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Indus Infotech current account

A Comprehensive Banking Solution for IT/ITES/KPOs/BPOs

In a business where every second counts and every minute matters, you need a partner who can match your pace! At IndusInd Bank, we understand that you operate in an extremely dynamic industry. Which is why, we have exclusively designed INDUS INFOTECH Current Account — a comprehensive package with the best-in-class banking products and services that include Current Account, Trade & Forex, Salary Account and Retail Forex Services.

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Current Account

Indus Infotech current account

Payment Strength
  • Payable At Par Cheque Books treated as 'local clearing' over 560+# branches spread across 380 locations in India
  • Demand Drafts payable at over 1500 locations, including our partner bank locations from your nearest bank branch, providing you the ultimate flexibility to make payments across the country
  • RTGS/NEFT helps you to send payments across the country

Collection Strength

  • Collect your funds at any of our 380 locations by depositing cheque at the same location
  • Option to add an edge to your business, with our efficient outstation cheque collection for cheques, payable at IndusInd Bank locations
Online Advantage
  • We offer you a premium online transaction system, which gives you the benefit of easy bulk upload of payments to be made to vendors, salary to employees with high security and advantage of layering as per the organisational hierarchy. This system can be linked to your ERP software as well.

Other Services

  • Easy access to your account through our electronic access points: Net Banking, Phone Banking and Mobile Alerts. You can save time by opting for Doorstep Banking** and experience the difference of new-age banking services.
EEFC Account
  • We provide you the flexibility to open EEFC accounts in 7 leading currencies: USD, GBP, Euro, AUD, YEN, CAD & Singapore Dollars: giving you the flexibility to maintain the balance in the FCY and hedge against currency fluctuations.

Trade & Forex

Trade & forex transactions and charges

For all your Cross Border Transactions

Trade Finance requires banks to address the various challenges involved in each of the trade finance lifecycle stages efficiently, and simultaneously complying with pertinent regulatory processing standards. IndusInd Trade Finance solutions aim to ensure optimisation of receivables and payables while bringing predictability in the cash flows through faster and smoother transfer of funds and documents.

Trade Services/Bank Guarantee facilities/LC facilities – avail the widest range of trade products. Our commitment to product development and customer service helps you get the best possible results.

Attractive rates on Foreign Exchange and Trade Services – take advantage of our special desks in all branches for speedy Foreign Exchange and Trade Transactions at attractive rates.

At IndusInd Bank, we offer your business

  • Tailored solutions
  • International services combined with local expertise
  • Electronic services that improve your efficiency and competitiveness
  • Trade protection products to help you minimise currency and timing risks associated with overseas trade, such as interest-rate and exchange-rate hedging

Our comprehensive range of trade related products and services includes:

  • Inward and Outward Remittances
  • Foreign Bill Collections
  • Documentary Credits
  • Bank Guarantees

We offer guarantees in a standard, internationally agreed format that's individually tailored as per your needs, including:

  • Bid Bond/Tender Guarantees
  • Performance Guarantees
  • Advance Payment Guarantees
  • Shipping Guarantees
  • Standby Letter of Credit

Forward Contract: Companies involved in international trade can be seriously affected by adversely moving exchange rates. A forward exchange contract is an effective hedging mechanism similar to an insurance policy, as it protects a trader from unfavourable exchange rate movements.

Options (Derivatives): Simply stated, an option contract is a choice. The holder of the option has the right but not the obligation to buy or sell a fixed amount of currency at a fixed rate of exchange at a predetermined date in the future.

Trade & Forex Charges
Exim Facilities Indus Technology
Inward Remittances Free
Non Trade Outward Remittances Free
FIRC and BRC issuance Free
Export Bills for Collection & under LC Free
Advance Payments for Imports Free
Direct Import Bills Free
Import Bills for Collection Free
Swift Charges NIL
Courier Charges NIL
Registered Post Charges NIL
Export LC Advising NIL

Salary Account

Indus Infotech salary account & salary package

Salary Account

Salary Account for your Employees

Banking for 'Your Employees' – Our Salary Account Package

In order to provide you with complete and holistic banking services, we offer our feature rich salary account package for your employees. Opening of salary account for your employees will ensure seamless and quick processing, be it account opening or salary credits. Our salary account package offers a host of benefits which makes banking a truly pleasurable experience.

Click here to know more about Top Features of Salary Package

Retail Forex Services

Indus Infotech retail forex services

For Employees & Corporates
  • IndusInd bank brings to you "Indus Retail Forex" that not only helps you organise your foreign exchange but also helps you travel in the most hassle-free and secure manner. Whether it is Forex Card Currency Notes, Travellers Cheque, FCY Demand Draft or Outward Remittances, IndusInd Bank's Retail Forex Services provide solutions for all your forex needs.

Indus Forex Card

  • Now enjoy greater peace of mind when you travel abroad with our new generation, chip enabled forex card which is available in USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, CAD, SGD, AED & SAR. Indus Forex Card comes with an embedded chip which offers greater security and ensures that your transactions are protected from fraudulent usage.
    Indus Forex is accepted at all merchant establishments and ATMs around the world which displays VISA signage. You can use your card for ATM withdrawals, e-Com. transactions or make payments at merchant locations like hotel, restaurants, airlines & others.
Forex Charges for International Travel for Employees
Card Issuance Free
Card Loading Charges Free
Cash Out Free
Re-Load Free
Travellers Cheque Issuances Free
FCY Sale Free
FCY DD Rs. 100
FCY TT Rs. 100

#As on 30th September, 2013
*For details on charges, please check the SOC.
**Services Available on Request at Select Locations.


Indus Infotech schedule of charges

Schedule of Charges: Indus Infotech w.e.f 1st February 2017

Average Monthly Balance Requirement Rs. 0
Charges for Non-Maintenance of AMB (Monthly) N.A.
Cheque Book Issuances (Payable At Par) (50 leafs Book) Free
Cheque Book Charges NIL
Local Cheque Deposit Free
Cheques Deposited at Any location of Indusind bank for clearing in same location Free
Outstation Cheque Deposit on IndusInd Location Free
Outstation Cheque Deposit on Non-Indusind Location
Instrument Value Charges
Up to and including 5,000 - Rs. 25/-
Above 5,000 and up to and including 10,000 - Rs. 50/-
Above 10,000 and up to and including 1,00,000 - Rs. 100/-
Above Rs. 1,00,000- Rs. 200/- per instrument
Funds Transfer. (Between any Indusind Bank Branches) Free
Funds Transfer (Online/through Branch) Free
Payments through payable at par cheque Free
DD/PO (At Branch Locations)
Free Limit Rs. 200 lacs per month
Charges on Additional usage Rs. 1/1000 Min Rs. 25 Max Rs. 10,000
DD/PO (Correspondent Bank Location)
Free Limit Rs. 20 lacs per month
Charges on Additional usage Rs. 2/1000 Min Rs. 100 Max Rs. 15000
DD/PO (Non-Correspondent Bank) Rs. 3/1000, Min Rs. 100 Max Rs. 15000
Cash Deposit at Home Location
Free Limit 10 times of previous month AMB maximum of Rs. 50 lacs
Additional Charges on incremental deposits Rs. 3/1000 (Minimum Rs. 50/- per transaction)
Cash Deposit at Non-Home Location per month NIL
Additional Charges on incremental deposits Rs. 4/1000 (Minimum >Rs. 50/- per transaction)
Cash Withdrawal
Cash Withdrawal (Home Location) Free
Cash Withdrawal (Non-Home Location) Free
Cash Withdrawal (ATM's) IndusInd Network Free
Cash Withdrawal (Other ATMs) Free
Cash Withdrawal Outside India Rs. 125
Cash Withdrawal Limit by Debit Card Refer Standard Schedule of Charges for Debit Card
Indus Net Single login and limited transaction platform
Indus Online Multiple Layer transacting platform with high security
Host to Host Transactions Available
Stop Payment (Single Cheque) Rs. 100, Nil Charges if requested through Indusnet / Indus Mobile / IVR
Stop Payment (Series Cheque) Rs. 150, Nil Charges if requested through Indusnet / Indus Mobile / IVR
Cheque Return (Inward) For Financial Reasons Upto 2 instruments Rs. 350 per instrument. 3rd Instrument onwards- Rs. 750 per instrument
Cheque Return (Outward) IndusInd Location Rs. 50 per cheque
Cheque Return (Outward) Other Locations Rs. 100 per cheque+ Out of pocket expenses
Internal Transfer Return Charges NIL
NACH/ ECS Return Rs. 200
Debit Card
Titanium Debit Card (Issuance, Annual Charges, Replacement & Supplementary Card) Free
Platinum Business Chip Debit Card Rs. 699-(Issuance, Annual Charges, & Supplementary Card) Rs. 249-Replacement
Balance Inquiry at Other ATMs within India Free
Balance Inquiry Outside India Rs. 20 per transaction
POS Limit on Debit Card Limit as per Debit Card taken, refer standard schedule of charges for Debit Card
Email Statement (Daily/Monthly) Free
Adhoc Statement printed Rs. 10 per page
Cash Delivery / Pickup (Per call) Group Limits
Till 5 lacs Free Once a Day, beyond which Charges of Rs. 250 per call
5 - 10 lacs Rs. 400
10 - 20 lacs Rs. 800
> 20 lacs Contact Branch
Cash Delivery / Pickup (Beat delivery) per month Group Limits
Till 5 lacs Free once a day
5 - 10 lacs Rs. 9,000
10 - 20 lacs Rs. 16,000
> 20 lacs Contact Branch
Cheque Pickup (On call)* Free once a day
Cheque Pickup (Beat) per month* Free

Business Gold Chip Debit card has been discontinued effective November 01, 2017

Taxes as applicable on charges

* Services Available on Request at Select Locations

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  • Daily balance Upto Rs. 1 Lakh 4 %
  • Daily balance above Rs. 1 Lakh & upto (& including) Rs. 10 Lakhs 5 %
  • Daily balance above Rs.10 Lakhs 6 %

  • 1 year 4 months to 5 years 6.75 %
  • Indus Tax Saver Scheme - 5 years (up to Rs 1.5 lac) 6.75 %

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