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Changes in Global Economy have forced corporate leaders to seek a complete and detailed view of travel and other ancillary spends, making adherence to compliance and cost saving techniques a primary objective.

The IndusInd Bank Corporate Card provides you the efficacy to monitor & control employee expenses along with making re-conciliation hassle-free.

Commercial Cards products are part of a Corporate Liability program. The Bank shall issue the Corporate, a Credit Limit which in turn the Corporate can bifurcate to individual cards in accordance to their policies & requirement. The Corporate limits will be assigned on the basis of complete credit assessment.

Please Click here to view Safety Tips on your Corporate Card

Please click here to download the Most Important Terms & Conditions.

Please click here to download the Cardholders' Agreement.

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Benefits to Corporate

We have set up a world of conveniences and we are thrilled to welcome you to this world. Enjoy the simplicity that comes with the IndusInd Bank Corporate Card. Access an exquisite bouquet of services, embellished with the right touches of additional security. It's all part of the IndusInd experience and we welcome you to experience the difference.

Find solutions with Smart Data Generation 2
  • Spends Analysis: Consolidated Data of all issued Corporate Cards is present as a part of a 24x7 online MIS and can be used to track the employee expenses, ensure that all charges on card are official and check if the expenses on card are as per the travel and reimbursement policy of the Corporate.

    The Corporate will be provided a Master Login ID and Password that they can use to access the online MIS tool. The individual cards issued to the corporate will be present on the system. The corporate has the right-to classify the cards into categories for ease of reconciliation. The Corporate also has the right to create sub-logins under the Master Login, which can be used by regional offices or individual employees. The Spends Analysis online tool has the capability to generate statements for individual card as well consolidated corporate statement. The statements can be generated in pdf and excel formats.
  • Category Wise Spends Tracking: Activity on the cards can be tracked on the basis of type of merchant, industry, segment, cost code, location etc. to list a few. 60+ pre-set formats available.

    The Smart Data Gen 2 system gives the Corporates right-to create and publish MIS with various focus centers. The MIS can be created with multiple parameters and formats. The tools also has the capability to provide currency conversion rates for international charges and cash entry option for uncardable expenses, making the MIS a complete overview of all employee expenses.
  • Customizable fields for Data Reconciliation: Thousands of fields are available for the ease of reconciliation. The Corporate can create groups like department, cost center, project code etc. to help with the administrative reconciliation making it easy for the corporate to make payments and also process the reimbursement charges.

    Different corporates use different parameters for expense analysis. IndusInd Bank provides corporates the freedom to carry out comparisons and analysis as per their requirement.
  • Integration to ERP: Corporates today use an ERP system to monitor and govern all regular processes, at employee and company level. The IndusInd Bank Corporate Card data can be integrated with the internal ERP of the Corporate. The data available on the online MIS tool can be fed into the internal ERP, making viewing data more convenient and more accessible. The system is compatible with over 14 ERP systems like Oracle, Paymetric, Ariba, IBM, Concur to name a few.
  • Data Vintage: Data & Reports can be saved for up to 3 years on the online MIS tool. They can also be downloaded in pdf, word and excel formats for data storage.
Manage risk with IndusInd Bank Expense Management Solution

Reviewing employee expenses and managing cash flow are critical for your Business. A first for Indian Markets, to ensure Controls & Checks on the commercial cards issued to their individual employees, we offer our corporate clients an Expense Management platform that allows the corporate complete visibility and check on all transactions made on card.

  • Spends Category Control:  A first for Indian Markets, IndusInd Bank gives corporates the right to block / unblock spend categories on Commercial Cards. Spend categories can be blocked on broad levels like Fuel, Airlines, Hotels, Restaurants etc., to ensure complete control on Commercial Card usage. The spend category control option is flexible and can be changed at will. The checks are applicable on individual cards rather than the entire corporate. The Spends Category Control facility ensures Corporates complete governance and assurance of zero unauthorized usage on card.
  • Adherence to Policy: To reduce ancillary expenses and control costs, Corporates have created stringent policies for employee expenses. IndusInd Bank helps Corporates maintain these policies by providing numerous options to restrict unauthorized expenses. Spends on Commercial Cards can be monitored as and when required, to ensure all employees are using the cards in adherence to Corporate Policy
  • Emergency Blocking: Corporate can also log on to the online portal and block a card in case of loss / theft. In emergency circumstances like travelling abroad, the card holder can notify his organization and the company has the right to block a card. The blocks can be temporary and permanent in nature.
  • Limit Flexibility: As the Commercial Cards are a company liability product, the credit limit is sanctioned to the corporate; the Corporate then has the rights to allocate limits to individual employees, in accordance to their reimbursement policy. At IndusInd we believe to give companies complete rights to manage the individual cards issued to them. The Company has complete authority to manage credit limits through the IndusInd Bank Expense Management platform.
  • Controls and Alerts: All transactions are followed by a SMS and E-Mail Alert through the Expense Management platform to the contact details specified by the Corporate (As per corporate option) ensuring an extra layer of security. In case a transaction has been declined, an alert for information of declined transaction and reason for decline will also be mentioned.
Designated Relationship Manager

In case of day-to-day service related queries or clarifications on the product, your IndusInd Commercial Cards designated relationship manager is equipped to handle it all.


Individual as well as Consolidated e-statements will be available for easy download for all card holders. Smart Data Generation 2 gives you the ability to download statements in pdf and excel format as and when required.

Consolidated Payment

At IndusInd we understand the pain and costs involved with individual reimbursement payments, so we suggest a One Account, One Payment solution. We provide the corporates with the ability to make one consolidated payment and take on the responsibility of allocating it to all your employees' individual cards. The total amount due for the company will be mentioned on the Corporate consolidated statement and the company will be liable to make one payment to the bank for the same.

Click here for payment options.

4th Line Embossing

An employees' corporate identity is established on the card by embossing the name of the company on the face of the card. The company name can be embossed onto to the card as per your requirement. A total number of 19 characters (inclusive of spaces and department name as well) are available for the customization. Corporate name as entered on the individual application form shall be embossed on your IndusInd Bank Corporate Card.

Dedicated Customer Service

Our 24*7 Customer Service officials are pleased to help you in case of an emergency. Please feel free to get in touch with us on our Toll Free Number 1860 267 7777 or write to us at

Benefits to Employee

Priority Pass Program

The company can opt to provide their employees with a membership to the Priority Pass Program that offers the Card Holder access to over 700 Airport Lounges worldwide. You are a corporate globetrotter and we wish to make your travel as comfortable and relaxing as possible. To opt in to the Priority Pass Program, please contact your Corporate Card Relationship Manager.
Click here for terms & conditions.

Fuel Surcharge Waiver

Get freedom from surcharge at fuel stations across India. A surcharge of 1% is waived off at all fuel stations on transactions between Rs. 400 to Rs. 4000.
Click here for terms & conditions.

Insurance Coverage

We provide your Corporate Card as a safe and secure means of expense management. The cards issued to you have an additional level of security in the form of an EMV Chip, making your transactions much more secure in comparison to a magnetic striped corporate card.

In addition to the card security features, we also provide comprehensive insurance, protecting you from unforeseen circumstances.

  • Counterfeit Fraud: In the unlikely scenario that your card or card details are stolen and used duplicitously by producing counterfeit plastic, IndusInd Bank offers you a comprehensive insurance coverage.
  • Lost Card Liability: In case of theft or loss of card, IndusInd Bank covers unauthorized transactions on the card, post reporting the loss to the bank.

With IndusInd Bank here to protect, there is very little you need to worry about.

VISA Offers

Visa Airport Lounge Access Program

Upgrade your travel experience with complimentary access to Airport Lounges in India with your Visa Corporate Card. Take a moment to relax in luxury and enjoy the gourmet meal, comfortable seating, free Wi-Fi, widescreen TVs and bar services. With your IndusInd Bank Corporate Card enjoy exclusive access to select premium Visa airport lounges within India and get complimentary lounge visits per quarter on your Card.

Enjoy up to 1 complimentary lounge visits per quarter on your Card.

The current offer is valid till 31st March 2020

Click here for further details.

Visa Commercial Offers

Your cards are issued on the VISA platform bringing a host of benefits. These offers are spread across Business Travel, Business Services, Food and Beverages and many others, intended to help the IndusInd Bank Corporate Card holder combine business with comfort. For an exhaustive list of offers please visit:

Mastercard Offers

Mastercard Airport Lounge Access Program

Use your IndusInd Bank Platinum MasterCard Corporate Card to enjoy exclusive access to premium MasterCard airport lounges in India.

Up to 2 complimentary lounge visits per annum on your Corporate Card

The current offer is valid till 31st March 2020.

Click here for the list of participating Lounges and Terms & Conditions.

Mastercard Offers

Your cards are issued on the MasterCard platform bringing a host of benefits. These offers are spread across travel & stay, car rental services and smart purchases intended to help the IndusInd Bank Corporate Card holder combine business with comfort.
For an exhaustive list of offers please visit:

How to Apply

For any further queries or clarifications or to apply for an IndusInd Bank Commercial Card, please reach us via the appended options.

E-Mail: Please write to us at
Phone Banking: Please call our 24*7 Customer Service officials on our toll free number 1860 267 7777

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