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IndusInd MobiKwik Wallet App

Be it your love for technology, travel, shopping, or food – fulfil all your lifestyle needs with the brand-new IndusInd MobiKwik Wallet. Simply link it once with your IndusInd Bank account and pay without reloading it using the Direct Debit Facility.

Enjoy the benefits of IndusInd MobiKwik Wallet App

Direct Debit Facility
Link your IndusInd Bank Account with your wallet to avoid the hassles of reloading it
Safety and Security
It is completely safe and secure
Host of Offers
Comes loaded with a host of offers


What is the IndusInd MobiKwik Wallet App? Why should I use it?

IndusInd MobiKwik Wallet App is unique app that allows you to shop, buy tickets, travel, recharge mobile and DTH, pay bills and do a lot more, via DIRECT DEBIT from your IndusInd Bank Account. No more cumbersome loading of the wallet.

Use IndusInd MobiKwik Wallet App for a cashless, hassle-free experience while shopping, dining, travelling and a lot more! After all, this is your trusted MobiKwik wallet with real time funding from your IndusInd Bank account.

Direct Debit? Is it safe?

Direct Debit is a unique feature of the IndusInd Mobikwik app that lets you pay at merchants, online & within the app, directly from your account. You do not need to load your Mobikwik Wallet anymore. All your transactions will go seamlessly from the IndusInd Bank Account. Simply link your IndusInd Bank account, to get started.

What’s more- your money is safe, since you need to enter your MPIN every time you wish to pay with Direct Debit.

What are the kind of transactions that I can do with this app?

This app can be used for the following transactions:

Transaction type Using Direct Debit into the IndusInd Bank account Using the MobiKwik Wallet
Recharge/ bill payment &other in-app purchases Y Y
Payment at Merchants by scanning QR Code Y Y
Payment at websites N- coming soon Y
Shopping via OTP at retail outlets N- coming soon Y
Pay another Mobikwik User using Mobile number N- coming soon Y
Are there any limits for payments through Direct Debit?

Yes, the following limits are applicable:

  • Per transaction- Rs. 20,000.
  • Per month - Total of transactions worth Rs. 20000
  • Per day - Max 15 transactions
I have already upgraded my Mobikwik Wallet, what are the limits applicable for me, for Direct Debit into the IndusInd Bank Account?

While your limits on your wallet continue to exist as is, the following limits are applicable for direct Debit into your IndusInd bank account:

  • Max amount per transaction: Rs. 20,000.
  • Max transaction amount in a calendar month: Rs. 20,000
  • Max transaction per day: 15
Can I send money to another MobiKwik Wallet user directly using Direct Debit to my bank account?

This feature is currently not available. You CANNOT pay another Mobikwik wallet user, if he/she is not a merchant, via Direct Debit into your IndusInd bank Account. You can, however, load your wallet & make this payment.

Can I use the IndusInd Mobikwik Wallet app to pay via Direct Debit at websites?

This feature is currently not available. You can, however, load your wallet & make this payment.

How can I set up Direct Debit?

You just have to click on “Connect Now” displayed on the Direct Debit tab. Next, select the IndusInd Bank account number you would like to link.

You will need to authenticate yourself by entering the debit card details (Debit Card number, CVV & expiry Date) for the account and the OTP you receive from the IndusInd Bank. This will be needed only one time.

Once you authenticate yourself, set up your 6 digit MPIN & you are good to go!

You will need to enter the MPIN every time you pay via Direct Debit from your IndusInd Bank Account

While setting up Direct Debit, I got an error. Why?

You can face errors if:

  • Entered wrong debit card details or OTP sent by the Bank.
  • The service is not available due to technical issues.

In such a scenario, we suggest you to double check the details you have entered. If the problem still persists- pls contact IndusInd Bank at 1860 500 5004

What is an MPIN & Why do I need one?

An MPIN is your unique 6 digit password that you need to enter every time you wish to pay via Direct Debit from your IndusInd Bank Account. This MPIN ensures that your account is safe, in the event that you lose your mobile phone

I want to create a new MPIN! How can I do that?

Its simple:

  • After you log in, click on “Available Balance” on the top left corner
  • Select “IndusInd Bank Account” from the list of drop downs
  • Select “Change MPIN”
  • Enter your current MPIN, then enter the New MPIN you’d like to set up & it’s done!
Forgot my MPIN! What next?
  • Go to IndusInd Account Details page and tap on Forgot MPIN
  • Validate your identity by entering the Debit Card details & OTP sent by the IndusInd bank.
  • Reset your MPIN
Is my account information safe?

Don't worry! All information transmitted between you and IndusInd Bank & MobiKwik is done through SSL, a secure and safety protocol available on the web. MobiKwik & IndusInd Bank will never release any of your bank details to anyone.

My Mobikwik wallet already has money! Now, what happens?

If you already have some money in your Mobikwik Wallet, the same will be visible in this app as well (Click on “Available Balance on the top left corner, to view this split”. We will first try using your wallet balance, and if at all, the same is not sufficient, will we reach out to DIRECT DEBIT your account. For any queries about your wallet balance pls call Mobikwik at 1234567890

How will I receive the cashback & Supercash?

All Cash back & Supercash will reflect in your MobiKwik wallet balance within 24 hours of making a successful transaction. Pls note- the cashback will NOT be credited into your IndusInd Bank Account. For any queries about your wallet balance pls call Mobikwik at 1234567890. All terms & conditions of use of Supercash remain the same.

While paying through Direct Debit, I got an error. Why?

You can face errors if:

  • You’ve entered an incorrect MPIN.
  • Your account Balance is not sufficient
  • You have exceeded your daily/monthly limit
  • The service is not available due to technical issues

In such a scenario, we suggest you to double check the details you have entered and try again. If the problem still persists- pls contact IndusInd Bank at 1860 500 5004

My money has been debited from bank account but the transaction was not successful! Where has it gone?

Don't worry. If your transaction was not successful, the amount will be credited in your Wallet. If your wallet balance is not updated after 30 min, please go ahead and file a ticket.

Is there any registration fee?

It's absolutely free! You don't need to spend your hard earned money to become an IndusInd Bank MobiKwik app user. Also, there are no extra charges for online recharges or bill payments.

I have changed my mobile number with the bank, what happens to my IndusInd Mobikwik Wallet app usage?

Don’t worry, you only need to set up your IndusInd Bank account for direct debit once. While your mobile number may change, you will continue to receive bank alerts & OTPs (Sent by the bank) on your new number.

I have lost my mobile phone. How can I ensure that my IndusInd Bank account balance is safe?

Don’t worry, any Direct Debit into your IndusInd bank account, will need to be authenticated by an MPIN. Pls ensure that you DO NOT share your MPIN with anyone. However, in order to safeguard your account & wallet, immediately do the following:
1) Call <ABC> and request to block your IndusInd Mobikwik Wallet account <to put post MBK confirmation>

I am not an IndusInd Bank Customer. Can I NOT use the app?

You can use this app as a MobiKwik wallet user!

You will however, need to load your wallet manually. It's simple! You just need to Login to the MobiKwik account and click on 'Add Money'. You will be redirected to the 'Payment Options' page. MobiKwik allows users to add money to their wallet by credit card, debit card, net banking and even 'Add cash' (available through MobiKwik app only). Once you have money in your wallet, you too can start shopping, paying bills, doing mobile recharges with ease

Alternatively, you can become an IndusInd Bank customer, by calling 1860 500 5004

I want wallet balance to my bank! How much time it will take?

Simply use our "Wallet to Bank" feature available through app, and transfer money into your Bank account (as per applicable guidelines). Pls note you may be charged a fee for the same.

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  • Daily balance Upto Rs. 1 Lakh 4 %
  • Daily balance above Rs. 1 Lakh & upto (& including) Rs. 10 Lakhs 5 %
  • Daily balance above Rs.10 Lakhs 6 %

  • Above 1 year 4 months to below 2 years 7.25 %
  • Indus Tax Saver Scheme - 5 years (upto Rs 1.5 lacs) 7.15 %
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Cash on mobile

This innovative feature allows an IndusInd bank customer to withdraw/send money by just using the receiver’s mobile number

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