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Terms & Conditions : Hidesign

  • The holder of the Hidesign E-Gift Voucher (GV) is deemed to be the beneficiary 
  • Hidesign E-Gift voucher is valid for six months from the date of issue.
  • Do inform the cashier that you plan on using the Gift Voucher for making payments before billing.
  • Only valid Hidesign E-Gift Voucher (GV) shall at the sole discretion of Hidesign be accepted for redemption.
  • This Hidesign E-Gift Voucher (GV) can be redeemed across all exclusive Hidesign boutiques in India.
  • Multiple Hidesign E-Gift Vouchers can be used against one bill. 
  • Partial redemption of the Hidesign E-Gift Voucher is allowed but no refund or credit note would be issued against an unused or partially used Hidesign E-Gift Voucher.
  • Hidesign E-Gift Voucher cannot be revalidated once expired. 
  • Hidesign affiliates are not responsible on account of the beneficiary sharing the Hidesign E-Gift Voucher and the same getting redeemed on that account. 
  • Any dispute related to the Hidesign E-Gift Voucher should be referred to the issuing company, and the decision of the issuing company shall be final.
  • All terms and conditions of the Hidesign E-Gift Voucher are subject to change at Hidesign's discretion.
  • Hidesign Instant E-Gift Voucher can be redeemed for the face value, as mentioned.
  • Store Staff may ask for a valid government identity proof at the time of redeeming the Hidesign E-Gift Voucher.
  • Hidesign at its sole discretion may add or remove an outlet from the list without giving any prior notice. 
  • Hidesign makes full efforts to accept Hidesign E-Gift Voucher, but on account of any technical/administrative reasons, an outlet may refuse to accept the same.
  • If a Hidesign E-Gift Voucher (GV) gets blocked on account of any technical issue, it will get enabled in 72 hours.
  • Please contact Hidesign shop manager for any acceptance issue, and if the issue is still not resolved, you can write into or call 0 851000 4444 for immediate help.