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Terms and Conditions: Art Advisory

How do I connect with the Art Advisory Services on my IndusInd Bank Pinnacle Credit Card?

Call us at 1860 267 7777 and the Concierge Desk will help you get the detailed responses for your queries related to Art Advisory, Artists, Valuation of Artwork and details of the upcoming events and artists.

What kind of services does the Art Advisory offer on my IndusInd Bank Pinnacle Credit Card?

The Art Advisory will provide you with a wide range of professional services, including personal advisory on artworks and artists. We will also provide you with advisory on valuation of art and update you regularly on upcoming artists, curated shows and art events.

So, if you have identified a particular artist’s masterpiece and want to check if the same would be a wise investment, do contact us. If you would want to explore Art as an investment option, or want to procure a certain work of art, we will provide you with the needful assistance.