TAB Declaration & Tnc


I/We understand that the deposits are accepted in accordance with the directives laid down by the Reserve Bank of India from time to time. I/We understand that these deposits and their payments are governed by the laws in force from time to time in India and are payable at the branch of IndusInd Bank in India where the deposits were made. The Bank has discretion to allow withdrawal of the deposits, either at the branch of deposit or at any other branch in India.

I/We further unconditionally and irrevocably authorize IndusInd Bank Ltd. (I) to access my Account registered for the service under the service; (ii) to debit my/our account with an amount equivalent to the fees and charges applicable for the services enjoyed by me/us.

In consideration of the Bank agreeing to provide the facility, I/we hereby irrevocably agrees, to indemnify and keep the Bank indemnified, at all times hereafter, from all losses, damages, costs, legal fees, charges and expenses and consequences whatsoever, suffered or incurred by the Bank on account of any claims, actions, suits or otherwise instituted by me/us, or any third party whatsoever, arising out of or in connection with the use of the facility and any and all transactions initiated by the use of the facility, whether with or without my/our knowledge, or whether the same have been initiated bona fide or otherwise which transactions. I/We hereby acknowledges, the Bank has processed on the transaction on my/our instructions and authority in accordance with these terms and conditions and other applicable specific terms and conditions from time to time, as the case may be.

I/We further agree and confirm that this indemnity shall remain valid and subsisting and binding upon me/us notwithstanding partial withdrawal of the facility. In case of joint accounts, instruction received from one of the accounts holders to stop operation will be deemed to be sufficient notice to the Bank to act upon such instructions. Further operations would be allowed only upon receipt of fresh instructions from all the account holders.

I/We agree that all the information disclosed above is correct and agree to inform you of any change in the information provided in this form or in related documents.

I/We confirm having read the rules of the Bank regarding the conduct of the account and the rules and regulations pertaining to Phone Banking, Debit Card, E-Banking, Tab Banking ,Doorstep Banking, Anywhere banking, Net Banking. Mobile Banking Video Banking & Utilities Pay Facilities. I/We accept and agree to comply with the terms & conditions or any rules of the Bank that may be in force from time to time. I/We acknowledge that it is my/our responsibility to obtain a copy of and read the same.

In case the account remains overdrawn on account of unrecovered changes. If any for a period of 3 months and above. The account will be closed and the Bank will not be responsible for giving any advance intimation thereof.

I/We also understand that the continuation of the account is at IndusInd Bank's sole discretion and in case IndusInd Bank is dissatisfied with the conduct of the account, IndusInd Bank has the right to close the account after giving me/us 15 days’ notice or withdraw the concession in all the concessions in all or any service charges granted to me/us or charge IndusInd Bank's applicable rates for such services.

I/We hereby authorize the Bank to record the transaction details is hereby expressly granted by us to Bank. All records of Bank generated by the transactions arising out of use of the facility, including the time of the transaction recorded shall be conclusive proof of the genuineness and accuracy of the transactions.

I/We authorizes Bank to send any message or make calls to my/our mobile phone/tab or display banners or any other communication on mobile application to inform me/us about any promotional offers including information regarding Banks' new products either now available or which the Bank may come up with in the future, greetings, banners or any other promotional messages or any other message that the Bank may consider appropriate to me/us.

I/We irrevocably and unconditionally agree that such calls or messages made by the Bank and or its agents shall not be construed as a breach of the privacy of me/us and shall not be proceeded against accordingly.

I/We authorize the Bank or its agents to make references/ enquiries as may be necessary and to exchange/share part with any /all information with credit bureaus/statutory bodies /other agencies as may deemed necessary or appropriate. (m) I/We shall be responsible for the accuracy of any information provided by the user for availing the facility.

I/We shall be solely responsible for protecting my/our registered mobile phone and password for the use of the facility. I/We shall be liable to the Bank for any kind of unauthorized or unlawful use of any of the above mentioned passwords or of the said facility or any fraudulent or erroneous instruction given and any financial charges thus incurred shall be payable by me/us only.

I/We accept that for the purposes of the said facility any transaction emanating from the given mobile phone and mobile number shall be assumed to have initiated by me/us. The grant of said services by the Bank to me/us is not transferable under any circumstances and shall be used only by me/us.

For BSBDA and BSBDA (Small) account:

I/ We understand that as my/ our account is a Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account/ Basic Savings Bank Deposit (Small) Account, I/ we cannot hold any other account in this bank. I/ We confirm that I/ we are not having any other bank account in my/ our name in any other bank. Also if I/ we have any other account I/ we shall get the same closed within 30 days of opening of this account

I/We acknowledge that, as per Prevention of Money Laundering Rules, 2005, in case of any update in the documents submitted by me/us after CIF / account opening, I/We shall submit the updated documents to the Bank within 30 daysto be updated in the Bank records.

Fixed/ Recurring Deposit Terms & Conditions

  • In the event of the death of the depositor(s), premature termination will be allowed without levy of penal charges as under:
    • With Nomination: In the event of the death of all depositors, the nominee will have the right to seek premature withdrawal of Term Deposit account;
    • Without Nomination: In the event of the death of all depositors, premature withdrawal will be permitted on joint request by all legal heirs (or any of them as mandated by all the legal heirs) and upon verification of the authority of the legal heirs;
    • Term Deposit with survivorship clause: Bank may permit withdrawal of Fixed/Term Deposits in accordance with the mandate of ‘Either or Survivor’, ‘Former/Latter or Survivor’, ‘Anyone of Survivors or Survivor’, etc. as the case may be;
    • Term Deposit with Mandate Jointly: Premature withdrawal will be permitted on joint request by the Survivor and legal heirs of the deceased depositor (or any of them as mandated by all the legal heirs) and upon verification of the authority of the legal heirs.
  • Interest (simple) on Fixed Deposits with tenure less than or equal to 180 days will be only paid on the maturity date of such deposit.
  • Linked Current/Savings Account will be applicable for initial payment, interest/maturity payment, and sweep-in facility, if selected
  • For Term Deposits: Mandate provided in the application will be applicable to premature withdrawal at any point of time, including death of any one but not all holders. In case of joint Term Deposits having operating instructions as ‘Either or Survivor’, ‘Anyone or Survivor’ or ‘Former or Survivor’, the Bank shall repay the deposit(s) before maturity of the deposit(s) in case such a request is received in accordance with the operating instructions of the respective deposit(s), along with relevant documents as may be specified by the Bank from time to time. The same would be applicable even in the event of death of the joint depositors prior to maturity of the deposit. Any such repayment before maturity shall constitute a valid discharge of the Bank’s obligations against all concerned including, but not limited to, the nominee/legal heirs of the depositors or anyone claiming under them.
  • For bulk deposits, please refer to the deposit policy for T&C on your Fixed Deposits. In case of any discrepancy in KYC or FD funds not received the FD will be liquidated without any interest payment and FD advice will be null & void.
  • The nomination on the Sweep fixed Deposit will be the same as that on the linked CASA account. The same is subject to modification/updation basis customer request.
  • Fixed Deposits booked through Indus Smart Sweep, will automatically be linked for sweep-in facility. Also, any holder addition/deletion will lead to de-linking of the Existing FDs and Cancellation of the existing Sweep FD setup instruction

Consent clause:
I/ We certify that all the information furnished by me/ us is true. I/ We authorise and give consent to the Bank or its agents to make references/ enquiries as may be necessary and to disclose, without notice to me/us, information furnished by me/ us in application form(s)/ related documents or exchange/ share/ part with any/ all information including financial details with credit bureaus/ statutory bodies/ regulatory authority / law enforcement authority, other agencies as may be deemed necessary or appropriate, at any point of time. I also authorise the Bank to disclose the information relating to Bank Guarantee/ Letter of Credit facility if any availed by me/us. l/ We waive the privilege of privacy & privity of contract. I/ We consent to receive information/ service updates and product updates etc. for Marketing purposes through Telephone/ Mobile/ SMS/ Email by the Bank/ its agents. I/ We hereby give consent to receive information from Central KYC Registry through SMS/ Email on the above registered contact number/email address. I/ We confirm that I/ We have read and understood the above Declaration, and that the contact details provided on the form are correct.

Aadhaar Disclaimer:
NPCI Mapping: Mapping is a process of associating a Bank with Aadhaar number which is facilitated by NPCI for Direct Benefit Transfer to the respective Bank who have linked the Aadhaar Number to a specific Bank account for receiving Direct Benefits to which customer has given the consent. IIN number will be provided by Bank receiving the consent Application.

Tatkal Kit Declaration
-I/We shall furnish all the necessary documents as may be required by the Bank in compliance with the ‘KYC’ (Know Your Customer) guidelines. I/We understand that though the Debit Card and Debit Card PIN mailer have been handed over to me/us , it does not construe the bank’s having accepted my/our application for opening an account with them.

-I/We understand that the bank reserves the right to refuse my/our account opening application even if the account number, deliverables have been provided to me/us by the bank and the bank will not be responsible for any eventuality resulting from acceptance or decline of my/our application for a Savings Account/Debit Card.

-In the event of the Bank declining my/our application on account of any deficiency for want of documents or for any other reason. I will /We shall return the account opening welcome kit to the bank immediately on demand.

-I/We agree to close the savings account if the initial cheque is returned for the following reasons-Payment stopped by the drawer, Material alteration, No such account, insufficient funds, Account Closed / Blocked.

-The bank reserves the right to close my / our account, in case the welcome letter sent by the Bank



  • The nominee will have the right to seek premature termination of term deposit account without nomination
  • Premature termination will be permitted on joint request by all legal heirs (or any of them as mandated by all the legal heirs) and upon verification of the authority of the legal heirs. Following will be applicable on demise of one of the joint deposit holders:
  • If the specific instructions for premature withdrawal are other than jointly, then in the event of death of one of the depositors, premature termination and payment of Term Deposits shall be allowed to survivor/(s) i.e. in the event of the death of an of the deposit holders, the survivor, if he/she so requests the bank, to prematurely withdraw the deposit without seeking the concurrence of the legal heirs of the deceased joint deposit holder, the bank is entitled to honour the same. Such payment to survivor/s shall give valid discharge to the bank.