What is UPI?

Unified Payment Interface" (UPI) enables all bank account holders (of banks participating in UPI) to send and receive money from their smartphones with a single identifier (the virtual payments address) – without entering any additional bank account information. UPI can also be used to pay merchants who accept UPI as a payment mode

What is Indus Pay?

Indus Pay is the UPI App of IndusInd bank which allows customers to send and receive funds and make payments to merchants using UPI

What is a Virtual Payment Address (VPA)?

Virtual payment Address is an identifier (For e.g. abc@indus where”abc” is the unique name chosen by you) which can be uniquely mapped to any desired account of any UPI enabled bank

What are the steps to register for Indus Pay?

Following are the steps to register for Indus Pay

  • Download the IndusPay App from the Android PLAY store
  • On activating the App sends an SMS to a virtual number to identify your sim
  • Create your virtual private address by providing personal and bank account details and set a secret question and answer
  • On successful creation of VPA you can set your application pin by providing answer to the secret question set in the previous step
  • Once the application pin has been set you will get registered for the App

How can I link my account number with Indus Pay App

The account number can be linked with VPA during registration or from Account management option within the App. You simply need to select the desired bank and all your accounts linked to the IndusPay registered mobile number will be fetched and displayed along with IFSC code. You can select the account and link the same to your VPA

Can I link more than one account to my VPA?

Yes, you can. Choose your existing VPA while linking your second bank account. If you link more than 1 account to a VPA, you can set a default account to send and default account to receive money.

How do I change my default account?

You can change default account by selecting the set preferred account option on the App

8) How can I set UPI PIN for any account?

  • Click on Account management on the UPI App
  • Click set pin on the desired account for which pin needs to be set
  • Enter last 6 digits of your debit card and expiry date
  • Set your desired UPI PIN

Please note a separate UPI PIN will be set for each linked account

What are the options to send money using IndusPay

Following options are available to send money using IndusPay

  • VPA
  • Account number and IFSC Code
  • Mobile number and MMID
  • How can I send money using VPA on IndusPay?

    Following are the steps to send money using VPA on IndusPay

    • Click on the send money option on the app and pay using VPA
    • Enter payee VPA and amount
    • Enter the UPI PIN and the transaction will go through

    How do I receive money using IndusPay?

    Following are the steps to receive money using VPA on IndusPay

    • Click on receive money
    • Enter payer VPA, amount and expiry duration
    • Thats it, the request will be sent to payer for approval and your default account linked with VPA will be credited once payer approves the request

    How do I respond to receive money requests received

    You can visit the pending approvals section and approve or reject the receive money requests sent to you. On approval you will have to enter the UPI PIN. This will debit your default account linked to VPA and credit payee account who sent you the receive money request

    How can I check my transaction status?

    Transaction status can be checked using the transaction history option on the app

    Is the beneficiary also required to register for UPI?

    Yes, the beneficiary needs to download a PSP app and register for a VPA. They need to communicate this VPA to you to initiate a transaction

    What details do I need to either send money or request money?

    You need the VPA of the beneficiary or the remitter. You don’t need any other details to initiate a transaction.

    16) Is there a limit on the value of transactions when I am sending or requesting money using UPI?

    Currently, the per-transaction cap is INR 100,000. This may change from time to time and is subject to the UPI guidelines. There may be some additional overall daily limit put in on the app