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Looking for the best Current Account that works as hard for your business as you do? 

IndusInd Bank has got you covered! 

IndusInd Bank's online Current Accounts are designed to boost your business, regardless of size and scale. From flexible cash deposit limits to higher transaction limits on digital platforms, IndusInd Bank is the one-stop shop for all your business banking needs. Open a Current Account online with IndusInd Bank to fuel your ambition and drive continual business growth.
At IndusInd Bank, we have designed our Current Accounts to be strategic assets for growth. With us, it is not just about keeping up with the best but also surging ahead of them. IndusInd Bank’s Current Account offers a suite of banking solutions to support your business. Enjoy features like online Current Account opening, customisable account numbers, efficient cheque collection services, auto-sweep fixed deposits, and account grouping (current and savings accounts) for easy management.
That’s not all! You can also leverage our specialised Current Account services like doorstep banking, cash management, trade and forex services, and the all-in-one Indus Merchant Solutions app to your advantage. Take control of your business finances with IndusInd Bank's online Current Account. Our secure mobile and internet banking solutions empower you to manage everyday tasks such as online fund transfers (via NEFT/RTGS/IMPS/UPI) for free, payment collections (via POS devices/QR codes), trade and forex services, etc., conveniently and efficiently.

Open a Current Account online with IndusInd Bank today and experience the difference with seamless and paperless banking!

Types Of Current Accounts

Your search for a compatible banking partner to start, run & grow your business ends here. IndusInd Bank current accounts are designed to cater to the evolving business requirements of every type of business – sole proprietorship, partnership firms, public limited companies, government and semi-government bodies, and many more. Explore our current accounts, NOW!

Industry Specific
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Open Indus Tarakki Current Account Online
Indus Tarakki Account

Indus Tarakki Account especially designed for Retailers, Traders and Merchants to enjoy seamless digital collections.

Key Features and Benefits
  • No Monthly Balance Requirement
  • Digital Collections through POS/PG/QR/UPI with minimum 1 digital collection transaction in a month
  • Anywhere free cash deposits upto Rs. 5 lac per month
  • Anywhere free cash withdrawals and many more
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Indus Select Current Account
Indus Select Current Account

Our premium Current account program that offers a delightful blend of scale and convenience to help businesses create more value.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Grouping of Accounts- Add Family & Business accounts at no additional balance requirement.
  • Enjoy Dynamic Cash Deposit Limits
  • Waiver on Outward Cheque return charges
  • Enjoy Auto Sweep Deposit
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Open Indus Premier Current Account
Indus Premier Current Account

A premier Current account with flexible limits to match dynamic Business requirement of medium-size businesses.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Dynamic Cash Deposit Limits.
  • Higher transaction limits.
  • Auto Sweep Deposit and Grouping of Accounts facility.
Industry Specific
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Open Indus Freedom Current Account Online
Indus Freedom Current Account

A Current account which has been designed especially for your business needs. Indus freedom is an efficient package of banking services for small or medium business/enterprise.

Key Features and Benefits
  • No worries of balance requirement
  • One Financial transaction to be done every month on Net banking or Mobile App or ATM
  • Free Cheque Book

What makes us the preferred bank for current account:

Tailored banking - Enjoy tailored banking solutions via IndusInd Bank’s industry specific current accounts that cover IT/ITes, agro, textile, telecom, shipping, import & export and many other industries.

Choose your account number - IndusInd Bank current account gives you the freedom to choose an easy-to-remember account number - be it an anniversary date, mobile number or simply your lucky number!

Family banking via grouping of accounts - Group your current account with related savings accounts to skip the hassle of monitoring each account balance individually.

Flexible cash deposit limits - IndusInd Bank offers dynamic transaction limits on its current accounts that can adapt as per the flexible requirements of your business today and tomorrow.

Digital payment solutions – IndusInd Bank current account provides a host of digital solutions such as POS device, QR, Soundbox & Payment Gateway solution to accept cashless payments from vendors, channel partners, customers and more.

User-friendly online banking portals – Experience simple, secure, smooth internet banking and mobile banking apps for your current account that lets you bank on the go!

Hassle-free & secure doorstep banking services* - With the premium doorstep banking offering of IndusInd Bank current account, you can enjoy services like cheque pickups, on-call cash pickups and much more.

Opening a current account online with IndusInd Bank is super easy and convenient. And combined with the above-mentioned benefits, IndusInd Bank truly stands out as the ideal banking partner for your business.

All these features are accessible through our secure mobile and internet banking solutions, eliminating the need for tiresome paperwork.

Eligibility criteria to open a current account

Current account is available for wide range of entities. Anybody who meets any of the following requirements can apply:

  • Resident Individual
  • Hindu Undivided Family (H.U.F.)
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Limited Company/Limited Liability Partnership
  • Trust, Associations, Societies, Clubs etc.

Current Account FAQs

  • What is a current account?

    Current account is an account meant for businesses. It’s a non-interest-bearing demand deposit which offers significantly higher number of transactions and services needed by micro, small, medium, large businesses, associations, societies or trusts. Current accounts offer frequent and immediate access to funds without any restrictions.

  • How are current accounts different from savings accounts?

    The three key differences between a current account and a savings account are:

    • Purpose of the account: The purpose of a current account is to facilitate frequent and high-value transaction requirements of businesses, whereas a savings account is a way for individuals to save money.
    • Interest income: Current accounts are non-interest-bearing; but with savings account, you can earn interest income on your account balance.
    • Freedom of performing transactions: Current account holders have the freedom of performing several transactions in a day; savings accounts do not offer this.
  • How can I open current account with IndusInd Bank?

    You can open a current account by either visiting a branch or digitally from the comfort of your home. To instantly open a current account with IndusInd Bank, you can:

    • Click on Apply Now OR
    • Download the Indus Merchant Solutions App (Android or iOS) OR
    • Visit the nearest IndusInd Bank branch.
  • What documents do I need to open a current account?

    Here is a tentative list of documents required for opening a current account:

    For sole proprietorship*

    • 2 documents in the name of Entity
    • Address proof in the name of entity
    • Proprietor Document – (Photo, PAN copy and 1 OVD* document copy)

    For Hindu Undivided Family (HUF)*

    • HUF PAN Card
    • Karta’s PAN Card
    • Karta’s OVD* document
    • HUF Declaration
    • KYC in the name of HUF is required as address proof

    For Partnership*

    • Partnership Deeds
    • Partnership Firm Declaration
    • Entity PAN card copy
    • Address Proof in the name of the Entity
    • OVD* copy of the Partners / Authorized Signatories / Beneficial Owners (Including Latest Photograph and PAN card copy)

    For Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)*

    • LLP agreements since inception
    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • LLP Firm Declaration
    • Latest list of designated partners
    • PAN card copy of the entity
    • Address Proof in the name of the Entity
    • OVD* copy of the Partners / Designated Partners / Authorised Signatories / Beneficial Owners (Including Latest Photograph and Pan card copy)

    For Company (Public Limited & Private Limited)*

    • Memorandum of Association (MOA) & Articles of Association (AOA)
    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • Board Resolution
    • Latest List of Directors
    • PAN card copy
    • Address Proof in the name of the Entity
    • OVD* copy of the Directors / Authorized Signatories / Beneficial Owners (Including Latest Photograph and Pan card copy)

    Official Valid Document (OVD)*

    • Passport
    • Driving License
    • Voter Identity Card
    • Proof of possession of Aadhar Number, in such a case declaration related to Aadhar redaction to be provided
    • Job card issued by NREGA duly signed by an officer of the State Government
    • Letter issued by National Population Register containing details of name, address

    Note: Nature of Business proof is needed for selective Industries across constitutions. The list is tentative and the bank reserves the right to seek additional documents.

  • Can I group my current account with my savings account?

    Yes, the grouping of accounts features not only allows you to add your current account and savings account together, but also gives you the freedom to extend grouping benefits to your group businesses (Entities with common authorized signatories) and family members (family as per account grouping program constitutes: kids, parents, spouse, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, father-in-law, mother-in-law, daughter-in-law & son-in-aw) too.

  • How is Average Monthly Balance (AMB) and Average Quarterly Balance (AQB) calculated?

    IndusInd Bank current account does not mandate a minimum balance in the current account but offers an average monthly balance to be maintained in your current account.

    AMB is calculated on a simple average of day-end balances for a calendar month. AMB is calculated by adding the closing balance of account each day from start of the month to end of the month. Then the total sum amount is divided by number of days in that month.
    Similarly, for AQB case, the AQB is closing balance of account each day from start of the quarter to end of the quarter, then the total sum amount is divided by number of days in that quarter.

  • What is the minimum Average Monthly Balance needed to open a current account?

    The minimum Average Monthly Balance, or AMB, varies upon the type of current account variant you choose. IndusInd Bank gives its customers the freedom to have more access to their funds with lowest Average Monthly Balance (AMB) requirements in the industry, starting from just Rs. 10,000.

  • What are the charges of opening a current account?

    At IndusInd Bank, you do not have to pay any current account opening charges. However, there are charges levied when customer uses the services beyond free limits* like issuance of an additional cheque book or cash deposit beyond free limits*. These charges will vary as per the services chosen. *Note: Free limits are different for each account type.

  • Can I change the mobile number, email-id of the current account?

    Yes, you can easily change the contact details of your current account like mobile number, email id, communication address linked to your existing current account at any point of time if the need arises. You may contact your relationship manager or visit the IndusInd Bank branch for the same.

  • Are online transactions in current account secure?

    IndusInd Bank delivers safe and secure banking services for all its products – including current accounts. Any transactions made digitally on your current account will be processed seamlessly, without any lapse in security of your funds.