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Indus Young Saver - helps you save for and secure your child's future

Presenting the Indus Young Saver Account. A Flexi Recurring Deposit for your child, which gives you the freedom to transfer as much as you want in a month, without worrying about pre determined limits. Open the account with a minimum deposit of Rs.11/- only. This account is an ideal combination of a Savings Bank Account and Flexi Recurring Deposit.

Flexi Recurring Deposit

  • A linked Flexi Recurring Deposit will be opened along with the Indus Young Saver Account
  • The monthly installment towards the Recurring Deposit is flexible
  • Balance in Savings Bank Account will be transferred to the Flexi Recurring Deposit on the last day of every month, leaving Rs.100/- in Savings Account
  • Tenure of Flexi Recurring Deposit - 6 months to 120 months

Standing Instruction - You can setup Standing Order Instructions from your account to your child's Young Saver Account and watch his savings grow.

Debit Card - Option to apply for a Debit Card.

For detailed Terms & Conditions governing Indus Young Saver Account

Birla Century SIP

Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund brings you Century SIP – a Systematic Investment Plan with the extra benefit of a life insurance cover. That too at no extra cost!

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) can help you achieve your long - term financial goals systematically and with ease:


  • Set aside small amounts regularly to reach your financial goals in a disciplined way.
  • Invest conveniently, as your monthly SIP installment automatically gets transferred from your bank account.

Additional benefit of free Life Insurance Cover: Century SIP gives you the extra Security of a complimentary Life Insurance Cover to secure your child's future.

  • 100x: You can get Life Insurance Cover of upto 100 times your monthly installment. Here's how the Life Insurance cover works for you:
  • 1st Year: 10 times the monthly SIP amount
  • 2nd Year: 50 times the monthly SIP amount
  • 3rd year and beyond: 100 times the monthly SIP amount

The Life Insurance Cover stops after you reach the age of 55 years. In case of an unfortunate event, the beneficiary will get the insurance amount plus the fund value.

  • Large Cover: Your total Life Insurance Cover can be upto a maximum of ` 20 Lacs across all schemes/plans/folios.
  • Hassle Free: There are no medical tests required, making it a hassle-free insurance. Only a genuine 'Good Health Declaration' is to be signed by the investor as given in the application form.
  • Continuity: Your Life Insurance Cover continues even if you stop your Century SIP installments after 3 years. In this case, the Life Insurance Cover will be the same as your fund value. The cover ceases to exist on
    full/partial redemption or switching prior to completion of the SIP tenure.
  • Life Insurance at no extra cost: The cost of Life Insurance will be entirely borne by Birla Sun Life Asset Management Company Limited.
  • Minimum/Maximum entry age for Insurance Cover: 18 years/below 46 years.

Disclaimer: Life Insurance cover is subject to limits and other terms and conditions as specified for availing Century SIP, an optional, add-on, facility made available under designated schemes of Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund. This one pager contains only few features of Century SIP. For further details and terms and conditions investors are requested to refer to the Scheme Information Document of designated schemes or visit our website before availing Century SIP. Further, the Group Life Insurance Cover will be governed by the terms, conditions & exclusions of the insurance policy with the relevant Insurance Company as determined by the Birla Sun Life Asset Management Co. Ltd. (AMC). The AMC reserves a right to modify/annul the said Group Insurance Cover on a prospective basis. Insurance is a subject matter of solicitation.

Disclaimer:Nothing contained herein shall constitute or be deemed to constitute an advise, an offer to sell/purchase or as an invitation or solicitation to do so for any securities of any entity. IndusInd Bank Ltd. and/or its affiliates make no representation as to the accuracy; completeness or reliability of any information contained herein or otherwise provided and hereby disclaim any liability with regard to the same. The information contained herein is strictly confidential and meant solely for the selected recipient and may not be altered in any way, transmitted to, copied or distributed, in part or in whole, to any other person or to the media or reproduced in any form,without prior written consent of IndusInd Bank Ltd. or the relevant owner of the intellectual property, as the case may be. IndusInd Bank Ltd. Group or its officers, employees, personnel, directors may be associated in a commercial, professional or personal capacity or may have a commercial interest including as proprietary traders in or with the securities and/or companies or issues or matters as contained in this publication and such commercial capacity or interest whether or not differing with or conflicting with this publication, shall not make or render IndusInd Bank Ltd. Group liable in any manner whatsoever & IndusInd Bank Ltd. Group or any of its officers, employees, personnel, directors shall not be liable for any loss, damage, liability whatsoever for any direct or indirect loss arising from the use or access of any information that may be displayed in this publication from time to time. Recipients of the information contained herein should exercise due care and caution (including if necessary, obtaining of advise of tax/ legal/accounting/financial/ other professionals) prior to taking of any decision, acting or omitting to act, on the basis of the information contained herein. This publication is meant for circulation within India only. Mutual Funds are subject to market risks, please read the

Acci Care Titanium - Personal Accident Cover

Unforseen incidents like an accident can put a heavy toll on your family's finances & may take away the savings of many years. You should take steps to ensure that your family doesn't have to bear the additional burden during these difficult times.
Presenting Chola Acci Care Titanium - a Personal Accident Cover by Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company Ltd. to take care of your Family's Financial needs in the event of a Personal Accident. The Policy comes in the following variants:

  • Comprehensive Accidental Cover for Rs.8 lacs in the event of Death or Permanent Total Disability or Permanent Partial Disability due to an Accident.
  • Comprehensive Accidental Cover For Rs.12 lacs in the event of Death or Permanent Total Disability or Permanent Partial Disability due to an act of Terrorism.
  • Hospital Daily Cash - Rs.2,000 per day of (Rs.4,000 per day in case of ICU) hospitalisation upto a maximum of 20 days.
  • Convalescence (Lump Sum) benefit of Rs.15,000 on continuous hospitalisation for 20 days.

Important Information: The Risk Cover comes into effect from the time Payment towards the Premium gets transferred to the Insurance Company. A maximum of four working days, from the time your account is debited with the Super Saver Fees, is required to transfer funds to Chola MS.

* Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. This policy is underwritten by Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company Ltd. (Chola MS), whose registered office is at 2nd Floor, "Dare House", No.2, NSC Bose Road, Chennai – 600 001. This information is given by IndusInd Bank, India (Licence no:DCL 1749817), whose registered office is at 2401,Thimmayya Road, Pune – 410 301 and which is a corporate agent of Chola MS. IndusInd Bank does not accept any responsibility for Chola MS's actions or decisions. Conditions Apply. Please refer to the policy contract for details.

* For more details on risk factors, exclusions, terms and conditions please read sales brochure of Chola MS carefully before concluding a sale.

* No person shall allow or offer to allow, either directly or indirectly, as an inducement to any person to take out or renew or continue an insurance in respect of any kind of risk relating to lives or property in India, any rebate of the whole or part of te commission payable or any rebate of the premium shown on the policy, nor shall any person taking out or renewing or continuing a policy accept any rebate, except such rebate as may be allowed in accordance with the published prospectus or tables of the insurer.