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Indus Grain Merchant Flexi current account

We at IndusInd Bank are pleased to present you-Indus Grain Merchant Flexi, a current account which has been designed especially for your business needs in the agricultural trading market. While you tend to your customers, leave all your banking requirements to our team of specialised professionals, thereby giving you the freedom to grow your business and take it to the next level.

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Key benefits of Indus Grain Merchants Flexi Account:

  • AMB of Rs. 1 lac
  • Flexible cash deposit limit based on previous month AMB
  • Fungible cash deposit between Home and Non-Home location
  • Platinum Debit Card with cash withdrawal limit of Rs. 2 lacs per day
  • Free cheque pickup once a day at all DSB approved locations

Specialised Services

Specialised services of Indus Grain Merchant Flexi current account

IndusInd Bank offers, various services associated with your current account to cater to your growing business requirements.

  • Trade Services: IndusInd Bank offers a range of Trade Services to suit your specific requirements and structure solutions for your business needs including Letter of Credit, Bank Guarantee and Inland Trade Services.
  • Indus EEFC Account: Specialised account in leading currencies (USD, Euro and GBP), to enable you to hedge adverse exchange rate fluctuations.

SOC Grain Merchant Flexi

Schedule of Charges: Indus Grain Merchants Flexi w.e.f 1st July 2019

Average Monthly Balance Requirement Rs. 1,00,000/-
Charges for Non-Maintainance of AMB (Monthly) Rs. 4000 per month
Cheque Book Issuances (Payable At Par)
(50 leafs Book)
2 cheque books free per month
Charges of Cheque Book on additional usage1 Additional charge Rs. 2 per leaf
Local Cheque Deposit Free
Cheques Deposited at Any location of Indusind bank for clearing in same location Free
Outstation Cheque Deposit on Indusind Location (inclusive of all charges and service tax)2 Free
Outstation Cheque Deposit on Non-Indusind Location
Instrument Value Charges
Cheques collection Up to and including 5,000 Rs. 25/-
Above 5,000 and up to and including 10,000 Rs. 50/-
Above 10,000 and up to and including 1,00,000 Rs. 100/-
Above 1,00,000 Rs. 200/-
Funds Transfer (Between any Indusind Bank Branches) (Online/through Branch)2 Free
Funds Transfer (Between any Indusind Bank Branches) (Online/through Branch)2 Free
Payments through payable at par cheque Free
DD/PO (At Branch Locations)
Free Limit Rs. 100 lakh per month
Charges on Additional usage Rs. 1/1000 Min Rs. 25 Max Rs. 10,000
DD/PO (Correspondent Bank Location)
Free Limit Rs. 10 lacs per month
Charges on Additional usage Rs. 2/1000 Min Rs. 100 Max Rs. 15000
DD/PO (Non-Correspondent Bank) Rs. 3/1000, Min Rs. 100 Max Rs. 15000
Cash Deposit at Home+Non-home Location
Free Limit per month3 15 times of previous month AMB
Additional Charges on incremental deposits Rs. 4/1000 (Minimum Rs. 50/- per transaction)
Cash Withdrawal
Cash Withdrawal (Home Location) Free
Cash Withdrawal (Non-Home Location)4 Free
Cash Withdrawal (ATM's) IndusInd Network Free
Cash Withdrawal Other ATMs Free unlimited for balance above Rs. 10,000 in previous month. If balance in previous month is less than Rs. 10,000/- then 5 transactions Free, Beyond with charges of Rs. 20 per transaction
Cash Withdrawal Outside India ATM's Rs. 125/-
Cash Withdrawal Limit by ATM Card Refer Standard Schedule of Charges for Debit Card
Stop Payment (Single Cheque) Rs. 100, Nil Charges if requested through Net banking/Mobile banking/IVR
Stop Payment (Series Cheque) Rs. 150, Nil Charges if requested through Net banking/Mobile banking/IVR
Cheque Return (Inward) For Financial Reasons Rs. 750 per cheque
Cheque Return (Outward) IndusInd Location Upto 5 cheques, Rs. 50 per cheque, beyond which Rs. 100 per cheque
Cheque Return (Outward) Other Locations Rs. 100 per cheque + Out of pocket expenses
Internal Transfer Return Charges NIL
NACH / ECS Return Rs. 200
Debit Card
Business Gold CHIP / Titanium Debit Card Rs. 249 (Issuance, Annual Charges, Replacement & Supplementary Card)
Platinum Business CHIP Debit Card Rs. 699/- (Issuance, Supplementary Card & Annual charges) Rs 249/- for Replacement
Balance Inquiry at Other ATMs within India Free
Balance Inquiry Outside India Rs. 20/- per transaction
POS Limit on Debit Card Limit as per Debit Card Taken, Refer Standard schedule of charges for Debit Card
Email Statement (Daily) Free
Adhoc Statement printed Rs. 10 per page
Cash Delivery / Pickup (Per call)
Till 2 lacs Free
2 - 5 lacs Rs. 250
5 - 10 lacs Rs. 400
10 - 20 lacs Rs. 800
> 20 lacs Contact Branch
Cash Delivery / Pickup (Beat delivery) per month
Till 2 lacs Free
2 - 5 lacs Rs. 5,500
5 - 10 lacs Rs. 9,000
10 - 20 lacs Rs. 16,000
> 20 lacs Contact Branch
Cheque Pickup (On call)+ Free
Cheque Pickup (Beat) per month+ Free
Schedule of Standard Charges
IMPORTANT: If Average Monthly Balance is maintained less than 60% of the product selected, free limits will not be applicable and below mentioned Standard charges will apply.
1 Standard Charges per cheque leaf is Rs. 2/-
2 Standard Charges for funds transfer trasaction is Rs. 15/- per cheque
3 Standard Charges for Cash deposit at Home location: Rs. 3/1000 minimum Rs. 50/-, Non-Home Location:Rs. 4/1000 minimum Rs. 50/-.
4 Standard Charges for cash withdrawal at Non-Home Location is Rs. 2.5/1000 minimum Rs. 50
5 Bussiness Gold Chip Debit card has been discontinued effective November 01, 2017
+Available in Select Locations only
PAP- Payable At Par
GST as applicable on charges
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  • Daily balance Upto Rs. 1 Lakh 4 %
  • Daily balance above Rs. 1 Lakh & upto (& including) Rs. 10 Lakhs 5 %
  • Daily balance above Rs.10 Lakhs 6 %

  • 1 year 4 months to 5 years 6.75 %
  • Indus Tax Saver Scheme - 5 years (up to Rs 1.5 lac) 6.75 %

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