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A value added saving account for all the non profit organisations is the exclusiveness of the Indus TASC Account. Thereby, trusts, associations, societies, clubs and NGOs along with educational institutions, trade & professional associations, charitable hospitals and NGOs encompass under it.

Features & Benefits

  • Average quarterly balance of INR 10,000/-
  • Enjoy free banking anywhere
  • Free multi-city cheque (at par) facility
  • Unlimited transactions and unlimited fund transfer
  • Avail of unlimited demand drafts
  • Avail of electronic banking for your convenience
  • Get your money organised through Indus Collect
  • Avail of free collection services
  • Get your account statement on your registered email daily
  • FCRA account benefits with this account

Complimentary Privileges

Investment opportunities like never before:

  • Multiply your returns by earning FD interest
  • Our investment councilors will help you select the best mutual fund according to your needs

Facilities Offered

Who can open accounts under TASC (Trusts, Associations, Societies and Clubs) category?

Trusts: Organisation, which acts as a fiduciary, trustee or agent, for individuals and businesses, in the administration of trust funds, estates and custodial arrangements

Association: An organised body of people who have an interest, activity, or purpose in common; a society

Society: An extended social group having a distinctive cultural and economic organisation 

Club: A formal association of people with similar interests

The facilities offered:
  • Savings/ current accounts and term deposits
  • A dedicated Relationship Manager
  • Web-based facilities for remittance of funds
  • Web-based facilities for receipt of donations online, with our payment gateways
  • Constituent Subsidiary General Ledger ( CSGL accounts ), for trading in G-Sec
  • FCRA accounts for receipt of foreign contributions, for organisations approved by Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • Demat accounts for trading in the stock markets
  • Overdraft against fixed deposits
  • Investment advice
  • Personalized service
The range of free services:
  • Collection of cheques drawn on centers where we have branches
  • Demand drafts on branches drawn on our centers
  • Free RTGS/ NEFT/ ECS facilities
  • Free online RTGS, which can be done from your desk
  • Internet banking
  • Quarterly statements
  • Email statements
  • One free cheque-book per quarter
  • ATM usage
  • Branch transactions
  • Payment of utility bills
  • Contact center
  • Balance enquiry through ATM
  • Mobile alerts
  • Replacement charges for ATM/Debit cards
  • POS transactions (Debit card swipe)
  • Issuance of annual TDS certificates
Other benefits:
  • Competitive rates on conversion of foreign currency
  • Competitive rates on G-Sec transactions
  • Concessions in transaction and service charges


Documentation needed for opening of Current/ Savings/ FD account:

  • Trust deed
  • Certificate of Registration in case of Registered Trust
  • Verification from an existing banker that complies with similar KYC procedures
  • Clear mandate on operating instructions
  • Power of attorney granted to transact business on its behalf
  • Resolution of the managing body of the foundation/ association
  • Any officially valid document to identify the trustees, settlers, beneficiaries, PA holders, founders/ managers/ directors and their addresses

Required account-opening forms can be downloaded from the internet, or collected from any of our branches.

Documentation Needed for CSGL Accounts:

  • Board /Trust –Resolution for opening CSGL account with the bank
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association (Certified True Copy)
  • List of Specimen Signatures of the Authorised Signatories /Persons Authorised to operate the Current a/c/Savings a/c and the CSGL account
  • PAN Card (Firm/Company/Trust/Individual(s)/Partners/Directors/Mandate holders)
  • Open a Current a/c with the designated branch (if not already opened) to route the fund transactions. Account opening forms may be obtained from the designated branch
  • Certificate of Registration viz. licenses issued by Statutory Authorities such as RBI, SEBI etc.
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  • Daily balance Upto Rs. 1 Lakh 4 %
  • Daily balance above Rs. 1 Lakh & upto (& including) Rs. 10 Lakhs 5 %
  • Daily balance above Rs.10 Lakhs 6 %

  • 1 year to 1 year 2 days 7 %
  • Indus Tax Saver Scheme - 5 years (upto Rs 1.5 lacs) 6.75 %

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