Manoj Sarkar

  • Sport : Badminton (SL3)
  • Date of Birth : 12/1/1990
  • Hometown : Rudrapur, Uttarakhand
  • Training Base : Sports Stadium, Rudrapur
  • Nature of Disability : PPRP Lower limb, power grade III +/ V

Manoj's STORY

Manoj’s condition arose out of wrongful medical treatment at the age of 1. His father was a painter but does not work because of his bad health condition; his mother is a housewife and has health issues. He has two sisters, both are married and his brother is currently pursing Bachelors in Arts.

Manoj is the only earning member in the family, which he earns by coaching young aspiring badminton players. He had been playing badminton since the age of 5 and an expert introduced him to para badminton after seeing his performances against able-bodied counterparts.

Manoj was shortlisted and eventually selected for support under the GoSports Foundation Para Champions Programme 2017-18, after Para Badminton’s inclusion into the list of events at the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo. He is World No. 2 in Men’s singles SL3.


  • Winner (Singles) at the 4th Turkish Para- Badminton International-ENESCUP 2018
  • Winner (Singles) at the 1st Fazza-Dubai Para-Badminton International 2018
  • Runners up (Singles) at the Para-Badminton World Championships Ulsan, 2017

Tentative Competition Schedule till 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio (7th- 18th September)

Competition Location Date Add Event
Berlin Open - 2016 IPC Athletics Grand Prix Berlin, Germany 13th to 17th July Add to my calendar
IPC Athletics World Grand Prix Final-2016 London, Great Britain 23rd to 24th July Add to my calendar