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Terms & Conditions : Bon Vivant

  • The Booking Fee and the Amount payable at the restaurant can only be paid using IndusInd Bank Credit/Debit cards
  • The reserved table will be held for a maximum of 15 Minutes from the time of reservation. After which the decision to reschedule is solely at the discretion of the restaurant
  • The reservation fee of Rs 2* per person is non-refundable
  • Dress code and other policies of the restaurant applicable
  • The Restaurant reserves the Right of Admission at all times
  • The benefits mentioned  above  are  subject  to  change/withdrawal  without  prior notice
  • No two offers can be clubbed together
  • ‘*’ signifies taxes or government are additional
  • Any applicable taxes have to be paid by the card holder
  • The offers are ongoing till the specified validity date
  • Reservations at participating  restaurants  (Dining  Partner)  are  subject  to  table availability and at the restaurant’s discretion
  • Individual Restaurant Terms & Conditions apply
  • Offer not valid on Home Delivery
  • IndusInd Bank takes no responsibility of any health issues faced due to the consumption of food at the participating restaurants under this program
  • IndusInd Bank does not assume any responsibility for the products and services offered under this promotion. The products are sold and the services are provided solely by the relevant restaurants, under such terms and conditions as determined by such vendors, and IndusInd bank accepts no liability whatsoever in connection with such products and services. The products and services have not been certified by IndusInd Bank and under no circumstances shall the inclusion of any product or service in this promotion be construed as an endorsement or recommendation of such product or service by IndusInd Bank
  • If you are charged and do not receive any email or SMS Confirmation. Please send us the details on
  • Refunds will only be considered if the restaurant does not honor the reservation or cancels for any reason, in this case an investigation will be done and a suitable reply will be sent within 10 working days, the refund if any will be done in 21 working days from the date of complaint registry
  • For ease, Please carry a print out of the confirmation of reservation along with you