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IndusInd Merchant Acquiring Solutions: Launched in 2011, IndusInd Merchant Acquiring services offers to suite of financial services that enables business to

  • Accept payment through Credit/Debit Cards through point of sale terminal
  • Online payment acceptance through internet payment gateway
  • Accept instant payment through Indus-Pay Merchant App
  • Accept payment through an interoperable payment solution Bharat QR – Digital PoS,

Key Features & Benefits

Flexible Payment options: Customer can choose the pricing as per their business projections.

Speedy transaction processing: INDUSIND BANK will deploy state of the art, compact Electronic Data Capture Terminals (EDC) capable of processing large number of transactions effectively.

Complaint with latest Card security Features. These terminals are fast, secure and reliable to ensure business continuity.

Quick Funds credit: By accepting payment through cards, sale proceeds are credited electronically in your account as per the agreed transaction cycle.

Customer Care of Highest Standard: A robust, round-the-clock authorization and merchant support services function will ensure faster resolutions and reliable support in case of any product related issues.

Loan against Credit Card Receivables: Fulfilment of credit needs basis card transaction processed through IndusInd terminal.

Tap n Pay: Contactless card payment, Convenience & secure


IndusPay – Merchant App : Change The Way You Receive And Pay Money with IndusPay App from IndusInd Bank

How it Works

  • Create your virtual payment address (For e.g. yourname@indus)
  • Link A/c of any bank
  • Set UPI Pin for the A/C using the Debit Card details
  • Receive and Pay money instantly

Eligibility and documentation


To avail the benefits of IndusInd Bank Merchant Acquiring Services you need to have:

  • Valid business establishment with business establishment proof
  • Business existence for at least 6 months or more


  • Merchant application & agreement
  • Identity proof
  • Address proof
  • Business legality proof

For detailed KYC, please click here.


Merchant Acquiring Business: FAQs

What is Merchant Acquiring Business (MAB)?

MAB is primarily referred to as the mechanism of providing necessary Infrastructure and facilitating payment for goods and services purchased through medium of a card.

Who are various stakeholders in MAB ?
  • Issuer: The Bank that issues cards.
  • Cardholder: Customer / Non customer using card for making payment.
  • Merchant: Entity which accepts payments through cards.
  • Acquirer: The Bank that provides necessary infrastructure to the
  • Merchant to accept payment, maintains relationship and facilitate acceptance payments thru cards.
  • Intermediary Agency: Visa or MasterCard who facilitate interbank settlements.
What are the important terms used in MAB?
  • Merchant Discount Rate (MDR): The commission charged by the acquirer (INDUSIND) to the Merchant (Trader/Service Provider). It is also termed as Merchant Service Fee (MSF).
  • Interchange: The incentive paid by the Acquirer Bank to the Card Issuer Bank for promoting payment through cards.
  • Scheme Fee: The service fee paid to intermediary agencies i.e.
  • MasterCard or Visa for facilitating interbank payments.
  • On -Us Transaction: Where issuer and acquirer is same (e.g. INDUSIND Debit Card on INDUSIND POS terminal)
  • Off-Us Transaction: Where issuer and acquirer are different (e.g. Other bank’s debit/credit card on our POS terminals.)
How MAB is beneficial to Cardholder and Merchant?

A. Cardholder

  • Need not carry cash, which is risky.
  • Saves time and money in visiting bank branch / ATM to withdraw money and spend the same at merchant outlet, who has to again deposit the same in Bank.
  • The time saved results in lower cost and higher productivity as time saved can be gainfully utilised.

B. Merchant

  • Cash handling is avoided.
  • Efficient transaction processing
  • The customers have tendency to higher purchases/impulsive buying while using the card than cash, thus more sales and higher profits.
  • The customer stickiness to merchant increases due to the facility.
  • Better record keeping of sale and inventory
  • The facility can also have provision for customer loyalty points which are widely used to attract the customer to the outlet repeatedly.
How many types of POS terminals are issued by INDUSIND?
  • PSTN.
  • Portable GPRS.
  • Digital POS.
  • Bharat QR
What are the pre-requisites for signing the Merchant?
  • KYC Compliance. Merchant needs to provide necessary documents regarding the proof of business, address proof, photo identity proof of the proprietor/partner/key promoters etc.
  • Availability of Connectivity PSTN with STD at Merchant Location (Cost to be borne by the Merchant). If land line is not available, GPRS either desktop or portable as per the customers’ choice.
  • Opening/identification of account for settlement of transactions with INDUSIND.
  • Offer letter Acceptance of Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) by the Merchant offered by Bank.
  • Merchants’ consent for execution of Merchant Establishment
  • Agreement between Bank and Merchant. POS terminal shall be installed only after the execution of ME agreement.
Where and how a merchant can apply for installation of POS terminal at his shop/establishment?

Merchant can contact the IndusInd Branch or LACR Business Team

Whether merchant has to pay for POS terminal?

No, merchant is not required to pay anything towards cost of terminal. POS terminal is installed at absolutely free of cost. The cost for procurement of terminal and also the maintenance of terminal is borne by the Bank.

What are the Do’s and Don’ts for merchants?


  • Merchants must accept all cards when properly presented as payments for transactions.
  • Bring to the notice of the bank any fraudulent activities.
  • In case of any problems with the machine, call the helpline number or write @
  • Perform settlement on POS terminal at-least once in a day; settlement may be done by merchant as many times as he wish. If not done amount shall not be credited in customer’s settlement Account.


  • Merchant must not disclose details of the card or cardholders to any third party.
  • Impose any extra charge or surcharge (unless expressly allowed by local law).
  • Indulge in any fraudulent activity.
Why a Merchant should opt for INDUSIND POS machine
  • No hidden costs.
  • INDUSIND network is present across all geographies.
  • Loan against Credit Card receivables
  • Merchant has access to transactions done on his / her terminal(s) after logging in the application.
  • Customized MIS at weekly/fortnightly/monthly intervals are made available.
  • Merchant will have access to other products of INDUSIND.
Which value added services are being offered on INDUSIND POS Terminals?

Dynamic Currency Conversion, NFC(Tap N Pay),EMI

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