018 Smit Traders Spoke to Sanjay Gupta. Was very helpful about GST online banking. Excellent service.
21-Apr-2018 Elogist Solutions Private Limited Spoke to Sanjay Gupta. He is very good to talk to and good guidance given by him.
21-Apr-2018 Lalit Mohan Bhatt Hanuprasad helped me in a very sincere way. Loved talking to him. Very helpful and polite.
20-Apr-2018 Swarna Sai Praveen Kumar I have spoken with Ms. Leelavati regarding my account status and my Net Banking login password. I would like to rate her 5. She is very nice and gave useful information.
20-Apr-2018 M  Devisree She has supported me a lot. I have liked her support to the customer early. Nice talking to her Miss Hema.
20-Apr-2018 Motion Automation Systems Spoke to Sanjay Gupta. Services provided regarding Balance maintenance and GST was provided very well and satisfactorily.
20-Apr-2018 Sanket Anil Dongre Namrata Pusalkar helped to generate my debit card pin.
20-Apr-2018 Sandeep Ananda Rode Sanjay Das. Very Needful. I like the way that he explained how to use internet banking.
20-Apr-2018 Shalini Fully satisfactory answer by Sanjay Kumar
20-Apr-2018 Makkena  Nithin Sanjay Das. Excellent.
19-Apr-2018 Umar Salman Saifi Enterprises Co Bikash Prasad is a good officer. He helped me for online banking and was very cooperative.
19-Apr-2018 Vishwamitra  Tripathi Minal Mehra. Provided good service
18-Apr-2018 Mohd  Fardeen I got the required resolution from Jayasudha in a very professional manner.
18-Apr-2018 Amitabh  Sinha Hey team, I was very much satisfied with the info given by Mr. Abhishek Kolte. He was very patient on the call and I got all my answers with full satisfaction. Really appreciate it. 
18-Apr-2018 Nilesh I was about to cancel the card but executive Mohammed Afsar was very helpful on the call and he actually diverted my mind to retain my cr card. Thank you Mohd Afsar for your assistance on the call.
17-Apr-2018 Milan  Das Sunil Jangid. Good Service.
17-Apr-2018 Sanjeev  Kumar Sanjay Das is helpful and I am satisfied
17-Apr-2018 Placid very good service by your bank and I am very happy at your services and with mr Balasubramaniam CG
17-Apr-2018 Pravin Thanks for your prompt support and quick resolution and closure to my queries over mails this week.
16-Apr-2018 Nalla Linga Murthy Sunil Jangid. Performance is excellent.
16-Apr-2018 Naval Kishor  Garg Thank you Sarika Kule for your support and help.
16-Apr-2018 Mahendra I have spoken to miss Leelavati Bonthu regarding my account. I am satisfied with the information. She was very polite over the call. So would like to rate her 5.
16-Apr-2018 Ravinder  Pal Miss Priya Chourasiya. Best reply to my inquiry 
16-Apr-2018 Om International Mr. Sanjayji se baat hua. Baat karke bahut aacha laga. Meri help ki. Very good services support.
16-Apr-2018 Gurwinder  Singh Nice to talk to Mr. Hemant Mehta. Thanks for the support.
16-Apr-2018 Shibu  Saha Hemant Mehta has satisfied me. Please give him the post of TL.
16-Apr-2018 Nyayapati Venkat Ramdas A few minutes ago had a service call with one of your executives Neelima.
I just can't stop myself from appreciating her services. She just helped me out in resolving issue first and took down request to link Aadhar with my credit card.
She's polite and very efficient while delivering her duty.
I personally wish her a great career.
16-Apr-2018 Anupam Mr. Prakash V was very helpful. he listen to all my queries and resolved those as well. He is a nice person. Thanks Prakash for you help. Regards Anupam
16-Apr-2018 Dheer I would like to appreciate Alok  for his great support. He explained card features very well. I would rate him 10 out of 10. He is the best customer care executive. 
15-Apr-2018 Vivek  Thieng Hi Priyanka from Induslnd bank really happy with your service.
15-Apr-2018 Kshitiz  Srivastava I have spoken to Miss Leelavati Bonthu regarding my account and she has provided good information. I want to rate her 5. 
15-Apr-2018 Zaiduddin  Syed Mr. Nikhil Bhambri has a very good explaining sense and he has assisted me very well.
15-Apr-2018 Supriya  Salaria Anandh Devrajan. It was really nice talking to you and thank you for resolving my queries so well. All the very best.
15-Apr-2018 Sai Ramesh Maddi Manikandan is really helpful and very patiently answered my bunch of queries. Helped me a lot. You need more people like him in Customer Care. I appreciate his help.
15-Apr-2018 Arvind Prakash V Excellent customer service. Prakash has helped me with all my queries .
14-Apr-2018 Mohammed  Shueb K Z Dipak Mali has given a very good service. Dipak Mali has called back very soon.
14-Apr-2018 Jaswinder Pal  Singh Dinesh Sachdev from NRI helpdesk was professional and efficient in resolving my issue. Thanks Dinesh and IndusInd.
14-Apr-2018 Hari  Pandey I called IndusInd bank customer care. My call was attended by Mr. Sunny Singh and Mr. Singh was a very helpful person and his behaviour was also good.
14-Apr-2018 Ashish Much appreciated efforts from Darshan to resolve my query. He was very polite and clear to his work related knowledge
13-Apr-2018 K Arun Kumar I have spoken with Hema from Chennai regarding Net banking. She has given information. I have satisfaction for that.
13-Apr-2018 Hemant  Khosla Happy for the help received from Ms. Pramasakthi for activating my internet banking with IndusInd.
13-Apr-2018 SRIKANTH D Service was good and Dipali James was so awesome and very friendly 
13-Apr-2018 Nalina Indu Raman helped me with all my queries very patiently. Appreciate her help here 
12-Apr-2018 Amit Enterprises Spoke to Sanjay Gupta he is excellent.
12-Apr-2018 Uma Enterprises Dipak Mali. He helped me to register GST No. with my bank account. He always calls for all service.
12-Apr-2018 Yaramasu Siva Ram Kumar Manasa has maintained good communication with customers.
11-Apr-2018 Rohit Kumar Singh I have spoken to Miss Leelavati Bonthu regarding my account net banking. She was very polite over the call. I am satisfied with the information so I would like to rate her a 5.
11-Apr-2018 Madhusudan Kumar Singh Miss Priya Chourasiya. Very Good Services. Rating 5
11-Apr-2018 Srinivasulu  D Manikandan. He has done a good job. Was helpful to me.
11-Apr-2018 Kundurthi Ashok Kumar Manasa. I called to IndusInd customer care regarding the debit card pin and net banking purpose. She helped well and she gave excellent service thank you.
11-Apr-2018 Aldrin Antony Joy I made a interaction with one of the customer service representative. I would like to inform that the person who has attended my call was superb. He has patiently listened to my query and provided me with the information I needed.This person should be appreciated and I am really satisfied on the yesterday's interaction. He really is an asset to your team. Good job. I will be really looking forward for this level of experience.
11-Apr-2018 ELANCHELIYSN S I had some problems in the i spoke to Mr Rajesh first and explained then mr Nithyanandam spoke tome and solved the problem the way he spoke and solve the problem in a excellent manner i Am Very Happy
10-Apr-2018 Pawan Kumar Gupta Shambhavi Varadkar helped for my issue
10-Apr-2018 Shahanshah  Alam Sharaj Kumar good service
10-Apr-2018 Lalit  Sharma Manasa gave great service
10-Apr-2018 Alice  John I spoke to Priyanka Suresh this morning regarding an issue with my Account. The CSR was very helpful and was pleasing to talk with. She assured me that I get the correct information. The CSR was very good.
10-Apr-2018 Vilasini B Pai I had a query on Debit Card Hotlisting and Cancellation. I was assisted by Manasa who was very informative and helpful in this process. I am very appreciative about the assistance provided.
09-Apr-2018 M  Magesh Nirisha Gowda has given a nice customer service solution. Feel happy to contact the customer care.
09-Apr-2018 Kannan  Kasturirangan Sushma Vishwakarma was patient and resolved my query to my satisfaction.
09-Apr-2018 Swapnil Bhalchandra Deshmukh Sarika Kule Good Service
09-Apr-2018 Winniefred Komal Soreng Excellent customer service by P. Swathi.
08-Apr-2018 Soumyaranjan Chhatria  Chhatria Bikash Prasad is very good. He helped me for net banking for loan account. I went to branch for net baking but finally got help from customer care. Excellent service.
08-Apr-2018 New Vishal Hardware I have spoken to Leelavati Bonthu regarding net banking. She is very kind to reply to my question and help me out.
08-Apr-2018 Singh Creations Satisfied with the customer support Mr. Vasant.
07-Apr-2018 Abhimanyu  Biswal Sanjay Das nice help.
07-Apr-2018 Sri Sai Balaji Packers And Movers Sanjay Das helpful and 100 percent satisfactory
07-Apr-2018 Syed Saquib Javeed Amit Vaishnav. It was very good talking to Amit. Pleased with the service.
07-Apr-2018 International Cot Fab Spoke to Mr. Sanjay Gupta. He is a great guy. He was helpful in registering and talking to him was great. Thank you so much.
07-Apr-2018 Mahendra Rasiklal Mehta Excellent services by Vaishali who assisted for net banking services.
06-Apr-2018 Mohit  Tarika Josphin guided me for the net banking issue. She is very soft spoken and handled my issue very nicely. Good job.
06-Apr-2018 Narinder Pal Singh Roopa Rajai was very professional and made sure my issues were corrected in a friendly and timely manner. IndusInd Bank is therefore my favourite bank. You ROCK Roopa
06-Apr-2018 Winson  Chetty Nikhil Bhageria I am very happy with your services. You gave me complete information.
06-Apr-2018 Mayur Mani Kashyap Bhaskar Goswami was very patient in helping me about loyalty points transfer. Hats off to him.
06-Apr-2018 Abhishek  Sehrawat I would like to thank your customer care executive Alfred Pinto at the customer services division for his excellent support. I would rate him five on the scale of one to five.
06-Apr-2018 Sanjib Roychoudhury Had a call with Customer Care executive and I am very much Satisfied. Saraswathi Emp id 73243 Thank you. Sanjib
05-Apr-2018 Rahul  Kumar Siddhesh Salunke helped us in a very good way
05-Apr-2018 Saurav  Sukul Sunil Jangid. Very satisfied
05-Apr-2018 Siddharth Gondode Excellent support and guidance on call by Mr. Darshan Bhalerao
05-Apr-2018 Debasish Das The humble note of appreciation is for Shilpa Salvi who assisted me on PIN and Password issues I commend the resolution by Ms Salvi Her ability of quick resolution exceeded my expectations Thanks
05-Apr-2018 Ritesh Dhawan I would like to give an appreciation note for MR. Ashish Kumar Jana for taking my queries. I appreciate his quick response on queries and patience to handle customer. Five our of 5 stars for him
04-Apr-2018 YUVARAJ Excellent service happy with service 
04-Apr-2018 PARAJ SHRIVASTAVA excellent service and all the query got resolved 
03-Apr-2018 Daeyeon Construction Private Limited Shambhavi Varadkar helped me for my query internet banking and is helpful for me
02-Apr-2018 Laxman Sweta Rudra. I am happy with this service.
02-Apr-2018 Harshal Sawant Vignesh was really helpful and guidance provided by him is much appreciated
02-Apr-2018 Swati bhatnagar  I was just served by Darshan from the Credit card customer support team.
He was extremely helpful and patient with guiding me through the call.
Appreciate the lovely experience I received.
02-Apr-2018 Mukesh  Kumar Syed Saleem helped me with internet banking. Good.
02-Apr-2018 Dilip Kumar Singh Nikhil Bhambri. I have talked to executive Mr. Nikhil Bhambri for my issue and he helped to solve for the same.
01-Apr-2018 Mohd  Taufiqu Ms Sarika Kule is very helpful and polite during resolving my concern. I wish to her best of luck.
01-Apr-2018 Manish shah Mr Prakash V of call centre satisfy my all queries and I am really happy and fully satisfied by him
31-Mar-2018 K K Sales Sunil Jangidnice support from his side got satisfied thanks. 
31-Mar-2018 Bhuvaneshwari Foundation Priyanka Suresh gives a clear explanation about the mobilebanking and internet banking. Now it is clarified. I give 5 rating.
31-Mar-2018 Economical Solution Toindusind team, Good afternoon. I would like to appreciate Ms. Saranya forquick and prompt solution for my queries. Thanks.
31-Mar-2018 Salil Kumar Bahubal DeepakKumar Vishwakarma is a customer friendly employee of the bank who had helpedme to resolve the problems with a great patience and better understanding ofthe situation.
31-Mar-2018 Deepak DeepakKumar Vishwakarma is a customer friendly employee of the bank who had helpedme to resolve the problems with a great patience and better understanding ofthe situation.
28-Mar-2018 Narendra Suresh Bedi DearIndus team we would like to give small feedback for Ms Naphtali 6xxxxxxx. Shehad given all my queries answer properly. Thanks.
28-Mar-2018 Ajit Industries ShrutiSawant. Rated 5.
28-Mar-2018 Mangalam Traders Icontacted for some problem to Vinayak Pathak. He helped me very much and myproblem sorted out in few minutes. Thanks
28-Mar-2018 Mahesh Hasmukh Bhagat DeepakKumar Vishwakarma is very helpful with my online banking problems. Heresolved it nicely.
28-Mar-2018 Priyanshu Thanksa lot to Ms Deepika Dixit Service Delivery Specialist for providing the bestservice and answering the every mail and take a quick action and gives thesolution.
28-Mar-2018 Shanker Satisfiedupon interaction with CC and Appreciation to IndusInd Officer
27-Mar-2018 Rjss Innovations Jayasudhais very good service
27-Mar-2018 R K Engineers Iam happy with your service and special thanks to Mr Ashok Mandal who resolvedmy cheque stop payment. 
27-Mar-2018 Pandeti  Narendra Varma Manasahelped for pin generation. Solved my problem. Thanks.
27-Mar-2018 Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen & GrandsonPvt Ltd Ijust spoke to Reena Shetty regarding net banking and mobile banking. She hasdone a wonderful job giving me information regarding my queries. She is verypolite.
27-Mar-2018 Puneet  Patel Pramasakthinice to talk with you a while ago. Trained properly about redemption ofpoints and placed successfully. Have a great day. Good luck.
27-Mar-2018 Deepak Singh Adhikari 'DipikaB. I am very much satisfied.
26-Mar-2018 Akash ChandrshekharBagde Verygood Sanjay Kumar 
26-Mar-2018 Suhail  Khan V.Savitha was excellent in providing the service over a call and wasknowledgeable enough to assist on navigating the Indus web page. I appreciateher assistance and would like to give 5 Stars.
26-Mar-2018 Arsh Enterprises Talkedto Sanjay Gupta. I am happy with the customer service. I give a 5 starranking.
25-Mar-2018 Sachiv  Mehta SarikaKule. I am very satisfied with Sarika services for helping me to reset myinternet password. I have given her 5 stars for her services.
24-Mar-2018 Rahul Dashrath Kajbe Thankso much Rachita for this help. You have assisted me and you are verycooperative and very good guide. Thank you so much. This is a very goodexperience with IndusInd bank. Thank you again Rachita.
23-Mar-2018 The Science World Spoketo Mr. Sanjay Gupta. Excellent services given by him on adding GST number.Very good service thanks a lot.
23-Mar-2018 Ghan  Shyam NimishaPatel good customer service 
23-Mar-2018 Easy Serve Communication Niceto talk to Manish Gangwani and Excellent Service offered. 
23-Mar-2018 Rakesh Kumar Dhakad NamrataPusalkar has helped me a lot.
23-Mar-2018 Rohit  Chadha VinayakPathak. Helping me a lot to sort out the issues.
23-Mar-2018 Kavya Enterprise DipakMali excellent service regarding GST.
23-Mar-2018 Rubal Satish Thapar Mr.Sunil Jangid has given me the best service and I am satisfied with hisservice.
23-Mar-2018 Praveen KumarUpadhyay KannanExcellent 
23-Mar-2018 Sulakshana  Ghanate DeepakKumar Vishwakarma has been very helpful and very clear in helping me to setup Internet login for both NRE and NRO account. Totally appreciate Indusindfor great customer care.
23-Mar-2018 Meena  Kumari Mr.Nikhil Bhambri helped me as I desired.
23-Mar-2018 Ananta Sagar Patnayak Mr.Sunil Jangid gave me proper resolution to my query and thanks. It's easy todo.
23-Mar-2018 Sanish HiAll Mr Prakash V from CC was very prompt in responding with all the queries ihad. People like him in the system makes a good customer experience makes youfeel good about the product you hold
23-Mar-2018 Raghuvender Igot the details what required. Prakash V has clarified my quires. It was nicetalking to him.
23-Mar-2018 Kunal Myproblems were resolved to best of wish. Feedback excellent. My queries wereresolve by Vignesh Iyer
23-Mar-2018 Sheshadri Thankyou Ravikumar Joshi for your support and information
22-Mar-2018 Dheeraj Kumar Sharma Nice,good service Mr. Sunil and all Indus team. 
22-Mar-2018 Ip Media & Co Awesomesupport. Rocked it. Thanks Shilpa Bhagat.
21-Mar-2018 Page 2 SushmaVishwakarma very good response. Resolved my debit card issue in a fewminutes. Thanks. 
21-Mar-2018 Preeti  Khurana DipikaB. It was a great experience with Dipika. She is very helpful and sheresolved my query instantly. Thanks a lot dear. 
21-Mar-2018 Stabania RoyChowdhury Mycall was attended by P. Swathi. She dealt with me politely and professionallyanswering my queries and helping me through the procedure I needed. Thankyou.
21-Mar-2018 Vivek  Sharma MissSaranya. Thank you so much for the help. Excellent services. 
21-Mar-2018 Radichem Pharma Private Limited Spoketo Sanjay Gupta. Thanks for guiding me for GST and also thanks for minimumbalance knowledge
21-Mar-2018 Teju  S RahulTure has provided best and good services to me about net banking.
21-Mar-2018 Samir  Chowdhary Ihad a conversation with Santosh Kharat from Mumbai contact centre escalationdepartment. I found him polite, meticulous, spontaneous & professional. Iwould rate support 10 out of 10.
20-Mar-2018 Dilenkumar ChaturbhaiPrajapati AnkitaPandey. Thank you for your help. 
20-Mar-2018 Om International VaishaliGupta, good services for net baking password.
20-Mar-2018 Abhishek  K Justnow spoke with Sunil Jangid. He was simply outstanding with completeknowledge on banking services. Good work Sunil you rock....Keep going…
20-Mar-2018 Pooja  Bajaj Ijust spoke to Reena Shetty and I am satisfied with the services provided tous.
20-Mar-2018 Irfan im satisfied with Prakash V thanks for your cooperation Prakash 
19-Mar-2018 Parth  Sharma Nirishawas patient and helpful throughout the call. Nice service.
19-Mar-2018 Krs Entertainment Ispoke to Sanjay Gupta. Was very courteous and helped me out with my issue andsolved it and also gave me information about balance maintainance and how itwill affect my account operation. Excellent.
19-Mar-2018 Ravinder  Yadav RahulTure. Proper Support provided from pin generation to net banking login.
19-Mar-2018 Prince  Parbhakar Ihave an issue with my net banking. Mr. Santosh assisted me very nicely andsolved my problem. Nice Work.
18-Mar-2018 Amit Baijal PrakashV provided excellent service and resolved all my queries in the best possibleway. Looking forward to long relationship with Indusind bank. 
17-Mar-2018 Varun  Sharma ShambhaviVaradkar nice voice and thanks for assisting me. She is very helpful. Sheknows how to assist the clients and how to talk with the clients. Thanks alot for assisting me and helping me.
17-Mar-2018 Aqsa Bano Mohd  Arif Shaikh ShraddhaJoshi. Good service. Helpful. Explained everything. Very good to explain allthe problems. 
17-Mar-2018 Sharifdeen  S Manikandanwas so humble and very knowledgeable. I really liked the service provided byhim.  
17-Mar-2018 Ramsagar  Gupta SukhveersinghSohal. Excellent services provided to me by the officer  
17-Mar-2018 Mir Mubashir AhmedAli MinalMehra is confident enough. She is very polite. Very informative and findingways to resolve the issue instead of winding up the call immediately. Acomplete Customer delighting quality.
16-Mar-2018 Divya  Sharma Ihave spoken to Ms. Leelavati Bonthu regarding my transaction password and shepolitely and patiently handled and solved my problem. I would like to rateher 5. 
16-Mar-2018 Nileshbhai NanubhaiDhanani Allqueries solved very easily and good behaviour. Thanks to Shilpa Bhagat.
16-Mar-2018 Kannan  R NikhilBhageria gave good information to me for my personal loan account
16-Mar-2018 Kailas Narayan Jamdar RoopaRajai really thanks for help.
16-Mar-2018 Imran A Prandarwala Iam satisfied with the support and query solved by Mr. Sunil Jangid
15-Mar-2018 Amandeep  Singh Ispoke with Swathi. I really appreciate the way she handled the call
15-Mar-2018 Vm Jeweller BikashPrasad. Very Good service, he is a very helpful man. 
15-Mar-2018 Nileshbhai allquery solve and done by Shipla Bhagat thanks 
15-Mar-2018 Rajesh Goodwork Prakash
15-Mar-2018 Saurabh Iam extremely delightful with the services of Mr. Prakash V. I have got allthe solutions for my queries and very patiently he has solved myproblem. 
14-Mar-2018 Ekta  Sharma VaibhavSingh is really helpful. Really very prompt service. Understanding clientsand helping is what we expect from bank and that's what Vaibhav has helped mewith. Thank you.
14-Mar-2018 Shahid Miya SufiMuhamed  Qureshi PriyankaTiwari from the call centre was very helpful and showed a lot of patience inhelping me with regards to my queries.
14-Mar-2018 Ankit  Govil SwetaRudra was helpful. I wanted to reset my transaction password and could notfind it on my own. Asked me to fill this feedback form. Sharing my feedback.
14-Mar-2018 Nitin M Brid Icalled to customer care for net banking query and I spoke to Hema. She wasvery co-operative in customer care.
14-Mar-2018 Madhukumar Iam really happy with the solution provided by Reshma
13-Mar-2018 Dheeraj Kumar Sharma DearDipika B, good service, very understanding. I am impressed. Thanks Dipika andteam of IndusInd.
13-Mar-2018 Nasruddin  Ansari Mr.Hanuprasad escalation desk. Very Helpful to solve my problem. ExcellentWork.  
13-Mar-2018 Mohit DrashyaShetty. Good Service. Talking way Excellent. Fabulous service.
13-Mar-2018 Ranjan  Mishra Igot excellent services from Nirisha
13-Mar-2018 Ajay Kumar SurendraKunwar RahulTure has solved our issues successfully in a very disciplined manner and heunderstood our matter quickly and resolved our query.
13-Mar-2018 Jaypal HiAnkit thanks for the solution.
13-Mar-2018 Arjun PrakashV Was very Helpful in solving all queries regarding Credit Card EMIConversion. 
12-Mar-2018 Podicheti  Vijayasaradhi Ms.Sabiha has been very helpful in resolving my long lasting problem. I wasunaware of processes. She explained everything clearly. Polite and clear.Thank you very much
12-Mar-2018 Jerrysons Agrovet Private Limited SwetaRudra. 5
12-Mar-2018 Nikhil  Jain Priyankawas helpful and knowledgeable and very professional. Though it took more timebut it's OK may be she is in learning phase of process. APPRECIABLE Service.KUDOS IndusInd. Received all Resolutions.
12-Mar-2018 Anuprabha Cooperative Housing Society Ltd Rachitamaam was extremely helpful and she solved my problem immediately. One of thebest agents I have spoken to who knows what she says and does not make thecustomer wait. Excellent.
12-Mar-2018 Customer Darshanwas an excellent help. He with all courtesy and patience guided me with myrequest 
12-Mar-2018 Mahesh ContactedIndusind Bank customer care and call attended by Mr. Prakash V. He clearedall my queries very patiently and clearly. Satisfied very much for theservice.
11-Mar-2018 Kirtikumar Laitbhai Joshi DipikaB. Very Good 
11-Mar-2018 Harshit  Swami Veryhelpful and cooperative, good patience level. Very supportive. Ayaz Baig.
10-Mar-2018 Narra Ashok Kumar Manasahas helped to resolve all my queries related to loyalty points and debitcard. She talked very nicely. 
10-Mar-2018 Karan Vaishnav Reenare-doing net Banking excellent customer service 
10-Mar-2018 Mo. Nasim Ahmad PoonamKumavat has provided with the resolution.  
10-Mar-2018 Kannan Thirumalai Murugesan 'MsNirisha helped me getting the statement. Thanks for having a wonderful staff.Keep it up.
10-Mar-2018 Rajasekaran  R Ijust spoke with Ms. Reena Shetty. Regarding Net banking issue. She has givenfull details from that and my issue was sort out.
10-Mar-2018 Rakesh  Prajapat Ijust talked to Reena Shetty regarding account details. I am satisfied withReena maam. Thanks maam.
10-Mar-2018 K Babu Mr.Rahul Ture, good support and he helped me. Thanks for your support.
10-Mar-2018 Amit PrakashV excellent communication 
09-Mar-2018 Darspreet  Singh SarikaKule. I am fully satisfied with customer service.
09-Mar-2018 Karmjeet  Singh Ms.Pritismita. Excellent Support
09-Mar-2018 Dhruv Aggarwal SunilJangid is supportive and was there till final time 
09-Mar-2018 Sizh It Solutions Private Limited Goodservice by Sanjay Gupta.
09-Mar-2018 Vinay Naiker Iam very much satisfied with the resolution of Priyanka Suresh. It would be 5from my side.
09-Mar-2018 Keshav Govind Raut SarikaKule good support to me and best part of a support
09-Mar-2018 Hasam Khan 'Nirishagood work and giving satisfied answers
09-Mar-2018 Mihir Surendra Chandra Shah Highlysatisfied with the quick response of Vaibhav Singh on phone banking. He hasvery well understood my queries and gave proper solution to it. Thank You.
09-Mar-2018 Shashank  Dwivedi Fromlast 10 days I was frustrated from the services of Indusind bank. Aftertalking to Drashya Shetty ECN 72675 I am really satisfied and happy. Youshould hire such potential employees. Appreciated.
09-Mar-2018 Vinay Venugopal SrutikantaMishra was good and understandable. Thanks.
09-Mar-2018 Joydip Darshanwas an excellent help. He with all courtesy and patience guided me with myrequest 
08-Mar-2018 Rajan Ramasamy ShowmyapriyaGood 
08-Mar-2018 Hanish  Parmar Nirishais good. She handled me and best guided me.
08-Mar-2018 Unseen India Italked to Miss Savitha and she was very helpful. She cleared my each andevery query.
08-Mar-2018 Dhananjaneyulu  Pathuri Manasavery good explanation and nice talking
08-Mar-2018 Field And Fact Ispoke to P Swathi and got my concerned resolved in timely manner andsmoothly. I am pleased to get quick service. 
08-Mar-2018 Amuthan  Thennavan PraveshVats. Helped for account opening. Satisfied.
08-Mar-2018 Siddarth  Menon DrashyaShetty. She was very patient to solve the issues raised. Thank you for theservice.
08-Mar-2018 Amrit Preet Singh Ihad spoken with Mumbai girl Miss Varsha Waydande. The girl was very patientand was very much helpful. Good effort. All the best.
08-Mar-2018 Modi Products Spoketo Sanjay Gupta. He helped me link the GST number to my account. He calls upregularly and asks if I require any help.
08-Mar-2018 Rahul  Singh MahendrasinghRanawat helped in changing net banking password
07-Mar-2018 Flickdevs Gotgood services from Rachita 
07-Mar-2018 Jitendra Kumar Singh Mrs.Darshana Hirlekar had resolved my query regarding online login and I am verymuch thankful for her kind support.
07-Mar-2018 Kali  Prasad Ankitsir ji se mujhe support bahut accha mila. 
07-Mar-2018 Smita D Madkaikar Ispoke to Amit Vaishnav and he guided me perfectly for getting my fundstransfer.
07-Mar-2018 Deepak  Duggal DilipRathod. I am satisfied with his service.
07-Mar-2018 Sureshraja Ramar Hardeepsing helped a lot when I was struggling to set new pin for my NRE and NROaccount and guided me perfectly on how to get started with net banking. Hehas clearly understood value of the customer. 
07-Mar-2018 Um Solution ArbindPrasad with nice talk 
07-Mar-2018 Abhisek  Dey AkashDhanopia helped me a lot to unlock my user id. Thank you very much.
07-Mar-2018 Amar  Rai MrArbind Prasad he is so helpful. I am so happy for his service. 
06-Mar-2018 Chunarkar  Dhanu Manasavery good. 5 Rating
06-Mar-2018 Surapalli  Nagaraju Manasainformation very good.
06-Mar-2018 Atul  Jain 'Reenagood service provided
06-Mar-2018 The Gorilla Sports Mr.Syed Saleem had a good working experience. He is excellent in work. Hesuggested me in a good manner.
06-Mar-2018 Jyothi  Ravi Reenais good and she resolved my issue. Thank You Reena. 
06-Mar-2018 Milton  Essex Manasawas very helpful and had all the information on the tip of her tongue. Shewas a good customer service representative. I give her 4 points for this.
06-Mar-2018 Kulbir VeryNice Support Centre. I have got good support by Nirisha. She is good ingiving support.
06-Mar-2018 Shiv Nandan Prasad Thankyou Mr. Hanuprasad for all your help to log me in to net banking. I was ingreat need of this net banking services for my credit card payment. Onceagain thank you for your kind support.
06-Mar-2018 Sagar Vimani  Italked to Prakash V and he is very calm and with all sense at work iappreciate the way he talked to me great work keep rocking 
06-Mar-2018 Pradeep B Iwould like to write few words about Mr. Dharshan Bhalerao who created a bestimpression on my first call to know about whole details of my Credit Card. Heis exemplary and Charming. Thanks a lot
05-Mar-2018 Gaurav  Kumar Iam satisfied with the response from Priynka D. 
05-Mar-2018 Suraksha Force Private Limited Josphinguided me on net banking and provided me good service. And good job.Excellent work.
05-Mar-2018 Arun  Sharma Thankyou very much Alpa for your help and support. You have been very supportive.
05-Mar-2018 Muniswamy  Reddy Ihave spoken to Leelavati Bonthu and it was a good experience and I would liketo rate 5 and my issue got resolved. 
05-Mar-2018 Satwik Sales And Engineering Ispoke to Sanjay Gupta, very nice services to help me and good communication
05-Mar-2018 Harisha D M Goodguide. Nice to speak with Hema.
05-Mar-2018 Gaurav R Sharma Talkedto Ms Leelavati Bonthu regarding my net banking. I am happy with theconversation. I rate her a 5. 
05-Mar-2018 Arihant  Jain Mr.Santosh helped me fully. I am feeling happy with him.
05-Mar-2018 Inuson Private Limited ManikandanGreat Service Support.
04-Mar-2018 Mohan  Vishwakarma SonaliPowale is a nice person and she helped me a lot for my problem. I have ratedher a 5.
04-Mar-2018 Lohith  K Hemafrom Chennai, nice suggestion with your patience time. Thanks a lot.
04-Mar-2018 Jayatika  Sinha ShivaniLamba. Really helpful and polite. Fast with whatever queries told to her.
04-Mar-2018 Feros Khan  Pathan AjayKumar Poonia was with me on call and helped me register on to my NRE onlineaccount. He was very polite and very helpful and gave the right instructionsto carry out my tasks step by step. 
03-Mar-2018 Deo  Manish PriyankaD. I was really very hassled from last two days. Thank you so much to resolvemy problem.
03-Mar-2018 Hasanujjaman BikashPrasad good
03-Mar-2018 Ashish  Panwar SunilJangid is good.
02-Mar-2018 Puchakatla  Ravikumar Manasa.Good.
02-Mar-2018 Jyothika Graphics Jayasudhahas given a very good response. 
02-Mar-2018 Narayanadasu  Sateesh SyedSaleem. He has helped me for an issue with my net banking. Thank you verymuch Saleem sir for doing such a wonderful help.
01-Mar-2018 Karthigeyan Theexecutive Sweta Rudra was warm enough to help with my queries.
01-Mar-2018 Prasenjit  Saha SikshaSingh provided me all the information as per query. She is a very helpfullady. I appreciate her work. Please keep continuing this service.
01-Mar-2018 Thanasegarapandiyan  M Igot all the information from Savitha. Excellent service and good response.Thank you.
01-Mar-2018 Surendhar  K Manikandan,thanks for your support 
01-Mar-2018 Satyavan  Bhadana PallaviPatel has helped me to log me in net banking. I was trying to log in fromlast one month. She gave me a great service. Thanks a lot.
01-Mar-2018 Vivek Venu Menon ComplaintNo. 5xxxxxxx. Issue raised by me was resolved in due course. I appreciate allthe initiatives taken by your escalation staff Akshada Babu. Kindly conveythe same. Thanks
01-Mar-2018 Vivek Venu Menon ComplaintNo. 5xxxxxxx. Issue raised by me was resolved in due course. I appreciate allthe initiatives taken by your escalation staff Santosh. Kindly convey thesame. Thanks
01-Mar-2018 Raghwendra  Singh SyedSaleem, Thanks for the cooperation and your help to pay my credit cardpayment. Thanks, Raghwendra Singh.
28-Feb-2018 Yathigna G S Jitendra Kotadia. Thank you for your guidance nice talking to you.
27-Feb-2018 Manohar Singh Namrata Pusalkar has given me all the information.
27-Feb-2018 Kamal Sharma Pallavi Patel emp. id 7xxxx. I had forgotten my user id and password. She solved my problem. Thank you so much to her.
27-Feb-2018 Tushar Very Nice Experience.
26-Feb-2018 Urmi Suresh Kukani Miss Pooja helped me create my ATM pin and internet banking user ID and password she was very much perfect in her explanation. I am really very happy with her and she was very polite and patience. Thank You.
26-Feb-2018 Sanjay Vishwanath Panchal Very nice support and very good. Arbind Prasad
26-Feb-2018 Sainath Creation Mae ne Sanjay Gupta ji se baat ki. Mujhe accha lagga aur acchi tarah se GST number register ke liye acchi tarah se samjhaya. Good person.
26-Feb-2018 Bhu-Nivesh House Ankit good person
26-Feb-2018 Raj Kumar Poonam Kumavat has given proper resolution
26-Feb-2018 Ashiya Zabeen Amit Vaishnav its really good. He literally solved my problem. He was with my call and told me the whole process. Thanks a lot to him.
25-Feb-2018 Vanshika Enterprises Jitendra Kotadia is a very excellent executive for handling queries
25-Feb-2018 Arun Kumar Singh Pallavi Patel has helped me to reset the transaction password.
25-Feb-2018 P Rutvic Diamonds Shruti Sawant. Five out of five ratings.
25-Feb-2018 Bhupendra Singh I have spoken to Miss Leelavati Bonthu regarding netbanking information. So would want to rate 5.
24-Feb-2018 Madhu Nadig Jayasudha was very prompt in response and patent in hearing customers delight
24-Feb-2018 Anurag Shukla Syed Saleem guided me nicely. Very nice experience.
24-Feb-2018 Pardeep Kumar Beniwal I am really happy with your service Smt Kumari Vanita Shere
24-Feb-2018 Govindu Hariprasad Manasa, I am giving her an excellent feedback
24-Feb-2018 Pooja Negi Amit Vaishnav. It was really good talking to Amit. He was very polite and helpful. He took care of all my queries. Really great. Thanks.
24-Feb-2018 Dileep Kumar Sunil Jangid is a very good person.
23-Feb-2018 G B Enterprise Excellent service given on phone by Monish Bhapkar
23-Feb-2018 Magica World Dot Com Pravesh Vats we are satisfied.
23-Feb-2018 Samir Chowdhary I had a conversation with Priyanka D from Chennai Saving account customer care. I found her very polite, meticulous, spontaneous and professional. I would rate this call 10 out of 10
23-Feb-2018 Brijmohan Sharma Thank you Hemanth for you guide.
23-Feb-2018 Ram Nath Arbin Parsad is a very good person
23-Feb-2018 Prasanth Shilpa Salvi has been of a great help. She was really patient and genuinely wanted to help me. Thank you Shilpa.
22-Feb-2018 Nitesh Bakshi Nitesh Bakshi Priyanka D cleared my doubts and thanks to her.
22-Feb-2018 Mohammed Shah Fahad Hema from Chennai good service keep up the good work.
22-Feb-2018 Universal Mineral Industries Had a nice conversation with Monish Bhapkar. He is really helpful.
22-Feb-2018 Abhinav Kumar Mishra It was nice to talk with Hema for supporting services. I will give her 9 out of 10.
22-Feb-2018 Unique Travel Agency Very much satisfied by the help of Santosh Prabhu. Good luck.
22-Feb-2018 Amrin Yasin Very good experience to talk to Mr. Hemant Mehta. Fully co-operative person.
21-Feb-2018 Rajveer Singh Saluja Spoken with Ms. Leelavati Bonthu regarding Net Banking. Highly satisfactory discussions and information. Rating 5.
21-Feb-2018 Amitava Pal Drashya Shetty was excellent as a CSR and did an excellent job with providing resolution and reburtles. Keep up the good work.
21-Feb-2018 Suresh Thomas I spoke to Mr. Jitendra Kotadia who gave me very clear instructions and guided me through the process. I am very much pleased with his excellent service. Thankyou.
21-Feb-2018 P L Enterprises Prathmesh Ahire. This person helped to create net banking. Nice to see.
21-Feb-2018 Bajaj Spoken to Neelima. Had a wonderful satisfying talk.
21-Feb-2018 Pratheep Appreciate the consideration by IndusInd to reverse the late fees levied on my card. Thanks for posting me online and personally. Though a trivial matter for the bank I felt belonged by the gesture.
20-Feb-2018 Jaswant Singh Yogesh Rawatji. I am very thankful to you. You guided me in a proper way to solve my problem. When I was talking with you I felt proud of you. Again thanks brother.
20-Feb-2018 Shree Balaji Enterprise Hema from Chennai. I really appreciate her. Very nice service and solved my problem which was faced by myself from last 15 days. Very good and nice job. Thanks Hema.
19-Feb-2018 Surander Bir Saini Amit Vaishnav best experience.
19-Feb-2018 Dilip Kumar Tiwari Miss Priya Chourasiya excellent service given by her.
19-Feb-2018 Prafulla Shridhar Pawar Since last week I have been contacting IndusInd bank customer care but today I had a word with Mr. Hanuprasad and he almost resolved my problem. I am very much satisfied with his service.
19-Feb-2018 Marimuthu S Support from Savitha 7xxxx very helpful. Thank you so much for your help.
18-Feb-2018 Hanmanthu Rathlavath Rathlavath Syed Saleem has helped me a lot in registering internet banking. I am very happy by the services given by him.
17-Feb-2018 Mohit Punj Drashya Shetty that's brilliant experience that I got from her and very nice and kind. Thanks for your support Drashya Shetty.
17-Feb-2018 Durgesh Kumar Yadav Beena Singh thank you for helping me
16-Feb-2018 Alamdar Suppliers Dear Mr Amit Vaishnav, Thanks for Superb Reply. Hope Every Customer Care representative is same like you. Again Thank You.
16-Feb-2018 Afkhan Feroz Khan Miss Priyasandy Dsouza has provided me full information about my problem. Thankyou.
16-Feb-2018 Sai Electronics Manish Gangwani is very supportive and helping us well in operating our account. Thanks Manish.
16-Feb-2018 Lalaabhijit Das Priti from the customer care spoke with me and she was very helpful. She not only resolved my query but also was very patient and attentive. She knew her job like back of her hand.
16-Feb-2018 Himanshu Received a nice and prompt reply from the employees. I wish you all good luck and hope to receive such nice and supportive revert from your end. Thank you for your support.
16-Feb-2018 Nidhi Parang Darshan Bhalerao who I spoke with today and it was an immense pleasure. He was a support and spent a lot of time with me to guide me on the IVR and online as well. Knowledgeable and courteous.
15-Feb-2018 Dipu Kumar I talked to Simi Rupani on customer care number and I am fully satisfied with her. She resolved my query with the best effort.
15-Feb-2018 Shalini M I called to know my user id and password of my account Reena who picked the call to help me out how to register net baking she gives me all informations which I required and so politely she spoke.
15-Feb-2018 Jatin Damjibhai Dudhat I am very happy with Manish Gangwani support whenever I need. I switched my other bank account in IndusInd because of his best feedback and support whenever I need.
15-Feb-2018 Maninder Kumar I am very happy because your CS executive was very helpful. She is Roopa Rajai. She very soft spoken and my problem was easily solved. Thanks IndusInd.
15-Feb-2018 Kalpesh Dineshchandra Bhansali Mr. Nikhil Bhambri has very quickly solved my issue. Thanks.
14-Feb-2018 Rajesh Kumar Dubey Good customer services by Alpa.
14-Feb-2018 Sarita Palav Nirisha spoke with me very cooperatively. She is nice taking to. She helped me very good.
14-Feb-2018 City Refrigeration Your person Ajay Chalke helped me for net banking. Thank you sir.
14-Feb-2018 Harsh Vardhan Singh Nice to talk with Jitendra Kotadia. It was very helpful. Thanks.
14-Feb-2018 Suas Cargo & Logistics Vaishali Gupta. Excellent services for net banking password reset
14-Feb-2018 Ananja Perumal Shanmugam Moopanar Excellent support by Mr. Vishal
14-Feb-2018 Bikki Jaggi Mr. Rakesh helped me to solve my problem with renewal of term deposit. He has been extremely helpful and highly considerate.
13-Feb-2018 Amitava Dey Very good Nikhil Bhambri
13-Feb-2018 Subhashree Behera Hi Reena, It was a nice talking with you. Thank you for your suggestion and help. Thanks a lot.
13-Feb-2018 Amit Kumar Mr. Nikhil Bhambri your customer service is best.
13-Feb-2018 Ehraz Ahmad Khan I am very happy with your service. Your executive name Rakesh P from NRI TEAM officer has served in a very nice way.
13-Feb-2018 Pyush Gupta Very happy with Ms. Pooja Bhatia who provided first time resolution and displayed attentiveness customer service ethics. I am extremely satisfied with her successful turnaround. Good work.
12-Feb-2018 Vasabattu Srinivas Raju Manasa response is excellent
12-Feb-2018 Ankit Rohitbhai Dodiya Diptanu Dey helped me to reset transaction password.
12-Feb-2018 J M Marine Services Llp Ankita Pandey. Good Service. Great help.
12-Feb-2018 Amandeep Singh Last week I called IndusInd bank was helped by Dipika Belnekar. She helped me to set my mobile App pin and also helped me to register Indusind Netbanking. She helped me very politely. Thankyou for the help.
12-Feb-2018 Status Spoke to Sanjay Gupta. Excellent and very helpful to solve my problem. Thank you to Mr. Sanjay Gupta.
12-Feb-2018 Nenu Holding Limited Interacting with Ms. Hema was a wonderful experience. Surely an outstanding service with a smile. Lovely gesture. Wishing her best of luck.
12-Feb-2018 Chakkapalli Pavan Kumar Manasa 4 good
11-Feb-2018 Ankit Rohitbhai Dodiya Josphin helped me in net banking.
11-Feb-2018 Ashish Kumar Roopa Rajai. Theek hai.
11-Feb-2018 Pawan Kumar Drashya Shetty was very amazing in handling my issues. 5 stars to the lady.
11-Feb-2018 Deepak Kumar Jitendra Kotadia very good
11-Feb-2018 Meraj Alam Roopa Rajai. I am satisfied from the customer care of Indusind Bank. My problem has been resolved.
11-Feb-2018 Marife Pharma Private Limited Good service by Nikhil Bhambri
11-Feb-2018 Atul Sharma Swapnil Bhandare is a really nice person who guided me very well regarding my net banking account.
10-Feb-2018 Kriselis Training Solutions Private Limited My interaction with Manasa in customer service was very satisfactory. She was very helpful and courteous and provided quick resolution to my query. Thanks.
10-Feb-2018 Pramod Reddy M Manasa you did best.
10-Feb-2018 Rahul Singh Thank you for giving me some important messages. Because I was already suffering from lots of problems your customer care executive Savita 7xxxx was so polite and resolved my problem in a very easy way.
10-Feb-2018 Pradeep Kumar Swapnil Bhandare good help. Rating 5.
10-Feb-2018 Rajeev Kumar Jha Josphin has helped me for net banking.
10-Feb-2018 Asian Textile Solution Mr. Swapnil Bhandare. 5 out of 5 rating.
09-Feb-2018 Singh Shailendra Kuvarbahadur I have spoken to Leelavati Bonthu regarding net banking. I am satisfied with the service so I would like to rate her 5.
09-Feb-2018 Sandeep Sharma Very good Sowmya
09-Feb-2018 Diana Tours & Travels It was pleasant. Good service. I appreciate Sweta Rudra. Thanks for that.
09-Feb-2018 Dilip Kumar Mahato Leelavati Bonthu regarding my net banking. I would rate her five.
09-Feb-2018 Niranjan M Pipaliya Amit Vaishnav very well.
09-Feb-2018 Nenu Holding Limited Great service by the gentleman Mr. Anandh Devarajan having remarkable patience and expression. Thank you.
09-Feb-2018 M V Thungaraju Santosh Prabhu has given good information about how I can reset my User id. It is good information.
09-Feb-2018 Chandresh I would like to appreciate the response received on credit card call centre for my queries. Thanks to IndusInd bank.
08-Feb-2018 Antony J The way it has been explained is pretty good understandable. Spoke with Hema from Chennai.
08-Feb-2018 Govind Mishra We are satisfied with Reena Shetty.
08-Feb-2018 Pratim International Minal Mehra provided excellent service.
08-Feb-2018 Amit Singh Mr. Jitendra Kotadia. This is the best person for solving the problems. Thanks.
08-Feb-2018 Irshad Ansari Mr. Srutikanta Mishra. Well done.
08-Feb-2018 Senthil Karuppiah Sylvester Gomes service was excellent. He has politely listened to my complaints and solved my issues in an easy way. This type of service person encourages us to open a new account for family members too.
08-Feb-2018 Gloriosa Healthcare Private Limited Jitendra Kotadia he has given good service.
08-Feb-2018 Preeti Prajapati Vishal Shetty. I am satisfied with your assistance for net banking. Thank you.
08-Feb-2018 Santosh Baliram Bharane Excellent service provided. Given a prompt response. Mr. Santosh Prabhu was responding good.
08-Feb-2018 Simon Mascarenhas Srutikanta Mishra. Was very helpful to resolve my query. Well done.
07-Feb-2018 Universal Network Power Quality 'Dipak Mali excellent service provided by Mr. Dipak.
07-Feb-2018 Ramachandran K B N I sent an email to the NRI team for a query. Within 24 hours I got a call from your CC. One Mr. Sylvester Gomes guided me the process. I really appreciate him for his performance.
07-Feb-2018 Sachin Arjun Patil 'Thanks for quick response Mrs. Reena Shetty
07-Feb-2018 Harihara Electronics Dipak Mali service is good
07-Feb-2018 Surya Prakash Shukla Amit Vaishnav very good service
07-Feb-2018 Dileep Kumar Saini Akash Dhanopia very good
07-Feb-2018 Tasneem Saif Thanks a lot Mr. Amit Vaishnav for an easy explanation for my query.
07-Feb-2018 Cheryl Damodaran Mr. Sylvester Gomes was very kind and helpful. He has a lot of patience and finally I got my request sorted out. IndusInd should employ people like him.
06-Feb-2018 Vilas Nanaji Madavi Shilpa Bhagat very-very nice service
06-Feb-2018 Kottur Manmohan Syed Saleem. He helped quickly. Thanks.
06-Feb-2018 Mariappan Thanks for your Great support and friendly contact Nikhil Bhageria
06-Feb-2018 Pankaj Dubey Sushma Vishwakarma very good service.
06-Feb-2018 Khadar Pasha Mr. Santosh Biswakarma. Excellent service and guideline.
05-Feb-2018 Ramakrishnan Akhileswaran I had raised a query on Saturday and today I got a call from your Mumbai branch Mr. Sylvester Gomes and the service extended to me by him was splendid. Mr. Sylvester really deserves an applaud.
05-Feb-2018 Amit Jain Abhishek Vora. Good.
05-Feb-2018 Interactiondummycontact Your executive Nikhil Bhageria helped me very well
05-Feb-2018 Anshul Johri It was a good conversation
05-Feb-2018 Raj Congratulations for the best banking and customer service. Your team solved a request in a short period regarding reversal of a transaction. Same issue pending in Axis bank and requesting 16 days to solve.
05-Feb-2018 Ripujit Thanks to Ms. Khusbu Ghandhi for being kind and cooperative guiding me in a very interesting and easy way to understand and provided me with all details. Thanking you.
04-Feb-2018 Fiona Birds Travels Shivani Lamba good service by maam. I got my query resolved quickly and nicely. I appreciate her.
04-Feb-2018 Avneesh Kumar Minal Mehra provided good service.
04-Feb-2018 Wasim Jafar Drashya Shetty aapki service bahut acchi hai. Thankyou.
04-Feb-2018 Gopal Sapra Shivani Lamba very good services given by her. Highly appreciated.
04-Feb-2018 Arun Kumar Srivastava Vaibhav Singh excellent, good job.
04-Feb-2018 Gujarat Polymers Mr Amit Vaishnav gave very good support for making an online payment.
03-Feb-2018 Surbhi Avinash Shukla Jitendra Kotadia. Thank you so much for your help. You were very patient with a non tech savvy person like me. Good job done.
03-Feb-2018 Ethical Solution Vaishali thanks for your support. Assisted for Net Banking and ATM password. Excellent services by Vaishali. You are always there to help. Thanks.
03-Feb-2018 K Tejaswini 5xxxx Suryakala. Good assist.
03-Feb-2018 Sri Maasani Amman Mobiles Showmyapriyaa has given me good service.
03-Feb-2018 Ankit Verma Shivani Lamba very helpful customer service.
03-Feb-2018 Shreeji Enterprise Mr. Rahul Ture good service and good experience with Rahul. Thanks.
03-Feb-2018 Arvind Kumar Singh Deepak Kumar Vishwakarma. I am very grateful for your kind support.
03-Feb-2018 Ingenuity Insights India Private Limited Drashya Shetty Employee ID 7xxxx is awesome and provided an excellent customer service. Thanks.
03-Feb-2018 Salim Sadruddin Jiwani Abhishek Kolte. It was a very helpful call. Quickly resolved the query. Thanks.
03-Feb-2018 Gaurav Srivastava Mr. Siddhesh Salunke. Good help.
02-Feb-2018 Virajkumar Rameshbhai Dobariya Jitendra Kotadia is very kind and helpful person.
02-Feb-2018 Ankur Kumar Deepak Kumar Vishwakarma helped me with the queries very efficiently. Nice job.
02-Feb-2018 Kaushik Kumar Sarkar Varsha Waydande good job.
02-Feb-2018 Muralidhar Thank you for your support. I was able to redeem my points. The credit card sub type AURA under platinum product feature card is not printed on my monthly statement.
01-Feb-2018 Arun Purushottam Garud Extremely satisfied. Miss Sarika Kule was highly helpful and knowledgeable. Queries resolved fully.
01-Feb-2018 Pankaj Krishan Verma 5xxxxxxx. I spoke to Naphtali. She is very polite and helpful and very good knowledge about all services.
01-Feb-2018 Abhishek Handa Hanuprasad from escalations team has been very helpful to me. Over the call he helped through the complete procedure to activate my net banking. He is a STAR. ALL THE BEST HANU.
01-Feb-2018 Saikiran Dholi Hi Saranya. Thank you for your online service. Satisfied with your response.
01-Feb-2018 Rakesh Kumar Avinash Chachle has provided good service. Thanks.
01-Feb-2018 Katashi Engineering Services Pvt Ltd Mahendrasingh Ranawat was very helpful throughout my process. Excellent and helpful person.
01-Feb-2018 Angira Sharma Contacted with Mr. Jitendra Kotadia. I felt very happy. Really I like Indusind Bank Services.
31-Jan-2018 Kavita  Gyanani Called on toll free and the call attended by customer service executive Miss Nimisha Patel. She helped me nicely. Will appreciate for her helping.
31-Jan-2018   Blucon Superstructures Llp I faced an error to find my beneficiary details in mobile application but employee Priya helped me by providing alternative path of netbanking. I thank her.
31-Jan-2018 Abdul Gaffar Sk Priyanka D has given me excellent solution. Thanks Priyanka. Good Evening.
31-Jan-2018 Yomesh Spoke to Mohan raj a few seconds back and must say he was very patient in understanding my concerns and providing me up to the mark help and solution right away brought smiles on my face
31-Jan-2018 Nakul Excellent service by Shri Prem Kumar.
31-Jan-2018 Samiran Dear sir, with my cordial applaud, I would like to thank you and your team for the effort you have shown for clarification of the dispute payment that i had requested earlier with reference interaction id no. 5xxxxxxx. I am greatly satisfied with the way you responded to my grievance and resolve it with sincerity and professionally. I just have received the letter of dispute clarification today. I again thank you for your response which is undoubtedly praiseworthy. 
30-Jan-2018 Sandeep  Maheshwari Archana Devadiga very helpful
30-Jan-2018 Yazdani  Syed Varsha Waydande has helped me a lot. Thank you very much.
30-Jan-2018 Paraj  Jain To Suryakant Varma Good Communication provided necessary information needed
30-Jan-2018 Abhishake  Chauhan I have talked to Mr. Dinesh customer care of IndusInd bank. Mr. Dinesh had noted down my complaint and resolved it. So he performs his duty very well. Thank you.
30-Jan-2018 Ayub I appreciate kind and prompt action from Parvez Qureshi service delivery specialist and hope to continue with the best service in near future to all the valid customers
29-Jan-2018 Prerana  Kuchuri Jitendra Kotadia has resolved my issues
29-Jan-2018   L N Agarwal & Sons Mr. Ashok Mandal has helped me to update my GST number. 
29-Jan-2018   Anwar Money Transfer Sanjay Gupta speech quality bahut achi hai. Sanjay bhai bahut mast banda hai aur usne mujhe aapke bank ke bare mae bahut saari jankari di. Meri aapse request hai usko acchi post par rakhe.
29-Jan-2018 Aditya Kumar Pandey Good behavior, good job, very nice employee Mr. Hanuprasad. 
29-Jan-2018 Tarun Deep Singh 5xxxxxxx. I have spoken to Ms. Naphtali and she helped me with the issue properly.
28-Jan-2018 Sachin  Aneja Drashya Shetty compliments. My query was fully satisfied. Thanks for helping.
28-Jan-2018 Bhupendra Roopa Rajai good help for net banking
27-Jan-2018 Tulsi Enterprises Dipak Mali provided us good service
27-Jan-2018 Krishna  Kumar I am happy to get help from Miss Alpa. Thanks IndusInd
27-Jan-2018 Rajnish  Kumar Srutikanta Mishra is doing a great job
27-Jan-2018 M D Arkanul Haque It's good to have Jitendra Kotadia on support.
27-Jan-2018 Venkata I called customer care and I spoke with Priyanka she addressed all my queries and she was very polite on call. Very nice officer. I want to give 10 out 10 share my appreciation to her and best wishes
27-Jan-2018 Sanjeev Excellent service by Mohan your representative who guided me. Thank you.
26-Jan-2018   Mayur Jewellers Dipika B the issue is resolved very quickly. Thank you.
26-Jan-2018 Manish Girish Panchal I had spoken to Saravanakumar. I have been assisted for login password and debit card pin reset. I appreciate his assistance.
25-Jan-2018 Adedamola Williams Tiamiyu Your agent Shweta Jaiswal was of great help, amazing customer relations and communication is top notch. Solved all of my issues with one call and also gave me a reason to re-think banking with SBI
25-Jan-2018 Vaddi Vinod Kumar Sushma Vishwakarma satisfactory
25-Jan-2018   A 2 Z Web Solutions Sushma Vishwakarma. Thank you so much for resolving my pending issue of last 10 days. Good job. Keep it Up.
25-Jan-2018 Sahil  Thakkar Mr. Santosh Biswakarma helped me in an excellent way. 
25-Jan-2018 Mayank  Agrawal Thank you Mr. Hanuprasad for taking the complaint on my issue and getting it resolved respectively.
25-Jan-2018 Mayank  Agrawal Thank you Mr. Dinesh for following up on my complaint. I really appreciate.
25-Jan-2018 Naveen  Bagri Nice conversation Rachicta. I am fully satisfied with the call. Nice one. 
25-Jan-2018 Subramanian I got very good support from Ravikumar Joshi. I am fully satisfied with the details i got please continue this support Ravikumar Joshi.
24-Jan-2018   Maxime Retail Llp Dipak Mali is very helpful on the call and helped me to register my GST number instantly. 
24-Jan-2018 Pawan  Kumar Dipika B very good
24-Jan-2018   Multiply Sales And Services Dipak Mali best service got from this person
24-Jan-2018 Jitender Poonam Kumavat has given correct information
24-Jan-2018 Hujoor Das Verma Poonam Kumavat has provided excellent services.
24-Jan-2018 Santosh Kumar Patro Jitendra Kotadia guided well
24-Jan-2018 Jitendra I am happy with the service provided by Priyanka she made my day. She was very much polite on the call she guided me step by step how to generate pin while in conference. I was facing issue to generate
23-Jan-2018 Ziya Enterprise Monish Bhapkar is a good person.
23-Jan-2018 Mohit Deepak Gandhi I had some issues and queries related to the account and spoke with Deepak Kumar Vishwakarma. Deepak was very patient and helped answer my queries and also made some very helpful suggestions.  
23-Jan-2018 Saravanan  P I spoke to Saravanakumar. He helped me for internet banking password reset online.
23-Jan-2018 Nidhi Happy with how customers are treated quick response keep it up
23-Jan-2018 Ketan I like to give 09 on 10 Bunty Sachdev for the service he provided
22-Jan-2018 Spark India Enterprises I spoke to Sanjay Gupta. He helped me to educate about how to update my GST number with the bank and told me many other advantages of current account and banking with IndusInd bank.
22-Jan-2018 M/S R R Enterprises Spoke to Sanjay Gupta, he is a sincere person. His call helped me to register GST number. I am really thankful.
22-Jan-2018 Chunni  Choudhary Rahul Ture best advice
22-Jan-2018 Uday Advertisers I spoke to Monish Bhapkar. He helped me in internet banking
22-Jan-2018 Gsn Impressions I spoke to Monish Bhapkar and I am totally satisfied with his info. Thank you so much
22-Jan-2018 Vimal  Kumar Syed Saleem. Here the customer care fully supports me. 
22-Jan-2018 Vachheta Gautam I'm satisfied with customer support. Talked with miss Tripti Keshari
21-Jan-2018 Parshottambhai Dahayabhai Vaghela I am very much satisfied with your executive Ms. Pravesh. Her services are excellent.
20-Jan-2018 Umesh Dhavkal Gupta Issue resolved. Thanks for your quick guidance.
20-Jan-2018 Santosh  Kumar Shivani Lamba very good service.
19-Jan-2018 Ram Manoharbhai Vadhvani Dipika B perfect answer.
19-Jan-2018 Saugata I had conversed with Mr. Vinoth Dilip regarding my dispute no. 5xxxxxxx. He helped me out of the way by staying with me on the call and providing all the information. Thank you so much Vinoth.
19-Jan-2018 Amaresh Awesome service by miss Rucha Samant
18-Jan-2018 Jitendra Kumar Pandey Manindra Singh. Thanks for quick help.
18-Jan-2018   H S & Company 'Josphin guided very well.
18-Jan-2018   Haptuals Info Solution Pvt Ltd Hi Syed Saleem I am very happy to talk to you. You are very helpful with your suggestions while talking with me.
18-Jan-2018 Hitesh  Sharma It was very nice to talk with Mr. Rohit Kumar Singh. He helped me out in the concern of how to redeem reward points and helped me throughout the process over the call.
18-Jan-2018 Pramod  Karadkar Sushma Vishwakarma has helped me very well
18-Jan-2018 Prasanna Kumar Holla K R  Custlastname Sanjay Das gave a good support. I am thankful
17-Jan-2018 Snehal Sanjay Jagdale Suryakala good guideline
17-Jan-2018 Manoj  Kumar Syed Saleem. Customer care very easily helped me.
17-Jan-2018   Global Swadeshi Kendra I spoke to Sanjay Gupta. He helped to link GST. Excellent service given by him.
17-Jan-2018 Sandeep  Kumar Dipika B one of the customer executives is very good and responsive for customer queries.
17-Jan-2018 Sandeep Alok 7xxxx has good knowledge on products and explain them very well which made me to take decision through which i will get maximum benefits. He very polite and confident during our conversation.
17-Jan-2018 Nagabushanam Bunty Sachdev service is good he guided me how to activate my credit card pin generation and throughout the work he guided me politely and I am fully satisfied in his service. I like to give 10 points.
17-Jan-2018 Sumit Thank you for the confirmation that my card has been blocked. Kindly also please confirm that there's no fees, charge etc. Levied on that card and that there's absolutely nothing outstanding on this card account. I also appreciate your detailed reply. I have always adulated the services of IndusInd bank.
16-Jan-2018 Sushil  Kumar Shivani Lamba good work
16-Jan-2018 Mahesh  Kumar I am satisfied with the knowledge given by Mr. Santosh Kharat
16-Jan-2018 Satyajit  Bhakat Mr. Siddhesh Salunke very good services.
16-Jan-2018 Prateek  Singh Srutikanta Mishra good
16-Jan-2018 Ahmed Khan Neil Rodrigues is fantastic guy he helped me a lot great work keep it up.
15-Jan-2018   Super Gas Spoke to Sanjay Gupta. Respond is excellent
15-Jan-2018 Prasanjeet  Mukherjee I am finally satisfied with Hanuprasad as he assisted me in a good manner. Thanks.
15-Jan-2018 Arihant Minal Mehra assisted nicely. Given good service.
15-Jan-2018 Balesh Kumar Kushwaha Shivani Lamba services is ok
15-Jan-2018 Rohit  Gupta Shivani Lamba very good service
15-Jan-2018 Kaviyarasu  J Akash Dhanopia given information is very good. He was very patient to handle the customer and give the right information. Thank you so much Akashhhh.... 
12-Jan-2018 Ankit  Kumar Thanks for helping. Saranya very good
12-Jan-2018   Green Planet Resource Private Limited I rate Manasa the customer care executive help as Excellent
12-Jan-2018 Pervez  Alam Mr. Siddhesh Salunke. Good excellent service
12-Jan-2018 Khan Ershad  Hussain I just spoke to Sanjay Gupta. I had great experience in understanding the process of banking. He let me know the details of maintenance of avg balance. Felt great dealing with Sanjay Gupta.
12-Jan-2018 Ajeet  Sharma Thanks to Vishal Shetty. Its nice talking with him. He helped me very well. 
12-Jan-2018 Rajkumar  Gupta Avinash Chachle. Nice suggestion by you.
12-Jan-2018 Afzal  Ahmed Contacted with Swapnil. On call resolution given by Swapnil. I am satisfied and also he raised a request against email correction. I really appreciate him.
12-Jan-2018 Arun Batheja Mr Bunty who assisted me during my accessing my card n he helped me a lot in such a manner which is appreciable. During this conversation he was very polite.
12-Jan-2018 Vilas More Hi sir i want to appreciate the call taken by Mr. Mohan Raja. He has understand the situation and tried to resolve my issue. I can say in your bank he is one of the best customer care person
12-Jan-2018 Hussain Thank you for the details. As of now, I don't have any issue with below transactions. Your bank is good. I could carry out multiple transactions without any problem. Good bye
12-Jan-2018 Balkrishna Dear IndusInd care team, thank you so much. I appreciate the approach and understanding of the bank.
12-Jan-2018 Shailendra Thanks for sending the reply with all the relevant info. I will wait for the reversal request outcome. Appreciate your proactiveness and all the help Aamir.
11-Jan-2018 Puspendu  Dey Nandini Bangera was really professional. She cleared all my query with the best knowledge on time.
11-Jan-2018 Prashant Ramchandra Phalle Mr. Siddhesh Salunke information given by you is very helpful to me. I am satisfied with your co-operation. Thanks
11-Jan-2018 Premier Edge Solutions Pvt Ltd I am satisfied with all the services given by Mr. Monish Bhapkar.
11-Jan-2018 Malaji Mohan Krishna Hanuprasad. I am satisfied fully. Solved my problems. So much patience. Thank you.
11-Jan-2018 Rajendr  Patidar Sameer Jiwani muje inki seva bhut badiya lagi. Mujhe santusht kiya.
10-Jan-2018 Kalyan Ashish Dutta Happy with your service guidance Ms. Ankita Pandey. Thanks.
10-Jan-2018 G Ashok Kumar I called to customer care Raj Nayak. It is related to my mobile app. It was good service provided by Raj. Thank you.
10-Jan-2018 Maxwell Stephen Dalmet Roopa Rajai. Good response received from the concerned person. Thanking You.
10-Jan-2018   Reeva Architecture Plus Design 'I have spoken to Miss Leelavati Bonthu regarding my loyalty point and net banking. I am satisfied with the information so I would like you rate her 5 out of 5.
10-Jan-2018   Bahri Realty Management Services Private Limited I spoke to Mr. Sajay Gupta regarding GST updation and other online services. He is very helpful to us and always ready to provide immediate help whenever required. Thanks.
10-Jan-2018 Saanvi  Sawant Thank you Minal Mehra for your quick support. Really appreciate the way my request is processed.
10-Jan-2018 Ridmal Singh Sodha Nikhil Bhageria your executive was very good on giving information on call
10-Jan-2018 Riddhika  Agrawal Hanuprasad very good.
09-Jan-2018   Vitrag Gems Best response from Shweta
09-Jan-2018 Ram Sagar Tripathi Raj Nayak Good services
09-Jan-2018 Mohammad Abbas Lone Namrata Pusalkar has given all the information.
09-Jan-2018 Nidhi Gautam Sheth We have received good feedback From Mayank Dharod. My Query is solved. I am happy with his answer. 
09-Jan-2018 Mukul Kumar Singh Ajan Salmani good information shared.
09-Jan-2018 Amit Gandage It was a treat and awesome experience talking with Ravikumar Joshi he was patient throughout the call very professional. Understood my problem in first shot. My best wishes for Ravikumar Joshi.
09-Jan-2018 Lakshminarayana Very nice follow up and happy service provided by you. But unfortunately disabling my card due to onsite shift.
08-Jan-2018 Abdul Navaz Shaik Mr. Deepak Kumar Vishwakarma is helpful regarding my complaints. 
08-Jan-2018   Mars Magic Ventures Mr. Vigneshwaran has attended and given appropriate quick solution to my query. I got a very good support from Mr. Vigneshwaran today and really appreciate.
08-Jan-2018 Arvind Kumar  Singh Abhishek Kolte I am satisfied with you. 
08-Jan-2018 Prem Sagar Pettela Santhosh Prabhu is a very patient agent enriched with great presence of mind. Loved his resolution. Appreciate the help.
07-Jan-2018 Arun Kumar K I have good assistance from Purnima. She guided me very well. Thanks.
07-Jan-2018 Nileshkumar K Dave Santosh has given awesome service and solved my problem.
07-Jan-2018 Deepak M I called to know my bill cycle date and to convert a transaction into EMI. I spoke to Priyanka and she explained me clearly and she was polite on call and I am very happy with the services.
06-Jan-2018   Closed Loop It Solutions Private Limited Roopa Rajai Very helpful executive 
06-Jan-2018 Pahlad  Sharma I have spoken to Gaurav. He is a very nice person and help me a lot.
06-Jan-2018 Piyush Pramod Sethi I Spoke to Vajrika Nath who is a supervisor and she was very prompt with her tips on helping me setup my online banking ID even after I was very irrate on the call. Please give her an appreciation.
06-Jan-2018 Abilash Hi IndusInd team, I would like to appreciate one of your executive named Nirupama Singh excellent fabulous and marvellous experience had today on the call she was very patient on call wow
05-Jan-2018 Pritam Kumar Tiwari Hi Team, I am satisfied with Minal Mehra's conversation. She's helped me out to generate my customer ID. I am really thankful for Minal Mehra.
05-Jan-2018 Aarti Rajkumar Sharma Sameer was amazing. Went out of the way to help me. He religiously followed up with me and ensured that my issue is resolved. I was very upset but his service retained me. You need more people like him.
05-Jan-2018 Abhishek  Dixit Very good and excellent talking with Amit Vaishnav. He is very good and a nice person. Thanks Amit for your prompt support.
04-Jan-2018 Shishir  M Sweta Rudra. It was very helpful. 
04-Jan-2018   Nutech Services Services from Monish Bhapkar were good and prompt
04-Jan-2018 Putrev Ajaey Kumar Manasa executive provides excellent service. Thankyou
04-Jan-2018   Mangal Construction Minal Mehra provided a very good and complete satisfactory answer.
04-Jan-2018 Sumit  Das Binesh Mishra very good support
04-Jan-2018 Tushar Vikas Kharche I appreciate the support and help for Net Banking from Leelavati Bonthu
04-Jan-2018 Kodaconti  Kodandaramu Vigneshwaran S, has done a good job during my net banking password generation. I appreciate his valuable support towards customers.
04-Jan-2018 Pratik Jaising Bapardekar Good response from Minal Mehra
04-Jan-2018   Fast Expo Private Limited Mr. Siddhesh Salunke. Excellent guide and good understanding
04-Jan-2018 Shivani  Kaushal Binesh Mishra. He has helped me and solved my query. Thanks for the wonderful and friendly help.
03-Jan-2018 Arjun E Vasudevan I got a good support from Nilima Biswas for reactivating my user name and password. And I got it solved on the same call. Thanks for the same. Keep it up.
03-Jan-2018 Alokesh Kumar Pandit I talked with Jayasri and she has resolved my issue very well. I am glad with the service provided.
03-Jan-2018 T  Thejeshwar Excellent customer service by Aravindkumar L
03-Jan-2018 Peter Joseph Palahengal It is a fabulous experience to speak to Mr. Manindra Singh
03-Jan-2018 Harish  Yadav Compliments for officer Vajrika Nath. Good support
03-Jan-2018 Shubhranshu  Ravi Good handling by Priyanka D. Well done.
03-Jan-2018 Shubham Kumar Gupta Mr. Hanu Prasad gave me good service. He helped me for updating PAN number.
03-Jan-2018 Pawan  Makkar Excellent. Vigneshwaran love it.
02-Jan-2018 M  Saranya Hi Pavithra, Thanks for your valuable support.
02-Jan-2018 Payyappilly Jacob Jose I would like to appreciate the simple advise Rakesh Panwelkar provided me today on how to reset the transaction password. Thanks for the support. 
02-Jan-2018 Gurram  Ravi Vanita Shere I am satisfied with this services its really good Thank you
02-Jan-2018 Narendra Ramkrishna Bhiwapurkar Vigneshwaran I am satisfied by his support
02-Jan-2018 Divya  Banik Mr. Vigneshwaran helped me a lot in solving my queries regarding updating the passwords. I tried all the ways before contacting customer care but all failed. Thank you so much Vignesh for your help.
02-Jan-2018 Bharat  Bhushan I had a word with Rishi Chaudhary regarding my issue and he was very polite and he helped me with the required information. Congratulations Rishi.. Thanks
02-Jan-2018 Ankan  Chakraborty Thanks Indusind Bank. I am really happy to get Anil Kumar Mishra. Because he understood well and got me out of the mess.
01-Jan-2018 Aditya Kumar Jha Miss Priya Chourasiya acchi service. 5 Rating
01-Jan-2018 Raghubir  Das I am fully satisfied with Dilip Rathod Serivice.
01-Jan-2018 Rupesh  Kumar Mr. Santosh. Thank You for your help.
01-Jan-2018 Lalit  Gupta I am happy with the services provided by Mr. Mahendra Singh Ranawat 
01-Jan-2018 S Sravan Kumar Syed Saleem. Thanks for your support.
01-Jan-2018 Punnen John Prateek Gupta was very helpful.
30-Dec-2017 Subham Kumar I am very happy with your service. Your executive Akshaya Moolya has served in a very nice way.
30-Dec-2017 Ramesh M Patil Excellent Hanuprasad. Good support
30-Dec-2017 Uddanti Lakshmi Subrahmanyes Rao Hanuprasad one of the customer executives is very good and responsive for customer queries.
30-Dec-2017 Mrutyunjaya Nanda I am writing on a happy note to inform that I truly appreciate the support and patience response I got from Saraswati, she was really helpful.
29-Dec-2017 Harshith B Few customer care representatives have really helped me through the issue like Raj Nayak.
29-Dec-2017 Ravi Shankar Dubey The representative I talked with named Mr. Vignesh was such a helpful buddy and sorted out my issues with such an amazing effort. Really helpful. Such a great service. Thanks for your support.
29-Dec-2017 Smartkart I spoke to Sanjay Gupta. Nice to talk with us and good response for this. Thank you.
29-Dec-2017 S S Telecom Good services. Mr. Monish Bhapkar
29-Dec-2017 Amit Saxena Raj Nayak good service 
29-Dec-2017 P Emmanuel Prashanth Kumar When I contacted customer care Mr. Ajay Kumar Poonia give me complete info guiding me in a very interesting and easy way to understand and provided me with all details. Thanking you.
29-Dec-2017 Dinesh Kumar Raj Nayak helped for transaction information. Good service.
29-Dec-2017 Shepuri Myself Shepuri Ashok Kumar. It was nice interacting with Hanuprasad. His service was very good.
29-Dec-2017 Sanjeev Kumar I just called to customer care Vishal Shetty helped me a lot for blocking and replacement of my stolen debit card.
29-Dec-2017 Rajshekhar Zourez mohammed had helped me in updating my name and aadhar number in with quick response.. really appreciate keep it up
29-Dec-2017 Rohan Very quick responses. I appreciate it.
28-Dec-2017 Veereddy Kovvuri Darshana Hirlekar. Excellent feedback.
28-Dec-2017 Nirmesh Ms. Nandini Bangera has given her good service
28-Dec-2017 Sarva Srishti Health Care I had a word with Mr. Raj Nayak for my net banking. He explained me the process to create ATM pin.
28-Dec-2017 Neha Agarwal Helpful and Generous. Compliment for Ms. Jayasri
28-Dec-2017 Vasireddy Harish I spoke to Raj Nayak. He helped me on how to generate login password
28-Dec-2017 Harshith B Few customer care representatives have really helped me through the issue like Simi Rupani.
28-Dec-2017 Ajit Kumar (Min) U/G Ramchandra Yadav I am Ajit Umar and I talked to Santosh Biswakarma and he gave very needful information to me. Thank you.
28-Dec-2017 Shamshad Ali Vignesh was very helpful in resolving my query. I am happy with service. Thank you very much.
28-Dec-2017 Shamshad Jignesh was very helpful in resolving my query. I am happy with service. Thank you very much
28-Dec-2017 Tamanna I called at customer care and had a word with Nirupama Singh. She is very polite and happily answered all my queries. God bless.
27-Dec-2017 Walls & Window Great service provided by Sweta Rudra
27-Dec-2017 Archana M Nair Thank you Vigneshwaran for guiding me and helping me.
27-Dec-2017 Mohamed Ismail Mohamed Ibrahim Vigneshwaran service is excellent
27-Dec-2017 Retam Karmakar Binesh Mishra helped me. He is very helpful. Taking care of me and my query and trying to solve it soon.
27-Dec-2017 Shweta Misra  I received a prompt response and resolution to my request
27-Dec-2017 Puneet Verma very good
27-Dec-2017 Aayush Arora For Darshan Bhalerao from Mumbai Amazing service. Answered all questions amazingly well. Thanks a lot for your quick and able support. Give him a raise
26-Dec-2017 Neeraj Kumar Yadav Smt. Ankita Pandey your good service best 
26-Dec-2017 Temulun Namya Temujin (Min) U/G Temujin Kathirkamanathan 5xxxx Surya Good Job. We eventually managed to get through to set up a new beneficiary setup for my daughter as there was confusion on NEFT and RGTS which was not permitted as it was subsidiary account.
26-Dec-2017 Karthick Raghavan V Spoke to Saravana Kumar he has provided very good customer service regarding the Aadhar linking and online banking.
26-Dec-2017 Saeed Ahmad Khan Thanks Poonam Kumavat for the quick resolution.
26-Dec-2017 Neeraj Kumar Yadav Syed Saleem sir your good service best
26-Dec-2017 Custlastname Thanks a lot Santosh
26-Dec-2017 Smruti I called three time customer service no one helped me in generating my credit card. When i spoke with Priyanka she guided with step by step in the conference I want to give 5 out of 5
26-Dec-2017 Raghuraj B R Dear All, I would like to compliment one of your employee Ms Barnali for the excellent service.  She helped me to sort out my problem after I discovered that there had been several issues made from it a few weeks ago. Ms Barnali took care of all my queries in a jiffy.  She also provided timely and helpful advice regarding card status. It was 3 min talk. But was impressed the way she explained. Please accept my gratitude towards her and your entire team for their speedy and efficient service. I would like to commend the employee for her professionalism and superlative skills.  Not sure whether I get the credit card or not, but I'm happy for the thoughtful assurance and assistance.  
25-Dec-2017 Nilesh Kunte The Customer Care Representative Danish Patel had satisfied my queries
24-Dec-2017 Sunil Ashok Sangtani Hema your explanation was fabulous
24-Dec-2017 Nidhi Rahul Ture I really appreciate your support. Thanks a lot.
23-Dec-2017 Harbhajan Singh Uttam Singh I sincerely thank Mr. Hardeep Singh for a very profound and excellent manner in getting my Debit card Password and subsequently guiding for the Internet Password. Made my day. Thanks a lot. Harbhajan.
23-Dec-2017 Arif Shaikh I contacted your customer care. She is very helpful. Her name is Akshada from Escalation Desk Mumbai. Please appreciate or do something for her. She handled my call very patiently. Thank you IndusInd.
23-Dec-2017 Gangadhar Mahanta Raj Nayak good service
23-Dec-2017 Bajrang Bahadur 'Raj Nayak good service for transaction password 5xxxxxxx
23-Dec-2017 Raguram G S Rakesh Panwelkar has given good service on call for my pin generation. I will give you a rating 5 out of 5   
23-Dec-2017 Virendra Kumar Mr Ajay. My experience was very good and excellent. Thank You. Ajay Ji.
23-Dec-2017 Vijayalakshmi Shilpa Salve Has been very helpful and courteous and patient while listening to my grievance and resolving it
22-Dec-2017 Pritesh Ashok Savla Josphin has done a great work by guiding me
22-Dec-2017 Sajal Mandal Sonali Powale has given me excellent service so I will give her a rating of five
22-Dec-2017 Gandhiraj B Amit Vaishnav is very helpful and great
22-Dec-2017 Dipankar I had called to complain about my credit card not being accepted for online transactions. Your Tripti took the call and was extremely helpful. Thank you and thanks to her.
21-Dec-2017 Trans Electrocontrols Spoke to Mr. Sanjay Gupta. We appreciate the service provided by him. He is extremely polite and his follow-up is very good. We felt as if we are one of the privileged customers of this bank. Thanks.
21-Dec-2017 Akhilesh Raj Nayak good services
21-Dec-2017 Reddy Maharshi Akshada madam is helping to pay my loan EMI. It is very good to pay my loan EMI's with her help.
21-Dec-2017 Mehul Anilbhai Patel Akshada very nice service provided from Contact Centre
21-Dec-2017 Satnam Singh Very good response from Mansi
21-Dec-2017 Mahesh N Hejmadi Drashya Shetty is great. Immediate answer to the query 
21-Dec-2017 Ravindra Kumar Jha Raj Nayak good service
21-Dec-2017 Amit Kumar Raj Nayak good service
20-Dec-2017 Sweta Sharma Vishal Shetty. Satisfied.
20-Dec-2017 Brijesh Kumar Kesharwani I have called for user id activation and the officer Vishal Shetty helped me for user id activation so I am thankful.
20-Dec-2017 Trinath Bytapudi Bytapudi Jayasudha. Good service.
20-Dec-2017 In Your Mirror Nikita Creado the customer representative I talked to was very helpful, efficient and patient. She helped me out with several issues that I had in a prompt manner.
20-Dec-2017 Kuna Venkatagiribabu Santosh Kharat promptly attended my complaint and gave all possible helps and cleared my problem. Hence the work provided by him is highly appreciable.
20-Dec-2017 Sukhjinder Brar Prathmesh Ahire is a very nice and talented guy.
20-Dec-2017 Shivam Arora Nikhil Bhambri it was nice talking to you. Way of talking is good. Nice English.
19-Dec-2017 Satyendra Kr Ms. Priya Chourasiya excellent. Solved my problem.
19-Dec-2017 Ram Lakhan Raj Nayak good service.
19-Dec-2017 Amol Ashokrao Masatkar Sweta Rudra. Rank 05.
19-Dec-2017 Padmavati Maile Syed Saleem gave me very good service and was cooperative. Thank you very much.
19-Dec-2017 Anabathula Soma Shekar It was nice speaking with Hanu Prasad. He gave a good response for the query I had asked. I feel I have received enough information from Hanu Prasad. Thank You.
19-Dec-2017 Amit Kumar Abhishek Kolte sir. Thanks for your support and help.
19-Dec-2017 Enrich Global Export Binesh Mishra excellent 
19-Dec-2017 Narasimha Babita Pandey I had a great conversation with her and she helped me to reset my credit card pin with in few minutes. And I was trying from almost two weeks nice. Thank you so much Babita.
18-Dec-2017 Anishur Rahman Hi Jitendra Kotadia you guided me well. I like your service. You talked to me very well. Thanks for guiding me.
18-Dec-2017 Biki Medhi Josphin. Helpful service received for net banking.
18-Dec-2017 Preeti It was a pleasure talking with Prateek Gupta who was able to resolve all my query ...Keep it up
17-Dec-2017 Sachin Marutirao Gawali Archana Devadiga. Very helpful.
17-Dec-2017 Azaz Abdul Shaikh Good service by Poonam Kumavat.
17-Dec-2017 Pavan Rathore Avinash Chachle 7xxxx. I am satisfied with him.
16-Dec-2017 Subhash C Kothari Drashya Shetty was the person who picked up my call. I had to confirm if my cheque will get cleared. She understood my requirement well and addressed my query and confirmed my request. I was satisfied.
16-Dec-2017 Prathap R Good call. Hema helped a lot from Chennai.
16-Dec-2017 Manish Shrivastava I talked with Mr. Sanjay Kumar, he solved all my query with patience and guided properly. My experience was fantastic. 
16-Dec-2017 Vikas Sharma It was really nice of Vaibhav Singh to help me regenerate the PIN and enabled my internet banking account. He had been really patient throughout the call and helped with providing details.
16-Dec-2017 Suchil Gupta Rishi Chaudhary it was nice talking with him. He resolved all my queries. Nice person.
15-Dec-2017 M/S P V Gems & Jewellers I spoke to Sanjay Gupta. Excellent
15-Dec-2017 Sanjeev Kumar Avinash Chachle 7xxxx. Your feedback information is very helpful, thank you.
15-Dec-2017 Diwan I am satisfied with the services provided by Bunty Sachdev and want to rate him 10 out of 10 for his services
14-Dec-2017 Firdos Ahmad Nisar Ahmad Shaikh Rishi Chaudhary nice service
14-Dec-2017 Shree Hari Enterprise I spoke to Sanjay Gupta. Very excellent service and very co-operative person.
14-Dec-2017 Sachin That is awesome. Thanks Mr. Abhishek Kolte for helping me.
14-Dec-2017 Ashok Kumar Ram Forgot my ATM pin. Spoke with one of the customer executive Binesh Mishra. He helped me for re-generating the pin. Thanks Indusind. Great service.
14-Dec-2017 Sunkara Raju Extra ordinary service from Mr. Hanuprasad. Thank you.
14-Dec-2017 Preeti I was unable to log in my account and I did not get solution on my query from last 2 months and now Mr. Mukarram Sheikh has solved my issue very efficiently. Good job. Thanks
13-Dec-2017 Jitendra Parshotam Joshi Spoke with Mr. Saravanakumar who was good.
13-Dec-2017 Vikram Sanjay Mohite Roopa Rajai. Fully Satisfied with the provided information. Thanks a lot for your support.
13-Dec-2017 Anand Jain Santosh Biswakarma sir is very good. Nice talking. My problem solved and I am very satisfied.
13-Dec-2017 Arvind Singh Chauhan Good Ankit
12-Dec-2017 Pramod Kumar Ram You executive Nikhil Bhageria helped me a lot. Got my card blocked and also assisted me with a good card as per my requirement.
12-Dec-2017 Akshay Narayan Chaudhari Roopa Rajai. Mujhe inhone bahut hi acchi tarah internet banking start karane ke liye help kiya.
12-Dec-2017 Om Chemitex I spoke to Sanjay Gupta. Very good service and I am impressed with this person
12-Dec-2017 K J Chemotex I spoke to Sanjay Gupta. Very nice experience and good services.
12-Dec-2017 Deepak Pandey Sanjay Kumar is a very good person and a very helping person
12-Dec-2017 Maroof Ahmad Mir Satisfied Manasa
12-Dec-2017 Pradeep Barman Raj Nayak was doing good Job
12-Dec-2017 Syed Mohammed Buhari S Mr. Santhosh Prabhu was very helpful.
12-Dec-2017 Vivek I was very happy with resolutions and help provided by Pranajli 
11-Dec-2017 Vineet Kumar Namrata Pusalkar has given me all the information.
11-Dec-2017 Nayak Infrastructures Sunita Singh satisfied with her interaction
11-Dec-2017 Dipanjan Chakraborty Sandip Jadhav is a very nice person. I am very happy with the service.
11-Dec-2017 Irfan D Dandin Very good way of handling and delighting the customer Sandip Jadhav
11-Dec-2017 Wadkar Sunil Krishna Very good service provided by Mr. Santosh Kharat 
10-Dec-2017 Parag Yeshwant Gurav I am happy with services provided by Drashya Shetty. Good Communication skill.
10-Dec-2017 Vipin Chaudhari Drashya thank you for your service
10-Dec-2017 Manoj Kumar Drashya had taken my call. She did a very excellent job to fulfil my needs. Thanks to her to give such a good response.
10-Dec-2017 Julie Mathews Very much impressed by the fast response from customer care person Mr. Manohar Shinde. Much Appreciated.
09-Dec-2017 Adiraju Saikiran It was great talking to your representative Ms. Sweta Rudra today and I am satisfied with her feedback on aadhar linking and user id unlock and other queries. I will rate this call at 5.
09-Dec-2017 Gravity Office Services It was a pleasure to give my feedback about Alpa Makwana who assisted me as I expected. I am really so happy with her assistance.
09-Dec-2017 Aslam Ahamad Binesh Mishra is very successful in helping me. Thanks for it IndusInd bank
09-Dec-2017 J M Star Executive Showmyapriyaa gave me good service and helped me to unlock the netbanking user id
09-Dec-2017 Mithi Kumari Mr. Raj Nayak 5xxxxxxx. I called to customer care Mr Raj who had taken my request. He provided me the complaint ID. I got good response.
09-Dec-2017 Dharmender Singh I was facing deactivation problem of net banking user id. I was connected with Vishal Shetty to help me. I feel very happy and thanks to Vishal.
09-Dec-2017 Somnath Dear all..Good day.. Myself Somenath Datta, Credit card no- 4xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Had a talk with Ms Nirupama Singh from Indusind Credit Card Customer Service Desk. My queries are explained well.  I am satisfied with her assistance. She was kind enough to put light on related terms and conditions also. Though not a big issue but if back noises could be reduced a little more than much helpful. Thanking you. 
08-Dec-2017 Mrinmay Sarkar Spoken to Gaurav and I am totally satisfied with his assistance. All information has been provided step by step to me.
08-Dec-2017 Supriyo Saha I have spoken to Miss Leelavati Bonthu regarding my user name and password and I am satisfied with the information. I would like to rate her five.
08-Dec-2017 Kanchan Kothiyal I have spoken to Miss Leelavati Bonthu regarding my RD premature withdrawal. I am very happy with the information. So I would like to rate her 5.
08-Dec-2017 Innovic Advisory Llp Nikita is really very polite and ready to help. Very thankful to Nikita
08-Dec-2017 Rupesh Sadanand Waghe Pranali Tike she is good to provide service on telecom. Thank you for providing me your valuable help.
08-Dec-2017 N Srinivasa Rao Nannapaneni Devi Priya has explained all the things very well.
08-Dec-2017 Priyanshu Ghosh Mr. Nikhil Bhambri. I am very satisfied with your support.
08-Dec-2017 Saranraj Selvakumar Mr. Deepak Kumar Vishwakarma service was excellent and keep it up
08-Dec-2017 Suhita Bharne Hemavathi from Chennai contact centre was really helpful to assist me with the online banking procedure. I really appreciate her help in knowing the features better. Good luck to her for future.
08-Dec-2017 Pedro John Fernandes Arun Kumar was very helpful to guide me to set PIN for my debit card
08-Dec-2017 Savera Training Center Association Rahul Ture. Very good service. Good job. Thanks a lot.
08-Dec-2017 Sunita Jaysing Dalvi Mayank Dharod Good Service
08-Dec-2017 Adil Bunty Sachdev is very good person he help me for login my account in very good manner
08-Dec-2017 Vinay Credit Card Number: 4xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you for giving an opportunity to use Indusind Credit Card services. I am very happy with your products and services. Yesterday I had received the new Legend Credit Card. It was a tremendous feeling - The card style was excellent - The features of the card are very useful. I really appreciate you officers are providing an excellent service. I truly recommend Indusind Credit Cards for my friends and family. Further, I had received only a single card in the courier. I am requesting you - please send me the welcome kit of Legend Credit Card to my residential address. So, that I can pursue more benefits of the card. I am wishing you, advance Christmas to you and your family members. 
07-Dec-2017 Gitanjali Baruah I appreciate the services of Tejas D who helped me register for internet banking and Debit Card PIN generation. He seems to have a very good customer service aptitude. Thanks.
07-Dec-2017 Saurav Podder I talked to Mr. Yogesh Rawat one of your customer care executive. He gave me a very good service and also very nice guidance for my new online registration.
07-Dec-2017 Vikas Jaggu Jaggu I am so happy for Vanita Shere. Thanks for your help.
07-Dec-2017 Nichanametla Chandramouli I am full impressed with one of your employee whose name is Vajrika Nath. She has given the valuable information and provided the resolution quickly. I am appreciating her efforts. Feeling happy thanks.
07-Dec-2017 Hardeep Singh 5 Points. I am satisfied with officer Vanita Shere.
07-Dec-2017 Hungry Hub I would like to take this opportunity to really thank Mr. Sameer for very fast resolution of my issue which was really hampering my banking services very polity during conversation.
07-Dec-2017 Anando Sen Amit Vaishnav you have been helpful throughout and solved my problem.
07-Dec-2017 Suraj Kumar Jha Rahul Ture nice service
07-Dec-2017 Naresh Kumar Manindra Singh. Best service provided for net banking
07-Dec-2017 Gaurav Sharma Deepak Kumar Vishwakarma excellent support.
07-Dec-2017 Pravin My error in understanding finance charges!! Thank you for bringing closure to this issue. I appreciate sincerely Pravin
07-Dec-2017 Saumya Called up customer service centre and received good response from Akshata
06-Dec-2017 Deepak Ray Shruti Sawant. She is a very good person. She has helped me in my Banking Related query. 
06-Dec-2017 Dhruba Joti Sengupta Minal Mehra provided very good service
06-Dec-2017 Sunil Art Center Excellent Miss. Gunja
06-Dec-2017 Naval Kishore Majhi Akshada helped me solve my problem regarding the redemption of my debit card loyalty points. She was polite and solved my problem very soon. I am very glad to receive this kind of service from you.
06-Dec-2017 Subrata Dinda Karishma Sharma. She helped to unlock my user id password and net banking.
06-Dec-2017 Prabin Naskar Mayank Dharod good support.
06-Dec-2017 Sanjay Kumar Rana Raj Nayak. I talked to customer care Mr. Raj Nayak for Transaction Password. Thanks very much for your support.
06-Dec-2017 Ruchika Sahota Amit Vaishnav really attended the call very well. Cleared my all queries. He spoke polietely. Thanks Vaishnav.
06-Dec-2017 Rajesh Kumar Miss Prachiti helped me to send internet banking user ID And Password on my registered address
06-Dec-2017 Joseph George Mr Tejas D service was excellent 
06-Dec-2017 Srikanth Vikash Kumar. Response to my query is very good.
06-Dec-2017 Pratikrajsinh Excellent guidance received from Vishal Khaire
05-Dec-2017 Parimal Yatish Mithani Ms. Infandgini was very helpful in terms of service. It was very helpful.
05-Dec-2017 Nitin Kumar D Chauhan Pavithra a contact centre agent has assisted me well to create net banking account and was patiently assisting till I made a successful login. Thank you for your support
05-Dec-2017 Alka Arora I was attended to by Ms Sanuja who was very efficient and polite. I wish all customer service agents were like her. Keep up the good work Indus Ind team
05-Dec-2017 Mitesh Vitthaldas Shah I got instant help from Mr. Santosh Kharat and he solved my problem. I am very thankful to him for his presence of mind and quick help.
05-Dec-2017 Parimal Dadasaheb Kakade Mr. Syed Saleem nice. Best customer feedback.
05-Dec-2017 Ajit M Patel Amit Vaishnav very good.
05-Dec-2017 Buland Akhtar Pooja Tandel provided me awesome service. I was not expecting this type of service from IndusInd being a banker. Thank you very much for that. Keep it up.
05-Dec-2017 Kishore Chinta Helped a lot about internet banking. The executive name is Vishal Shetty. Thank You
05-Dec-2017 Srivastava & Associates Abhishek Kolte has assisted me in a very nice way.
05-Dec-2017 Lakshmi Narayan Choudhary Raj Nayak helped for IFSC. Hame bahut acchi tarah se madad mila.
05-Dec-2017 Benjamin K HI I got credit card finally .Thanks to Mrs Barnali Mazumdar .Really appreciative the way she communicating with customers.  Regards Benjamin K
04-Dec-2017 Fantasy Fabs And Buildtech Llp Excellent feedback and service from Miss Jayasudha
04-Dec-2017 G Pattabiraman I really enjoy dealing with Indusind Bank and I wish to place on record my appreciation for the good service provided by Mr. Vishal Shetty. All the Best.
04-Dec-2017 S V R Janardhana Rao Raj Nayak. He has helped me in changing the Login and Transition password. His services are Excellent. 
04-Dec-2017 Yogesh Kumar Singh Santosh Kharat. I am really happy with Santosh for the service that he has given to me. Thankyou.
04-Dec-2017 Alok Outstanding Prem Kumar
03-Dec-2017 Manoj Kumar Yadav Pendu Vajrika was very helpful in resolving my issue. Cheers for delighting a customer. Thank you.
03-Dec-2017 Janesh Chopra I just called Call Centre and talked to Mr. Vishal Shetty. It was a pleasure talking to him and all my queries were resolved with patience. 
03-Dec-2017 Bappa Dey I called for netbanking and I had spoken with Vishal Shetty and he helped
03-Dec-2017 Dokala Satyanarayana I am satisfied with the service got by Mr. Jitendra Kotadia
03-Dec-2017 Pawankumar Virendra Sao Anil Kumar Mishra. Excellent.
03-Dec-2017 Naresh I spoke to Bunty Sachdev. He is very good in manner and explained clearly. Gave alternate options to set the PIN. I can give him 5 rating out of 5 thanks for your support.
02-Dec-2017 Northwest Shipping And Logistics PL Ms. Vaishali helped me out through the GST registration and redeeming of the card points. It was a pleasure dealing with her.
02-Dec-2017 Kirtiraj J Sawant 057668456 Naphtali Debbarma. You are really good at following up with the client so as to ensure that they are never left in the dark. Keep it up.
02-Dec-2017 Gangavayulapalyam Sreevathsa Rao Very good service by Executive Manasa thank you
02-Dec-2017 Tradenest International I spoke to Sanjay Gupta. Very useful information provided related to GST and banking service.
02-Dec-2017 Chetan Ganeshrao Mankar For Swapnil Bhandare. He is a very good person. He resolved my problem.      
02-Dec-2017 R Sabarinathan Manikandan. It's very good attending to the customer's mentality.
02-Dec-2017 Jalim Singh Raj Nayak. Best response.
02-Dec-2017 Rinku Shersingh Paul Very Good. Binesh Mishra.
02-Dec-2017 Sachin Shashikant Buranje Good Mr. Siddhesh Salunke 
02-Dec-2017 Pasala Vinod Kumar Hanuprasad I am fully satisfied with the customer executive.
02-Dec-2017 Neelam Chaudhary Binesh Mishra provided excellent support and tried his best to resolve my queries.
02-Dec-2017 Jayantika Excellent customer service support for fraudulent transactions on my credit card and investigation is still on-going. But I am receiving very prompt and courteous help from Reshma
01-Dec-2017 Talekattu Rakesh Babu Manikandan. Very good service.
01-Dec-2017 Anish Banerjee Vikas Yadav was wonderful in the way he cleared all my doubts. Indusind should hire employees like Vikas. You made my day.
01-Dec-2017 Parasa Ramakrishna Very good Hanuprasad 
01-Dec-2017 Islam Your executive Nikhil Bhageria gave good info.
01-Dec-2017 Resource Weaver Hr Consulting Pvt Ltd Pramasakthi way of service is good
01-Dec-2017 Lalit Sharma Hi Team, I really appreciate the efforts of Miss Darshana Hirlekar for the reversal of my account which was wrongly created in wrong bank account. Thank you for your valuable support. Regards, Lalit.
01-Dec-2017 Sharif Raj Nayak good.
01-Dec-2017 Dinesh Kumar Raj Nayak good service provider
01-Dec-2017 Nitin Balu Jagtap Dilip Rathod good services
01-Dec-2017 Manasi N Bhanage Dear Manikandan it was great assistance provided by you and really appreciate your way of handling customers. Good luck
01-Dec-2017 Anjana Officer helped me before. She is very polite on call and helped me to generate the pin while on conference. Very nice experience with her. 
01-Dec-2017 S VSS Krishna Goud I am giving a strong positive feedback for Hanuprasad
31-Aug-2017 Ashwani Kumar Sameer Jiwani is good in speaking with the customer and resolving the issue 
31-Aug-2017 Arvind Kumar Barwal Excellent customer service by Sylvester Gomes sir 
30-Aug-2017 Rajesh Sharma Had a word with Suryakant Verma and he helped me with all his efforts. I really appreciate his help. Please give him the highest rating for his excellent customer service. Keep the good work.
30-Aug-2017 Manya Gayathri I would like to thank your company personnel at the customer services division for their excellent support. Your customer care executive Ajay Chalke took care of all my queries in a jiffy helpful TQ. 
30-Aug-2017 Shravan Pramod Thakur Purnima Das assisted nicely. Thanks
30-Aug-2017 Praveen Sagi Hanu Prasad service is good
30-Aug-2017 Noel Kallu I thank Mr. Prem Kumar for having patiently holding on to my request for generation on an ATM pin. Very professionally handled and no haste. Thanks again.
30-Aug-2017 Behera Manoranjan Called for atm pin generation. Spoke to Ms. Syamali. he was very helpful and cleared all doubts. rating 5 on 5.
29-Aug-2017 Hiren Bhagat I would like to give a feedback on your representative while I have recently contacted through voice call. I am satisfied with the assistant provided by Santosh Kharat.
29-Aug-2017 Anish K N I communicated with 2 of customer care executives but none of them gave me the right information but Mr Sameer Jiwani helped me to fix my issue. I think this kind of staffs help your bank to achieve more.
29-Aug-2017 Diva Misra Ratheesh Nair gave me nice service.
28-Aug-2017 Vikas Dahiya Being attended by Ms PRERNA just now. Really helped with lot of patience as your IVR was failing continuously for generating my ATM PIN. Then she guided me thru Ind Ind website smoothly. Very Good.
27-Aug-2017 Sumit Mittal I had very good experience while talking with Mr. Deepak Kumar Vishwakarma. All my issues have been responded efficiently and effectively. Thanks for all your help.
27-Aug-2017 Rudresh V Pattar Useful information given by Prathamesh. He solved all my queries.
27-Aug-2017 Vikas Jaggu Jaggu I am so impressed for Gaurav Sharma 
26-Aug-2017 Nesar Impex 'Mr. Manikantan has attended my queries positively
26-Aug-2017 R K Enterprises Dimple Nishad good
26-Aug-2017 Rakesh Kumar Grover Thanks to Mr. Vigneshwaran for helping me to resolve my issue and I am so happy for his timely support. I will be happy to talk with him always.
26-Aug-2017 Sanjib Sarkar Ms Priyanka has been wonderful and helped me patiently with utmost empathy kudos to her my best wishes to her for future accomplishments she has the mettle to go a long way in the service industry.
26-Aug-2017 Mohammedyaseen To Miss Nilima Raj Just saying thank you will never repay your kindness. I really appreciate for all ur efforts n hardwork you put out there to serve your customers. You were Clear Concise n Complete.
25-Aug-2017 Sharafat Ullah Khan Best compliment to Priyasandy Dsouza for re-setting the transaction password.
25-Aug-2017 Amol Kumar Shah Sudeshji you have done a very good job
25-Aug-2017 Ankit  Priyanka Patel, I am satisfied with services provided and resolution of my queries. Thanks
25-Aug-2017 Sushant I spoke to Anusha today regarding getting my due date and bill concern. She was so helpful to me. She herself helped me getting into my onnline account. She has been a great help. Thanks to Anusha
24-Aug-2017 Harpreet Singh It was an amazing experience while talking to Mr Vigneshwaran. I really appreciate the quick solutions. Keep up the good work.
24-Aug-2017 Vignesh K Mr.Mohan Kumar has solved my doubts about credit card linking details in Internet banking and also in mobile banking he did a great job…
23-Aug-2017 Verendra Rajpoot Rita Vishwakarma helped me for creation of Transaction Password. Thank you for helping me. Rank is 5.
23-Aug-2017 Bharat Kumar Reddy Pallakonda Thanks a lot Manikandan. You really helped on the reward points issue. I was stuck with it from past 25 days. Thanks a lot for your help.
23-Aug-2017 Vivek Luthra S.Vigneshwaran, I appreciate his service
23-Aug-2017 Sumeet Patnaik Thank You Jayshree for your support . It was a wonderful time with you
22-Aug-2017 Gordon  Deepak Kumar Vishwakarma the customer service officer whom I spoke with helped me out in the right way.
21-Aug-2017 Kanukurti Sailesh Very good service. Divya Shetty. 
21-Aug-2017 Shivam Sharma I am satisfied with the information which is provided by Ms. Poonam Kumavat.
21-Aug-2017 Mohamed Thazakir Deepika, Thanks for taking up my complain and sorting it out. I appreciate your customer support and Happy to be the part of IndusInd
20-Aug-2017 Kanukurti Sailesh Excellent service Vajrika 
19-Aug-2017 Amardeep Tiwana I am totally satisfied with the help from your Customer Care Executive Mansi. She is polite and helpful.
19-Aug-2017 Gem Paper Emporium Sanjay Gupta has cooperated with me very much to start Net Banking. I am fully satisfied with his help
19-Aug-2017 Satish Choudhary I spoke to Ms. Madhavi at Phone Banking. She was helpful. She took efforts to understand my issue and gave complete and clear information.
19-Aug-2017 Yatin Shinde Dear Hanu Sir, I am satisfied by your service. Thanks & Regards, Yatin.
19-Aug-2017 Madan Maini I called customer care centre to know process for fraud transactions on my above credit card on 19.08.17.Response was very good. Megha guided me to initiate process for fraud transactions when billed.
19-Aug-2017 Geeta Saliaxmi is very much cooperative to resolve the issue.She is too humble and sincere to resolve. She is having full knowledge.God bless her for future.
18-Aug-2017 Ronak Gupta Mr. Wilson DSouza is really so helpful over the call with my query.
18-Aug-2017 Syed Ammar Akbar Abdi I am satisfied with the services provided by Sandip Jadhav
18-Aug-2017 Vapron Digital Private Limited Dinesh Sachdev is very good & very helpful
18-Aug-2017 Ramesh Dutt Dhyani Net banking online request solved. Vishal Shetty
17-Aug-2017 M Nesamani Saravanakumar comments are good
17-Aug-2017 Pandranki I would like to compliment  your employee Mukarram Shaikh and Krupali Rach for the excellent service provided to me today Thanks so much for resolving issue in a jiffy. I really appreciate you guys
17-Aug-2017 Pandranki I would like to compliment  your employee Mukarram Shaikh and Krupali Rach for the excellent service provided to me today Thanks so much for resolving issue in a jiffy. I really appreciate you guys
16-Aug-2017 M/S Vardaan Trade Alliance This is for Shilpa Bhagat. She every time gives her best to resolve my issues and gets me satisfied every time. I have never interacted with such a good executive. She is best at her work.
16-Aug-2017 Sawel Impex Proper information given by Priyasandy Dsouza. I am satified with her answer and thank you induisnd bank & Priyasandy Dsouza
16-Aug-2017 Moh Amajad Priyasandy has given me proper infomation. Thank you
16-Aug-2017 Digitalfox Gaurav Sharma helped me solve my issues. Thank you
16-Aug-2017 A One Water Supplier Rahul Excellent work.
16-Aug-2017 Alok Sah Successfully loyalty point redemption option given by PriyaSandy. Thank you PriyaSandy
16-Aug-2017 Hemika B P Ratheesh Nair was very helpful in generating new login and password for net banking 
15-Aug-2017 Shish Pal Ashvin Alphonso. All problem solved by Ashvin  and good reply. Thanks Indus bank
14-Aug-2017 Sreekumar B Good I am satisfied from the call with Mansi
14-Aug-2017 Zakir Hussain Sanuja has helped me in resetting transaction password. Thanks for calling me.
14-Aug-2017 Vinoth D I spoke to Mr. Pavan Panchal regarding my debit card reward points and card upgrade releated. He explained me very clearly and made me completely satisfied. Thank you so much Mr Pavan. Lots of appreciation.
13-Aug-2017 Ramesh Kanayalal Rajwani Good Feedback from Mansi
13-Aug-2017 Divya Motors I would like to rate this customer executive Shruti Sawant, 5.
13-Aug-2017 Md Mehtab Alam Josphin awesome
13-Aug-2017 Sukhvinder Singh Pinky Lohani helped me lot in this call
13-Aug-2017 Rahul Kumar Jaiswal Pinky Lohani mai aapke guidance se satisfied hu. Kisi bhi type ka koi issue nai raha. Thanks 
13-Aug-2017 Bajirav Patil Jignesh viradiyu was very help full on call i appreciate him for is work
12-Aug-2017 Ashok Mulani This confirms that I had prompt replied to complaint number 053966023. Ms Akshada found solution after listening and understanding in depth the issue. I received satisfied solution. Also found her to be very positive from day 1.
12-Aug-2017 Kunal Chakraborty I have recently contacted Mr. Gaurav. I had some issues regarding the debit card. I am fully satisfied.
12-Aug-2017 Ankur Rajpurohit Thanks and the service was great with Mr Santosh Kharat 
12-Aug-2017 Preeti Keshari Good service by Rahul.. He served very well and provided very good guidance to proceed.
11-Aug-2017 Jaidev Enterprises Hanuprasad guided me very well. I am satisfied with his knowledge. Great Hanuprasad
11-Aug-2017 Hariharan G I would like to thank your custemer care Mr. Vigneshwaran. I am satisfied with the customer service 
11-Aug-2017 Prakash Khot MR. Darshan resolved all queries. He is well knowledged banker
11-Aug-2017 Burepalli Pitchaiah Nirupama Singh Thanks a lot for your time and patience to solve my query. You are very good at customer relations and the way you communicated to me without any confusion. Appreciated. Keep it up.
10-Aug-2017 Sheetal Dibbad Vikas Yadav. Thanks a lot for your valuable assistance. Excellent Job.
10-Aug-2017 K V S R Appaji Rao Mr. Hanu Prasad has been given helpful services.
10-Aug-2017 Ratish Sah Hi Vikash Kumar Thank you so much for the support I highly appreciate your patience at this odd hour to resolve my issue. Great work keep it up Regards Ratish
09-Aug-2017 Vishag Aravindakshan Madhavi assisted very nicely
09-Aug-2017 Prakash Vishram Patel I am satisfied with the way I was guided with my net banking id and transaction password mandatory change to function with the Indusind net banking smoothly. Thanking you Vinayak Pathak hats off.
09-Aug-2017 Balaji Traders Good Experience with Nikhil Bhageria about my query 
09-Aug-2017 Deepak  Sharma Superb assistance given by the customer care associate Jayshree I was facing problem in creating the password she assisted me in creating the same. Kudos to her Keep up the good work jayshree
09-Aug-2017 Sudhakar This is the first delightful service call  I have ever received from IndusInd Bank. Rakhi Soni --She meant business. Her commitment towards delighting a customer is fantabulous.  On a serious note, I decided to discontinue banking with IndusInd because of the poor service I received initially after receiving the card. But her promising way of approach , the assurance I was provided was soo binding. Rakhi.. I would need you to be my customer support officer for any of the banking queries relating to IndusInd (if that is possible). Thank you once again for the excellent support. You are a star Rakhi.
08-Aug-2017 Dudyala Kuru Murthy Mr Ankit Beesety has provided very useful information with a lot of patience and given good support for I had queries in the account and process. I like this bank service even at late nights.
08-Aug-2017 Dolly Hazra Called for net banking. Vishal Shetty gave good procedure. 
08-Aug-2017 Elangovan N S Appreciated. Vigneshwaran
08-Aug-2017 Neeraj  Pareek Name is Babita Pandey . She had been amazing on the call very professional very efficient willing to serve In my opinion she should be immediately promoted. Great personality
08-Aug-2017 Bhaskar  Kurva Krushank Solanki has given a very great job to me and he has helped me very politely and neatly... thanks for your kind support is really appreciable....
07-Aug-2017 Kiran Kumar Bandaru Dear Sir I am satisfied with the loyalty rewards points after contacting Mr. Hanuprasad. Thanks.
07-Aug-2017 Tusharika Sinha I am happy with the advice and promptness of service provided by Rahul Ture. Appreciate it. Keep it up.
07-Aug-2017 Rachel Toppo (Min) U/G Jayant Kumar Toppo Excellent. Problem solved by Abhishek Kolte
07-Aug-2017 Parthiban R  Komal was really helpful in handling credit card queries on the outstanding to EMI.
06-Aug-2017 Ac Vishvadyotanananda Avt Gaurav Sharma is a very good person and his behavior is so nice. To the best of my knowledge and belief he bears a good moral character. I wish him every success in every step of life
05-Aug-2017 Umesh K Sharma Sweta Rudra was really helpful for my query. She is really knowledgable person. Thank you so much Sweta I really appreciate.
05-Aug-2017 Kumar Pritam Roy I would rate customer service 10 out of 10 and provided all the info in short time. Thanks Gaurav 
05-Aug-2017 Rajesh Kumar Mr. Wilson Dsouza, thanks for your full support
05-Aug-2017 Shankerganesh Deepak Kumar Vishwakarma the customer service whom I spoke with helped me out in the right way.
05-Aug-2017 Acnt Venture Private Limited Excellent job Abhishek Kolte
04-Aug-2017 Mondeep Bardhan Ronak Gupta, I really appreciate your help. Am very much thankful to you for your support. You helped me alot.
04-Aug-2017 Saravanan S My Indusind Account Number 100054281614. Today morning I was on call with your customer care. Her name is Hemavathi. She is helpful and has good communication. She provided good service.
04-Aug-2017 Ashok Kumar Excellent service from Showmya Priya. Thank you.
04-Aug-2017 Velmurugan Ad Mr. Tarique was very patient and co opeartive. I appreciate. Best Wishes.
03-Aug-2017 Rishi Bhasin Ronak Gupta. A Great Guy and helped me in a decent manner throughout my query
03-Aug-2017 Ganpati Glass All over experiance best service Swapnil
03-Aug-2017 Kapil Saini Ratheesh Nair. Good response
03-Aug-2017 Rachit Sharda I have talked to Mr. Hanuprasad. He is a very knowledgable person. I like his way of assistance. 
02-Aug-2017 P K Solutions She explained the things really well. Very helpful. Name Hemavathi R
02-Aug-2017 Sachinkumar T Thakrar Thank you so much for your co-operation and quick resolution Mr. Wilson Dsouza
02-Aug-2017 Robin Nere Prarambil Ratheesh Nair, thank you for your patience and support 
02-Aug-2017 Govind  Rawat Very good customer service
02-Aug-2017 Venkateshwarrao  Avula Rizwan Shaikh. Premium Care Team is surely an asset to your organization.
01-Aug-2017 Deepak Kumar Agrawal Full satisfied with Rahul's assistance on call.
01-Aug-2017 Hanuwant Sales Ratheesh Nair. He is the guy who resolved my issue very quickly and waiting for my pin.
01-Aug-2017 Preetosh Kumar Abhishek Kolte. I was facing problem regarding net banking. Abhishek was very helpful. He understood my concern and helped me. Thanks to him.
01-Aug-2017 Gagan Verma Just spoke to your officer Ms Megha and am impressed with the way she handled my call offering every assistance. Great service levels out there. Kudos
01-Aug-2017 Sesha Prakash Kusuma Thank you for your speedy response and solution. Ref email of Krishna Dhodayyanor customer service dt 26th Jul 2017
01-Aug-2017 Shreyash Harshadbhai Patel I had word with Mansi Ladumor. She was too nice with me. She resolved my problem very easily. Thanks for this team. Nice talking with her.
31-Jul-2017 Kasandala  Kumari I got good assistance from Sanjay Kumar customer care person and the id is 72018
31-Jul-2017 Rajiv Gerela I had a very good experience in interacting with your agent Megha. She was very knowledgeable and very prompt in helping with my issues.
30-Jul-2017 Krushank K Solanki Ratheesh Nair guided me very well and with patience. Was very polite on call. 
30-Jul-2017 Santosh  Kumar I am satisfied with Mr. Ratheesh Nair for the help regarding internet banking reset password.
30-Jul-2017 Umesh Kumar  Really appreciate to Nandini Muthuraman she attended my call in very effective manner and help me out to reset my ATM pin by net banking option in very easy manner great gob Nandini Keep it up
30-Jul-2017 Vikas Bali Fully satisfied with the support executive. She has clear understanding on the issue related and the resolution related knowledge. Keep it up....
29-Jul-2017 Kanukurti  Sailesh Excellent service by Babita Pandey ecn 71018. Regards Kanukurti Sailesh ecn 64464 
29-Jul-2017 Aditya  Chaudhary Talked to Hanuprasad and it was nice talking. I got all the information and this person is just great and was supporting from his heart. 
29-Jul-2017 Suraj  Rajan It was good conversation with Hemavathi. She helped me for my banking service. Keep it up. Very good soft skills and customer handing skills. 
29-Jul-2017 Rohit Megha was very helpful and patiently explained how to block my lost card and also helped me to change my communication addresses. Great to speak to Megha....Cheers
28-Jul-2017 Prafulchandra B Talati 5 Rating
28-Jul-2017 Md Mazid Zafar I just spoke to Mr Hanu Prasad regarding my mobile number up gradation. The way he guides me online is very appreciative.
28-Jul-2017 Kathiresan Nikit Parik who assisted has a depth and clear knowledge about the product .he is Awesome. Kudos to him. I have got all the information. Highly appreciate his knowledge and patience.
28-Jul-2017 Rimpirekha Satisfied
27-Jul-2017 Sandeep  Vyas Ratheesh Nair has provided me with prompt support.
27-Jul-2017 Kanukurti  Sailesh Ankit Beesety 68142 excellent service. Rgds Kanukurti Sailesh 64464
27-Jul-2017 Mohammad  Anwar Archana Devadiga nice experience
27-Jul-2017 Vijay  Singh Roopa Rajai. Thank you for your positive response
27-Jul-2017 Braja Kumar Singh M I am very happy for helping me to redeem my points by customer executive Mr Vigneshwaran.
27-Jul-2017 Radhesh Raman Pillai Paul Rodrigues. His Experience is Good. Conditioning with Customer is Excellence.
26-Jul-2017 Harjodh  Singh Good service provided by Josphin
26-Jul-2017 T  Mahesh Thank you so much IndusInd bank for your valuable time that you have given to resolve my concern.  My special thanks to Kanchan Saha. I will rate you at 5 out of 5.  You always serve better to customer. 
26-Jul-2017 Techno Smart Engineering I am satisfied with the call I had with Mansi
26-Jul-2017 Abhishek  Singh Wilson Dsouza.. You are the best customer care executive.. Thank you so much for your help.
25-Jul-2017 Ratnakar  Jawalekar Josphin guided me on the issues faced on Net Banking transaction and I am totally satisfied with the guidance I received. I would rate the interaction I had with her as awesome. 
25-Jul-2017 Shital  Sharma Mr. Abhishek Kolte assisted me. Very good and nice guy.
25-Jul-2017 Ms  Associate And Projects Everything is good by Ashvin.
25-Jul-2017 Prem Taparia Courteous and helpful behaviour of phone banking officer.
25-Jul-2017 Gulshan I am really pleased with the knowledge and skills of your customer care employee. Great service makes your customers feel as me that you care about developing a long term relationship.
24-Jul-2017 Kavya Trading Co Mrs Radha, I am satisfied with your guide line and solving my problem. Thank you very much.
23-Jul-2017 Nandigama  Ravindrababu Her name is Showmya priyaa. She has given good information and solved my problem. I am satisfied.
22-Jul-2017 Sumit Umeshrao Bobade Thanks Priya really appreciate your quick response. Please keep it up. It will be good for your future. All the best dear. Once again thanks.
21-Jul-2017 Garapati Krishna Chaitanya I spoke with Vishal Shetty. It was great talking with him. He solved all my queries in a smooth way. So I want the company to appreciate him. Thanking you
21-Jul-2017 Garuda Patrolling Service & Allied Services About Ms Shilpa Bhagat, I may not be happy with the services of the bank but really appreciate the way she has handled and solved the long pending problem.
21-Jul-2017 Imtiyaz  Alam Josphin Coelho. Nice call by Josphin Coelho about Adhaar card updation.
21-Jul-2017 Hiren  Papade Kindly consider this feedback for customer care executive Mr. Bunty Sachdev. I am totally satisfied with the help he provided. I would rate 9 out of 10 in terms of customer satisfaction an care. Thanks
20-Jul-2017 Sajeev Ravindran  Nair I just wanted to confirm that I spoke to your customer care executive Ms Roopa Rajai. I am very pleased with the way she responded to my queries and provided me the solutions and information's.
20-Jul-2017 Gingermind Technologies Pvt Ltd I am extremely happy with the assistance provided by Manish the relationship manager of current accounts for account of my company. Manish is courteous and prompt in assistance and follow-ups.
20-Jul-2017 Big Dance Centre Private Limited Shipla Bhagat was very helpful. Happy with the services. Thanks 
20-Jul-2017 Vk Engineering & Services Today I spoke to Miss. Shipa Bhagat regarding activation my Indusind bank net banking. Her services were very nice. Appreciated, thank you.
20-Jul-2017 Kanukurti  Sailesh Excellent service Vaishnavi ecn 71766, rgds Sailesh ecn 64464.
20-Jul-2017 Gopinath  Elango I am spoke Miss. Indhu maam. Very good information. First time Indusind customer care Tamil people speak, I am very happy. Wow calls customer handle for good. Way speak good 
19-Jul-2017 Vikas Bihari Singh Good talking to executive Sunita Singh
19-Jul-2017 Naresh Kumar Seema Sanjay Kumar has resolved my query very quickly. Thanks for your prompt service. Thanks a lot. I am very much satisfied with the service.
19-Jul-2017 Quridge Global Solutions Private Limited Wilson dsouza has given good service to resolve the net banking issue.
19-Jul-2017 Nikhal Ravinderlal Sethi Really happy with the help that Rashmi Shukla did please appreciate her.
19-Jul-2017 F M Solution Llp Hi it's my pleasure sharing few words about Vigneshwaran. He was very clear about the questions I asked him. First time in my life I have experienced a customer service like this. Keep it up. Good job. Thank you.
19-Jul-2017 Shahnawaz Ahamd Very good services by Shweta
18-Jul-2017 Jaswinder  Singh I had interacted with Josphin Coelho. She helped me a lot to find my netbanking user id.
18-Jul-2017 Kamal  Sharma I happy with indusind credit banking. They have resolved my payment issue with merchant. 
18-Jul-2017 Kathiresan  Andy Nikit Parik who assisted has a depth and clear knowledge about the product. He is Awesome. Kudos to him. I have got all the information. Highly appreciate his knowledge and patience.
17-Jul-2017 Abheek  Jandial Name Soni Kumari. Very informative call. Really Appreciate the assistance.
17-Jul-2017 Ankita  Bera I recently spoke to Saravana Kumar for my activation of transaction password. He is good in solving the problem.
15-Jul-2017 Firoz Saifan Khan Maine saranya ji se baat ki. Unhone meri saari problem solve ki. Iske liye main thanks bolta hu. Aap logo ki acchi seva dene ke liye thanks.
15-Jul-2017 Pramod Kumar Pal Mr Rahul has helped me in accessing internet banking. I am very much happy with his performance and support.
15-Jul-2017 Anant  Tewari Interaction with Sailesh 64464 was splendid
15-Jul-2017 Omautomobiles Received good response from Customer care Hanuprasad
15-Jul-2017 Gireesh  Tawri I talked to Mr. Rahul. He was very helpful and communicated with full patience. I am happy with his service.
14-Jul-2017 Saurabh  Singhal Feel good and satisfied talking with Ashvinji
14-Jul-2017 Vasudeva Gnana Sagar Pujari Hanuprasad has given the information what I need and explained clearly. Thanks for your services.
14-Jul-2017 Shaik Chinna Mahaboob Hussain I just spoke to Mr Srutikanta Mishra who is from Orissa. As usual he is an excellent executive and full of customer centric for which I want to evaluate 10 of 10.
13-Jul-2017 Kshitij  Gupta Name Jayshree Subramaniam. Thank You very much for such a good customer service throughout the conversation. She has been very helpful and calm. Everything which a customer requires from their bank.
12-Jul-2017 Mahendra Prasad Akkala It was nice interacting with customer representative Mr. Vignesh Waran. He could answer and address my query correctly. Happy with his service.
11-Jul-2017 Srimal Tech(Opc) Private Limited Santosh Kharat has helped me to resolve the issue regarding registering the indusnet banking for new current account as I was facing the issue while registering the indusnet banking.
11-Jul-2017 Himanshu  Mishra Ashwin was quite helpful for my problem.
10-Jul-2017 Mohammed  Ahmed Excellent customer service by IndusInd bank. The escalation manager has great sense of understanding customer issues and taking wise decisions to satisfy customer experience. Keep it up Afreen.
10-Jul-2017 Nagarjuna Reddy I am happy with your folk who called and resolved with just a phone call Kudos to him.
09-Jul-2017 Naveen Raj Neelima Raj was extremely good in helping my queries. Thank you so much it was my first experience to call up.. Keep up the good job.
06-Jul-2017 My Home Enterprises Good
06-Jul-2017 Shiv Prakash Sharma I am very satisfied with Priya. Thanks a lot.
06-Jul-2017 Marada Vasu Deva Rao Very Nice communication. Help from Mr. Hanuprasad has given me good and excellent details.
06-Jul-2017 Shaan Shanmugam I would like to inform you that  SAMUEL VEERAMANI really took responsibility for the situation and handled my query in a very professional manner he assured me that I will get a call within 2 days in reference to my request to convert outstanding balance into EMI, to my surprise, SAMUEL proactively called me back the very next day and informed me about the actions he took, putting forth my request, he also explained about the approval process, rate of interest and processing charge that would incur if  I convert the o/s into emi. What I appreciate the most is SAMUEL VEERAMANI's readiness to take my harsh words and his proactive action to help an unhappy customer. I am really  impressed by the service of INDUSIND BANK. I had already made up my mind to return my credit card by clearing all my o/s balance at once. However, I have changed my mind after the best customer experience I received here. Convey my hearty appreciations to SAMUEL VEERAMANI. He is a real asset and good will ambassador of your bank, Exhibiting Professionalism, Courtesy, Listening skills and proactive action.
06-Jul-2017 Amit Sachdeva I have registered a complaint in the last week and Shweta from CC team has resolved all my issue amicably in quick time. Great to see actually to take these things on priority.
05-Jul-2017 Om Institute Of Computer Technology Wilson d'souza. Good service.
05-Jul-2017 Lalit Mohanlal Jain Service from the executive was good.
05-Jul-2017 Rongali Venkat Pavan Kumar Ratheesh Nair has patiently listened to my query. Appreciate his sense of understanding my query. Gave a sensible response and I am delighted the way he solved my issue.
05-Jul-2017 Amarjit  Angroola Rushmi Nair Emp code 69442. She has been very patient and as her name goes she rushed me through the process and was very efficient. Knew the process and handled it in a very professional manner.
04-Jul-2017 Parallel Stationary Llp Really appreciate the way I was given the solution to my query. And specially would like to thank Mr. Mukesh Madani for being patient and guiding me step by step.
04-Jul-2017 Rajdeep Singh Ratan Vigneshwaran helped me with all my queries and all. He solved all my problems. He was kind and helpful. I really appreciate him.
04-Jul-2017 Tekchand  Kosriya Dear Srutikanta Mishra Sir. Very nice for resolving all my problems. I am proud of your Sir.  
04-Jul-2017 Tejpal Singh Khimawat Pinky helped me in an easy and smart way. My problems were resolved in easiest way. Very nice solution. Great, thanks Pinky.
04-Jul-2017 Professional Express Services For internet banking Mr. Vishal Shetty has given good services. 
04-Jul-2017 Prashanth Bhavsar Hi spoke to Rushmi Nair emp 69442 i was very happy as she resolved all questions with patience. My first call to Indus bank was awesome. Thanks Rushmi
04-Jul-2017 Prabhat  Kumar This was first time to interact with your cc executive Miss Neelima who cleared all the doubt raised during call interaction. Thank you Indusind Bank CC team. 
03-Jul-2017 Anju Kumari I would like to appreciate the efforts put in by Mr. Shivakant at 19 PM to resolve my issue. 
03-Jul-2017 Ashok Kumar M Deepak Kumar's Compliment. I am really happy with the solution provided by Deepak Kumar for 053016216. I can provide him top most rating the way conveyed message to me.
03-Jul-2017 Redefine Online Express (Opc) Pvt  Ltd  Wilson d'souza gave good support to me for generating new ATM pin.
01-Jul-2017 Mahesh Reddy  Karingula Mr. Hanuprasad was contacted in customer care. He gave easy way to set the instant pin details. Good service.
01-Jul-2017 Babu G Prakash Excellent Helping
30-Jun-2017 Kamlapure Creations Jennifer, Very Good
30-Jun-2017 Abhimanyu  Sharma    Very helpful . Thank you Rashmi ..:) 
30-Jun-2017 Rahul  Ranjan    Thanks for helping me in worst scenario Amit Singh. I really liked this application.
29-Jun-2017 Nishan  Singh Very good service given by Kanchan Saha. Thank you so much.
29-Jun-2017 Sharmila  Menghrajani  I was assisted by Paresh on call. He was extremely patient and helpful. Appreciate all the efforts to resolve my query. 
28-Jun-2017 Sambhav  Jain I am satisfied from the service given by your officer Alpa Makwana.
28-Jun-2017 Parveen  Kumar This banking service is very good and customer service is very good and miss Nikta is a good customer advisor and 5 star rating employee
27-Jun-2017 Sunny  Manjhotra Kanchan Saha provided me useful information and I am completely satisfied with her given information.
27-Jun-2017 Suhas Arun Vadulekar I had called helpline and Ms. Pavitra helped me in resolving my query relating to debit card. The service provided was good. 
27-Jun-2017 Aishwarya Shyam Tirthani Rahul's work is very good. His explanation is very clear.
26-Jun-2017 Sambhav  Jain Very good. I am satisfied with the service given by officer Nandini.
26-Jun-2017 Surbhi  Simer    Mr Nikhil, customer care executive handled my query very well. Had a great experience having face to face banking while sitting at home.  
26-Jun-2017 Dhruv  Patel  Bunty Sachdev  this guy is really healthfully. May rating is 10 out of 10
24-Jun-2017 Akhilesh Aggarwal Bunty Sachdev has helped me online on pin generating ATM pin online and provided valuable information related to credit card. I want to rate him 10 out of 10 for his services
23-Jun-2017 Sanjib  Singha Josphin Coelho is very helpful and guided me in all aspects.
23-Jun-2017 Sunil Damu Patil I got all queries answers from Mrs. Alpa Makwana. Satisfied with all answers. 
23-Jun-2017 Sanjeeta  Mandal Very good and nice communication with Mr. Hanuprasad
23-Jun-2017 Jaydeep Janardhan Jagtap Very Good, great, good job. Abhishek Kolte
23-Jun-2017 Jayant Gupta Very Nice service N well behaved staff. The Lady I spoke was very helpful. Thank you DEVI N and Alka Solanki for your support.
23-Jun-2017 Mukesh Behera Dear Prerna, I am very glad talking with you by phone. I have successfully created mine ATM Pin no.. Your way of talking is very good. Thanks for the guidelines. Warm Regards Mukesh 
23-Jun-2017 Anukumar Ramesh Team I want to call out the great efforts by Ms Barnali Mazumdar who helped in sorting out a one year issue Thanks much to indusind team really appreciate and I am honoured as a lifelong customer
22-Jun-2017 Saurabh  Kumar Great speaking with Saranya. I am satisfied with your calling. 
22-Jun-2017 Rahul Kumar Gupta Kajal Patel Good service
22-Jun-2017 Vrushali Aniket Melekar Excellent feedback Kajal Patel
22-Jun-2017 Okil  Choudhury Issue resolved by Hanuprasad
22-Jun-2017 Pradeepkumar G Contacted Meenakshi Vishwakarma today for clarifying multiple queries on credit card. All queries were answered calm clear and patiently. Much appreciated. Thank you.
21-Jun-2017 Harsh Kumar Singhal Very excellent. Fully satisfied with Hanuprasad.
21-Jun-2017 Rusum Information Technology Solutions Private Limited Had requested for net banking activation. Received good support from Mr.Hanuprasad.
21-Jun-2017 Kamlesh Dhanik Customer Care executive Sagar attended my query with great care and dedication .His communication was quite impressive. Really appreciate his help. Rating 5 out of 5.
20-Jun-2017 Leon Joseph Denish Mr. Saravana Kumar. Excellent customer representative. Very patient.
20-Jun-2017 Vikram  Soni Hanuprasad has solved all my queries and now I am happy with your services. Thanks Vikram Soni 
20-Jun-2017 Amit Virendra Singh    Thank you for giving me good guidelines. Most helpful Mr. Karthick.
20-Jun-2017 CGL  Singh Appreciate Siddharth Patel for his quick help in handling my queries. He reciprocated well to all my genuine issues. Thanks a lot.
19-Jun-2017 Harpreet  Singh Nice person. Ankit ji.
19-Jun-2017 Parveen  Mathur    Excellent feature and good to see every problem solved with direct interaction.
19-Jun-2017 Sunil  Debta Rajsekhar,  Customer care representative has resolved my queries on my credit card statement for the Month of June 2017 and he needs to be complimented for his swiftly action.
18-Jun-2017 Vijay Swaroop Pathak Today I talked to Deepak Kumar Vishwakarma for my complaint and the response which I got was very cool and nice. He has given all the necessary answers against my query. I do appreciate his response.
17-Jun-2017 Satikanta  Nayak Hi Rahul, Thank you for your help and I am facing that problem from last 10 days back and now you resolved that one. Thanks a lot.
17-Jun-2017 Jatin Bhatia    Wonderful speaking to your executive and he was very helpful too. 
17-Jun-2017 Nasim Ahmad I am happy with the service. Mr Bunty I'm rating in 10
17-Jun-2017 Mukesh Kumar Fully satisfied with resolution provided by Bunty Sachdev want to rate him 10 on 10 for his efforts
17-Jun-2017 Mukesh Kumar I like too much Bunty Sachdev Services. He is very excellent staff. He will get very soon on high designation in any company. He is golden guy.
16-Jun-2017 Sidharth  Chowdhury    Nice performance and so much convenience no need to find any no. for contact to my branch, just switch to video branch and solve all my issue under 1 call. 
16-Jun-2017 Nageswara Vema Issue resolved fully and the communication with support staff was very cordial Also the relationship with customer was respected and helped the customer
16-Jun-2017 Santhosh Kumar Balaji is giving good service. Super no words to say. He is best Thank u
15-Jun-2017 Kompalli Satya Keerthi Hi Rahul, Thank you for your valuable help. I was able to login into my account very easily with your detailed step by step way. Thank you.
15-Jun-2017 Parvinder Singh Mr. Chandan Misra is really helpful.....Thanks for your support. Best of luck for the future
14-Jun-2017 Alok  Kumar Devi Priya Gummalla is a very active person. I am fully satisfied with her support.
14-Jun-2017 Diya Fashion I am very happy by Shilpa
14-Jun-2017 Amit  Pandey I interacted with Suryakant, he helped me patiently. Keep up the good work.
14-Jun-2017 Girish Buttan My query for delivery and change of password was resolved very satisfactorily and in an excellent manner
13-Jun-2017 Shivakant  Gaud Varsha was very good on the call while talking. And she helped me a lot. Thanks Varsha. 
13-Jun-2017  Srikanth Thokala Hi, I'm a Visa platinum credit card holder of your bank. I have contacted the customer care for redemption of my reward points. Your associate Meenakshi Viswakarma has attended the call. She handled my query in perfect way and gave me all the useful information. I look forward to you for this kind of service.
13-Jun-2017 Abhishek Gokarn Mr.Yogesh Rawat knows how to handle an irate customer and help them with detailed explanation to their issues. Kudos to his helpful and calm nature
13-Jun-2017 Abhishek Gokarn This is to appreciate Sayali Dangi for helping me out on call for a complaint I had raised for my credit card overdrawn issue. She was calm and gave proper explanation and apt solutions to my queries.
12-Jun-2017 Uditkalra Deepak Kumar Vishwakarma he is doing a great job. I am completely satisfied.
12-Jun-2017 Khurram  Salahuddin    Awesome service, somehow very-very convinced. 
12-Jun-2017 Mohammadsaif Khavra Thanks A lot Team and Deepika Dixit.
12-Jun-2017 Preetisudha Sharma Susheel Kumar from Chennai did a great job. Happy to get assisted by him. Keep Up the good work.
11-Jun-2017 Pralhad  Kadam    Very helpful it was nice talking to Sumeet
11-Jun-2017 Satyadev Kompella I would like to thank Minakshi Viswakarma at premium care customer services division for her excellent support. Your premium care executive, Minakshi took care of all my queries today with utmost patience which exceed my expectations which I could not resist to leave this feedback.

Minakshi provided timely and helpful advise on my three queries on my card account with IndusInd which includes add-on card application process; which I am on it to get it sorted for a long time. Please accept my gratitude towards her contributions and your primer care staff for their speedy and efficient services. I would especially like to commend and appreciate Minakshi for her professionalism and superlative skills.
10-Jun-2017 Pranav  Kalke Interaction no. 052390697. Issues with resetting net banking password and debit card pin were resolved by the customer service representative efficiently.
09-Jun-2017 C  Velu Spoke with Mr. Sudharshan Chakravarthy. He is good.
09-Jun-2017 Shailesh K Shah Thank You Rahul. Your Help is very Satisfactory
09-Jun-2017 Alen Branding Corporation Private Limited Wilson Dsouza good services
09-Jun-2017 Nandigam  Gowtham Devi Priya excellent help.
09-Jun-2017 M Arun Krishna Yadav    Nice experience to interact in this, found complete info and good service 
08-Jun-2017 Gopal Manna IndusInd Bank team I want to appreciate Mr Rama Rajan K for supporting me. I am a new Credit card customer to your bank and he guided me very carefully thanks a Lot to him
08-Jun-2017 Prasad S Excellent
07-Jun-2017 Navneet  Kumar Ms. Pinky Lohani. Great talking to her. Cleared my Problem 
07-Jun-2017 Preeti  Gautam I am fully satisfied with Rahul. 
07-Jun-2017 Sunil Narayandas Bachwani Excellent service given by Hanuprasad 
07-Jun-2017 Rajeshkumar Ramdev Sharma Hanuprasad super idea sir ji.
07-Jun-2017 Dharmesh Dhirajlal Prajapati    Very good product knowledge.
06-Jun-2017 Shalabh  Rawat Rahul has given me an excellent service and resolved my problem completely
06-Jun-2017 Do Khan Khual    Very helpful and patient. Good job buddy. You earned your 5 star. Cheers 
06-Jun-2017 V  Archana    Bhaskar Goswami was excellent. Good service was provided. Will recommend about this service to others. 
06-Jun-2017 Nirupama Singh D.Girish was a very great help for me as he guided me with my queries and helped me. 
06-Jun-2017 Nirmal U Today I had conversation with customer care support agent named Megha Satam who attended my issues well professional manner. I would like to thank and appreciate her way of approach with kind attitude.
06-Jun-2017 Anil J Rajesh Kamati helped very much. I am very happy with his service
05-Jun-2017 Vaibhav  Nigam Vajrika Nath very good response and very supportive. I give you 5 star
05-Jun-2017 Affly Impex Private Limited I was facing the problem last one year but I got a satisfactory answer by Rashmi Shukla. 
05-Jun-2017 Rajendra Pawar Miss Rajshree delivered her best customer support during my session. Thanks a lot to Rajshree and all the best for her future venture.
05-Jun-2017 Akshada Sureshbabu Bhavana from credit card team was quiet patient on call. I would rate the highest on her bar of appreciation
04-Jun-2017 Vinod Kumar Sahu I am totally satisfied with Mr. Wilson D'souza. The way he guided me for registering internet banking. Thank you.
04-Jun-2017 Ashish  Choudhary    I feel very positive when I was talking with the officer. I'm fully satisfied and understand with your providing details.
04-Jun-2017 Sunil Kumar Shukla    I am proud of you sir, excellent.
03-Jun-2017 Vemulapalli  Archana It was helpful and Abishek Kolte helped very well and it was nice talking to him, how he really cares for costumers.
01-Jun-2017 Sanjib  Das    Dipika has managed my query very effectively. I am happy with the response. Waiting for the action now. 
01-Jun-2017 Riddhi Gupta Just spoke to Mr. Vishal Raval from the contact centre He was brilliant warm and very caring. He stayed all through the call and totally helped me solve my queries. He was very good and made my day
30-May-2017 Bhavin Golavia The team was very helpful and they guided precisely
30-May-2017 Satish Arjun Rokade Very nice customer service feedback for Mr. Vinayak Pathak.
28-May-2017 Shiroman Mishra I appreciate the call given by Komal Pojari
27-May-2017 Kushagra Makin Wilson Dsouza guided well for indusind net banking password generation
27-May-2017 Rohan D Dhawde Wilson Dsouza. Good guidance on password rest and friendly talk. Thanks team indusind.
26-May-2017 Preeti Thakur Credit card benefits debit card detailed benefits explained by Nishita in Good manner
26-May-2017 Hitesh Kumar Bhadra Communication with Dipa regarding account opening confirmation. I am fully satisfied with her. 
25-May-2017 Manoj Upadhyay Good communication and pitch by Mr Wilson Dsouza  
24-May-2017 Raviteja Pvm Dear Kanna Thank you so Much for your Wonderful approach towards handling the Customers Hoping to Interact with you in My future Queries as well From P V M Raviteja
24-May-2017 Deepak Manikant Shah Excellent service by Beena Rami. Have learnt more details about several products. Keep it up Good Luck. Aus no 0061433285607
23-May-2017 Shekhar Joshi Good response and assistance from Medha
23-May-2017 Natanasabapathy V Beena Rami has updated about the banks added features like Video branch remittance feature and updated on registering the overseas nos. She was cordial.
23-May-2017 Shridhar Shashikant Parab Rahul Ture has given very good details about my query
23-May-2017 Just Biryani Excellent feedback by Rahul Desai
22-May-2017 Rohit Kumar 10 out of 10. Good service received from credit card team.
22-May-2017 Ru Harish Vikas Kumar helped me through my problem very nicely
19-May-2017 Peram Satyeswara Reddy I talked with Mr. Hanu Prasad. He responded very well. 
18-May-2017 Syed Subhan I had just spoken with Mr. Chandan customer care executive he has explained details to me very nicely with patience
15-May-2017 Ranjeet Bisht Mr. Bunty Sachdev. Very thanks to Mr Bunty for helping me and I think he is the best for taking to customer and solving the guest problems thanks Mr Bunty
15-May-2017 Bharat Patel Very nice guidance given by Mr. Mohan Raj
14-May-2017 Shubhangani Gadhwaly Sameer Jiwani was very helpful and was very cooperative. He helped me a lot during my conversation with him. I want Indusind to give him some rewards and all the customer executives I hope are same as him.
12-May-2017 Ram R Great service by Ms. Singh at call made on 2.28 pm today from 9930909676. I feel for the first time IndusInd customer care representative have responded well
11-May-2017 Rajiv I really appreciated with the service from Mr. Sagar with whom I interacted some minutes back. Excellent work done Mr. Sagar
11-May-2017 Gagan Bhargava Absolutely wonderful and stunning work by Ms Ishrat Munshi wherein she solved my issues within couple of hours. Thanks and may God bless Ishrat Munshi.
10-May-2017 Trendy Deals Ecommerce Private Limited Rahul Ture nice support
09-May-2017 Shubham Gupta I am very happy to interact with contact centre executives. They resolve problem in a jiffy. Very satisfied with products and services will recommend it to friends and colleagues.
09-May-2017 Vaibhav Mody Hi, The call was very good all queries were been sort and the operator was very polite and too good to explain and sort out all related questions with appropriate answers to the query.
09-May-2017 Anup Kirtikumar Suchak Hanu Prasad has helped me very nicely in changing the online transaction password.
09-May-2017 Narayan Omprakash Bihani Mr. Rahul provided me excellent service.
08-May-2017 Raghavan Sethuraman The service I got from your officer for my call to change my PIN was excellent
08-May-2017 Prakash Johnny Khemlani I would like to thank Ms Ishrat Munshi for all her support to resolve the issue I was facing with net banking. She was very patient, professional and understanding and I really appreciate it very much.
07-May-2017 Kanna Gudisa I appreciate the efforts of Mr. Radha Krishnan who helped me in booking a priority pass on my name. He was very polite and gave me complete information regarding how the priority pass works.
07-May-2017 Adnan Mehar I am pleased to inform that Rajesh Kamati had answered all my queries. Also suggested correct ways to ease the issues answered all my questions and solved recurring issues. Excellent work.
06-May-2017 Pammy Parvindar One of the best and trained executive with sharp mind and lots of information is Mr Vishal Raval. You should make him trainer it will surely work for IndusInd bank. Mr Vishal would be key people for you.
06-May-2017 Janani S It was good speaking with Mayur who guided me to generate PIN no for credit card. Appreciate your quick response. Thanks
06-May-2017 Harjeet Singh I have spoken to your representative Arun today he was very helpful and soft spoken I'm happy the way he dealt with me
06-May-2017 Pammy Parvindar Mr Vishal retained me. Thousands Votes for Vishal. Good luck work hard. Regards Pammy Parvindar Singh
05-May-2017 Sweety Bansal Good corporation for everything related to net banking.
05-May-2017 Nitin Tyagi Very good services with Kajal Patel. Customer care executive feedback. Marks very good.
05-May-2017 Make P C Solutions Excellent help on phone. Solved problem very quickly. Vaishali.
04-May-2017 Nilesh Kotwal Very helpful service by Neelima Raj
04-May-2017 Anuj Dixit Information which was given by Mr Paresh was really helpful. Thanks Paresh
04-May-2017 Pujan Kumar Siksha Singh. Excellent. 
03-May-2017 Nitin Rajan Isha Gupte has helped me in serving all my credit card related queries and requests.
03-May-2017 Mandeep Singh Good guidance by Rahul Sir.
02-May-2017 Gagan Singh Radha Jayashela is very good and I am very happy with you for helping me. You will always be happy.
02-May-2017 Shubham Jain Gummalla Devipriya thanks for resolving all my queries.
02-May-2017 Uday Kiran Mr. Hanuprasad. Very nice talking with him. Fully Satisfied with his words and thanks for introducing the regional language. It makes us more comfortable while speaking in our mother tongue.
01-May-2017 Manjunath Rao Sagar Jain is Excellent and Valuable resource for IndusInd with lot of positive attitudes. Has good knowledge on credit card and helped in my Query. My Special Thanks to Sagar
01-May-2017 Ajay Chandrakant Kamble Siksha Singh has given me excellent service. Thank you for helping me. Keep going. God bless you. Regards, Ajay.k
01-May-2017 Mohan Singh Sameer Jiwani. He has good communication skill in Customer Handling. I really Appreciate Sameer.
30-April-2017 Gaurav Mukherjee I interacted with Devi from the customer services team. Devi has been extremely helpful and had done timely follow up with me on the resolution. Her commitment is highly appreciated. Thank you .
30-April-2017 Geeta Kallarkal Gandhi Dasan 64150 was very helpful and patient. I would request you to appreciate him. He is an asset in the bank. Thank you so much
29-April-2017 Bhagyashri Prakash Jadhav Mrs. Kanchan is very helpful. Rating very Good.
29-April-2017 Bhagyashri Prakash Jadhav Ms. Akshada is very helpful. Rating very Good.
28-April-2017 Satwinder Kaur Puri Deepak Kumar Vishwakarma with the reference to the complaint no.050666897 is very helpful and listened to my complaint patiently and helped me solve my problem. 
28-April-2017 Sumeet Sharma Not satisfied initially but then I have seen significant improvement in the past few days and have a good positive feedback about this team. I hope every customer will be treated the same way.
28-April-2017 Nitish Bhardwaj Hi Sagar I really appreciate your help in fixing up my credit card issues. He also provided me useful information about the net banking to check my credit card details online. Regards Nitish
26-April-2017 Gkrishnakishore Raju Bunty Sachdev - Im giving rating of 10. This was my first call to customer service. Good Service
26-April-2017 VS Scientific Instrument Co Ms. Swati. Rating 5 out of 5.
25-April-2017 Alg India Law Offices Sanjay Gupta. Very nice talking to you in resolving our issues.
25-April-2017 Badarinath S N Hi Kanchan. Thanks for your timely information and I was able to know about my card benefits. Cheers.
25-April-2017 Ram Kumar Kamat Mr. Hanu is a very good guy. He helped me when I called the customer care.
25-April-2017 Toner Refilling Line Good services by Vaishali. Assistance given for net banking debit card pin reset.
25-April-2017 AshishAgrawal I have received a very warm service from Ms. Bhagyashri Sahoo. I am heartly thankful to her and to IndusInd Bank for the kind support and cooperation.
25-April-2017 SHIRAZ khan PARESH has given me excellent assistance in generating PIN through Internet login.
24-April-2017 Elysian Exim Pvt Ltd I am satisfied with interaction with Dipa.
24-April-2017 Rohit Today I called in customer care of your bank. I spoke to Miss Darshana, she talked to me very clearly and I am totally satisfied with Miss Darshana.
24-April-2017 Md Danish Raza Amazing experience to talk to Mr. Sameer Jiwani sir. There were lots of executives but nobody helped me except Sameer sir. Thanks Sameer sir. God bless you.
22-April-2017 Deepak Thanks Miss. Kajal Ji for your kind attention. I am very satisfied with your help. Thank You so much.
22-April-2017 Akilan Panneerselvam First time I called the contact centre and they are of good help. Mr. Radhakrishnan has good product knowledge and enough patience to assist me. Kudos to him and the entire team for the service.
22-April-2017 SathishkumarBalaji Bunty sachdev has taken me through full details suggestions which he provided was very helpful since I am very first to credit card usage that too in Indus Ind and Thanks a lot Bunty
22-April-2017  Ravindra Punganur Mr. Mani is great support. Very knowledgable. Good in behaviour
21-April-2017 Karthik K Customer Care officer in CREDIT CARD DIVISION Rajesh Devaraj - Very Polite good communication. Sounded Professional. We need more people like him
21-April-2017 Asadulla Khan Hi Team The CSR agent Rasika Bhave has helped me in retaining my IndusInd Credit card. She was very helpful and patient in making me understand the benefits of the card. I hope she is rewarded for this.
20-April-2017 Virat Sharma Bunty sachdev has helpend me in generating password for net banking and guided me with pin generation process. This was my first call in customer care and experience was great. Thank you bunty
19-April-2017 VishalNarang Had a word with Ms. Saisree a while ago today at 18002090061. She was very kind and helpful in answering all my queries. Keep up the good work Saisree. Kudos... Rgds Vishal Narang
19-April-2017 KrishnarajanP Good service by Saisree. Customer care Executive Saisree helped to use my account which in turn changed my mind to use my account from closing it.
19-April-2017 Garg Seasonwears Mr Vishal Shetty was really helpful to me.
19-April-2017 Maibam Khuman Vishal Raval was very professional and had a very friendly tone I am impressed and happy with the interaction . I expect every representative to be like him for the convenience of the customer
18-April-2017 PraveenSingh Thank you very much for your help. Thank you Shivakant Gaud.
18-April-2017 PradeepYadav Very good and excellent. Vinayak Pathak.
17-April-2017 Meesala ChandraSekhar I would like to appreciate Mr. Vemula Balaji for giving the prompt response and knowledge that he holds on credit card queries. He has dexcellent communication skills. His politeness towards the customer is excellent.
17-April-2017 M Syed Rameez I would like to appreciate Ms Bhakti RAJGURU. I spoke to her regarding some clarifications on my card. She handled the customer query in an extra ordinary way. Best CSA
16-April-2017 Vishal Pinky Lohani. Thank you for helping on call.
14-April-2017 VeenaDevi Best Service. Vajrika Nath
13-April-2017 MuralidharChigicherla I got excellent resolution for my issue through Ishrat Munshi and I am grateful for the support given to me from her active participation.
13-April-2017 Ganesha Fashion Swati madam in Induslnd bank is doing a good job and has given nice services.
13-April-2017 Ridhi Sidhi Diagnosis Centre Pvt Ltd Ms. Shamala has been constantly in touch with me for activating net banking for our account. We are completely satisfied with the services.
13-April-2017 Chandsab A Hamid Khutanbuje Sanuja is most helpful person for me.
13-April-2017 YogendraKumar I am happy with Hanu. He guided me very well and I am happy with that.
13-April-2017 Ramesh Damodharan Deepti Chavan had helped me with all my queries. Her patience while answering the questions had impressed me. I highly appreciate her attitude towards customer support.
13-April-2017 Shahzad Mirza Just overwhelmed by the assistance provided by Mr. Sagar Jain. Kudos
12-April-2017 MohitKalra Miss Ishrat Munshi has helped me for the issue which I was suffering from past several months. She has helped me out of the box. Really I appreciate her passion of doing resolutions of customer. Thank you.
11-April-2017 Ajay Kumar K S I thank Mrs. Ishrat for providing excellent support for customer. 
11-April-2017 Manoj Kumar T Overall call was good. I am Happy. Nikhil Sonawane.
11-April-2017 Dr Durgaaprosad Sorkhel My problem was solved my Minaxi.Vishwakarma to my satisfaction. I wish her a happy and prosperous life. Good wishes and blessings to her
11-April-2017 Pradeep Sheshadri I had very good conversation with Ravishankar Pal when I called customer care. The tone and way of interaction with customer was very impressive which changed my mind not to cancel the card.
10-April-2017 Xfact Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd Thanks Jennifer. You helped me a lot for mobile banking and internet banking. Thanks again. Good customer service. 
10-April-2017 RahulGaur Rahul Ture, this is best services.
10-April-2017 Sushanta Debnath I spoke with Ms Divya Radhakrishnan regarding my card activation. She did it very efficiently and promptly. Thank you so much.
10-April-2017 Suman Gupta Mr Pratik Gupta has given a good response and has explained well.
08-April-2017 Mohamed AmeenRafi I have faced an issue of net banking service which couldn't be resolved by any one from customer service. But Mr. Ajay Chalke from NRI CS rep. has resolved the issue. Thanks for the support.
08-April-2017 Aks Services Hub Pvt Ltd Mr. Vishal has guided me properly and resolved the issue on priority. I am very thankful for his good service.
08-April-2017 Uttam Technology Vaishali Gupta assisted me for net banking. Good service.
08-April-2017 Bharath Lining Enterprises He is good. I am very satisfied by Deepak Kumar. 
08-April-2017 VinodJaved Helpful and nice staff. Particularly Ms. Pinky.
08-April-2017 Kaveri Krishnan I wanted to drop a note of big thanks to Veena from IndusInd Bank Credit Card department. She was extremely helpful and patient in answering all my queries. She went out of her way to solve all my doubts.
08-April-2017 Ajay Singh Thanks and appreciate Mr Kanna for resolving my issue. 
08-April-2017 Mohammad Atif My special compliments to Neelima Raj phone banking executive for listening to me so patiently and giving me prompt solutions for the query raised. She is an asset to IndusInd Bank team. Wish her success
07-April-2017 Golden Water Solution Vaishali, I am happy with your services.
06-April-2017 Smart Retail Service I am very happy for Shilpa maam in satisfying the services.
06-April-2017 Chandrika Cherka Wanted to give feedback on Inandar Abdul Shahil that he was very patient enough in explaining to me my query resolution. He helped me in generating online password. It is really appreciated for his excellence.
04-April-2017 Subham Ghosh Pratik Gupta has given an excellent guidance to me and helped me in generating my pin.
04-April-2017 Mukesh Laul Courteous and prompt service. Barnali has positive attitude which makes customer feel good. Thank you so much
03-April-2017 DharmeshHanda Ishrat very good 
03-April-2017 Varalakshmi Rajan Kanna was very helpful and answered all my questions politely
01-April-2017 Dharamraj Shivpujan Shukla Hi I would like to compliment miss Gunja who is apparently our RM. She is being amazing for us as support for our banking needs. I feel she is the best RM we have compared to other banks. Thank you.
01-April-2017 Shadrach Kar I had issue with online banking. I spoke with Kayal who has been very patient and courteous to assist me in fixing up the issue. She deserves recognition and rewards.
31-March-2017 Sujan Mal Shikher Chand Superb by the staff Santosh Kharat
31-March-2017 Sujan Mal Shikher Chand Superb by the staff Tipu Sultan
31-March-2017 Avani Dani Great. All issues were solved by Mr. Pratik Gupta. Thanks.
30-March-2017 AnkitRana Miss Kanchan. Nice to talk to you. You helped me in activating my blocked debit card. Thanks.
30-March-2017 SamirChowdhary I had a conversation with Karthika Ravikumar Chennai Centre. I found her very polite, meticulous, spontaneous and professional. I would rate this call ten out of ten.
29-March-2017 VikramNarang I had put up a request to reverse the charges deducted. Now it has been reversed thanks to Ms Ishrat Munshi the customer care executive I talked with regarding this.
29-March-2017 Tanish Travel Hut Wonderful support by your customer relationship person name Ms Pinky Lohani who has given the appropriate solution of my query.
28-March-2017 Raghunath Giliyaru Hi Thanks for quickly reversing the joining fee. Appreciate your quick action and resolution on this.
28-March-2017 Dharma  Kaparapu Thanks a lot Megha Satam. It was a great experience learning about the Credit Card details from you. As a new customer I am able to understand the in and outs of my credit card.
27-March-2017 Radiant World Wide Suraj Bhise. The help from this person is immensely helpful. Excellent.
27-March-2017 Absar Ahmad Khan Sameer Jiwani is very supportive for help.
27-March-2017 Ketan Patel i m Ketan Patel i am very happy with your Customer Service Divya Radha Krishnan ID 62165 she was very Co Operative and helpful
25-March-2017 Kool Tech Engineers Excellent service and help by Miss Vaishali Gupta Service Manager CA
24-March-2017 Gajraj Soni I just spoke to Miss. Veena had few quires about my Card to resolve she was very helpful and soft spoken she rectified my all problems queries with efficiently Appreciate the way she speaks to customer.
24-March-2017 Irfan Moulavi It was great experience talking to Manisingh. He helped me through in a good way and the service he provided was awesome
24-March-2017 Vinay Kohli Excellent help extended by Vishal Khaire to reset my net banking user id and password.
24-March-2017 Krishnachaitanya Reddy Rajesh Devraj is the person who assisted me reg. my concerns over the card. The way he was taking up my requests or concerns were trust on the bank doubled because of his response thanks
23-March-2017 Arun Wankhede My long pending complaint regarding credit card has been resolved today by Mr. Pratik Gupta. I'm too much glad and satisfied with the response given by Mr Pratik. Thanks to Pratik and Indus bank.
23-March-2017 Joy Hela Today I spoke with Mr. Pratik CST CRE Mumbai and he solved all my issues regarding my new cc and i want to say thanks Pratik
21-March-2017 Anand Infostyle Mr Santosh Kharat from the call centre team really helped me a lot, he is very much caring about the customer and he has problem solving attitude. I wish him good luck for his future.
21-March-2017 Ashesh Shah I had just interacted with Megha. She is very cooperative and polite. she helped me in all my queries and give a good solutions to them. This was a nice experience and happy to be helped. Thank you.
21-March-2017 Abhishek Kumar Hi ,This is regarding my experience with your customer care executive (AMINA) during my last call raising an issue of late charges on my card. I must confess and appreciate the immense patience and maturity shown by Amina during our long call that lasted around 30 mins plus. She not only was cooperative but stood by the ethos of the company and she is a great asset to your team and I did compliment her that she would probably be better than the floor manager. Great work and keep up the great commitment By the way I was about to discontinue my journey with Indusind bank but choose other way. Best of luck and people like you become CEO and great corporate leaders.
21-March-2017 Mahesh Chandra Excellent customer service of Clancy Pinto
21-March-2017 Siddhartha Banerjee Very helpful. Mr. Paresh was exemplary. Keep up the great work
20-March-2017 Praveen Kumar Balaji Vemela was very good in support of my query and he was very supportive in responding to all my query and finally he helped to resolve my problems thank you. Happy with IndusInd bank service
20-March-2017 Muralikrishna Buddina Bunty Sachdev Is very helpful me. He is very good in explaining me all the features
19-March-2017 Smruti Ranjan Sahoo Hi Team Today I called to your contact centre and one of your executive Pramasakthi had taken the call and I am grateful to her. Really, I appreciate her for good customer service.
18-March-2017   Learnize Pvt Ltd Vishal has been helpful
18-March-2017 Divyesh Tripathi Dear Mr Vishal Rawat I really appreciate your support and response related to my stolen credit card thanks a lot to give me hundred percent positive response.
18-March-2017 Sanket Inamdar I had just interacted with Megha. She is very cooperative and polite. she helped me in all my queries and give a good solutions to them. This was a nice experience and happy to be helped. Thank you.
17-March-2017 Srikanth Kodumaggula Good work.
16-March-2017 Vivek  Srivastava It was nice talking with you. Mr Santosh has finally resolved my problem after being a customer of Indusind from years. Finally for the first time I am going to use Internet Banking. Thanks.
15-March-2017 Pradeep Chahare Bunty Sachdev has helped me in generating pin for credit card and helped net banking activation i want rate 5 star for this service
15-March-2017 Ankur  Arya Provided correct information in a timely manner. Executive name is Pankaj Rajpal who has a gentle tone and provides the real time information. 
15-March-2017 Gopalakrishnan  Manickam Had an unpleasant experience with the customer care agent wherein I asked for Supervisor which was Sameer Jiwani who went beyond the call of duty to serve a customer which is exactly needed by everybody.
14-March-2017   Rajiv Kaicker HUF It was great speaking to Mr. Shankar Rajgire who solved all my problems. Hope you have many more such guys.
14-March-2017 Karthik Naidu Minaxi Vishwakarma I would like to appreciate you for helping me in generating my tele PIN and credit card PIN. Way of handling customer is really awesome and you're doing brilliant work Keep it up
13-March-2017 Sanjay Sharma Very nice response
13-March-2017 Abhishek Basak Very good assistance provided by Indusind Customer care representative Mr. Vikash Kumar. Helped me to guide my queries. I hope Indusind will continue to provide customer a good service like this. 
12-March-2017 Aloke  Sureka Talked at around 2.40 PM with Sayali of helpdesk. Got excellent solution with courtesy to my issues.
12-March-2017 Deepak Damare Dear Vikash Kumar sir thank for great help to me for save my financial loss great job sir we are proud
12-March-2017 Chetan Jakhotia Mr. Pratik Gupta has answered all my queries. Excellent service from him.
11-March-2017 Minakshi Goel Got all my issues resolved by Pratik Gupta 
10-March-2017 Archana  Kamath Spoke to Mr. Pratik at the customer care. From understanding the problem to providing solutions and alternate options he was quick and convincing. Thank you Mr. Pratik for the excellent service.
10-March-2017 Ankit  Modi The executive Sayali was very helpful. Thanks
10-March-2017 Suuhas  Deshpande This is amazing and proper service by Miss. Kanchan Saha. I am truly grateful and satisfied by her efforts taken for me to solve my issue. Thank you so much.
10-March-2017 Debaditya Ghosh Thank you for your kind cooperation and assistance. Keep growing.
10-March-2017 Ashesh Shah Good job my Yogesh from Chennai contact centre. Keep it up
09-March-2017 Gaurav  Singh Sameer Jiwani provided me right information and I am happy with that information. He talked to me very kindly and also I wanna give thanks to the previous executive. She helped me a lot. Thank you.
08-March-2017 Sandip R Kshirsagar Ishrat you have well communicated to me and resolved my complaint rapidly. Thank you so much. Have a nice day & happy women's day.
07-March-2017 Nichanametla  Chandramouli I have been satisfied with Kanchan's response as she has full resolution for my issues.
07-March-2017 Deepanshu  Pal I am very happy with the service provided by Mr. Santosh Kharat.
07-March-2017 Ajay S Makam Ms. Kanchan has solved my pending issue which was pending since 22.02.2017 within a day. I really appreciate her for the same. However I will fully appreciate the bank if small matters are not escalated.
07-March-2017 Bhawani  Shankar It was very nice talking with Priyanka Gupta.
07-March-2017 Prasanta Nanda  Extremely happy with the service provided by Mr. Omkar. He tried to resolve all my quires with complete honesty.
07-March-2017 Venkates Warlu Spoke to the phone banker Yogesh I'm happy with his services. He is very polite and courteous, ready to answer all the questions in call. I have asked him 3 queries and he answered all give him promotion.
05-March-2017 Sanjay Darekar Great work.
05-March-2017 Ankit Singh Rekha amazing customer service. Thank you for explaining everything. You are a star.
05-March-2017 Anshu Sharma The CSR Ravi Pal has been a great help in getting my queries sorted and had been very patient in acknowledging my requests. Has been an epitome of client focused delivery. Really appreciate the effort
04-March-2017 Rizwan Pasha Good job.
03-March-2017 Bhaskar Reddy J A special thanks to Ms. Ishrat Munshi. It was an awesome experience. The customer representative was very helpful and guided me throughout the issue. I really appreciate her help. Thanks. 
03-March-2017 Srinivas Erappa I appreciate Devi from contact centre for her help and patience to guide me through the data. She was knowledgeable and professional too. Thank you for the great support
02-March-2017 Anoop  Kumar Ishrat Munshi is very helpful and she solved my query. 10 out of 10.
02-March-2017 Md Taiyab Hussain Mr. Vishal for Net Banking services. I am giving 5 star for his better services which is quick and fast. I am so happy.
02-March-2017 Dileesh Dilkumar Anand NV was very professional on call. Good product and process knowledge. Cheers Indusind bank to give such a good customer service. The best customer service. Good job Anand.
01-March-2017 Santosh  Mainale Thanks to Kanchan for resolving the issue by taking it personally. Thank you so much keep going.
01-March-2017   Mercury Infosys It was great to talk with your customer care staff. Nice service by Vishal.
01-March-2017 Jaideep  Tripathi I have been talking to Abhay Shukla and he is a great human being and also he is a great presenter. He has changed my thinking for your IndusInd bank.
25-February-2017 Sarada Prasad Dash Kanchan it's very nice to talk with you and thanks for your help.
24-February-2017 Anand Devavarapu It is good from my end to say that I heard a clear and clarity voice when I had a conversation with Hema Bist and decided to share my compliments with concerned IndusInd Bank.
23-February-2017 Sanjay Bode Rajashree provided Good Service. All queries were replied very nicely. Very polite. I am giving her 10 Star
22-February-2017 Sumit Chakraborty I am very satisfied by the service provided by Mr Bunty Sachdev. I wish him all the best.
21-February-2017 Zenith Enterprises Rajendra has been quite helpful and courteous to resolve my query about internet banking. Thanks to the bank and to him. 
21-February-2017 Rajan Chopra Shilpa Salvi has addressed all my queries for banking and credit cards. She has given best service to of luck to her...for future...
21-February-2017 Alok Singh Dear All through this message I would like to appreciate the support extended to me by Ms Krishnaveni P she politely answered all my queries i really appreciate the way she handled my call Thanks
21-February-2017 Nirmal Pv Appreciate Megha Satam from contact center for her help and patience to guide me through the data. She was knowledgeable clear and professional. Thank you for warm support.
21-February-2017 Jayesh Vyas It was a great experience today on phone banking with Mr. Khanna to resolve my credit card issues. He knew all the things and did a fantastic job. I strongly suggest having few more people like him.
20-February-2017 Wilson Lobo A special thanks to Ms. Shweta Dubey from the Card Services team for resolving a long standing issue. Thanks again and truly appreciate her assistance.
20-February-2017 Anil Irawade Bunty Sachdev explained the process very nicely and he provided the complete information and i really appreciate the efforts.
19-February-2017 Tilakraj Singh Rajshree Roy Chowdhary helped me to understand my billing details. She is very helpful and handled my queries with patience. Keep it up
19-February-2017 Harihara Ramkumar It was an informative call which i had. Good customer services.
18-February-2017 Farhaan Samnani I had a good conversation with Bhakti CSR from Credit card team and the information provided to me was perfect and meeting my expectations. Keep it up. Thanks.
17-February-2017 Vinod I had called video branch. Mrs Shweta ji se bat hui, bhut acchi jaankari di mujhe. I am very satisfied. Please accept my feedback. Thanks. 
17-February-2017 Ashwani  Sharma This feedback is for Mr. Sameer Jiwani. He is a very good person. Thanks a lot
17-February-2017 Kumar Sankalp I had some issue of using my credit card but CSR person named Zourez Mohammed helped me thoroughly. I am quite happy with the service Thanks a lot Keep up the same spirit Good Luck
17-February-2017 Ashok Sogani vikash kumar is very helpful and solved my problem thanks
17-February-2017 Kausar Salma Hi Team Mr. Chandan Chauhan is a great asset to your company. The best customer service representative ever i came across. Keep up your great work. He is worth for a Managerial position.
15-February-2017 Omg Pest Control Service All query completed. I am very happy to communicate with miss Kanchan. Thanks.
16-February-2017 Krishan Kumar Gupta Ishrat Munshi. She is helpful. She knows how to deal with the customer. She even called me back and guided properly. She is the best among all others to whom I talked to. She deserves an award. Thanks a lot.
16-February-2017 Raees Shabbir Khan Mr Mukesh Madani, best service for net banking step by step. Best service. Thank you.
16-February-2017 Purushottam P Pathak Hi Team, This is to give feedback for Kumari who assisted me in getting clear idea about services provided by Induslnd premium card. The information was clearly provided for multiple queries with patience. Please accept the note of Gratitude and do encourage such people with rewards.
14-February-2017 Sandeep Dubey All the queries has been resolved by Minaxi Vishwakarma
13-February-2017 Rahul  Kumar Hi Team I just wanted to inform to you that your CCE name Aishvariyan SL is giving very good customer service. I am very happy with my query.  
13-February-2017 Sanjay Sangale Very good service provided and your customer service is very helpful. Mohan raj is very good thanks
13-February-2017 Rajendra Muley I Have contacted today to customer Care and Mr. Bunty Sachdev was the person on the customer care side. He was just fantastic professional. He is an asset to your bank.
12-February-2017 Mohammad Mirza My query was resolved very smoothly by Sayali.
12-February-2017 Gaurav Awal The representative Chandan Chauhan is the best.....he was very helpful.
11-February-2017 Saurav  Das Sayali was an awesome customer care representative. Very happy to work with her. Happy to be an IndusInd Bank customer. 
10-February-2017 Deepchand Sharma Bhagya shree sahoo provided excellent response. I am fully satisfied from your indusind bank
09-February-2017 Priyakumari I had very Good session with Paresh
07-February-2017 Simantini  Paul Mr. Tipu Sultan of Customer Care Centre is very caring and helpful to customer. I wish him a great success in his life. 10 Marks to him.
07-February-2017 Narasimhasandeep Kalva Ms.Minaxi Vishwakarma from customer care centre is very professional and sound knowledgeable. She knows a lot of information. She is an asset to IndusInd bank. She is very cordial and polite. Thanks
08-February-2017 Ahilan S excellent
08-February-2017 Rishi Govindkumarr Would like to thank and appreciate the help provided by Minakshi Vishwakarma to update the requests and support provided over the call to update the address for the card
06-February-2017 Raju Undrasapu The executive Rakhi supported all my queries and done wonderful support
06-February-2017 Basawaraj Biradar Siddharth patel has done Excellent job Thank you for your effort and great commitment towards work
06-February-2017 Mainak  Chakraborty Mohan Raj helped me to open my internet banking he has excellent communication and solved my problem with an immediate effect
04-February-2017 Karamat  Ali I am very much pleased with the service provided by Mr Sameer Jiwani. He was extremely professional and quick in responding and providing solution to my issues. Hats off to him. Keep up the good work.
04-February-2017 Dhanapal T I am a retired person from the services of Ashok Leyland and I have worked at Hosur Units and Corporate Office.  I am holding IndusInd credit card. I had contacted your customer care executives many times seeking clarification . I spoke to Ms. Gayathri madam twice including today's call. Her patience to provide the clarification is excellent. In my view her (Gayathri) commitment to provide the information and ensuring customer satisfaction is simply superb. Thanks to IndusInd.
04-February-2017 Tushar Swain Debaditya Chatterjee was very helpful to provide all the information and helped to solve all my queries.
04-February-2017 Himanshu Gaurav It was an awesome experience. The customer representative Mr. Kanna was very helpful and guided me throughout the issue. I really appreciate his help. Thank you.
03-February-2017 K Hemanth Kumar Sayali Patil, As of now I didn't know that I could redeem rewards points towards cash credit on my own. A big THANK YOU for information and guiding me to do on my own.
03-February-2017 Mohammad Shah I am very impressed with Ms Snehal Methos assistance. My card application was untraceable for more than 30 days. She called me back to update me with full info. She deserves recognition. Thanks
02-February-2017 Richard  Mathews Talked to Mr Wavell and was very much helpful. Great help.
01-February-2017 Sunil Chauahan Today I have talked to Muthulaxmi Thevar IndusInd customer care department she has clarified related points. I am satisfied 
01-February-2017 Prashant Kadam Hello Team IndusInd Bank. I would like to appreciate work done by Miss Bhagyashree Sahu from Credit card department for helping me to resolve my queries. Great work Bhagyashree Keep it up
01-February-2017 Ankit Sharma Vikash Kumar provided good service to me... Thank you for your good communication
01-February-2017 Malcolm Ferrao I had called up the helpline Swapnil Pawar emp code 63040 was very patient and helpful. He had explained me all the benefits of the card and also advised me to start using IndusInd bank card
31-January-2017 Pratima  Mairh Hi, I had a word with Ms Sonal for my banking query and she resolved it in an excellent way, however here I would like to request that there must be an option to change number from other number rather registered.
31-January-2017 Immanuel P I would like to thank your company personnel at the customer services division for their excellent support. Your customer care executive Bhagya Shree Sahoo took care of all my queries in a jiffy
31-January-2017 Mr Laxmi Kanta Tolasariya Happy with the interaction had with the officer for APIN gen & was delighted with the experience. Good work!
30-January-2017 Bighneswar Das Neelima Raj provided very good service.
27-January-2017 Subrino Pillay Thank you so much for kind support Rajashree. You have answered all my queries.
28-January-2017 Akshay Bopshetty Vikash Kumar has helped me to solve my query in very polite manner thanks a lot
29-January-2017 Biswajeet  Mishra Amazing Customer Service from Devi Credit Card Team. Flawless resolution of my issue and went the extra mile to keep me as a loyal customer. Kudos to you. Good Job
29-January-2017 Lalit Jha Vikash Kumar
25-January-2017 Gala Hardik Rajashree Roy Chowdhary.... Excellent service
25-January-2017 Pravin Poojary Debaditya excellent service. Happy with the service provided
25-January-2017 Mangesh Ghangale I am really happy with my conversion with Faizan. He really helped me out to understand all my calculations.
24-January-2017 Ankit Sharma Extremely satisfied on the services provided by Neelima raj
24-January-2017 Arpit Khosla I was served by employee Pradeep. He provided wonderful service. Thanks
23-January-2017 Bhima Ram Burtukne Mukesh Madani was polite on call and he solved all queries related to online.
23-January-2017 Nikhil Saraf I wanted to thank you for acknowledging my request to credit back the late payment fees on my credit card. Great customer service
21-January-2017 Satyam Kumar  Yadav This was pending from quite a long time and I really appreciate the promptness shown by Kanchan in resolving the issue. Thanks for all your help
21-January-2017 Vineet  Katoch Spoke with Santosh and I appreciate his help very greatly. Doing a Great Job.
21-January-2017 Divya Ritesh Gotecha Sonal Umraniya great job thank you.
20-January-2017 VirajMalik (Min) U/G Shweta Singh Very helpful as talking to Pankaj the entire problem was solved. 
20-January-2017 Pardeep  Sharma Thanks Kanchan, I was very frustrated since last one and half month due to unable to transfer access from my bank. Thanks again. Now it is resolved.
20-January-2017 RimaSarkar I am really thankful to Ishrat who has helped me to get my refund. I really appreciate her ability.
20-January-2017 Avinandan Kumar Pathak Mr. Dinesh Sachdev good service.
20-January-2017 Pravin Poojary Debaditya provided excellent service. Happy with service provided
19-January-2017 Saurabh  Bansal Sonal Umraniya excellent
19-January-2017 Mohammad  Anwar Nandini Bangera is very excellent talking to.
19-January-2017 Altia Technology Private Limited Miss Ishrat Munshi. She is responsible and capable for solving problem. She is also quick decision making and very excellent in work. Thank you.
19-January-2017 Amalraj A I called to the Customer Care Services to get to know my payments details. I spoke to MUKARRAM. Really I appreciate his patients and services which he has provided to me
18-January-2017 ManojAgarwal Thanks for the help miss Kanchan. Your guidance for me was very helpful for me. Thanks a lot.
18-January-2017 Vyapini Tech Services Private Limited Called up the contact centre with pretty much frustration. But Ms. Ishrat Munshi did a good job and helped me resolve the issue and also followed up with me on the same. Good Job Ishrat.
18-January-2017 HarshWardhan 047510727 Nasir Ahmed....I am a new customer for indusind bank and Mr. Nasir Ahmed is the first customer care executive who helped me a lot. I dialled the customer care number first time and Nasir picked up my call.
18-January-2017 VikasGoel Great services by miss Kanchan
18-January-2017 Vishal Rawat 'Nice service against complaint resolutions. I am satisfied from Mrs. Kanchan
18-January-2017 Manorarajan  Samantaray Your Sr. executive Ishrat Munshi was very helpful and her way of talking was very cool. Finally I got my issue resolved...Thank you.
18-January-2017 Akhilesh Pandey Very good experience with Mr Chandramouli.
18-January-2017 PavanSure Awesome conversation with previous session. She is very helpful and awesome. I am happy with the solution that she has given. She is very patience and good.
17-January-2017 RajuMalakar I am very much thankful to Mr. Rishi Raj who guided me for getting my money. He is the only one who solved my problem and also he took the matter very seriously. I wish all the staff do the same as he.
17-January-2017 Sumesh  J Hi Hema, Thanks for the support provided for resolving the issue with regards to indus mobile login. This was my first interaction with indus customer care and I have to admit it was praiseworthy.
17-January-2017 Deepak  Sharma Hi, I just want to share my experience with your contact Centre executive Ms Madhavi. She is a very helpful executive and she solved all my problems quickly. I am very thankful to her for her help. Thanks.
17-January-2017 Deepak  Kumar Pritam Good call
16-January-2017 Laxmikanta Tolasariya Had an awesome interaction .Excellent feedback and support.
15-January-2017 JyotiSharma Spoke to Ms Kajal Patel. She resolved my issues perfectly with patience.
15-January-2017 Deepak  Dhariwal Ahmed Khan gr8 job
15-January-2017 Raman Sehgal Card officer sounded very pleasant
15-January-2017 Anoj Singh I want to say about customer care person Kanna. He helped me to understand the card facilities and how to pay bill through net banking. I personally like the way he explained. Really appreciate.
15-January-2017 Abhishek Gupta I would like appreciate Debaditya Chatterjee for the awesome service. I am so delighted to find such kind of service which has never experienced before.
14-January-2017 Namita  Bhat Awesome service by Kanchan. Really appreciate for her efforts.
14-January-2017 Framsteg Network Private Limited Called to Ms. Sonal Umraniya and have been satisfied for our queries.
14-January-2017 Rahul Ramanand Sharma Kanchan had helped me and solved my problem. I am thankful to her and she has done an Excellent Job. 
13-January-2017 Glob Plast Private Limited Sonal Umraniya. Very good service.
13-January-2017 SaifHashmi Pankaj Rajpal. I am giving rating 5. He has assisted me in a better way.
13-January-2017 Golden International Kanchan thanks for reversing the charges
12-January-2017 Vinod Nair This message is for Farhan Shaikh from the contact centre rendering fantastic service today. I am a happy customer and people like Farhan bring joy  to the customers for banking with IndusInd. He is truly an asset.
11-January-2017 Anu Gupta Prerna took my call and helped me with all my queries patiently and very clearly. Thank her on my behalf
11-January-2017 Himanshu Bhatt Debaditya Chatterjee has assisted me very well for my query related to pin generation and login at website as well as permanent waiver of credit card charges. Thanks 
09-January-2017 Kanhaiyalal R Varma I would like to appreciate one of your executive from the customer care. Miss Ishrat Munshi for following up on my complaint and calling me back with the resolution.
09-January-2017 Sunil More Bindu Jayachandran is a true blue blood CS agent. Precise and clear and knows what she is doing. Awesome. Hope rest of Banks also have such CS setup and people.
08-January-2017 Bhagavathi Perumal S Kanchan the advisor who I spoke to was real helpful. She gave me call-backs on time and got my issue resolved. It might be just her job but her concern towards a customer is much appreciated thank you.
08-January-2017 Fyjullah Ahmed Thank you so much Prerana. It was great experience on the issues resolved and quick info from your fingertips. I am glad to get such an immense service Regards Shaik Fyjullah
08-January-2017 Sanjay Komple Vikash Kumar was very helpful. 
07-January-2017 Sanjay  Shanker It was pleasure talking to Ms. Kanchan Saha who helped me to get the new welcome kit which contains Cheque book, Debit Card etc. as the initial welcome kit came with mistake in my name spelling.
07-January-2017 Virendra  Kocher Rajendra Satouse is a very good customer care executive. He helped me lot. Thank you very much.
07-January-2017 Abhinandan Kumar Thanks for taking care of my add on card request. Customer care representative was polite and efficient. 
07-January-2017 Ashok Unnikrishnan I would really like to appreciate the diligence shown by Mr Rajesh Kamati the customer care executive who helped me solve a lot of first issues with my Credit Card. Kudos
06-January-2017 Aditya Kumar Soni Was having an issue regarding my saving account which was not getting solved? I am Appreciating Mr. Sameer Jiwani from Escalation desk helping to solve the problem single handed. Once again thanks.
06-January-2017 Nimish Dogra Interacted with Miss Kayalvizhi. She was very attentive and very supportive. My queries have been resolved even. I got all the required information. Great job done. Good customer services.
06-January-2017 Jehan Saai Y Chandramouly.......he was perfect service in customer service so much thank u for Chandra mouly...thank u
06-January-2017 Rakesh Trivedi Debaditya is the name of contact person who helped me a lot and i am very much satisfied with his services
06-January-2017 Jatin Tandon Good services provided by Mohan Raj
05-January-2017 AmitSingh Kanchan she has helped me a lot for my cheque book request my cheque has been received Thank You for your support
05-January-2017 Vishakha  Singh Thanks team for resolving this issue especially Kanchan Saha.
05-January-2017 Mohammad Ghufran This is a very good service from the customer care of Indus bank credit card team
05-January-2017 Ramaraj V Good job done by credit card team.
05-January-2017 Veera Venkatesh Debaditya chaterjee provided very good assistance to create a new user id as I was new user. I am really very happy with your service Thanks 
05-January-2017 Kiran Bakianath Debaditya Chatterjee who was handling my query was extremely helpful in walking me through the process. I have got all the queries addressed and he was very professional
05-January-2017 Suresh  Krishnan  Rakhi Soni phone banking officer was good in helping in going through the Internet Banking registration process
04-January-2017 Ritesh Kamat It was pleasure talking to Ms. Anusha Prabhu
04-January-2017 Narendra Sao Anusha Prabhu thank you for  helping us
04-January-2017 Rajiv Agnihotri Excellent talking to your representative Ms. Prerna. Her response was appropriate. I wish the Bank and its representative my best wishes.
03-January-2017 Vikas Babasaheb Kadam I have spoken to Mr. Kisan Rawat about my internet banking registration query and I have found him to be very patient and very helpful and I would like to rate this call 5 on 5. Thanks, Vikas Babasaheb Kadam.
03-January-2017 Shantanu Mitra Mr.Sanket Mehta solved my query on generating credit card pin. I found him to be quite polite and helpful. Thanks a ton Sanket
03-January-2017 Kousik Duttagupta Excellent support from phone banking team
03-January-2017  Pankaj B Great Support provided by Ms. Devi. She listened to all my queries patiently and resolved my queries quickly. Keep it up indusind Bank
03-January-2017 Manoj Madan Satisfied with the services provided by Bunty
02-January-2017 Shashi  Kumar Ishrat Munshi, very-very good help. Thank you
01-January-2017 Atul' Mohindra Prompt courteous and detailed response to multifarious queries. Excellent Keep it up Mr Bunty Sachdev
01-January-2017 Sanuja  M S Ref no 46977846. The officer who raised this request was really helpful and understands the issue clearly. You have been a great help. Thank you so much. 
31-December-2016 KamalJoshi My name is Kamal Joshi with my net banking id 31969459. Had a conversation with Shruti Jayakumar Ecn 64641. Her voice is so energetic and has a great eagerness to help customers query. You are a star.
31-December-2016 Rav & Associates Sincerely appreciate Rishi Raj for his personalised services and assistance provided in resolving my problem in no time.
31-December-2016 Karandeep Singh Vikas kumar service was good. Excellent
30-December-2016 VarunTalwar I really appreciate the services of Ishrat Munshi towards my complaint of transfer of funds. She was pretty professional in her approach and went out of the way to assist me. I give her full marks.
30-December-2016 Ishwari  Parsad Rakesh is a helpful person. I am satisfied with this service.
30-December-2016 Suresh Krishnan Rakhi soni phone banking officer was good in helping in going thru the internet banking registration process
30-December-2016 Udhayakumar K Vikash kumar provided good service to me... Thank you for your good communication
29-December-2016 AakibJaved Kanchan good job satisfied with her service
29-December-2016 Harshavardhan  Battina Great Support Rishi Raj. Issue Resolved. I didn't know where my Money Landed for 20 Days for the Failure Transaction. Mr. Rishi Raj helped to get the Money back with continuous follow-up with CC Avenue.
29-December-2016 Nilesh Chunch I would like to say thanks Miss Devi for her wonderful assistant. Thanks Miss Devi for solving my queries regarding new issued credit card. Got nice experience on first call at customer care
28-December-2016 Rajkumar Sivakumaran Nair I am very happy with the Service of Ms. Kanchan on the queries. But I am very disappointed with the service of Mr. Khan and your bank in regards to my query which was raised was delayed.
28-Dec-2016 Devashish  Sarkar Ishrat Munshi is an asset to your bank. She was not only courteous but was very-very helpful. I would recommend the management to promote her as Head Customer Escalations.
28-December-2016 AejasNaik I am very impressed and pleased with the quality of service provided by Kanchan Saha. She was able to think from my perspective. I could sense that she has passion in helping her customers.
28-December-2016 Trideep Kumar Hota Rishi Raj is a very good person. I appreciate his cooperation & wish him best of luck for the future. 
28-December-2016 VikasArora Very good service in Sameer Jiwani jinhone meri baat suni aur meri complaint ko bahut ache se handle kiya aur mera solution nikala thanks Sameer 
28-December-2016 Rakesh Shetty Good experience with Indusind bank Credit card Dept. I talked to the person Mr. PARESH. He resolved my query. Thnks
28-December-2016 Rajiv Agnihotri Excellent talking to your representative Ms. Prerna. Her response was appropriate. I wish the Bank and its representative my best wishes.
27-December-2016 SinuCherian Awesome assistance by Hema. Query resolved promptly. Thanks Hema.
27-December-2016 Rahul Singh Very good service Dinesh ji
27-December-2016 Abhilash  Srivastava Indeed I will appreciate Ishrat Munshi's effort the way she handled my complaint and resolved the issue.
27-December-2016 Narendrakumar Rajan Ms. Kayavizhi  Service was excellent. I would appreciate if your team look forward it too . Thanks once again keep up the good work. Hope you will always give a best support Regards Narendrakumar
27-December-2016 Anurag  Uniyal The support provided by Mr Gandhi during a voice interactive session was overwhelming. Thanks a ton. kudos
27-December-2016 Lalit Pandey I just want to inform you that recently I have contacted your phone customer service. My query was handled by Yogesh Rawat. I really enjoyed the service and level of interaction with him.
26-December-2016 AdyaOjha I appreciate the work of Kanchan being personal of IndusInd bank to be so prompt and resolving my issue with her utmost concern. Her services made my faith a bit more with IndusInd.
24-December-2016 Bhumi Mahajan Miss Prerana had helped me to generate my ATM pin for credit card through online banking. I was getting errors and she helped me with patience and politeness.
24-December-2016 Snehal Ganvir Vikas Kumar help me a lot for online payment details. Thanks Vikas
24-December-2016 Devjeet Bose Had a talk with customer care centre. Mr Amit Ranjan from Customer Care is an efficient gentleman who guided me on my requirement.I am highly satisfied with my call.
24-December-2016 Sudeep Sarkar Was very impressed with the response from the premium care team. The associate handling my case actually took time to read my email and understand the problem. The appropriate resolution was provided.
24-December-2016 Sambit Sahoo Return of my payment wrongly made to inactive card held by me earlier.Executive nicely handled my request and I was satisfied with her solution.
23-December-2016 Deepak  Kumar Ishrat Munshi resolved my complaint on priority. See good. Thanks
23-December-2016 Shekhar Rajaratan Kambale I am so much thankful for Miss Ishrat Munshi as business person her fast solution on my request. So much thankful and grateful for her work and actions.
23-December-2016 Vivek VP Anusha Prabhu has been very professional in liaising with me and helped to solve each query. I appreciate the sense of urgency with which she executed my requests.
22-December-2016 Umashankara S S Kanchan is a very good responsive person
22-December-2016 Himanshu  Kumar Query resolved and now its gr8. Hope you will solve my query little faster. But a gr8 representative. Chingleen
22-December-2016 Vamsiramrajesh Pothireddy Devi was very helpful, had patience in clarifying all the queries. It is great for you to have such executives who will help to build confidence of customers with indusind bank.
22-December-2016 Maheshwar Mishra Vikash Kumar has guided me very well for generating pin number. Many-many thanks to him.
22-December-2016 Prashant Mule Vikash Kumar was  very helpful. Thank you very much
21-December-2016 Shubham  Kumar Thank You Ishrat Munshi Madam. Finally after 2 months my pending issue has been resolved.
21-December-2016 Asit Kumar Nandy Hi Hanu Prasad Thank you for your great help
21-December-2016 Shais Younis Ms Rahki Soni Credit Card Phone banking representative was very good with giving information. She was able to handle the call effectively and really appreciate the service
21-December-2016 Nitesh Patel Pradipta Nayak has provided excellent support. 
21-December-2016 Mohit Batra Extremely satisfied with the patience level of Mr.Amit Ranjan. Quite a good executive.
20-December-2016 Anand  Sukumar Rakesh has given me 100 percent service.
20-December-2016 Viaduct Event Management Private Limited Mr. Hanu Prasad of the Customer Care Department was very helpful and led me to the right information without losing time and was glad to sort out the issues I was facing in logging onto the IndusNet.
20-December-2016 V Balasubramanian Patient and diligent service by your representative Devi. Good luck to her and IndusInd Bank
20-December-2016 Rohit Gupta Really appreciable interaction with Ms. Bhakti Rajguru. She spent a long time to resolve my query for my first credit card. With her assistance I have done my online registration and generated PIN.
20-December-2016 Ranjan Singh Like to Appreciate Rachana, the floor Manager for her ability to handle the customer service relationship from bank side as well as the customer side. Thanks a lot for a wonderful job that you do.
19-December-2016 M/S  Sonu Engineering This is regarding Ishrat Munshi. She has been amazing in solving in my issues. I had a recurring deposit which did not mature due to an error and she got it resolved. Thank you Ishrat.
19-December-2016 Amit Kumar Upadhyay Savita maam very nice service. Thanks
19-December-2016 R K Jewellers Kanchan very good service
19-December-2016 Vashishth Kumar Today I have discussed my query with Bhakti Rajguru and she has resolved my all query in very Decemberent way. Also registered my request for card up gradation. Thanks for  best customer care service.
19-December-2016 Saleem Pasha Mr.Amit Ranjan has given a great assistance and helped me with so much patience. Really appreciate his  dedication towards work.
19-December-2016 Jyoti Ranjan It is to inform you that your employee Pradeep Nayak was helpful in resolving my issues regarding my credit card. I would give 10/10 for his performance. Hope this type of service from your end in future too.
17-December-2016 Nisha  Kanojiya Fast response. Thanks Mehul.
17-December-2016 Joseprakash Savita, she was very helpful to me to solve this issue.
17-December-2016 Shaurya  Kumar Kanchan Good respond 
17-December-2016 Chandru Manvani Dear Ms. Minakshi. It was great speaking to you and would like to thank you for refreshing the benefits of Indulge card.
16-December-2016 Shahana  Khanam It was a wonderful experience overall dealing with Ms Ishrat Munshi as all my unfair deduction are credited back to my account in given time frame by her. Thank you.
16-December-2016 Deepak  Kedai Miss. Kanchan is cooperative and in my case she resolved my issue which is related to branch location. I am happy to join IndusInd Bank.
16-December-2016 Pramod Rajaram Ranjane Very good and impressive support found given by Rahul Desai.
16-December-2016 Raavik Labs For refund of my money back a huge thank you to Miss Kanchan Saha of your Contact support for helping me resolve this so quickly and with confidence. Thank you very much. She is a very helpful girl. 
15-December-2016 Vijayakumar  B Rakesh Thanks for Helping me 
15-December-2016 Ravi  Arora I am happy with the support offered by Mrs Kanchan Saha 
15-December-2016 Narendrakumar Rajan Hi Indusind team. Reason for my update is that I really wanna spend time now to appreciate Mr Paresh Rathod . He was very helpful and professional please consider this. 
14-December-2016 Gentax Retail Private Limited Sh. Hanu Prasad communicated with me well and resolved all my queries.
14-December-2016 Tiwari Mukesh Kumar V My name is Kavita. Your indusind bank customer care service is very good. Thank you Savita.
14-December-2016 Amos Pritam Thangaraj I want to appreciate Ms. Ishrat Munshi because she helped me a lot for opening the Account. So I am glad Miss Ishrat. Thanks a lot. I appreciate very much your time. She is one women of Excellence.
14-December-2016 Diksha  Soni The rep Rajendra I spoke to was very helpful and also went the extra mile of telling me to delete the cash cookies as I was using an inert internet parlour for the transaction. 
14-December-2016 Diksha  Soni Awesome service by Savita. 
14-December-2016 Richard  John Awesome service by Abhishek. 
14-December-2016 Richard  John Excellent service by Mr. Preetam Gupta.
14-December-2016 Shamim Ahmed Barbhuiya Excellent service by Mr. Zakir Sayeed.
14-December-2016 Somesh  Hankare I am fully satisfied with Sameer Jiwani Sir. 
13-December-2016 Praveen  Agrawal Deepakkumar Vishwakarma he is very good, he provided me excellent service.
13-December-2016 Ashok Kumar Mahawar Very helpful and knowledgeable executive. Solved my query instantly. Cheers to the team. Regards, Praveen Agrawal.
13-December-2016 Gaurav  Verma Zakir is a very good person. He solved my net banking problem. Thanks. 
12-December-2016 Ppc Mantra Spoke to Brijesh Kumar. Very helpful. Was unaware about reward points. Explained everything and guided efficiently. Great Experience.
12-December-2016 Nagapriya  Sk Good Job Mansi...Thanks
12-December-2016 Rajat  Jain Arun Kumar thank you for your patience in helping me to activate Net banking. 
11-December-2016 Chelakara V Krishnan Subharaman Rakesh is a very helpful person. I like his service.
11-December-2016 Tarun  Raina Aasim provided excellent support by calling back from India to Dubai for reset of card pin number. This was excellent timely help.
11-December-2016  Rajeev Tripathi Jiten Dolia assisted me step by step with such great patience and politeness
11-December-2016 Nilesh Bhojane Happen to speak regarding my credit card payment with Jiten dolia he patiently listened and answered to my queries. I found him to be attentive,  polite and customer friendly
10-December-2016 Nexus Multitrade Industries Murtaza.
10-December-2016 Lalita  Yadav Ahmed Khan has provided us best service to resolve our problem as fast as good
10-December-2016 Siddhachalam Steel India Thank you for unlocking my card Savita.
09-December-2016 Naithala  Pramoha Good service from Bharath Kumar 
09-December-2016 S & P Management Service Pvt Ltd Escalation officer Savita helped me then and there to solve my three days pending problem. Very satisfied with her support.
09-December-2016 Murtaza Shabbir Sabuwala Miss Ishrat has done a fantastic job. She has taken care of my case very smoothly and patiently. She is an asset to the company. Thank you Ishrat for all your support. Regards
08-December-2016 Vision Networks Umesh Kharvi Customer care executive telephone was very polite and guided me on how to login for the first time.
08-December-2016 Rajnish  Gaidhankar Rakesh Thank you for helping me.
08-December-2016 Bimal  Juneja I got the chance to speak to Sarfaraz for an add on card. He was very very polite and listened to me patiently. He answered each query very nicely. Really appreciate it.
08-December-2016 Shyam Dalal Asif Sayyed really helped me out
08-December-2016 Vijayan Namasivayam Mr Paresh is kind and great in explaining the facts and questions I raised. He is an asset to your team.
07-December-2016 Dolphin Pod Private Limited I called the Centre with several queries as a new IndusInd customer. I am extremely delighted with the service oriented approach and problem solving resolve of Mr. Umesh Kharvi. Brilliant service.
07-December-2016 Vishnu Bahadur Gupta Ms Kanchan is very helpful. She is co-operative and soft spoken.
07-December-2016 Mohit  Kumar Sylvester Gomes se call karke mujhe acha laga, main unka dil se thanks karta hun.
07-December-2016 Mahesh  Singh Best customer service and follow-up from Kanchan
07-December-2016 Siva Kumar This is to appreciate Mrs Devi. I was facing a serious problem with my credit card 5244802031036001. I asked for an aura card and I got a platinum card they handled it well. 
07-December-2016 Kartheek Allathuruu Executive whoever called was speaking very politely and resolved all queries. She was very nice 
06-December-2016 Ashvin Manilal Sandhani Thank you Aasim for the help to get my debit card instant way. Thank you for calling me and help to know more about debit card.
06-December-2016 Rajeswari  Kahali I am satisfied with Dinesh Sachdev. Appreciate you...Best call..well done....Wow......This call is very good.
05-December-2016 Anilbhai Vallabhbhai Vaghasiya Excellent service. Savita.
05-December-2016 Abhishek  Goyal Excellent representation from your end from your customer representative Ishrat Munshi 
04-December-2016 Mahmood Alam Khan I have called customer care and talked to Mr. Manish Thakur. He has resolved my problem very well. 
03-December-2016 Nipuna  Munshi Hanuprasad was very helpful; he helped me solve all my queries very patiently.
03-December-2016 Sunil Dinesh Sachdev, thanks very good inquiry.
02-December-2016 Md Danish Raza It was really nice to talk with Mr. Mehul Jivani. Mr. Mehul is amazing guys ever jinhone meri puri problems suni or then unhone usi time action liya. I am really so happy.
02-December-2016 S A Manidheer Vippili Issue was resolved. Great service from Shobha. Appreciate her patience.
02-December-2016 Yash Travels Very good services by Kanchan thank you.
02-December-2016 Ankur Agarwal Manas Ranjan Routh keep it up. The good attitude towards work.
02-December-2016 Dilip Hemrajani I really appreciate the services of Ms. Bhakti Rajguru your customer care representative who cooperated very well and gave me all the necessary information I asked regarding credit card fraud .
02-December-2016 Shreni  Goyal Very satisfied with Barnali Mazumdar Premium Care Team. The way this team handle customers request and complaint I really appreciate it Thanks again Regards Shreni Goyal 
02-December-2016 Amol Patil Pradipta nayak Excellent Service 
02-December-2016 Deepak  Chand Pradipta Nayak excellent Service and Quick response
01-December-2016 Anil  Kumar My issue was net banking OTP problem. Mobile banking app problem was resolved by help from Rajee through contact centre.
01-December-2016 Deepika  N Thanks a lot Mothilal for solving my query.
01-December-2016 Manikandaraj  Rajendran Very good Customer Service. Appreciate your effort and helping me on sorting the issue. Thanks a lot Mr. Aravindkumar Loganathan.
01-December-2016 Dalvani Rafik  Adambhai Compliments for Video Branch Mr Sirish Kumar. Very good services by your employee.
01-December-2016 Srikara Arya Paresh has attended my call and he was so helpful in resolving my queries and I am very happy with his assistance. Appreciate his help.
30-November-2016 Santosh Narvekar Hi Suchitra Dhuri was awesome in providing details. She was very helpful, excited to help, listen and resolve the query.
30-November-2016 Dhaval Dholakia Bhumika from customer care center patiently heard me and was open to feedback. I gave her details about disputes and later she helped me with right information. I appreciate her willingness to help very much.
29-November-2016 RLPrasadBabu Ghattamaneni Interacted with Mr. Mohanraj. He is most attentive and very supportive. My queries have been resolved. Great job done by Mr. Mohanraj
28-November-2016 Sumitkumar J Shah It's very good service and response from Miss Ishrat and I am happy that she resolved my problem. Thanks to Ishrat.
28-November-2016 Sinu  Cherian Ms. Shobha and Ms.Vincy came to my rescue for updating my debit card pin. Had a good experience without much hassle. Thanks.
28-November-2016 Amit Verma I was facing a problem with my credit card for very long.  Mr Debaditya Chatterjee helped me with all patience and finally my query was resolved in one call. Want to thank Mr Debaditya for the same
28-November-2016 Sherry Jose Debaditya Chatterjee responded to my query and helped on the process to create the ATM pin.
26-November-2016 Sabyasachi Datta  Mr Debaditya Chatterjee has resolved my problem very efficiently.
26-November-2016 Kevin  Liang Great Helpline service. I just talked with Mr Manjeet. He took his time to understand my problem and helped me to clear all my doubt. I am really happy with IndusInd bank helpline services.
26-November-2016 Ramakrishna Somanchi Thanks for the service provided. I would like to share few words on Saili Karekar who has been excellent in her communication and knowledgeable and excellent ability in guiding and trouble shooting
26-November-2016 Nandalal Sahoo Debaditya Chatterjee was very nice and helped me create  ATM pin. I am really happy and want to thank Debaditya and grateful for his good work.
26-November-2016 Pabitra Dash Ms Rakhi Sony guided me to generate user id and password. Also she helped me generate ATM Pin. I am quite impressed.
25-November-2016 Rajsekhar  Dey Very good help and support from Ms Ishrat who went out of her way to help a cheque credited to my account. 
25-November-2016 Ramchandra Kanade Your Customer Service Reshma Bangeria explained my credit quires very nicely and politely. I am very satisfied thanks
25-November-2016 Manish Srivastava I have called in your customer care today. Call was taken by officer Bhakti Rajguru. I appreciate for her patience and helping nature. This is what every caller expects from customer care officer. 
24-November-2016 Ravinder  Kumar Dhanraj Pillai, Thank you for your quick response.
24-November-2016 Deepshikha Meena I would like to share the feedback of customer care. I spoke yesterday to Mr. Rajesh Devaraj and I appreciate his efforts on my request. He knows the client handling very well. 
23-November-2016 Dhameliya Consultancy Services (Opc) Pvt Ltd This executive has given good and manageable support to me. So thanks for that Manjari Shah 045469830
23-November-2016 M/S Vision Infratech Thanks for the service. Kanchan ji has given me the best service till now. I am an old customer of the bank but today I am fully satisfied with service. She was polite and behaviour was excellent.
23-November-2016 Ravikant  Pardhi I am satisfied with the customer service given by Mr. Hanu.
23-November-2016 Prafulla  Paralkar Extremely happy to interact with Dilshad for an old issue of my credit card. I must say that she was extremely helpful to me to register as USER on net banking. Full marks to her for guidance and patience.
22-November-2016 Sathish  Kumar Pradipta Nayak provided all information which requested by me in detail and helped me to create login credentials and credit card information. Thank you for your support.
21-November-2016 Shashwat Enterprises Just spoke with Miss Priyanka Jha. I was delighted with her proficiency and urge to solve the customer query.
20-November-2016 Abdul  Rahaman Satish is a good patient man. An Asset to IndusInd Bank
21-November-2016 Ysrinivasrao Y Dear Debadithya, your support is very good I like your patience and you're a good customer care executive thanks a lot of your support 
19-November-2016 Vikram Dnyaneshwar Naykude It was a good experience working with Sarms Mitra.
19-November-2016 Nikunj  Gupta I love video call facility. Sarms Mitra was extremely helpful and courteous. I think this is the best facility in the whole world. I have account in United Kingdom and United States but this is best.
19-November-2016 Naresh  Gorasia Very happy with the prompt and excellent service offered by the mentioned contact centre staff ibl30381 pradipta nayak
18-November-2016 Dhirendra Kumar Sharma Very good services by Savita.
18-November-2016 Prabhjot  Singh Umesh Kharvi sir has given full details to us. We appreciate you and your knowledge and specially the way of your talking to us. Thank you. 
18-November-2016 Ashok Kumar Yadav Hanuprasad is best customer care boy. Thank you very-very much. 
18-November-2016 Lav  Srivastava It was an excellent help extended by your representative Mahesh. Good Luck.
18-November-2016 Thakur Ramesh Singh Hanuprasad I appreciate you for your great assistance. I called 4 times but Mr. Hanuprasad gave me resolution. Thank you so much Prasad and you will be appreciated for this resolution at your work place.
17-November-2016   Crezom Technologies Pvt Ltd Kanchan has solved my problem quickly thank you.
17-November-2016 Vijay Kumar Rai Rishi Raj thank you so much for your support and helping to sort out my problem, thanks a lot.
17-November-2016 Saleena Maddela  I thank the team who worked on my complaint 045265841 for a speedy resolution. From Chennai Kanchan and many 2 more who were in touch directly till the case was resolved.
17-November-2016   Saisha Creation Makshab is very helpful.
17-November-2016 Maria  Cardoz The rep Kanchan resolved my problem. Happy with her assistance.
17-November-2016 Nepolianbritto  A I am happy that the amount got credited. Thank you so much Mr. MEHUL who helped in sorting out my issues.
15-November-2016 Jai  Singh Rajee very good.
15-November-2016 Hans  Raj Very good service provided by Kanchan. Thanks maam. 
15-November-2016 Suguna  Srinivas Thanking you Hanuprasad for helping on online banking.
14-November-2016 Srinivasa T N NEFT ac transfer took 15 days to credit to my account. After I escalated Ms. Rajee has taken charge this case on 12th and the issue resolved on 13th and the response was awesome.
14-November-2016 Lucky  Karir Zourez mohammed is excellent 
13-November-2016 Tatyasaheb  Girmal I have received good feedback from Sayali.
13-November-2016 Ketan Kishor Keni Thank You Rishi Raj Sinha for resolving my query. Cheers
13-November-2016 Ketan Kishor Keni I had called contact centre and was assisted by Pavithra. Good Call overall she helped me. Thanks.
13-November-2016 Jayaprasanth Palli Amazing response with a great knowledge for instant solution of any problem raised to customer either it is technical or reasonable
12-November-2016 Mukesh  Kumar Mr. Sameer Jiwani. Very good description to me about our compliant and I am fully satisfied from him. Hope our request will be solved by him. 
12-November-2016 Rajiv Kumar  Tripathi I am very happy with Chingleen who guided me properly and my problem is resolved.
12-November-2016   Shyam Exim Spoke to Mr. Hanu Prasad. Excellent service very much satisfied, good knowledge & resolved issue properly. 5 Stars for his support.
12-November-2016 Pankaj  Sharma Just Spoke to Deepti on phone banking. She helped me to get the ATM pin through internet banking with great patience. I thank her for the assistance.
12-November-2016 Samit Kampani A wonderful experience and delighted to put on record that I was assisted ably and patiently by this officer DEEPTHI when I dialled your customer care to enquire about points redemption. Keep up the good work.
11-November-2016   Narayani Jurix And Global Services Pvt Ltd Thanks to resolve the problem by Miss Kanchan for helping me about indusnet OTP.
11-November-2016 Nikhil  Kumar Mr. Shankar Rajgire solved my query very efficiently and politely. I was pleased to speak to him. If you employ people like him you will have great customer bank too. Wish him best for his future.
11-November-2016 Gururajan Narasimhan I was fully satisfied by Customer care executive Mrs. Meenakshi Viswakarma who has given proper answer for my queries. Good keep it up.
11-November-2016 Gopi Naveen I am a new customer and executive Mr. Rahul Sharma was very polite and had patience possessing very good knowledge on the process. He answered all my queries with very efficiently and with fluency. Kudos to him.
11-November-2016 Dharmesh Desai I am very happy that I was connected to Bindu Jaichandran for the help required to generate ATM PIN. She is excellent in her job and I wish her a great success in life ahead. 
10-November-2016 Rajan  Walia Excellent service from Ms. Savita Bangera. My online login was blocked. I had no debit card. Savita sorted the unblocking procedure immediately and professionally. Saved 7 days. Rajan Walia
10-November-2016 Harish Kumar Bhagiya I resolved my big problem with the help of Miss Kanchan. I appreciate her for the support and help for me.
10-November-2016 Sudhanshu Shanker Singh Thanks Kanchan for your proactive approach. Highly appreciate your efforts. Thanks.
10-November-2016 Ankit  Suri I am happy with services of Makshab. He has resolved my query within the time limit. Please promote him with senior position.
10-November-2016 Deepak Kumar Mr. Faizan sheikh helped me out with my credit card net banking registration. I'm pleased with his customer handling and the way he illustrated the process. 
10-November-2016 Muneer Pinjar One of the amazing service provided by Minaxi Vishawakarma. She helped solve all my queries with so much patience. Thank you once again Minaxi.
10-November-2016 Anjani  Prabhakar All service provided by Pradipta Nayak were good. He guided me to generate pin for Credit Card with clear communication.
10-November-2016 Gemini Choudhary Vinay Kumar has great customer handling skills with good knowledge about process. My score between 1 to 5 is 5
09-November-2016 Ravi  Sharma Good service as my problem was solved immediately and very nicely handled by Savita ji thank you.
09-November-2016 Indrajit  Ghosal Everything was perfect. Things were handled very efficiently by the person over the call.
09-November-2016 Saravanan AY  I got wonderful service from Faizan Sheikh and my issue were cleared. Thanks
09-November-2016 Ranjan Chakravarty Paresh Rathod is excellent 
09-November-2016 Naveen Giri The executive named Paresh Rathod helped me out step by step. I really appreciate such a polite and patient kind of behaviour that he has showed. I am very much satisfied.
09-November-2016 Puneet Bansal Shankar Rajgire helped me in generating my TPIN and Debit Card PIN and took request for net banking. He was very polite and cooperative. I wish him good luck for a bright future.
08-November-2016   Sakshi Gems Dhanraj Pillai resolved my entire query and he is good in nature also.
08-November-2016 Vishal  Sharma I am happy with customer care. Agent was full of helping mode. Bank must hire more people just like that agent. Keep it up world class customer care. Jovita Dhondekar made all the efforts. Thanks.
08-November-2016 Abdul  Rahaman I would like to thank your company personnel at the contact centre service division for their excellent support. Your centre care executive Rashmi took care of all my queries in a jiffy. Thanks.
08-November-2016 Sunil  Kawade Rajee had supported me to resolve my issue which I was facing from last 3 months
08-November-2016 Poulomi  Mistri I am really happy with the way Faizan handled all my queries and requests. It was a pleasure and way different than what I got from other card helpline. Thanks a ton
07-November-2016 Ayyan Karthik  Velu Mr Dhanraj Pillai was very polite and helpful in unlocking my net banking password and guided me throughout the process and was very polite and very helpful person. Great Job.
07-November-2016 Parth Babubhai Goyani Hi Rishi Raj your response was very good. Actually you had taken long time but overall experience to talk with you and resolution ability is excellent.
07-November-2016 Dharmadhar  Behera Thanks for your help. Nice to talk with you.
07-November-2016 Renu Duggal The service provided by Mr Dhanasekar was prompt and excellent. Thanks.
06-November-2016 Chandra Kanth  Dodla Sayali. Excellent service
05-November-2016 Sachin  Kushwah I really appreciate Mr Sameer to take follow-up regarding my issue.
05-November-2016 G Maharaja Vignesh I contacted call centre Mr. Rahul Desai who helped me to clear out my queries. He is doing good services. Keep going.
05-November-2016 Shaikh Abdul Jabbar Thanks Zakir for giving me all the relevant information.
04-November-2016 Mohammad  Anwar Dinesh has a good way to talk to.
04-November-2016 Sonia  Jain Thank you very much Sameer Jiwani for being such a caring customer representative and solving my problem. Keep up your good work.
04-November-2016 Shubhangi G Somwanshi Kanchan. Thank you for your support.
03-November-2016 Preeti  Bhandari I got very good support from Mr. Ahmed on 31st October when my card showed decline due at the time of payment through cards. Mr. Ahmed gave me quick response and my payment was successful. Thanks 
03-November-2016 Abhishek  Chhabra I really like the quick response and handled the query in a right and positive manner by your executive Ms. Kanchan. I wish her all the best. Cheers.
03-November-2016   Shree Venkateshwara Agency I am satisfied with the services of Ms. Kanchan Saha. She was very cooperative and her communication was superb.
03-November-2016 Deon Dominic Very happy with Dhanashekar assistance in handling my query
03-November-2016 Suman Mitra I called customer service regarding a few issues related to my credit card (5244801245701004). I spoke with Ms Gayatri, who resolved all my issues very efficiently. I really appreciate her efficiency, patience and professionalism.
03-November-2016 Ankur  Bajaj Awesome call helpline on the go. Called today felt like i had visited the branch and a priority customer. Thanks PRERNA JIRAGE
03-November-2016 Mahmad Khalid I would like to appreciate Mr. Mohan Raj for the patience and cooperation on the right guidance to customer. I am very much thankful to him. Once again thanking him 
03-November-2016 Mohit  Malhotra First call to the bank for password generation went extremely well with Mr Tausif Hashmi. Indeed IndusInd is really a customer's bank and Mr Hashmi is an asset to your institution. Keep up the good work.
03-November-2016 Sameer Janmejai It was good to interact with Miss Bhumika Nivate. With all the patience she has effectively resolved my query. I really appreciate her patience and effort to help me resolve my issues.
02-November-2016 Jyoti  Sharma Spoke to Mr. Muzaffar and I found the guy having great knowledge and patience to deal with the customer. I want that this kind of employees should be encouraged and get best from their employers too.
01-November-2016 Prahlad Singh Rajvi Very nice service. Full of satisfaction. Indusind Bank employers. Thank you.
01-November-2016 Neetesh Kumar Tiwari I have talked with customer care cell with Mr. Ahmad Khan. With his effort I came out with related problem. Thanks a lot to him.
01-November-2016 Arnab  Hazra I had spoken with Mrs Kanchan phone banking officer of Bank. She has a very good listening habit and she also has a potential of handle objection. After very next day the problems got resolved.
01-November-2016 Nargis  Badole Shri Sameer Jiwani helped a lot for gaining access of my forgotten internet banking. Great help and support from Sameer.
01-November-2016 Asimraj Sikandar Shaikh Mr. Punit Bachhawat was good and Mr. Nadeem Shaikh was really good person who conveniently helped me out for all my queries that I was facing issue with. I appreciate them both for my questions and queries thanks. 
01-November-2016 Asimraj Sikandar Shaikh Mr. Punit Bachhawat was good and Mr. Nadeem Shaikh was really good person who conveniently helped me out for all my queries that I was facing issue with. I appreciate them both for my questions and queries thanks. 
01-November-2016 Pramod Pandey I am really happy and satisfied on the assistance Mr. Shaikh provided on my queries regarding the difference amount of transactions which I made last month. 
31-October-2016 Salman Azmatulla Khan Thanks for the help Ahmed Khan. 
31-October-2016 Hitesh  Rathod Thanks for the reversal. Mr. Ahmed Khan
31-October-2016 Ritesh  Prakash Ahmad Khan Very good support … Thank You So much....
30-October-2016 Shaik Rabbani I have called Divya Lakshmi regarding my bill cycle date change and offers available on my card. It was nice conversation with her and she explained me every thing very politely. Keep it up Divya. 
30-October-2016 Sunil Iyer Thank you Zourez Mohammed for walking me through all the details which I wanted in a most professional way possible and pulling all the information at the speed at which you pulled it.
29-October-2016 Ankush Gupta Rishi Raj is very good and nice for customers. I will rate 5 stars for that.
29-October-2016 Shahalam  Shaikh Beena vishwanathan is a great executive who has a great product knowledge about the premium credit cards. I was really upset but she was able to resolve all the queries.
28-October-2016 Mohammed  Idrees Ishrat Munshi csr was really helpful. She made me understand a lot of things which I didn't know. I really felt very happy by her way of handling the customer. She had a lot of patience. She is awesome.
28-October-2016 Panakala Rao Vaddadi It was very nice speaking to Rajee. Got the complete clarification on my query. Happy to be a customer of indusind bank.
28-October-2016 Anirban  Ghosh Ahmed Khan thanks for activating the internet banking logon facility.
28-October-2016   Atharva Motors P Ltd I am very happy with support of Mr. Ahmed khan. My problem regarding net banking has been resolved perfectly.
28-October-2016 Anu  Jain This is the compliment to your valuable employee Makshab Shaikh. His dedication towards work is mind blowing. I request indusind team to give him appropriate appraisal for his work.
28-October-2016 Arunkumar  Jampana Its a very good service provided by Sneha mehta
27-October-2016 RAHUL  KOHLI Gayathri J was very helpful. She has given all the answers to my questions. She was helpful. Keep it up. Good service.
27-October-2016   Life Defenders Trust Dhanraj Pillai. He is a very nice person. He solved all my queries in a very short time. Thanks.
27-October-2016 RAVIKUMAR VEMULA Just I had interacted with Mr.Sarparaz Chauddhari on customer care. Im really satisfied with the clarifications against my credit card out standing. He explained perfectly. I am thankful to him. 
26-October-2016 Abhijeet Pramod  Adhav There was immense help and guidance from Dinesh. He had patience to listen to me carefully and guided out of the way. Appreciate his help and cooperation.
26-October-2016 Omkar Vijay Sarmalkar Ahmed Khan has helped me a lot regarding my debit card were it was blocked for some issues and helped me in getting my debit card pin. The service given by him was really efficient.
26-October-2016 GAURAV   SETHURAMAN Thanks to Darshan Garde for providing the Credit Card application status. This was the first time experience for me with IndusInd. His service is really appreciated.
25-October-2016 Yashpal  Singh I really appreciate all the support and dedication that Ishrat Munshi has shown to resolve my queries. Thanks a lot
25-October-2016   Anzac Web Technology Pvt Ltd Sarms Mitra. He was very kind to solve all my problem. Keep going guys. You doing great job. Thanks. 
24-October-2016 Ramkailash Maurya Outstanding service given by Minakshi Vishwakarma
24-October-2016 MUKESH  GUPTA Today I  called the customer service and spoke to a person called RAJESH KAMATI from Mumbai. One of the amazing persons, I spoke to. JUST BRILLIANT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Being a manager myself would definitely like him to grow in the organization
24-October-2016 Glen Sobrinho Thank you Prerana for your patience and willingness to help. Keep up the good job. Cheers.
24-October-2016 Balasubramanian  Thevar Ms. Rajee from escalation department, I will be very thankful to her. She solved my problem even on a Saturday. Good service...
24-October-2016 Vineet Saxena My interaction with Ms. Sneha Mehta today was very positive. She has responded to all my queries to my satisfaction. Her communication was excellent and the interaction was very useful. I wish her very best. Vineet
23-October-2016 Dilshad  Ansari Mohammed Afsar helped me in rectifying my Netbanking query. He is great guy who knows customer service in far better way. Wish him great future ahead
22-October-2016 Rinku  Kumar Thank you very much sir Rakesh. 
22-October-2016 Arvind  Shah Wow very helpful and impressing executive. Want this type of guy in every banking sector. Thank you so much once again Mr. Mukim.
22-October-2016 raghavendra guduguntla Hi Faizan Shaikh I had called for Credit Card pin Credit Card activation query. You gave me very good guidance and cleared all my issues. I appreciate your way of talking with customers. Regards Raghu
21-October-2016 Narender Very good
20-October-2016 Atharva Motors P Ltd My problem was efficiently handled by your customer care team, specially by Aliya Maam. 
20-October-2016 Mohit  Sharma Sylvester Gomes has provided complete information on my issue which was stuck for past one month. Thanks to him and you have one of the best advisors on the floor. Keep up the good work.
19-October-2016 Dipti  Pansari Ishrat Munshi is supportive and excellent customer care executive. She keeps her commitments.
18-October-2016 Ravi  Agrawal Very-very thanks to Priyanka Tiwari who solved my debit card pin problem.
18-October-2016 Cheenu  Badhan Arun Kumar. Customer Care representative was helpful in the process of Net Banking. I am happy. Thanks.
18-October-2016 Hansel Impex Pvt Ltd Issue resolved. Very quick and exceptionally good support service from Mr. Makshab.
17-October-2016 Fayaz  Abdul Dear Ms Priyanka Sharma. This call with you was real educational and very helpful. Thanks for the service. No more suggestions for you as I see you are good at your work. Well done.
17-October-2016 Ankit  Lohia I was in very big tension about my pin but Raju has solved my problem very easily. Happy to speak to Raju as he is a very nice person. I am very happy.
17-October-2016 Sushant Das Ss Thanks for great customer service from team. Savita madam.
17-October-2016 Kashif Syed Nayeemuddin Thanks for good customer service by Savita maam.
17-October-2016 Vishal Singh Sisodiya I just interacted with Tipu Sultan. He has good manners to handle customers. He understands the feelings to what the customers want to say. He is a nice guy.
16-October-2016 Rajesh Ramnarayan Singh Rishi Raj. Good response.
14-October-2016 Vinayak Infotech I am very much satisfied with customer care people. Thanks a ton Miss Rajee, who cleared all issues in very polite and soft manner. Thanks.
14-October-2016 Systaldyn Consultancy Pvt Ltd I was impressed today by the voice clarity, good understanding of customer requirement and prompt response on my request for Login and Transaction password and the Debit card.
14-October-2016 Vinod Vyas Ashwini Patil. The call was satisfied.
13-October-2016 Manish  Kumar Excellent Services by Arun ji on phone query. I really appreciate it.
13-October-2016 Mohd  Akram I am satisfied talking with Nazima.
13-October-2016 Swapnil Satam Your customer service advisor Ms Divya Radhakrishnan has excellent customer service approach. I am glad she is a part of IndusInd Bank customer service.  She really has the sense of customer service.
13-October-2016 Ramesh Dayaka Vikas kumar explained me nicely and in polite manner. He resolved the problem.
13-October-2016 Mallik Rehan Hi IndusInd, I am writing to you to express my appreciation for the excellent customer service. The executive was Zourez Muhammad. He was warm, accommodating and very helpful.
12-October-2016 Amrit Kumar Roy This is about Ms. Manjari Shah. Excellent communication skill. Clear idea about the products and I am very satisfied with the help provided.
12-October-2016 Nazneen M Mansuri Ms. Manjari guided me very well on internet banking service. I am very happy and satisfied with her response.
12-October-2016 Akshay  Kumar Ms. Siksha Singh. Quick response and excellent output.
12-October-2016 Sagar  Mallik I give 100 out of 100 to Rakesh.
12-October-2016 MANYALA RAVI vikash kumar is excellent
11-October-2016 Shivakumar Hubballi I wanted to convey my thanks to Aamir. I really appreciate his patience, his communication and his knowledge. Keep up the good job. Felt happy to talk to you.
11-October-2016 Nikhil Mondkar Happy to Interact with Riyanka Sakpal. She is too good in handling the queries and resolved all my queries in very effective way. Wish you all the Best..God Bless
10-October-2016 Onkar Joshi Mr. Mohammad Afsar was very helpful and patient.He explained almost every feature of my card in detail. The conversation duration was 35 mints and he helped me with the same rigor. 
09-October-2016 Amalraj Anthraj I called the Customer Care Services to get to know my payment details and call was answered by a person named MUKARRAM. Really I appreciate his patience and services .
08-October-2016 Ragupathi  A Rajee's feedback is very good and also he gives instruction in very nice way.
08-October-2016 Irshadkhan Yahyakhan Pathan Rishi Raj is very good and answered my clarifications.
07-October-2016 Fayaz  Abdul Ms. Shilpa Surampudi had been very good to me and she is good at her work. Just please keep doing it. You have done a great job and thanks a ton for your service IndusInd.
07-October-2016 Shreshtha  Dubey Its good experience. Thank you Vinod ji for giving me my refund back. 
07-October-2016 Shreshtha  Dubey Its good experience. Thank you Shilpa Surampudi ji for giving me my refund back.
07-October-2016 Mirtyunjay  Singh Thank you Mr. Deepak Kumar for your support. First time I have got complete and full resolution for my query. Excellent customer service and apt resolution. This is what I call Personal Assistance. 
07-October-2016 Bhanu Satish Banka Very cool and thanks for the lot of patience.
07-October-2016 B  Vijaykumar Good response from your side thank you.
07-October-2016 Deepak Dodiya  Satisfied with your nice response. Madams Sujata Shetty and Amrapali Singh & Sapna Sangita, branch Indore.
07-October-2016 sudipta  sahoo I spoke with Neha Mehta regarding my query and she resolved immediately. She is a good listener and prompt service solver. Having good product knowledge. I rate her 10 on 10.
07-October-2016 Arif  Shaikh Thanks Mukrram Shaikh. Awesome. It was nice talking to you.
06-October-2016 Janpath Restaurants Pvt Ltd Greetings. Thanks for your prompt response. Issue has been resolved.
06-October-2016 Commcell Technology Dear Ishrat, we are very thankful to you as you took our complaint seriously and resolved it smoothly. Thanks.
06-October-2016 Tusshar Gopal Agrawaal Rishi Raj thank you. Very very good.
06-October-2016 KUSHAGRA KASHYAP Prompt Service. Thanks for the help.
06-October-2016 SENTHIL Ravi style="font-size: 1.4em; color: #bc3f3d; line-height: 1.4em; font-style: italic;" valign="top"Mr. Jiten Dolia I am writing to you to express my appreciation for the excellent customer service which I had received from you on my last call to your contact centre
06-October-2016 Amit Mishra I had word with Minaxi Vishwakarma who solved my many problems. She took it all problems very seriously and listened to me very patiently. She did a great job. Thanks.
06-October-2016 karan chotani Very good service provided by Mr Debaditya Chatterjee.
06-October-2016 VINAYANAND R she assisted me in login and given all the information which i hv asked for. Greatly appreciated.
06-October-2016 Partha  Sircar Bindu was the executive who handled my query and helped me in getting my ATM Pin number. She was really fantastic with her job. The patience and perseverance shown is exemplary. Very satisfied with the service given. 
05-October-2016 Omparakash  Choudhary Savita, happy with your service. I am very happy.
04-October-2016 Align Educate Sandip Dushing helped me in solving my problem by going out of the way as my phone was switched off. He spoke to my family and got the work done. Great Job Sandip. I am with IndusInd for the support you gave.
04-October-2016 Ally IT Solutions Rishi Raj is a good person.
03-October-2016 Rav & Associates Appreciate the assistance given by Ms. Rajee who helped in resolving the issues on a priority basis.
03-October-2016 Chandan Kumar Pandey Efficient and excellent service delivery by Rajee. Thanks a lot Ms Rajee for your expeditious support.
03-October-2016 Ola Corporate Solutions Opc Private Limited Rajee. Thanks for the support and the immediate response that you showed. You are an asset to this company. The company is fortunate to have people like you who understand the problem and situations.
03-October-2016 Kushagra Kashyap Prompt Service. Thanks for bailing me out.
02-October-2016 Shruti  Anand Spoke with your representative Chitra who was extremely patient and helpful. I had called in for activating my online account and she was very helpful. IndusInd is very fortunate to have employees like Chitra.
02-October-2016 Aman  Tiwari Rakesh Adsule. This person helped me as per my requirement. I m giving him full marks 5 on 5.
02-October-2016 Manubhai C Solanki Dipa Mehra has done a great job. She has given to me perfect information and nice response from IndusInd  bank. Thanks.
01-October-2016 Siddhartha Tapankumar Dutta Spoke to Mothilal Subramani. He patiently listened to my problem and gave accurate solution to my problem. Very happy great job.
01-October-2016 Dileep Menon I spoke to the 1st agent however the line dropped however 2nd agent Prasannajeet Sengupta helped me and resolved my query. He was wonderful with his service.
01-October-2016 Ashish  Bansal I appreciate Ms Sneha. Sincere efforts in addressing my concerns. The information given by her was very helpful. Keep it up.
01-October-2016 Jindal Dhirajlal Hinsu Brijesh is a good man 
30-September-2016 Lalit Kumar Singhal Issues raised to Kanchan are resolved. Efforts put in are appreciated.
30-September-2016 M/S Maa Gayatri Cold Drinks RISHI RAJ Very good
30-September-2016 Mohd Javed Siddiqui Ishrat. I was very much disappointed with the non maintenance charges. She was very calm on the whole call and explained everything in a very good manner. She is superb.
30-September-2016 Rekha  Rani Excellent contact with Mr. Hanu prasad
30-September-2016 Ashfaq Basheer Ahmed Ishrat from the escalation team is an asset for your company, she should be given a promotion. Excellent customer service. She gets the query resolved and updates on time. I would give her 10 on 10 on customer service scale.
30-September-2016 Hament P Mahbubani Rishi Raj escalation officer. Thanks a lot Rishi. It was a very pleasant experience. Appreciate your efforts to solve the issue. Thanks a lot.  
30-September-2016 Preeti Hament Mahbubani Rishi Raj Escalation dept. Thanks a lot to resolve the issue. Appreciate your efforts. IndusInd Bank is fortunate to have such staff who is determined in solving issues.  
30-September-2016 Ashfaq Basheer Ahmed Ishrat from the escalation team is an asset to your company. She is one of the best in customer service. I wish her all the best. She needs a promotion. She handles the queries very well with patience.
29-September-2016 Puneet  Arora I like the speed of Ishrat maam. She resolved the issue in 2 working days.
29-September-2016 Ashish Dubey "I really want to appreciate Jayprakash mishra He is very good resource. He understood my problem and gave me very understandable solution. Good luck and thank you for giving prompt response"
29-September-2016 somnath roy Debaditya Chatterjee is very good officer and assisted me nicely. Thank you Debaditya Chatterjee.
28-September-2016 Raishan Hospitality It was really helpful deed from Ms.Savita for getting the issue resolved on asap basis. Really thankful.
28-September-2016 Subroto  Ghosh It was my pleasant experience while speaking to your executive Mr Mothilal Subramany. All queries were listened carefully and he provided quick solutions. He was very polite during conversation. Thanks.
28-September-2016 Ashish Mitra Ligi was exceptionally well in handling my concerns. She helped me in resetting my credit card password. She is knowledgeable.
28-September-2016 Abir Bose I like to inform you that Mr. Pradipta Nayak 30381 was helpful to me and generated my credit card PIN no. Good communication and I am so much happy..Thanks a ton.
28-September-2016 Diwakar Mantha I am very happy with Mr Debaditya chatterjee. He has good communication
27-September-2016 Creative It Digital Bahut-bahut Dhanyavad sirji.
27-September-2016 Robin Kunjumon Mathew I am happy with the follow up and customer service provided by Savita on my issue regarding NMC
27-September-2016 Akhtar  Ali Sayli, Thanks for helping me for Pin Generation. Thank you.
27-September-2016 Harsh  Garg Dear Kanchan, thank you very much for helping me regarding my debit card issue.
27-September-2016 Anoop  Kumar Miss Sayali Patil is very helpful. She gave me very good knowledge on banking products. 10 out of 10 to her.
27-September-2016 B V Murthy Kalyani is excellent and well mannered. She is quite polite and caring. I wish her all the best.
26-September-2016 Hament P Mahbubani Dear Ishrat. Appreciate your efforts. Your work is commendable. Kudos. Thanks
26-September-2016 Preeti Hament Mahbubani Reference  043462717 Ishrat. Thanks a lot for your efforts. Appreciate it. Your work is commendable. 
26-September-2016 Chander  Shekhar Very good.
26-September-2016 Talkeshwar  Prasad It was an excellent help from the customer care executive Arun Kumar.
26-September-2016 Vijay Srivastava Faizan Sheikh handled the customer query very well and provided the accurate information as required.
26-September-2016 Sanjay It was good and courteous conversation.Thanks for addressing the queries.
24-September-2016 Amit KR Ahlawat I was having a great problem with banking.  But just because of Ishrat Munshi who took my problem seriously and worked on it, I am glad to see such a helpful executive.May God Bless Her Always.
23-September-2016 Bharti Bulk Carriers I really appreciate the work done by Jignesh Trivedi and because of him complaint was resolved.
23-September-2016 Ahraj  Firoz Mrs Kanchan Saha is the person who took my complaint. I had to literally do nothing as she took over my complaint and provided me with the desirable solution. Thank you for making banking easier for me.
23-September-2016 Sukesh Kumar Pratihari Kanchan I would like to thank you for the efforts you have put in to resolve my query. I appreciate you for understanding my concern, working on it and providing resolution for the same. Thanking you again.
23-September-2016 Alphabet Computer Consultancy RISHI RAJ Good
23-September-2016 Uday Satisfactory service
22-September-2016 Minesh Jagubhai Patel I would like to thank Ishrat for her excellent services and would like to give her 100 positive feedbacks. She was polite, supportive and really helpful. She supported me and provided resolution to my problem.
22-September-2016 Chalapatahi Tumati This is regarding my request no 043282989. Kanchan took care of this request promptly and worked with different departments and provided me the required information.
22-September-2016 Misdaq  Ahmad I spoke to Miss Kanchan. She has given me proper solution and she has good behavior. Now I am happy with the bank. Thank you Kanchan Maam.
22-September-2016 Dhaval Vimalsen Jadhav It is very grateful to say that Miss Kanchan has helped me all the time to solve my queries and she has done extremely good job. I would like to say Thank you to Kanchan.
21-September-2016 Kumar  Aman I had made a wrong transaction yesterday through IMPS. I had contacted the executive named Shankar Rajgire and he helped me with full information. I appreciate his support. He is eligible to be promoted.
21-September-2016 Kumar  Aman I was well satisfied with the information given by your executive Rajee...She helped me a step ahead with necessary information.
21-September-2016 Pranik Logistics Private Limited Things sorted smoothly. Mrs Kanchan Saha was understanding, supportive and cooperative.
21-September-2016 Satinder  Kaur Miss Kanchan ....Very very nice dealing......Good job ...............
21-September-2016 Vijay Srivastava Faizan Shaikh has tackled the customer's issue very well and provided the accurate information as required. 
21-September-2016 Vinod Jalvi "Mr. Debaditya Chatterjee. Excellent service. Proper and complete information provided ."
21-September-2016 BIKRAMJEET SINGH AULAKH Inamdar abdul shahil was very helpful in solving my credit card query. thanks
20-September-2016 Sanjeev Shukla It was a great experience and pleasure speaking to Bhagya K from Video Branch. She had ample knowledge about the Product and Services of IndusInd Bank. She was very Polite. IndusInd is in safe hands.
20-September-2016 Pranik Logistics Private Limited Things sorted smoothly. Mrs. Kanchan Saha was supportive and cooperative.
20-September-2016 Yogesh Joglekar It was a wonderful experience talking to Caroline Monteiro who helped me with all my queries. She heped me with payment options and also answered all my queries. Keep up the good work.Thank you
19-September-2016 Yogesh Joglekar It was a wonderful experience talking to Caroline Monteiro who helped me with all my queries. She heped me with payment options and also answered all my queries. Keep up the good work.Thank you
18-September-2016 Pihika Prashar (Min) U/G Varun Prashar I was unable to access my net banking. Had a word with Miss. Kanchan Saha Escalation Mgr. who not only understood the concern and also provided resolution to it by taking end to end ownership. Appreciated.
18-September-2016 Ishita Gupta (Min) U/G Vijay Kumar I appreciate Ms. Kanchan for consistently working on the issue till closure. Tremendous efforts and good Service. People like Kanchan make a big difference.
17-September-2016 Alknanda Impex Good communication from customer care Sweta Patel.
17-September-2016 Swapnil Baweja This is to compliment your customer service agent Ishrat Munshi who had really acted very responsible and was truly a help. He demonstrated excellent customer service skill. Regards Swapnil.
17-September-2016 Ishu Goyal Jignesh thanks for help.
17-September-2016 Shaik Kamal Basha Rishi Raj very very good service.
17-September-2016 Sachin Raghuwanshi I am satisfied with the services and support provided by Kanchan.
17-September-2016 Ravikumar Manam Debaditya Chatterjee was very fast and accurate in providing informations. I am very much happy with his service
17-September-2016 CHANDAN SOOD Debaditya Chatterjee gave good assistance with ATM pin generation. Satisfactory work done.
17-September-2016 NIMISH PANT Fantastic response time and support on creation of TPIN and subsequently A PIN
16-September-2016 Sai Krishna Jiten Dolia gave very nice response. Simply cool and effective response in more understandable way.
16-September-2016 Total Engineering Solutions I spoke with Miss. Shobha for unlocking my customer ID and resetting the password. She greeted and assisted me in very well manner. Thanks IndusInd for your valued service.
16-September-2016 Amandeep Varma It's good to have a person like Mehul. Thanks for the kind support
16-September-2016 B K V Ramalinga Prasad I spoke to Mr. Bharath Kumar. I really feel so good for his support; he is very much courteous towards customers.
16-September-2016 Vikas Jain I talked to Vaishali and I got all my queries cleared very nicely.
16-September-2016 Sushmitha M I would really like to appreciate Miss. Ishrat. She has been a great help to me to get my debit card a.s.a.p. I really appreciate her work keep up the good work, thank you so much for your help.
16-September-2016 Nemichandra B Waghmare Thank you for good service from Mehul Jevani.
16-September-2016 Damini Agarwal Thank you Chingleen for the quick resolution of the problem I was facing.
16-September-2016 Manoj Kumar I am very happy to talk to customer care executive Ms. Saloni. I appreciate her communication skill. Promote her for good service.
15-September-2016 Jenopaul P S I suffered a lot as I was unable to login to my account - internet banking. Mam Rajee helped me to solve the issue. Nice support excellent. I can give 100 out 100 marks.
15-September-2016 Sk Biosystems I received excellent online support for my query from Mr. Jignesh Trivedi. Thanks a lot.
15-September-2016 Parvesh Kumar It is really appreciable for the exemplary service provided by Ms. Sharda over telephone in relation to the redemption of rewards points.
15-September-2016 Akshay Sanjay Pawar Thanks a lot I am happy with the support , Kanchan Saha, has provided me.
15-September-2016 Tejas Yogeshbhai Gorasiya Thanks for helping me MEHUL JIVANI for coordinating with me and also helping me by giving me with the procedure to redeem voucher of platinum debit card.
14-September-2016 Soumen Kumar Das Customer Care executive Name Sharda provided me the proper response required. Great to have such good person in CC team of IndusInd bank
14-September-2016 Nagaraja V N I would like to say thanks to Ms. Savita escalation manager. You have done a good job on my debit card issue. I am really very happy about your service thanks.
14-September-2016 Prity Shriwastava I would like to appreciate to Miss. Ishrat. She is one of the good employees, she resolved my problem and to be honest she is very polite. Thank you Ishrat.
14-September-2016 Mohd Javed Siddiqui My account was opened on 13 may 16 but the initial cheque was bounced and since then no one helped me in activation but at last I talked to Kanchan and she is the one coz of which my account is active.
14-September-2016 Khanderao Sunil Kumar Ishrat has done a brilliant job helping with all the means to address my issues. IndusInd needs employees like her. She was truly amazing in helping me. I personally want to thank her.
14-September-2016 Sunandini Mr Debaditya Chatterjee was incredibly patient, friendly and helpful in guiding me through the website and helped me in generating a new pin for my credit card
13-September-2016 Bhavikkumar Pravinkumar Chauhan I have called at call center regarding net banking query. Regarding status, Fixed Deposit and statement. I am satisfied with your services provided by your executive Mr Manish Sing Thakur. Your executive is very dedicated.
13-September-2016 Chandra Singh I had a conversation with Miss. Kanchan Saha who is a CCE at IndusInd Bank customer support. As I needed help to set up my debit card pin. She was really helpful and polite. 5 star rating.
13-September-2016 Mohd Ali Jinna Rautar Spoke to Mothilal. He was excellent help. Just take this as a token of appreciation for the extended service and information given by Mothilal.
13-September-2016 Rahul Kachare Debaditya chaterjee is very good.
13-September-2016 Darpan Tandon Sharad Bhadekar was very helpful. Really appreciate him for his services as he resolved all my queries. Your company must reward him.
12-September-2016 Ravikant Arora I had a very good experience with your officer - Ishrat. She is very helpful girl. Like her best service given by Ishrat. I appreciate her and am thankful for giving me such wonderful service by Ishrat Munshi.
12-September-2016 Bharat Reddy Vanga Kanchan Saha you have done commendable work in solving my problem on time. Thank you so much for your follow up. You really pulled up our branch people and solved my problem.
12-September-2016 Digvijay Raghav Rajee the escalation supervisor was brilliant in solving my queries. I think she should coach other reps in the team to handle customer queries in more satisfaction manner. She is an asset to the company.
12-September-2016 Vajanapalli Santosh Kumar Good response and taken complete leadership for the requested service by CHINGLEEN. Prompt service when requested for any service. Thanks.
10-September-2016 Mohd Anwar Shaikh Good service from Sandip.
10-September-2016 Mohd Anwar Shaikh I spoke to Zakir he help me a lot.
10-September-2016 Sharma Monil Ravindra Nice service.
10-September-2016 Aman Kumar Very good customer service provided by Kiran Pawar. Had a good experience.
10-September-2016 ABHIJIT DAS I had a discussion with Debaditya Chattterjee. He has a nice gentle voice. He answered my queries
10-September-2016 SHARATH BABU POTTABATHINI Debaditya Chatterjee is very nice and assisted me. Im very happy with his service.
09-September-2016 Chandram I interacted with vikash kumar. He was very helpful to me and he answered all my queries.
09-September-2016 SUMESH DAS Saibra Shaikh ..Thanks for your support. I got an excellent support from you. I will give 10 marks out of 10 for your support.
09-September-2016 Lijo Jacob Varghese The escalation manager Ms. Rajee was very forthcoming and prompt in assisting me on my grievance.
09-September-2016 Rupesh ISHRAT is a very good customer care candidate. She helped me very much and good guidance for me about the bank and my account. I am fully satisfied with your customer care. Very - very thank you to ISHRAT for helping me.
09-September-2016 Preeti Keshari It's all about how you talk to and treat people. Your team has given me this fantastic service. I am really proud to be an IndusInd member. Thank you.
08-September-2016 Fibrebond Industries I was very much satisfied with Ms. Rajee' s customer centric approach with respect to complaint....good job keep doing.
8-September-2016 Carro World India Private Limited I am very happy with talking to your executive Ms. Rajee Prabhakar. Thanks.
07-September-2016 Rupali Khatri Rajee manager is good as my problem is solved by Rajee manager. Thanks.
07-September-2016 Ganesh D Nakate Mr Jignesh Trivedi. My problem is solved, nice job.
07-September-2016 Abhay Srivatsan M S (Min) U/G Sriram M S I spoke to Mr Kamal. Very professional, answered all my questions with such clarity and I recommend a special compliment to have him in your system Great Guy Kudos.
07-September-2016 S K Patodia Mr Debaditya Chatterjee was very patient and extremely helpful and fulfilled my query.
06-September-2016 Sandeep Arora Hi All this is a feedback for Ishrat who helped me in unblocking my card for online transaction. She was awesome.
06-September-2016 James Abraham Dear ISHRAT the way you worked on my complaint I really appreciate that . We as consumer we really want your kind of people in customer service. You are so nice. God bless you take care.
06-September-2016 Sudama Devi Mrs. Kanchan has resolved the issue. It is highly appreciable.
06-September-2016 Thangirala Nagarjuna Reddy I am having problem with internet banking. Phone Banking guys Kanchan really done a great job for me. Thank You Kanchan.
06-September-2016 Mohd Irshad I am satisfied with Mr. Ahmad.
06-September-2016 Yash Paul Sharma I am greatly thankful to Ahmed Khan. He helped me a lot to solve my complaints. I am fully satisfied from his services and behavior. Way of talking is too good.
06-September-2016 Neha Kumari Rishi Raj I am satisfied with the services.
06-September-2016 Priyesh Kumar Singh The conversation with Kisan Rawat was great. He was very polite and helpful throughout the call and resolved my queries in a go. So a 5 star to him and your service. Keep doing better.
06-September-2016 Faiz Ahmed Bakali Appreciate the hard work of Mr Rahul Madan Sharma from Customer Care for providing in depth knowledge about the Credit card department. He thoroughly helped and guided through the process.THANK YOU
05-September-2016 Srijit Banerjee Debaditya Chatterjee helped me a lot and I understood the credit card details. Really appreciate his support.
04-September-2016 Mayur Patel Rajee was great on call. I would look forward to have conversation with her if I am facing any problem.
03-September-2016 Rangnath Sanwarmal Gaggar Jignesh Trivedi. Received quality support from him.
03-September-2016 Manisha Agarwal I would really like to thank Mr Chingleen as he was of great help to me in resolving my issues. Because of his effort my voucher issue is now solved and he was very polite in talking.
03-September-2016 Jaresh Debaditya Chatterjee I am satisfied with you in reference to your patience while generating my log in password. I appreciate your patience and cordial voice
03-September-2016 Ankit Goel Ms Jasvinder Kaur Pote ..Very good response on my complaint. Thanks
03-September-2016 Manoj M B Mr Siddharath Patel I appreciate your patience in resolving my query and it was nice talking to you. Keep up the good work. Regards Manoj Kumar
03-September-2016 Leo K J The person who helped me today was patient and courteous. Bunch of thanks
02-September-2016 Sunita Nagesh Kyama RISHI RAJ and UMA. Well done.
02-September-2016 Dashrathkumar Girishbhai Parmar Great effort by the person to recover my voucher....thanks
02-September-2016 Mahesh R Kulkarni Jignesh Trivedi has been very helpful. He had gone extra mile to resolve the complaint.
02-September-2016 Sailendra Narayan Singh Hi Kanchan Saha I am satisfied with your information regarding my complaint.
02-September-2016 Hemraj Debaditya Chatterjee was from credit card team and he truly helped me generating the atm pin.
02-September-2016 Pradeep Pabolu I would like to appreciate Prerana for helping me out with the transaction details on my credit card. She is fully knowledgeable. She is full of patience . Pls share this with her team.
02-September-2016 Sushilaben Patel "Good Service and clarifications by Ms Prerana"
01-September-2016 Rinaz Madhar M Ms. Saha solved my problem regarding my debit card annual charges as wrongly charged and which was not resolved for the past 1 year. Appreciate the timely help done by her to resolve this within 1 working day.
01-September-2016 Falguni Mukherjee Had a talk with Mr Sandip Dushing. Fantastic support extended to me. I am really thankful to him and IndusInd Bank.
01-September-2016 Abhishek Singh Pateltt I have communicated my problem to Kanchan Saha and she responded well and on time and my problem has been resolved. Thanks.
01-September-2016 Sandeep Singh Chauhan I really commend the prompt service provided by Mrs. Rajee. Great service makes your customers feel that you care about developing a long term relationship with the bank. Thank you.
01-September-2016 B Sabeerhusen Really appreciate Kanchan Saha. She was the only executive who can fix my issue after long time.
01-September-2016 Anup Sukumar Ms. Kanchan Saha has done an excellent job in helping me out. I did not get satisfactory customer service from IndusInd Branch but I got good service from IndusInd contact center.
01-September-2016 Sawan Enterprises Today I had a query on my net banking and the lady by name Rajee handled the query very nicely. In just 30 minutes my problem was solved and again I am able to use my net banking salute to her.
30-August-2016 Urmilaben Bipinbhai Mehta I had issues regarding Signature Card cancellation. After lot of calls and Mails I received my fund back . For that I compliment to all of IndusInd staff specially Ms. Kanchan Saha.
30-August-2016 Rahul Dugar I got my query resolved as discussed within stipulated time. Good service. Thanks.
30-August-2016 Nirav J Patel There was an IMPS payment issue yesterday and I have contacted your customer care number where I got the outstanding support from Ishrat Munshi and matter got resolved with her dedicated efforts.
30-August-2016 Parikshit Rathi It was a pleasure talking with Sandip Dushing. I was facing issues with OTPs since two days and he was very prompt and assisted very well. Kudos to Sandip.
30-August-2016 Kirti Choukikar Thank you Ishrat for assisting me in correcting my name. Unlike others she took up the responsibility and made sure that the work was done. I wish there are more helpful people like you in this bank.
30-August-2016 Inderjyot Singh Good Service. Very prompt and well handled.
31-August-2016 Shajul Ansari Great customer service by Sayali.
31-August-2016 Ram Balak Sah I have many accounts in different banks but I got lovely support today. I feel when I am facing some error, IndusInd bank customer support can solve the problem. All the best.
29-August-2016 Charanjive Kumar Rishi Raj ...Excellent.
29-August-2016 Sharath Kumar P It was a good support from Rajee Prabhakar. Appreciate the helpline service from her.
29-August-2016 Prakash Kumar Dear contact center team, I feel happy with service of Rajee. She handled the call in a very nice way.Thanks, Prakash Kumar
29-August-2016 Arunkumar B Hi, Savita provided the clarifications and personal support for the issue on book my show. Now I have a clear idea and will follow the instructions. Nice support thanks Savita.
29-August-2016 Jaswant Singh Rajpurohit Ishrat madam ..many thanks to you for your hard work and honesty in reversing my balance and pmjdy - a/c conversion. I bless you for your golden future. God bless you. Jaswant Singh.
28-August-2016 Nitin Avinash Debaditya Chatterjee was polite, supportive and really helpful who supported me with all relevant answers to my queries.
27-August-2016 Rajesh Ananda Bobade Mr. Ahmed Khan did great job. Really appreciate the work done by him.
27-August-2016 KRISHNAN KIRAN I am very much satisfied with Mr Mohan Kumar interaction. He has given me a good guidance. Its a request keep such good executive.
27-August-2016 VIKAS MEHTA Vikas kumar is very helpful who resolved all my queries.
27-August-2016 S RAJASEKARAN I spoke with Pooja in Mumbai customer care. She was very helpful and addressed all my queries. I am happy with her services. Keep it up. She is very good all the best.
27-August-2016 DAYANAND KANCHAN There was immense help and guidance from Laxmi. She had patience to listen to me carefully and guided out of the way. Appreciate her help and cooperation.
26-August-2016 Umang Harishchandra Bhatt Kanchan Saha....really satisfied with your excellent service....hats off.
26-August-2016 Letsgokerala Travel Services Pvt Ltd Jignesh Trivedi was very helpful and solved my issue.
26-August-2016 VIRENDRA RATHORE Debaditya Chatterjee talked with me and it was nice support from him. Also he made things easier.
25-August-2016 Navneet Kumar Tripathi Rishi Raj. Very good service.
25-August-2016 Dhar Associates Mr. Sandip Dushing is excellent and he has delivered what promised. I think people like him will really help banking industry grow a lot. Thanks a lot IndusInd team for speedy action.
25-August-2016 Jasraj Singh Jignesh Trivedi is very helpful and he has resolved my complaint very efficiently. Thanks for great help.
25-August-2016 Sushmita Panda Miss. Kokila helped me with the online banking query. I am really thankful to her for resolving my issue. Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work.
25-August-2016 Kola Eswar Reddy Rajee is good to communicate with. Very helpful.
24-August-2016 Rajesh Bobade Mr. Ahmed Khan from contact center and Mr Monit from Kanjurmarg IndusInd branch did great job. Its really appreciating for the work done by them.
24-August-2016 Sunil Bhardwaj I want to share my feedback regarding my complaint during the period I Interacted with Mr. Ahmad. He was very kind and helpful during the period. He paid proper attention and solved my query.
24-August-2016 Roshan Chandrakant Sonar Good afternoon, I just got a call from one of your agents regarding platinum premium debit card. Later on call was transferred to Meera Tiwari for my verification. She gave me complete information about the product. Thanks IndusInd.
24-August-2016 D K Srivastava Behavior of Miss. Meera is excellent.
24-August-2016 Sajal Agarwal Rajee thanks for your support. Your support is really appreciated. I am very thankful and pleased with the resolution that you have provided.
24-August-2016 Kamleshkumar Harishchandra Vishwakarma Thanks for resolving my queries and providing instant support. Thanks to Rajee for arranging a conference call with the branch manager to get this resolved.
24-August-2016 Akshay Tyagi Dear Ms. Ishrat Thanks for your prompt action and support in providing letter from Raj Nagar branch Ghaziabad regarding payment. Akshay Tyagi.
24-August-2016 Samir Padwal Debaditya Chatterjee is very friendly and efficient to explain the query of the customer. Thanks
24-August-2016 Pooja Munjal Debadity Chatterrjee very good communication and I m very satisfied.
23-August-2016 Technica Forts Pvt Ltd Rishi Raj helped me and unlocked my user id promptly. I really appreciate his service.
23-August-2016 Priteshkumar Mahendrabhai Patel Mr. Prashant Shinde helped me to activate my account.
23-August-2016 Navneet Singh Very nice service specially Miss. Purnima Das who helped me in generating all my pins patiently.
23-August-2016 V Rakesh Kumar Reddy Velkuru Rajee is good at sorting problems regarding my accounts. Thanks IndusInd.
23-August-2016 Pradeep Akkupalli I have to say thanks to Kanchan Saha Escalation Manager for quick support.
23-August-2016 Satheesh Kumar Today 23rd Aug 2016 I called up your call center for EMI Conversion. Your associate Mr Zourez Mohammed handled the call in a very excellent way. I am really happy to be with IndusInd. ALL THE BEST Zourez Md
23-August-2016 Samfreaj Alam Debaditya Chatterjee thanks for your quick help and resolved all my query. I really like your work style. Keep it up. Thank you
23-August-2016 PhaniKumar Ganapavarapu Appreciate the efforts of Mr. Sasikumar Premium care contact centre executive
20-August-2016 Binamrabhusan jena Vikash kumar is very good and brilliant person. He helped me a lot. He is very good person.
19-August-2016 Thomas Paul (Min) U/G Rosemary K Thomas Today I called your customer care office. Mr.Ajay was really helpful to resolve the issue. Thank you so much.
19-August-2016 Vijay Oberoi Very good customer care service. Sidharth Patel has cleared all my doubts regarding credit card. I am impressed.
19-August-2016 Ramesh Babu Rajesh Nahar had taken my IndusInd credit card call and he has good knowledge to resolve my issues
18-August-2016 Abhishek Bhardwaj I am very pleased with the support offered by your bank in response to my online complaint. Would definitely continue my relationship with IndusInd Bank.
18-August-2016 Haresh Nathani I spoke to Mr. Amit Ranjan regarding credit card pin generation. He helped me in a perfect way and I am glad to say that IndusInd bank customer care service is one of the best service.
18-August-2016 Ashfaq Basheer Ahmed I would like to appreciate the follow up done by one of your executives named Ishrat who has been very helpful and resolved my issue. If I could I would personally give her a gift
17-August-2016 Kanhaiyalal R Varma Finally my issue is resolved. Big thanks to Ms. Hemlata Raj and Mr. Jignesh from the contact center.
16-August-2016 Pratap Nanasaheb Sarode Miss Sayali she is a nice executive.
16-August-2016 Joginder Singh I am very happy to talk to Vaishali. Many thanks for your support
16-August-2016 Gaurav Vijayvargiya Thanks to maam Adishakti for helping me. I like it.
15-August-2016 Pooja Grower Good service from Zakir Sayyed
15-August-2016 Rajkumar Rana My complaint regarding credit card vouchers and it was handled by Rubia. She has responded and provided the satisfactory resolution on time. I am very pleased with the services I received from escalation desk.
14-August-2016 Shantanu Biswas I had some queries about the credit balance on my credit card and talked to Debaditya Chatterjee who was very prompt in addressing the issue and was patient to resolve all my queries efficiently. All thanks to him.
14-August-2016 Nilesh Thorat Debaditya Chatterjee helped registering my account and generating pin. Nice narrator and well explainer. He is calm.
14-August-2016 Prasad Gadekar Debaditya Chatterjee

Thanks for the service. It was fantastic and prompt.

My mobile number should be linked to all products So it would take less time to reach to customer care executive
13-August-2016 Mohd Tausif Spoke with Miss Shobha about problem occurred during transaction, she cleared me about my account status and also suggested good advice. Thanks Miss Shobha for being there.
13-August-2016 Mohammad Ejaz Rizvi NASIR. I am fully satisfied with my query which I have asked.
13-August-2016 Creative IT Digital Miss Sakshi is very helpful madam. Thank you so much Sakshi ji
12-August-2016 Prabir Kumar Goswami Ms.Ishrat has done well in resolving my signature debit card related issue.
12-August-2016 Ally IT Solutions Pardeep Bhagwane is a good person and cooperative man who helped to solve my problem
12-August-2016 RAM SINGH Fully Satisfied with the solution provided by Vikash Kumar.Good Job
12-August-2016 Saurabh Verma I called to get my e Secure password and spoke to Prasannajeet Sengupta. He was very helpful, calm and patient. He assisted me with the complete process and resolved my query successfully. Perfect
12-August-2016 Anoop Rattehalli I reached customer care for my problem through an email. There were periodic updates on my request which really helped as I knew there is someone looking into my issue. Great job
12-August-2016 Venugopal B Issues got resolved
11-August-2016 Shantanu Guha Had to put a word for the Customer service Manager in call center Varsha Valecha for helping me out with my query and assisting me with the information I desired
11-August-2016 Prakash Kumar Spoke with executive Nikhat. I had suffered with many issues like Net banking, cheque clearing and cheque book. She resolved it in very easy way and great way, so I want to give thanks to her.
11-August-2016 Durgesh Patel I talked with Miss Pavitra. I am satisfied. Thanks for best service.
11-August-2016 Aarti Adate Ashwin is very helpful. Great job . Do the same work.
11-August-2016 Sthula Technologies Private Limited I sincerely appreciate Sonal for her fast and accurate guidance to resolve my issue quickly... Thank you so much.
11-August-2016 Ashish Shrivastava Debaditya Chatterjee is great support. He resolved my query very fast and in easy way.
11-August-2016 Jayanta Brahma Debaditya Chaterjee provided all details which I wanted to know.He was able to solve my all query on credit card.
11-August-2016 Shubhendu Abhishek Debaditya Chatterjee nice chap on communications
10-August-2016 Hemang Tanna Extremely satisfied with the assistance of Mr.Louis your customer care executive.
10-August-2016 Noopur Pandey I spoke to Amit Mahajan from support team. I am satisfied with the help and support he provided in unblocking the card.
10-August-2016 Aayushi Jain Nice to talk with Mr. Mukesh Madani. He solved my problem.
09-August-2016 Abhishek Anand Regarding my login issue and deductions in my account for low amount. It was nice experience talking to Vikas Jadhav. He clarified all my issues and I am quite satisfied with the answers he provided.
09-August-2016 KirthiKanth Naraparaju Louis Salve did a commendable job by helping me set up passwords over the phone. We would like someone assist in the same manner. Treat everyone like the way you want to get treated.
09-August-2016 Bhupala REDDY vikash sir

Thanks …
08-August-2016 DEEPAK LAROIA Service given by Mr. Amit Ranjan is excellent. In my viewpoint, he is one of the best associates to deal with the customer. I wish him good luck.
08-August-2016 Ramanathan Pandian Debaditya Chatterjee I am pleased to let you know that your help on resolving my issue is much appreciated. You really saved my day with 1 call. Keep up the good work.
08-August-2016 Mohd Kashif Ali Kanchan is very very good. She resolved my complaint.
08-August-2016 Manish Goyal I have talked with maam Ishrat and she has resolved my issue asap. Thanks to her excellent job.
08-August-2016 Dheeraj Kumar Singh Very nice and very helpful response from customer support executive name pradeep kumar. Iam so much happy.
07-August-2016 Sunny Bhatia Hi team I am really happy with Jignesh Trivedi and Priyanka Moore. Great service. Human touch I will never close my account with your bank. You guys deserve a pat on your back great job
07-August-2016 Kartikeswar Bahira Very good support. Kanchan very good.
07-August-2016 Chandrashekhar Madhav Kelkar I spoke with Mrs Shoba from Customer Care. She gave me proper information and she attended my call immediately. Satisfied with her performance.
06-August-2016 AFROZ KHAN Vikas kumar was very helpful. He resolved my concerns.
06-August-2016 Dilip Ghanshyam Tripathi Ahmed Khan handled my query very good…I appreciate him.
06-August-2016 Balamurugan S I spoke with Kushal regarding complaint number 041515445. He was able to quickly locate the problem and took action. I appreciate his communication way of approach and insight into the issue.
06-August-2016 I Plan Holidays Thanks Agnibesh for your support which I was seeking from your bank team. I rate you 5. Thanks and bless you.
05-August-2016 Vicky Vijay Ridhorkar Done my banking query....Thanks Sunita Singh
05-August-2016 Priya Biswas It was a really helpful and nice experience during the call. And the executive I was talking to Ms NEELA was very generous and co operative.
05-August-2016 Kamya Saktawat I have spoken to Chingleen regarding my problems and his participation and coordination was really wonderful. He was able to solve all my problems on time. Great job keep it up. Thanks
05-August-2016 SHASHANK AGARWAL Jitin Dolia is very helpful knowledgeable and humble person. He helped me to generate pin at earliest saving time of both Appreciable
04-August-2016 Uthra Moorthy G Ahmed khan. His service is good.
04-August-2016 Sujay S S Never received gift coupon even after 8 months of account opening. Finally after the complaint and follow up done by Mr. Ahmad from the Customer Care dept resolved the issue.
04-August-2016 Mukesh Kumar Ishrat Good Job. Thank you so much.
04-August-2016 Mahesh Patel I am thankful to Mr Prashant Shinde. Because of him my query got addressed and I got satisfactory resolution.
04-August-2016 A Divyakala Rishi Raj. Excellent service.
04-August-2016 S H A M K International Pvt Ltd Spoke to Ms Ishrat Munshi who was very helpful and coordinated with Ms Vaishnavi and Ms Thadani to help us out. Received a follow up call from her also to check if the matter was attended to. Cheers
04-August-2016 Planet Excellence Opc Pvt Ltd I appreciate my interaction with Mr Ching Leen who made the efforts to sort out my problem and help me. I appreciate his professionalism and efficiency.
03-August-2016 SUKUMAR AREKAL Excellent help from Ms. Reshma Bhagera. Thank you
03-August-2016 BHARAT SARKAR I landed up as a frustrated customer at customer service and found Preeti Sharma as customer service officer. I want to appreciate her knowledge. She helped me a lot and best of luck to her and team.
03-August-2016 Rajesh Kumar Very good response attended by Ms. Pinto
03-August-2016 SARAVANAN D Ms. Clancy Pinto is very helpful who generated my credit card pin. She is very polite and guided me well. Keep it up. All the best and God bless u.
03-August-2016 M/S Smriti Tour N Travels Dear Team, My compliments to AJAY who made effort to resolve my query. Best thing about him is PROBING. He understood my problem and accordingly suggested the right solution This is called SERVICE
03-August-2016 Aditi Sharma Hi, This mail is for Ahmed Khan, who helped me out to get my refund back in my account. Appreciate his help
03-August-2016 Mangesh Bhalchandra Jadhav Rishi Raj Thanks for your support. I am satisfied with your bank services.
03-August-2016 Manish Kumar I had a very good experience to chat with Jasbir Singh.
03-August-2016 Manish Harish Vora The operator was very much polite. He was very much helpful. He had a very good knowledge. It was a very good experience
03-August-2016 Zairem Thanga Ralte Rishi Raj. Excellent Job
02-August-2016 Semark Media Pvt Ltd Jignesh Trivedi is a nice person to deal with. He has resolved my issue nicely. Thank You
02-August-2016 Star Point Technology Private Limited Hans has been very helpful. 5 stars from my side
02-August-2016 Deepak Kumar Joshi I raised a query regarding an issue with IMPS transaction. I spoke to Ishrat manager. She was eager to help and did resolve my concern. IndusInd should be proud to have her in the team.
01-August-2016 KUMAR SHAHANI Very good service and satisfied through your representative, Sunita
01-August-2016 Bharatender Datt Rishi Raj is helpful and prompt
01-August-2016 Brajkishor Basughosh Das Mr. Darshan Garde from video branch was very helpful and friendly. He was able to understand my concern and gave a satisfactory response. He is knowledgeable and responsible. Thank you.
01-August-2016 Shankar Kumar Dear Vaishnavi. Really its great support from your side to activate my IndusNet Banking. You have helped me at each step. You have done a good job. Thanks. Shankar Kr.
31-July-2016 Ashish Nobokumar Ghosh Nice communicate by sayali and she help me for Net working
30-July-2016 Pinky Abhishek Jain I am happy with Faizan Shaikh. Excellent services and good communication.
30-July-2016 Amrita V I was charged by the bank for platinum premium card insurance. I had placed a request for refund of it. It was over seen by AHMED KHAN and was resolved swiftly. Thank you so much for the fast response.
30-July-2016 Ashok Kumar Hi Team I spoke to an agent Rahila she was very helpful and knowledgeable. I was very comfortable talking to her as all my questions were answered. The best thing I would say is this is called Customer Service.
30-July-2016 Hemant Singhrana I am writing to you to express my appreciation for the excellent customer service which I had received from your customer service agent Miss. NILOFAR SHEIKH. She is an asset to your organisation.
29-July-2016 Shiney V G Shivakand Gaud helped me so much in completing my online banking service for the first time. He is a very patient and helpful person highly resourceful to the company.
29-July-2016 Kazi Saddam Ali Kazi Ishrat is very helpful, attentive and problem solver
29-July-2016 Jyoti Ojha I have got outstanding services by Rishi Raj.
29-July-2016 Irfan Haider Mr Prashant Shinde helped me to update mobile number. Thanks to him.
29-July-2016 Harendra Singh I Sethi Got excellent service from Ms. Rajee for my registered complaint no. 041077492. She was constantly following up on my complaint. Got it escalated and resolved it on priority.
28-July-2016 Jaspreet Singh I was in touch with Naseer he was great support and I am thankful for this.
28-July-2016 Indranil Shaw I am satisfied for my conversation with Sumit Kumar Pandey through Video Branch facility.
27-July-2016 Sujeet Kumar Good response
27-July-2016 Sheilaja R Singh Ishrat Munshi has been the best till date I have dealt with. She resolved my two issues in 24 hrs time considering the urgency of the situation. She is an excellent customer service executive.
27-July-2016 Priyank Tyagi The officer named Rajee helped as best as she could and was really impressive in sorting the problem out for me. God bless her
26-July-2016 Vikramjit Singh Jignesh Trivedi solved my problem. He is very supportive
26-July-2016 Sarvesh Mewara Faizan Shaikh. Great service.
26-July-2016 Rocky Kumar Mr Ahmed Khan. He is giving good service. Best of luck man.
26-July-2016 Karun Budhiraja I was irritated due to wrong email id updated in the system and I urgently required my statement. Kanchan really helped me to update my email id within 2 hrs. I am very happy with her services.
26-July-2016 Garima Nath I spoke with Purnima and Rupinder both today regarding the phone number changed. They both helped me and listened to all my queries and replied promptly.
25-July-2016 Rina Jagtiani Mr. Sandip Dushing has assisted in resolving my issues with customer support on net banking and I truly appreciate his personal follow up in the matter.
25-July-2016 Narendrakumar Sirvi Best experience with customer service. Very good.
25-July-2016 Manoj Kumar Prompt action taken on query by Mr. Jignesh Trivedi. It is appreciable.
25-July-2016 N Sundaram Though a complaint, it has been a very pleasant experience interacting with your team and I appreciate the way the team handled it. Quick understanding and reverts. Excellent.
23-July-2016 Naveen Kumar Goel I talked to ISHRAT. She gave me excellent service. Good behavior and solved my problem.
23-July-2016 Bharat Chhaunkar Mr. Sandip Dushing a good person for work and customer service. He helped me to return my bank money charges in TAT. THANKS to Mr. Sandip Dushing.
23-July-2016 Ankit Gupta I am very impressed with customer care person. Her name is Manjari. She heard my two requests smartly and took action accordingly. I give rating four out of five.
23-July-2016 Sandeep Pandey Chandra mouli is very good in talking.
22-July-2016 Prasenjit Maji I am very happy to get help from Pooja Devadiga. Thanks.
22-July-2016 Faizan Arif Memon Mr Ahmed Khan it was nice talking to you and you helped me in real sense with respect to my query. Thnx. God bless you.
22-July-2016 Adil Nisar Ishrat Munshi. Situation in kashmir is worst. It is curfew. I am one of your customers in Srinagar. I had forgotten my debit pin. She helped me going out of way. She is gem in your organisation.
21-July-2016 Debarghya Datta (Min) U/G Monojit Datta I am very much satisfied with the service provided by Mr Sandip Dushing Just for his service I will continue my banking relationship with IndusInd Bank
21-July-2016 Mohd Sartaj I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate the outstanding customer service and Im so thankful to Kanchan Saha she was very attentive and helpful towards customer issues.
21-July-2016 Rohan Bali MR. FAIZAN SHEIKH. A very great help provided. Nice customer service
21-July-2016 Rohit Sharma Very good service from Kanchan. I am satisfied with her service.
21-July-2016 Roshan P Admane Happy to see fast service from Rishi Raj and proper follow ups. Keep growing.
21-July-2016 Sanjaya Nanu Rathod Very much thankful to Mr. Rakesh Panwelkar as he has resolved my Indus Mobile query.
21-July-2016 Joydip Sandhu Mr Debaditya Chatterjee supported me a lot solving my query .I grade him as A Rating
21-July-2016 Shubham Kumar Tomar I had a great service with IndusInd Bank from Rishi Raj.
20-July-2016 Dhiraj Kashyap Excellent Service Debaditya Chatterjee
20-July-2016 Senthil Kumar I am writing this humble note of appreciation for the outstanding customer service provided by Ms. Babitha Sharma today on 20 July 2016. She was very humble and crystal clear in the subject.
20-July-2016 Manisha Lal I am a holding a credit card for the last 6 yrs and I am extremely happy with the services. Responses to requests and grievances are prompt. Special thanks to Pervez Qureshi and his team
20-July-2016 Ratnesh Ratnakar Radhakrishnan is the best executive. He is having good explanation ability and also good problem solver in a very polite way
20-July-2016 Imanuel Ramhninglo Vaiphei Pavitra has helped me in answering all my queries related to loan transaction. She is very polite and able to solve it without asking duplicate question. Also she was able to understand my accent.
20-July-2016 Rohit Sharma Very good service from Kanchan I m satisfied with her service
20-July-2016 Roshan P Admane Happy to see fast service from Rishi Raj and proper follow ups
keep growing.
20-July-2016 Rohan Bali MR. FAIZAN SHEIKH
A very great help provided.
Nice customer service
20-July-2016 Mohd Sartaj I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate the outstanding customer service.
And I'm so thankful to Kanchan Saha. She was very attentive and helpful towards customer issues.
19-July-2016 Manoj Kumar My ref no is V041019645
Very good service from your customer service.
19-July-2016 Shriyansh Fund Management Pvt Ltd Excellent support by Mr Ahmed Khan
19-July-2016 Harita Trip Advisor Private Limited Very good service provided by Ms. Rajee
19-July-2016 Rishabh Rastogi I spoke to Mr Vaseem Malik Sayed
He was very helpful for me. He raised a complaint regarding my issue and later he took a follow up for the same I would like to appreciate his work.
19-July-2016 Anto Regan I am a new credit card customer. Thank you so much for the help and appreciated.
18-July-2016 Iqubal Singh Hello Today I called to customer care and I had a word with Mr Rahul Desai and I must say that he is the 1st person who really helped me and resolved the query. The overall call was excellent
18-July-2016 Yogesh Ahlawat Prashant Shinde helped me to get the movie ticket.
This issue was faced since 2 months and he solved this. He deserves awesome reward
17-July-2016 Santhosh Desai Hi Team I just wanted to Thank Mohan who is in Susheels team. Great asset to team. Very patient.
16-July-2016 Jawahar Das Bairagi Hey punnet your are a fantastic adviser and a wonderful guider and thank you so much to talk to me and for guiding me.
16-July-2016 Firdaus Ahmad I would like to take this moment to appreciate Ishrat Munshi for resolving my complaint. She is an excellent resource with IndusInd Bank
16-July-2016 Shivkumar ISHRAT MUNSHI she has good understanding for customer problems and solved problem as soon as possible. Nice talking with her and my problems were solved. Thank you so much. nice job.
16-July-2016 Sumit Kumar Ms.Ishrat Mam ..thanks for the excellent service on the call.
16-July-2016 Shilpa Salvi I would like to appreciate Ms. Shilpa Salvi who took a lot of effort to address my issue. I appreciate her commitment and wish her all the best. Certainly a good customer desk than many other banks.
15-July-2016 Madhan Mohan Vikash kumar has given good info
15-July-2016 Shanmuga Hi IndusInd Team I just spoke to one of the IndusInd Credit Card Customer Care Officer Mr Thahir Khan. I am really satisfied with the service received. Great Service and followup
15-July-2016 Harikrishna B Hi I wish to compliment Rajee Prabhakar for her prompt and excellent service that helped restore confidence in your Bank. I m glad I spoke to her.
15-July-2016 Kumar Mrinal I spoke to Mr Paresh Narvekar and so far he was the best customer care executive in IndusInd Bank I encountered with. Keep going
14-July-2016 Modi Chandravdan Gopaldas HUF Jigesh Trivedi given good response for transcation password and solve the query in less time.
14-July-2016 Shiv Shakti Engineering Manish. Thanks for your help.
14-July-2016 Future Soft Technology Execellent service given by Ms. Yogeeta Savant
14-July-2016 Dummy Account Saha...really good service. 
14-July-2016 Adesh Mathu Debaditya was very helpful in solving my query in right manner and fast.
13-July-2016 Adesh Mathur Debaditya was very helpful in solving my query right and fast.
13-July-2016 Pankaj Dubey I was helped very nicely by ARUN MISHRA from the Customer Care section in activating my Credit Card effectively and rapidly on call. 
13-July-2016 Roushan Kumar rahul sharma emp id ibl57209 Nice to talk with Rahul Ji. You have solve all the entire problem. Thank you so much. 
13-July-2016 Pradeep Kothari I got my new credit card so i called customer care and i was connected to mr. jiten dolia. he patiently heard me and tell me a clear and easy solution step by step. excellent work he done thanks. 
13-July-2016 Vandana R Narula Jeetendra Thanai had helped me a lot resolving my query. He is a real asset with IndusInd Bank. Thank you Jeetendra.
13-July-2016 Jayant Jafar Sahoo Good 
13-July-2016 Sudeer Kumar Ishrat Munshi is very great and helpful. 
13-July-2016 Samir S Khadkikar It was very reassuring to talk to Mr. Jitendra for a problem which was critical with regards to time. The problem was resolved in the  time frame given by him. I appreciate this kind of customer care.
12-July-2016 Shyamsundar Sivakumar Good service. Very valuable information. Vaishnavi
12-July-2016 Dummy Account Prashant Shinde helped me a lot to get my TWL loan details. I appreciate.
12-July-2016 Thangam N Ishrat Munshi. I would like to take this moment to appreciate Ishrat for taking my query on priority and having it resolved in few hours. She is excellent resource with IndusInd.Thank you again . 
12-July-2016 Zit Services IIP Mr. Prashant Shinde. Really nice experience with you. You did a good job.
Thanks for your support.
12-July-2016 Pramila Gupta My problem has been resolved by Ahmed Khan. I am so glad for this person. Feedback is very good from my side.
12-July-2016 Kuldeep Kumar Hi Rajee Thanks for your support. I am fully satisfied with customer service.
11-July-2016 Sumedha Sharma I am super happy with the response and pro activeness of Mr Jitendra in solving my complaint. Such employees are assets to the organization. Keep up the good work.
11-July-2016 Bhojraj Khanchane Excellent cooperation.
10-July-2016 Anil Dhankhar It is very great talking to Ms. Pramila customer care executive. She explained everything in a very nice and polite manner. After a long time I found some really sweet person n with amazing knowledge 
10-July-2016 Prince Arora I want to provide feed back. I talked with one girl. She helped me to register on net banking. It was great. I'm thankful to her. She did a good job.
10-July-2016 ANIL  KUMAR Jignesh Trivedi
I really appreciate your help to me. Your excellent behavior and attitude finally resolved my query. Thanks a lot Jignesh
9-July-2016 Ritesh Khemraj Shembare Recently spoke with Paul Rodrigues customer service executive. He helped me with Google response. Attitude I wanna appreciate this attitude, very happy with resolution the way he responded to me.
9-July-2016 Pradeep Kumar Sharma Mr Prashant Shinde helped me a lot to get tax challan copy urgently.
9-July-2016 Petal Homez Yogita Sawant I like your services and your suggestions.
9-July-2016 Arjun Sharma Thoroughly satisfied with the help and guidance. Very happy
9-July-2016 Tahir Hussain debadintya is a very helping guy he helped out for generating the TPIN and ATM PIN 
9-July-2016 Navneet Bagga Mr Debaditya chaterjee was very much helpful and sorted my query properly and fast 
8-July-2016 Pradeep Kumar I spoke with Pradeep Bhagwane and he is really too good. He helped and gave me proper and perfect solutions  to my queries. Thanks Pradeep Bhagwane and Thanks IndusInd.
8-July-2016 Neha Kohli Wonderful experience with Arvind Kumar. He helped with issues regarding online banking. Very happy with the interactions.
8-July-2016 Vinyasa Infotech Private Limited Mr. Paul I am happy with your guidance. Thanks
7-July-2016 Kanwar Singh Awesome. Helpful Customer Care Department. Thanks
7-July-2016 Sudhanshu Shekhar Jha Ms. Kanchan Saha helped me getting the charge back to my account towards the transaction charge which was deducted wrongly. She followed my case properly. Thank you. 
7-July-2016 Nrusingha Pradhan  NICE JOB....ZOUREZ MOHMMED
7-July-2016 Gautham Rajhans DEBADITYA CHATTERJEE He is very helpful and very clear to all the queries Great job
7-July-2016 Indrajit Gadhiya  Jiten Dolia. Excellent help provided. Very cooperative and polite. Good Job. Keep it up
6-July-2016 Dharmendra Yadav Help was more than the expectation. 
6-July-2016 Vijay Bhatt Very satisfied with the conversation with Ms. Barnali
6-July-2016 B PrabhakaraRao Ankush really guided me very cooly. I am very much satisfied with the guidance given.
6-July-2016 Madhuri Ramidi Call is great. Spoke To Mr.Chandramouli..His service is awesome. And he really deserve the best for his services. Thank you very much Chandramouli. You are the best in customer service.
6-July-2016 Abhishek Mohan  Service from Clancy Pinto for ATM Pin generation is excellent.
6-July-2016 Sri Nath Mr Radhakrishnan was helpful in informing about my request to create pin. Mr Radha you did a great job. Thank you 
6-July-2016 Pankaj Sharma Debaditya Chatterjee has assisted me in very good manner. I am impressed with his assistance. Really a good experience.
6-July-2016 Rajesh Nandhi I talked with Vikash Kumar5 6429 regarding to generate the PIN no Very happy to say this that person was talked very lovely and resolved my problem with kind manner
6-July-2016 Siva Kesava Reddy Gunda I wanted to reset my internet login password and transaction password and which I was not able to do myself. Bharth kumar helped me to solve my issue. I appreciate the support given by him
5-July-2016 V H Ravishankar Nice interaction with your executive. I got all solutions. Appreciate your timely response. 
5-July-2016 M/S Sri Sai Enterprises It was really very helpful to me.
5-July-2016 Hari Hara Suthananth B JeetendraThanai  services are very good. It exceeds my expectations. He has rectified my complaint within very less time that is pretty good and I  am 100 percent satisfied with his service assistance
5-July-2016 Nrusingha Pradhan NICE JOB....ZOUREZ MOHMMED
5-July-2016 Avinash Gaikwad Great help from Mr MOHAN KUMAR K 
5-July-2016 Karthik Kannan Debaditya gave me the complete details of my card. I am happy with him.
5-July-2016 Shreyas Srinath Nice advice. Good suggestion from the customer representative.
5-July-2016 Deepak Gurnani I got very good service from your customer care executive Mr Amit Ranjan. He has sorted all the queries very easily. Wishing best of luck for his career 
4-July-2016 Pankaj Sharma Debaditya Chatterjee has assisted me very good . I am impressed with his assistance. Really a good experience 
4-July-2016 Rajesh Nandhi I talked with Vikash Kumar (His employee details: 56429 )to generate the PIN no. Very happy to say this that person talked very lovely and resolved my problem in a kind manner.
4-July-2016 Ramesh Saraf Nice talking to Madam Rupindar. She has cleared the doubt I had. Thanking you
4-July-2016 Vihaan Rajawat (min) U/G Akshay Pratap Singh jignesh Trivedi thanks to solve my problem very nicely. 
4-July-2016 Rahul Tomar jitendra thanai ..This is regarding the feedback and converstaion with Jitendra with respect to my loan closure. He was extremely helpful and proactive in customer service and he sets an example.
4-July-2016 Sandeep Kumar Video call with  Sarms Mitra had gone very smoothly. I am also feeling nice and Mitra is more helpful man and my request was resolved quickly.
4-July-2016 Arun Kundalia I made the payment through video banking. Interacted with your representative Mr Wavell. He was very helpful. He attended all queries and served me with great patient  I am really impressed
3-July-2016 H Sharama Jiten Dolia helped me greatly on the net banking issues and resolved it. Thank you for your patience Mr. Dolia. Great. Appreciate it 
3-July-2016 Chandarpal Yadav Good job done by Abdul Rasheed 
2-July-2016 Sunny Yadav Senthil K is the executive name. Superb in giving resolution and correct answer to my query. I am very happy with the services.
2-July-2016 Srinivas Areti IndusInd credit card team give the best customer support 
1-July-2016 Sanju Kumar It was a very nice interaction with Zourez Mohammad and he helped me to understand my credit card details and really appreciate the way he shared informations. Good Job and wish you all the best. 
30-June-2016 Brijeshkumar Vidyadhar Mishra I am very satisfied with Paul Rodrigus.
30-June-2016 Navneet Bajaj Hi team I really want to appreciate the efforts of Ishrat this time. I faced many issues to get my debit card however in the end she provided me the resolution. Thank you so much Ishrat.
30-June-2016 Anjani Kumar Gupta Just I contacted with Mr Ahmed Khan due to one issue. He resolved my problem. He support me quickly. I am so happy with his support. Thanks Anjani 
30-June-2016 N BABU Debaditya chatterjee....he explained about my queries very clearly. I am very much happy with his support.
29-June-2016 Gadam Setty Sravan Kumar Jeetendra Thanai, excellent Job. Am really happy with his resolution. Keep it up and thanks IndusInd.
29-June-2016 Imran Gani Vohra Jitendra Thanai helped me in redeeming my reward points on call and called as per comitted 
29-June-2016 PRITAM BARI Debaditya resolved my issue promptly. Thank you
29-June-2016 VAIBHAV SHAH Debaditya was satisfactory
29-June-2016 ADITYA SEHGAL Nice speaking to Debaditya Chatterjee. He is prompt and soft spoken. 
29-June-2016 SATISH KUMAR SATHIYAMOORTHY Name Debaditya Chatterjee. Excellent Service
29-June-2016 Shweta Anthony Hello team. Today I had a word with your customer service agent Satish Kumar. I must say that I had a good experience calling your helpdesk. He was extremely helpful and answered all my questions.Thank you 
29-June-2016 Rakesh Kumar Vikash kumar is helpful
29-June-2016 Harshini Addepalli I spoke to Preeti Sharma who assisted me very well. She was patient enough to help me with all my queries. Excellent service. 
29-June-2016 Debraj Ghosh I am very happy with the way Zourez Mohammed helped me resolved all my queries. He is having great patience for listening to customer query. He addressed queries with the right solution. 
28-June-2016 Somashekhar N I Hi Vikas Jadhav thank you for giving good support for sending bank statement to mail id 
28-June-2016 Amit Chakraborty Well done Sadanand. Be proud of him. He is a gem. 
28-June-2016 Saurabh Singh Debaditya chatterjee is the person whom I would like to compliment. His way was excellent and he was able to solve my query without wait. I wish for his great future and success.
28-June-2016 Amitkumar Mishra Good help and support from Amit Ranjan customer care support team.Nice talking to him 
27-June-2016 Sanaya Shahzad Doneshwar Had given request for redemption of loyalty points and Mr. Vishal from the contact centre was very helpful.
27-June-2016 Rajesh Sahni Mr. Jignesh Trivedi  Excellent support given by him
27-June-2016 Sangeeta Dharmraj Patel Rahul Desai who helped me by giving proper infomation about banking and he is very polite and I appreciate that the bank has such very good officer.
27-June-2016 Sangeeta Dharmraj Patel Dhanraj pillai who helped me by giving proper infomation about banking and he is very polite and I appreciate that the bank has such very good officer
26-June-2016 Balaji Traders Very good service. Good nature. Thanks   Ishrat Munshi Ji
26-June-2016 Rakesh Krishnan Pangail I have spoken to your banking officer Mr Dhanraj and I really apreciate his services. He resolved my issue fast and very effectively. 
26-June-2016 Margam Srinivas Debaditya chaterjee helped to reset transaction password on my credit card. Thank you so much. 
25-June-2016 Sachin Porwal Good interaction with Krisha. 
25-June-2016 Bala Satish Debaditya chatterjee given me excellent service and support
25-June-2016 Abishek Bhattachrya Very nice way of query resolving. 
24-June-2016 Rakesh Sisodia I am satisfied with my complaint on online banking with Miss Pavitra Ji. lovely voice and outstanding understanding while talking with customers 
24-June-2016 Gadam Setty Sravan Kumar Hi Team Thanks for your support. I wish thanks for Rupa Garu as she resolved issue. Regards Sravan
24-June-2016 Kavitha K Customer care Representative Mr.Aravind guided me properly to register my account for Netbanking. Appreciate...
24-June-2016 Sachin Dabade Debaditya chaterjee provided all details in brief 
24-June-2016 Bhupinder Behl Thanks for the support Mr.Prashant Shinde. I really appreciate the way of handling my query. 
24-June-2016 Rohan Jadhav Vikash kumar thanks for information 
23-June-2016 Mjs Latex Private Limited I had called custumer care and representative sweta patel assisted me to solve my query in very simple steps. Thanks to her and entire team I am satisfied with her excellent  services. Thank you 
23-June-2016 Lakshmi Nagaraja Peddoju Rahul Sukla was very helpful to me for netbanking login issue.
23-June-2016 Sarathkumar M Rating 5.  I am satisfied 
23-June-2016 Dummy Account Highly thankful to Mr.Omkar. He helped me in generating my ATM pin. Thanks a lot Omkar. You are  the best
23-June-2016 Rajesh Saini Vikash kumar helped me to register the card on Indusnet. 
23-June-2016 Kumar Gaurav  Its nice interacting with Debaditya Chatterjee at Indusind Phone banking . He is very prompt in providing quality customer service. Thanks Debaditya
23-June-2016 manjunath Vikas kumar has resolved my isssue
23-June-2016 DIANA John For CR. Mr. Dileesh Dilkumar. The CR was competent to answer my queries and helped me through the net banking registration for credit card. He was pleasant and very clear in his communication.Thanks 
23-June-2016 Asit Pan Mr.Jiten Dolia has helped me to resolve my login issue. Thanks for your support. Regards Asit
23-June-2016 Divyaraj Bisht Great service provided by Mr. Amit Ranjan. Helped me solve all my queries . He supported me to register for online banking. Much appreciated. 
22-June-2016 Akhlaq Ahmad Salmani I talked with Ms. Maria from customer care who gave me information in a very well manner. I feel proud to choose IndusInd. Happy with the help received from Maria. Thanks a ton. It was really appreciable. All the best.
22-June-2016 Rahul Kumar Sharma I'm happy with the resolution given by Gauri from Escalation Desk ....I really appreciate her efforts to resolve my issues .. thanks a ton
21-June-2016 Mukesh Saini Very Good.
21-June-2016 Vinay Mehra I had spoken with Sherel for my credit card related issues. I liked the way she discussed with me all things with politeness and proper voice modulation. My best wishes for her in future. 
20-June-2016 Mdazaz Ahmad Mr Debaditya Chatterjee has given excellent support.
20-June-2016 Jiwanram Agarwala Mr. Debaditya Chatterjee. I am very happy to speak to you 
20-June-2016 Atul Soni Talked to Debaditya Chatterjee regarding the credit limit and forex. He was very cooperative and helpful.
20-June-2016 PRAJAKTA BHUSHAN SHINDE Hey Sandip Dushing it was a great work. I really appreciate your efforts for activating my account. Great Job.
20-June-2016 MUKESH  SAINI Very Good.
19-June-2016 PAWAN KUMAR SHARMA services were good. Provided good services information. Talking with customer  Mr. Suraj is very good.
19-June-2016 Nilesh Manjrekar Excellent service and assistance provided on call by Mr Rajesh. Please keep up the good work
19-June-2016 RAKESH  THAPAR Highly  commendable job with special efforts by mr sandip dushing no words are enough to thank you keep it up for all other customers also
18-June-2016 Anurag Gaurav  Special thanks to executive who generated these two SRs for me 65150 and 66067. I was upset with IndusInd bank facility and decision making team. He handled very well and rectified all my concerns. 
18-June-2016 Vinay Kumar From the last few days I was not able to log in to pay credit card bill and raised complaint. Today I called Mr. Vinay and he resolved this issue and supported me a lot. Thanks for his support. 
18-June-2016 Ved Singh  Representative was very patient and helpful and explained me the detailed information on the various card options and their benefits. The detailed information he gave me helped me choose the correct card.
18-June-2016 Naveen Dhanotia  Mr. Debaditya Chatterjee is good in explaining me everything and resolved my query quickly.
18-June-2016 SELLERGIZE WEB TECHNOLOGY SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED Your call center guy Brijesh Kumar is really good. He is the first person since last week to have understood my problem and come out with a potential solution. You should have more people like him.
18-June-2016 KOMAL RAJIL AHLUWALIA I had a word with Miss Rajee Prabhakar from the escalation desk. She was very helpful and very knowledgable. I was very irritated with Indusind bank but Im going with a smile Kudos to Rajee
17-June-2016 SANDEEP KUMAR  SINGH I really appreciate to IndusInd Banking Services I was talking with mr Faizan Shekh.I am fully satisfied.
17-June-2016 Shariq Khan The Phone Support is very good 
17-June-2016 NAVEEN KUMAR N I would like to convey my sincere thanks to Mr. Jiganish Trivedi of Indusind who helped me in getting my query resolved within TAT. Appreciate his efforts.
17-June-2016 ANUSH  BASUMATARY Hi There it was a wonderful experience getting in touch with you over the call and I could resolve my issues on time I really appreciate the level of patience and dedication Good. 'Faizan Shaikh'
16-June-2016 Nishant Bhardwaj Rashmi was very polite and patient on call as it has took 20 minutes approx but she was very calm and helped me very delightfully. Really appreciate her customer service 
16-June-2016 Asit Parida Jiten Dolia has supported me a lot in coming out from my problem related to the PIN number. He has supported me in a very simple and step by step manner. Thanks to him . 
16-June-2016 Parkash Mohan  I had an interaction with Mr. Vishakh regarding my email update and the interaction went well. Mr. Vishank assisted me with the needed inputs in a timely manner. 
16-June-2016 Samir Pandya AMIT RANJAN gave me very good response. Thanks a lot for the good feedback. Great Work. 
16-June-2016 NEETESH KUMAR TIWARI I am very thankful to customer care without it my problem never be resolved. jignesh trivedi
16-June-2016 SANDEEP KUMAR  SINGH I really appreciate to IndusInd Banking Services I was talking with mr Faizan Shekh.I am fully satisfied.
15-June-2016 Ramesh Chandra  Debaditya Chaterjee. Chennai. Great guidance to my dispute issue. Thanks 
15-June-2016 Kasaraneni Venkataramana Needed help for registration of my credit cards into your website as I was having problem in linking my credit cards. Mr Amit Ranjan has helped me with the whole process of linking it smoothly. Good work 
15-June-2016 RAGHUNATHAN  G With recent issue with OTP generation to my US mobile number I called CR to reach out for help during that call person named Mr Prashant Shinde was really helpful in solving issue
14-June-2016 SACHIN CHANDRA VARMA (MIN) U/G SANJAY KUMAR VARMA Would like to commend the service by Manish who corrected  an error by Indusind which had remained uncorrected since August 2015
13-June-2016 Harjinder Sehdev I would like to thank Mr Ramanathan Somasundaram for his continue follow up and resolution on a major dispute raised by me and his prompt response has made me stay with Indusind bank. TY Ramanathan 
13-June-2016 NIKHIL BALASAHEB GURAV This is to compliment Ishrat's work and followup on a complaint which was pending since almost a month. She kept a proper follow up on the case and tried everything that she could to solve my complaint 
13-June-2016 NA Jignesh Trivedi has been awesome in resolving my query regarding the DD. I should be getting as claim settlement towards my auto loan closure.
11-June-2016 Wasim Jamal  I called to enquire about EMI for international transaction I did on my card. I had spoken with Mohammed Zaki whose Emp Id is 31889. Amazingly excellent customer service provided by him and im satisfied with him. 
11-June-2016 Om Verma  Dear Rubia. Your resolved all my issues. What you have shown is true service and people like you would always be STAR for you Bank. Thanks a lot once again keep up the good work. 
11-June-2016 Daniel Dias Rahamathullah was excellent with his response and ready with the options . He was quick with the service I was looking for. Im happy as he was customer centric. Keep up the good work 
10-June-2016 MOHAMMAD MUSTAQUR REHMANQUADRI Mr JEETENDRI THANAI has given me exact resolution I am happy with services
9-June-2016 Surjit Das  Had a service call from Sanket Mehta. Appreciated the way he took me through the steps of the process with patience. Thanks 
8-June-2016 Suneel Buddula Zourez Mohammed thanks for good support
8-June-2016 Guru Mulinti Ajaz ahmed helped me a lot on many issues and clarified my doubts. 
8-June-2016 Uttam Chandra I spoke to Manimegalai And Akhila regarding activation of my credit card. They were very patient and supportive. It was pleasure to avail the services of IndusInd. Thanks
8-June-2016 Nibash Agarwal Debaditya Chatterjee good service
8-June-2016 Pradipta Kumar Agent was really helpful to address my request and his listening skills are good. Moreover I got to know many information about the card which was not given when I received
8-June-2016 Uttam Chandra I spoke to Mani And Akhila Regarding Activation of my Credit Card the very patient and supportive. It was pleasure to avail the services of Indusind. Thanks
8-June-2016 VISHAL MASAND Jeetendra Thanai has helped me properly and he has worked confirmly i was depressed from bank but mr  jeetendra helped me and my work has done
8-June-2016 VISHAL DILIPBHAI SHAH Hi  I have raised one query to cust care and Mr. Jitendra Thanay has attended it very well and solve my problem in given time frame  i am pleased by the response and hope for the same in future. 
7-June-2016 Ravneet Chouhan Very glad to have a conversation with Mr Jai Prakash. He explained everything very politely in a very soothing tone. Nice customer care experience 
7-June-2016 AMITAVA  PATHAK Im fully satisfied with Mr. Bhrat Kumar. He resolved my problem
6-June-2016 Lavanya Talakayala  Very good  service by Debaditya.
3-June-2016 GAURAV KUMAR Chitra at your customer care is polite efficient and most helpful. Such employees help in building your image. My complements to her and to you for having recruited such an employee.
3-June-2016 JIGNESHKUMAR ACHARATLAL MADHU Mr Rishikesh understand me very well he resolved my query brilliantly i m fully satisfied having good knowledge about the subject
2-June-2016 TRANQUIL WEB SOLUTIONS I really thank to Rajee of Customer care IndusInd Bank. I escalated an issue with couple of transaction with APSRTC and Air india about a week back.  Ms. Rajee Helped to resolve this issue
1-June-2016 JITENDRA KUMAR ROSHAN Dear Ishrat, Thank you very much for your support and timely responses to my query and concerns. It has been a wonderful experience interacting with you. You have been very helpful. Thanks Ishrat
31-May-2016 Rejoy George It was my pleasure having IndusInd. Thanks for the great service and good support. I appreciate Ms Akhila. Specially for helping me to get my credit card pin number immediately. Keep Rocking
30-May-2016 MANISH  PAHWA Had a talk with the David Paul. Excellently he made me understand and gave me a proper knowledge about the information I required for the IndusNet facilites. Wish him all the luck.
30-May-2016 Abdul Ameen  Good job Vishak PK 
29-May-2016 Charan Reddy Awesome support Zourez mohammed. He is having end to end knowledge on the services provided by IndusInd. Good going. Best thing I liked about him is patience
28-May-2016 DINESH  SHARMA I am very happy with Indusind bank  customer care services And they are genuine solve the complain. Ms Rajee Mam is working  excellent and solving problem very professional way.
28-May-2016 Neelam Sharma Thank you so much Samuel
27-May-2016 Praveen Kumar  Mr.Debadtiya. Really Good 
27-May-2016 MOHIT  SHRIVASTAVA problem in booking FD and RD from indusnet but not got solution from any where than i contact Rajee Prabhakar she help me to resolve this issue  my problem has been resolved  THANKS Rajee mam
27-May-2016 BINESH H MEHTA ms rajee prabhakar.. i m extremely satisfied with the mam's feedback ..superb service by rajee mam ...i got my money which was stuck for 6 months
25-May-2016 MOHAMMED IRFAN RAHIL J I would like to appreciate Jignesh Trivedi for the efforts which he has put in to fix the issue which was pending from long time and the card reversal charges. Once again Kudos to your service.
24-May-2016 Mansoor Ahmed Ashwini patil. It was a wonderful service provided from Mrs. Ashwini. Happy with the service and the support from the team. Thank you
24-May-2016 CHITELLA VENKATA  SURYA SUBRAMANYAM Thank you Jignesh. I was able to down load the  Estatement now.
23-May-2016 Sharda NHG Interacted with Safeer Ahmed today for a couple of requests who was very patient, polite and handled my requests well. 
23-May-2016 Nihar Desai Debaditya Chatterjee is brilliant and honest guy. He is really helpful. Wonderful to speak to such customer care people.
23-May-2016 Jay Gandhi This was my first phone call to the contact centre. Aysha Sultana has been a great help and has made me extremely comfortable dealing with the bank. I would love to use these services in the future .
22-May-2016 SHRRIJEE COMPUTERSS Jitendra good service
21-May-2016 Mohammed Khan Thilagamani is great. She helped me a lot while resetting my password. I appreciate her patience. You guys should be proud of her. She is awesome. 
21-May-2016 Syed Ahmed Mr Balaji was wonderful staff who helped through the registration of my credit card and other issues. He was awesome. I am really grateful to him for all his help
21-May-2016 Kiran Arcot This is for emp ID 30381 representative called Pradipta Naik. He was extremely patient and did an absolutely great job by staying on the line with me even on the IVR.  Thanks again 
20-May-2016 Asif Akhtar I had a conversation today with a gentleman by name Godfrey Cross from Premium Customer Care Dpt. He deserves an appreciation as all my doubts were clarified with modesty and patience. Best experience 
20-May-2016 Biswajith Singh Rasika is good on resolving the concern I had. Happy to talk to her. 
20-May-2016 Amit Navani Sabira was very courteous and very helpful. She heard my query with lot of patience and tried her best to the get to the bottom of the issue. I would wish her all the best for future endeavors. 
19-May-2016 Siraj Ahmed Just now I had good interaction with customer execute Vishakh PA. His query resolving skill was good and he has given some important points to me for generating ATM Pin.
19-May-2016 Ashok Kumar MR. Safeer Ahmed. The customer satisfaction experience is excellent. Im satisfied. 
19-May-2016 Joel Aranha  Spoke with Vishakh P A from IndusInd customer service. The lad was patient and helped me with the calculations. Usually it takes 10 mins but he just took 2 minutes to explain the conversion. 
18-May-2016 Sudheer Kamble Spoke to Mr Debaditya Chatterjee very polite and cooperative person. Have cleared my doubts and guided me to resolve the current issue.
14-May-2016 Rajan Sherestha Name of the agent Mr Devaditya Chatterjee. To whomsoever it may concern. I had an issue today regarding my credit card and this gentleman named Debaditya assisted me. He is a gem in the team.
14-May-2016 S Parthasarathy DEBADITYA Customer Support very good and easy to understand the communication.
14-May-2016 Vishal Saboo Contact Centre agent is fine and intelligent too.
14-May-2016 Venkatramaiah Vitala  I got really good help from Ajaz Ahmed in drafting my concern and he patiently listened to me and raised a service request on my behalf.
13-May-2016 Rishwan Your customer service exceed my expectations. Very useful for us. Thanking you. 
13-May-2016 Sreenivasa Reddy All my queries are cleared by Mr. Debaditya of your phone banking officer today. It was nice talking to him. He is very helpful and he has good clear voice tone. Thanks
12-May-2016 Animesh Sarkar This is a note of appreciation to Barnali Mazumdar for understanding and addressing my issue with appropriate resolution. Great Job and keep the good work going
10-May-2016 Pasha Iqbal Debaditya is very cool headed person answered all my queries very patiently and having very good command over his communication 
9-May-2016 Rohit Madhur Regarding: Fraudulent credit card usage in USD - Debaditya Chatterjee handled the complaint and resolution processed brilliantly... Very happy with the service
7-May-2016 GOURAV  LOHANI Makshab saikh has very good attitude towards customer. He helped me a lot and solved my quires.
5-May-2016 MANDEEP  SINGH  I want to appreciate mr peter for helping me to use mobile application as i have a problem while transferring funds. Thanx bro nice to speak with u
5-May-2016 Trilok Vaidya  Thanks a lot for considering my genuine case of late payment reversal. I am happy to be associated with your bank.
5-May-2016 Abhishek Nambiar I called up the credit card customer service and spoke to Purna Prasad. He was very courteous and well mannered. Keep up the good work
5-May-2016 Sukhdev Singh Good Farithuthin
5-May-2016 SANJAY SEBASTIAN LOPES Mr. Umesh has given a good Service
4-May-2016 LisonMathew Kuriath Ajaz Ahmed has provided very good service today
3-May-2016 Anish Anand  I just happened to talked to gentleman on the customer care number. The first one was Vikash and the second was Venkatesh. I am sorry if I am wrong with the names because of my bad memory. Both were excellent.
3-May-2016 Chidambaram Palaniappan Thank you Parvez for the support and faith on valued customer. 
3-May-2016 SREERAG R M I have called your customer service at 3 AM in the morning. Issue: Was not knowing how to generate statement. I was connected to Jamil Khan. He was extremely helpful and polite. Please pass my appreciation
31-March-16 Sandhya Jain " My complaint was looked into quickly and sorted out to my satisfaction. Thank you. "
30-April-2016 Devapriyo Ghose Wanted to appreciate Namita who helped me out earlier today with an issue I had with my credit card.
30-April-2016 ULTRON INTERNATIONAL I was very confused as I was unable to login into my indusind bank and then i was lucky to have my fortunate MOTILAL SUBRAMANI who really helped me resolve this issue Its a 5 star from my end
29-April-2016 GADDAM  KARTHEEK Nizarah Ahmed cheenai contact centre
very good guy and providing superb information and customer friendly and excellent communication skills .
and he has lot of patience even rating 100
29-April-2016 Praveen Sinha Mr.Vikash kumar resolved my issue very well.
29-April-2016 SUNDER VIRANI  I had a conversation with Rishi. He is very supportive in nature and patient as well.I think I irritated him in between but after that also he was very quiet and helped me in all my queries.
29-March-16 Kaustubh Deshpande " Sharmila was the executive who helped me in all the sense to get all my queries resolved. I wish her all the very best. "
28-April-2016 RAVAL KUNDANBHAI VISHNUBHAI mr amit mahajan is very nice person to talk with me. He is honest and i am very impressed. thank you
28-April-2016 NAND LAL PRAJAPAT My query Sold By  Escalation team member Ishrat Munshi she is very cooperative and each query solved with fully explanation and clearly i e helpful for me i thanks to her to follow solve my query
28-March-16 Devender Sharma " Good Service Tarique "
28-April-2016 SAURBH  VARMA Rahul is good agent in indusind bank
27-April-2016 Srikanth Somesekharan Pls pass this compliment to your phone banking Exe. Ms. Nilofar Shaik. Today I spoke to her regarding reversal of charges. Excellent speaking skills. Tons of patience and knowledge. God bless you.
27-April-2016 Satish Kasaraneni I want to say thanks to Samuel for re-opening the request and working with back end team to reverse the amount. I appreciate your work the way you resolved. Thank you
26-April-2016 Dharmesh Thakkar Did receive wonderful and patient service from the point upto the mark...didnt waste any time 
26-April-2016 PAVAN  AGARWAL ishrat munshi. I am really happy the way Ishrat Munshi handled my issue and resolved on time with proper updates provided regularly. I really appreciate for the good work done. Keep it going
25-April-2016 Harsha Debaditya Chatterjee has resolved the issue as per my requirement and I appreciate the support rendered. Regards Harsha
25-April-2016 Uday Godbole I had applied for the Travel Plus Program and a Priority Pass. Sindhu. A.N of your Premium Care Team guided me very efficiently through the process to settle the matter in quick time.
25-April-2016 Rahul Khubchandani Happy with the assistance provided by Syamali
25-March-16 Pradeep P " My interaction with your bank has been very delightful and would like to thank the following 3 - Lakshmi, Mohammed Zaki and Vaishali Soni for the level of willingness to help. Thanks Guys "
24-April-2016 Ashvarya Mehra My interaction with your contact centre is always wonderful. One of the best customer service experiences I have experienced. I spoke to Mr Sharad Bhadekar and he is too good. Hats off to Induslnd 
22-April-2016 Sherin John Mr.Radhakrishnan has been very helpful in clearing all my queries and solving my problem. I appreciate his patience and involvement in the overall conversation. 
22-April-2016 Shankar Kumar Mr Farithuthin, good service
22-April-2016 ABDUL RAHIMAN HUNNOOR Bharath kumar has given help to me for activation of my debit card his service is very good and very much appreciable
20-April-2016 Kanika Thakur I called to the contact center as I wanted few details on my new credit card. Spoke to  Rinaz Madhar and what an amazing job he has done by explaining me things so calmly. Thank you so much.
20-April-2016 Chandan Durgia I would like to sincerely thanks Mr. Parvez Qureshi for his continuous support for resolution of the issues related to my credit card. 
15-April-2016 Khushaal Nagpal This compliment goes to Balaji Vemula. He has been very supportive and approachable in terms of my queries. He took care of my queries and helped me with other information too. Great work
15-April-2016 NAVEENA K This is just to leave a positive feedback about your employee by name Shilpa. She is a great asset to the customer service. Efficient, vibrant, enthusiastic with customers. Good job. Keep it up. 
13-April-2016 Mohit Sharma Sneha Chavan is having excellent knowledge and she is patient listener
12-April-2016 Abhimanyu Lala Ivy as the senior customer care representative supersedes all the expectation which I have from IndusInd. She was very generous and made sure I get to what I needed to continue this card . 
12-April-2016 Raman Nanda Excellent service by Ms. Lakshmi 
6-April-2016 Rajkumar Rathnam  I am very much happy about the prompt and good response received from Syamali.
5-April-2016   NITTY-GRITTY SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED I just spoke to Mr. Wavell Fernandes through your video branch. And I really liked the way he patiently listened to all my problems and assisted me in solving them. A big 5 out of 5 for his skills.
5-March-16 Samuel M Veeramani " I was helped by Ajay Chalke from CS team and he was really helpful to the extent that Im compelled to write his feedback. He is excellent in his job and should be promoted "
4-April-2016 Hitesh Chauhan Interaction with Parimala over the telephonic conversation was really very nice and soothing. I must suggest her manager to give her promotion and better appraisal on the basis of her prefect communication.
3-April-2016 MOHAMMAD ABDUL  ALEEM Thank to Mr Ajay Khuswaha for helping and his kind support and wishing him for very bright future 
3-April-2016 Varun Bhardwaj I am satisfied to speak to Nilofar Shaikh 
3-April-2016 Ravi Dubey Really happy with the way the matter has been handled by Sharvari. Wish others could also be professionally trained. Regards Ravi 
1-April-2016 ADITI  SHARMA Hi Team I had conversation with Mr Mayul regarding ECS return and he helped me well Thanks and Regards Aditi Sharma 
1-April-2016 Imran Shaikh  I would like to thanks Mr. Balaji for the support I got from him in generating TPin and APin. Also he assisted me in creating user ID and password for logging into my CC account for the first time.
31-March-16 Saravana Kumar " Today i was connected to Vaishali Soni for my credit card queries. I'm very delighted with Vaishali's customer service. She is indeed a pride to customer service division. "
31-March-16 Dattatraya Deshpande "Very good experience with addon card request in terms of process. Thanks Dinesh "
31-March-16 Evelyn Thomte " I'm really happy with the service provided by Mr. Samuel M Veeramani of Premium Care Team. Please appreciate him. Cheers "
30-March-2016 INDRA PRASUN BISWAS Bharath kumar kudos to you. Very helpful. Appreciate the help provided to me.
28-March-2016 DEBASHIS  SARKAR Great. Good response
28-March-2016 MURALIDHARAN  BHOOPATHY Customer care was very helpful in resolving my issue of completing my online transaction when I encountered daily limit exceeded error
22-March-16 Sushil Salvi " I am very thankful to Mohan Kumar for his excellent service on the call. He was very kind and patient on the call. He not only understood my query but also gave a proper resolution. "
21-March-16 Esther Nandi " Hi my cc number is XXXX 60X6 I would like to share my experience with Rajashekar Azad a CCE. He is very tactful, intelligent and helpful. Give him a raise. "
21-March-16 Esther Nandi " Hi it is about Susheel Kumar. He is an excellent manager. Thank you susheel. You are great. "
21-March-16 Esther Nandi " hi it is about Satish Kumar. He has been quite helpful. Scores - 100 on 100. He is a true customer service agent. All the best Satish. "
10-March-2016 Pawan Kumar Syamali helped me solve APIN issue on card. Thanks 
1-March-2016 Yogendra Maheshwari Thanks to IndusInd for appropriate case closure. Sindhu helped me a lot.
29-Feb-16 Dharmaraj Pandhare " Thank you very much Rubia. Received card on Saturday. Excellent service by IndusInd. "
26-Feb-16 Uday Desai " Mr. Pradipta Nayak. Good service. "
26-Feb-16 Srinivas Prabhakar " I had an interaction with Balaji today morning. He was very kind and helped me in generating ATM pin. Awesome service. Keep up the good work. "
25-Feb-16 Manoranjan Ghuwalewala " Excellent and very courteous approach and immediate solution to my request by Rinaz for change of mailing address. "
25-Feb-16 Smruti Sutar " Thank you Miss. Shaikh Nilofar. Your customer service skill is excellent. You are truly a good resource of IndusInd Bank. You have answered my questions without hesitation. Thanks "
22-Feb-16 Sunil Malik " Had a good interaction with Preeti Mandal in the credit card team regarding my missing credit card. "
24-Feb-16 UNITECH SUPPORT " Customer service of your bank is very good. Mr. Kamal Narayanan had helped me to login into my netbanking. I appreciate the service from Mr. Kamal and the bank. "
22-Feb-16 SHADOWS VISION " Very happy to join this bank.... customer care person Kamal was very nice.... "
21-Feb-16 SHAKSHI CREATION " Mr.Vishal Khaire nice person. "
16-Feb-16 MUHAMMED SAAD ALIM SHAIKH " I have been speaking to Waseem Malik and I am really happy with service I got and its really great .I always get the answers that I want to hear .thank you guys.keep up the service "
15-Feb-16 RAVI VERMA TAMADA " I am very satisfied with the assistance provided by Mr. Dinesh Soni. The interaction was detailed enough which is very much needed especially for a user who accesses a bank account for the first time "
13-Feb-16 AKSHAY PAL " Need to inform you that i had a Umesh kharvi he is an Excellent guy given me a 100percent satisfaction answer i was very worried about my unsuccessful transaction i will give him 500 point thanks "
12-Feb-16 MAXWELL STEPHEN DALMET " Ms. Sonal handle my call regarding my internet banking and some new information regarding Indusind Bank. I am very thankful to her and other team also. She give me good response. Thank You Maxwell "
10-Feb-16 SHEKHAR PATANKAR " good info provided "
10-Feb-16 RAKESH BIHARILAL PARIKH " Amazingly quick response by Ms Rajee who resolved on few hours our issue thereby enabling us login and reactivate our net banking with IndusInd. Thrilled "
9-Feb-16 SURAJ ELECTRICALS " anand ji very good "
5-Feb-16 NEERAJ SEHRAWAT " I was facing some issues regarding online banking and your customer care executive picked the call named Mr. umesh he was so polite and helpful to me and resolved the issue Special thanks to Mr. umesh "
2-Feb-16 M FAZEEL SIDDIQUI " I found Vickey Fernendes is very helpful and speaking to me politely and sort my query "
1-Feb-16 SUBHABRATA GHOSH " Hitendra Mhashilkar is a star. He was very polite and professional "
19-Feb-16 Nitesh Bhalla " Special thanks to Mohammad Zaki. I was feeling very delighted while speaking with Zaki. He listened to my problems and he gave me the perfect resolution. Delighted by bank officer - ZAKI "
19-Feb-16 Karunakar Thalamal " Great response for my mails "
16-Feb-16 Sunil G Garg " Very impressed with the customer care response and timely help. It gives a 5 star experience as the support from Bank. "
15-Feb-16 Mohit Srivastava " Mr. Sushil handled by concerns extremely well. He not only explained billing process but also helped me in revoking changes which got levied due to misunderstanding. I really appreciate his work. "
14-Feb-16 Girish Nair " I would like to thank Ashwini Patil from customer care for helping me. Thanks a lot. It was my first experience with IndusInd Bank and it was really awesome. "
12-Feb-16 Anuj Deo " A complaint was given regarding one of my closed credit cards which was shown as active in credit score card. Mr. Susheel Kumar from escalation department helped me. Got it rectified immediately. Thanks "
12-Feb-16 Rajendra Singh " Tarak Kansabanik. I am really happy with Tarak. Great person. Great help from Tarak. Love to say super service. Complete details were provided, which I required. Thanks "
11-Feb-16 Jastinder Vedi " We had issues and got solution from Neelesh Malhotra. He has put in so much hard efforts to solve the same. He is really helpful and kind. He took approvals for me and I'm grateful to him. Keep it up. "
11-Feb-16 Prashant Kumar " I have received prompt response to my query. Thanks to your customer service team, especially Sharvari from Mumbai who resolved my new credit card issue. Keep up the good work. "
10-Feb-16 Amarjot Kalsey " Mr. Susheel Kumar has been the only person who has been patient and regular in following up on my concern regarding EMI. He has done everything. Great guy. Employ more people like him "
09-Feb-16 Raghu Sampangi " Appreciate the service of Cecilia and IndusInd Bank understands the customer needs. "
08-Feb-16 Arjun Puri " Cecilia has given excellent service. She has clarified all my queries. This is my first credit card and I am happy about the services. I have dealt with 5 to 6 banks but IBL gives the best service. "
07-Feb-16 Tapan Vora " Very Good Services "
05-Feb-16 Sailesh Khele " Pradipta Nayak is so prompt, helpful and great care taker. Thanks to him and IndusInd Bank. He is a gem of a person. Keep it up Pradipta. Thanks once again "
05-Feb-16 Vikas Vartak " I would like to grade Mr Ratan. Your executive was very helpful, polite and understood my urgency. Will rate him 5 in the scale of 1 to 5 - 5 being excellent. "
05-Feb-16 Siba Patro " Thanks for the quick reply and prompt response. "
05-Feb-16 Ishani Sengupta " Samuel V. Credit Card Dept officer assisted me in lot many ways. Thanks to him. Am happy. Cheers Samuel V "
04-Feb-16 Khalid Riaz " Spoken with executive Ms. Ashiwini Patel for generating my ATM pin and for creating my online banking. She is helpful and courteous. Thank you "
04-Feb-16 Subir Mandal " Thanks Sandeep for clarifying my doubt on Personal loan. "
01-Feb-16 Yogeshwar Sharma " I had an interaction with Mr. Tarique Customer Care Officer who helped me with the correct information which proved to me beneficial and useful. "
28-Jan-16 RAVI BANSAL " I have an wonderful experience with video branch. Thanks to Anuja Dawoodia. "
26-Jan-16 Daniel Ram " Good Service "
24-Jan-16 Manoj Kumar " I am very happy to talk to Laxmi Ji because of her quick response. Her communication skill is very good and I give 100 marks. "
24-Jan-16 Gulab Singh " I really thank to Mr. Susheel for resolving my payment issue. "
22-Jan-16 Nishant Johar " Hi I had an issue with regards to my interest calculation in my billing however Mr. Sushil Kumar really helped me out. He was really great. Thanks again. From Nishant "
22-Jan-16 Chandrasekhar Bommini " Thanks a lot for your help in setting up new credit card Pin for my credit card. "
22-Jan-16 Pushpak Mishra " I had a small issue with my credit card statement, which was beautifully handled and settled by your executive Ms. Priya Nanoo. Very happy with the service. Thanks "
22-Jan-16 Pushpen Agrawal " I am very thankful for the quick response of Mr. Susheel Kumar to reverse the debit charges on my credit card. The quick response is appreciated. Thank you Mr. Susheel Kumar. "
21-Jan-16 Prabhu Thangavelu " Priyanka Mhaskar done excellent work by helping me. I really want to appreciate her work. Good work Guys. "
21-Jan-16 Prabhu Thangavelu " Susheel Kumar has done an excellent work and helped me. I really want to appreciate the work. Good work Guy "
21-Jan-16 NARAYANAM VENKATA SEETHARAMAYYA " Sneha assisted me very well "
20-Jan-16 Shiva Meuku " Bank is giving good support to resolve my problem. Happy to share I am satisfied for this support and politeness. Thanks a lot. "
20-Jan-16 Pradeep KumarHM " I would like to thank your bank personnel at the customer service division for their excellent support. Your customer care executive, Balaji, took care of all my queries. Much appreciated. "
20-Jan-16 GUNIRAM SHARMA " I Appricate Your Executive Miss Subita Shetty She Provided me Correct Information As Per My Satisfaction Thanks Subita. Good Job Keeeeeeeeeeeep On. "
20-Jan-16 SAHANA UDUPA " Talked to Abhishek Vora today. Was very helpful and polite. I was very frustrated during the call but he stayed calm and helped me the best he could. Great job Abhishek. "
18-Jan-16 GREENANANDA ENTERPRISES " great help from Mr. Abhishek Vohra from I Mobile team "
16-Jan-16 Chirag Khaitan " Mr. Tarak helped me in setting up my PIN for my card in a very swift manner. Thank you. "
14-Jan-16 Parthasarathy Gopinath " I thank Mr. Susheel Kumar for his help in getting my reversal done in a crucial situation. Big thanks to him and I thank IndusInd Bank credit card for considering my request. Great Experience. "
14-Jan-16 Joyraj Waikhom " Quick and clear help from Balaji. Thanks in setting up my credit card pin. "
13-Jan-16 Mohit Sharma " Mr. Dinesh is a very courteous, very helpful and supportive. Best of luck to him. "
10-Jan-16 Tapan Vora " Very good service "
09-Jan-16 Arpit Sharma " I spoke with Balaji Vemula regarding generating a Pin for my credit card. He was extremely patient and really helped me very efficiently throughout the process. "
08-Jan-16 Bharat Goradia " Prompt and precise information given by Mr Balaji. The customer care executive resolved my query. "
08-Jan-16 Deepak " I really appreciate Mohsin's help on the long call in rectifying all my queries. I am glad to find someone pleasant and responsible to acknowledge all my queries. "
08-Jan-16 Haresh Gusai " My Request was handled by Balaji Vemula and all my queries were very well handled and closed. Customer care executives have been very helpful. Well done "
08-Jan-16 Abhigya " I am very much satisfied with the gesture and assistance provided to me for my concerns. "
07-Jan-16 Mrigank Pandey " Services provided by Mr. Balaji Vemula were excellent. I was infact surprised by his level of patience. Cheers to the good work. Thank you. "
06-Jan-16 GUNIRAM SHARMA " Sir Today I Talked With Your Executive Dinesh Kumar. Am Satisfied Because he Provided me Full Information With Politely. Realy I Want To Appreciate Dinesh kumar. "
05-Jan-16 Ravindra Phadke " Many thanks for the excellent support provided by Mr. Dinesh Kumar in generating PIN "