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Change In Limits for Debit Cards

Please note that wef 15th March 2014  limits on ATM & Point of Sale transactions done using a Platinum Debit Card in India are being  reduced.  The Limits for Platinum Cards would be as below:

Card Type Daily ATM Cash Withdrawal Limit in INR) Daily POS Limit* (in INR)
Platinum 100,000 200,000
Platinum Select 150,000 300,000
Platinum Exclusive 200,000 400,000

*Reduced POS Limit is applicable for non chip cards and chip cards .

The Daily International (ATM & POS Combined) Limits are as below

  Non Chip based Debit Card Chip based Debit Card
Card Numbers starting with Type of Card International Limits (INR) effective 31st October 2014 International Limits (INR) effective 15th March 2014
421324 Regular (except MINOR CARD) 5,000 Not Available
421681 Gold 10,000 150,000
436393 Platinum 25,000 200,000
Platinum Select 25,000 300,000
Platinum Exclusive 25,000 400,000
436395 Business Platinum 25,000 125,000
Business Platinum Exclusive/Select 25,000 175,000

To get higher international limits as well as to enjoy higher security on your debit card you can request/upgrade to a chip debit card. Please call our Phone Banking or visit an IndusInd bank branch for more details.