Regulatory Disclosure

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Regulatory Disclosure

Code of Commitment

The Banking Codes and Standards Board of India (BCSBI) was set up in 2006 and had released first ‘Code of Bank's Commitment to Customers' in 2006. The 'Code of Bank's Commitment to Customers' was later revised in 2009 and 2014 and it was adopted by IndusInd Bank Ltd being a member of the BCSBI. The Code has been further revised in 2018. The code provides to evolve a comprehensive Code of Conduct for fair treatment to you and to monitor its adherence and it also provides protection to you and explains how the Bank has to deal with you in day-to-day banking operations.

While the set minimum standards are guaranteed, we will always endeavour to exceed them and give you pthe best service possible.

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Gold Card Scheme for Exporters

The Government (Ministry of Commerce and Industry), in consultation with RBI had indicated in the Foreign Trade Policy 2003-04 that a Gold Card Scheme would be worked out by RBI for creditworthy exporters with good track record for easy availability of export credit on best terms. Accordingly, in consultation with select banks and exporters, a Gold Card Scheme was drawn up. IndusInd Bank has implemented the Scheme for the benefit of all our valued export customers.

The Scheme envisages certain additional benefits based on the record of performance of the exporters. The Gold Card holder would enjoy simpler and more efficient credit delivery mechanism in recognition of his good track record.

All exporter customers may please contact their Relationship Manager for ascertaining details of the Scheme and eligibility requirements.

Bank's Commitment to Micro and Small Enterprises

Indusind Bank is a member of BCSBI and has adopted the Code of Bank's Commitment to Customers (individuals) which is a voluntary Code, which sets minimum standards for fair and transparent treatment of customers availing banking services.

Similarly "Code of Commitment to Micro and Small Enterprises" is also a voluntary Code, which sets minimum standards of banking practices for banks to follow when they are dealing with Micro and Small Enterprises as defined in the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises Development (MSMED) Act, 2006. It provides protection to MSE customers and explains how banks are expected to deal with customers in day-to-day operations and in times of financial difficulty.

As a member of BCSBI, Indusind Bank has adopted "Code of Commitment to Micro and Small Enterprises" with all the provisions.

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Grievance Redressal

RBI Notifications

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Cheque Truncation System

Prohibiting alterations/ corrections in cheques presented through Cheque Truncation System (CTS)

Reserve Bank of India in order to identify and control fraudulent alterations on cheques has issued guidelines that no changes/ corrections should be carried out on the cheques (other than date validation purposes, if required). For any change in the payee's name, courtesy amount (amount in figures) and legal amount (amount in words) etc., fresh cheques should be used by customers.

Important Note:

  • The aforesaid provision is applicable only cheques cleared under the image-based Cheque Truncation System (CTS). CTS is presently implemented only in National Capital Region (NCR) and will be introduced shortly in Chennai.
  • Cheques can be returned irrespective of availability of funds.
  • Cheques can be returned even if the alterations are authenticated by account holder/s or authorized signatory/ ies.
  • Alteration in date is allowed and branches may pass the cheques if authorized signatory/ ies have signed the alteration and the cheque is otherwise in order.
  • The aforesaid provision is not applicable to cheques cleared under other clearing arrangements such as MICR clearing, Non-MICR Clearing, over the counter collection (for cash payment) or direct collection of cheques outside the Clearing House arrangement.
  • The provisions will be effective be from December 01, 2010.
  • Banks are empowered to return the cheques presented in Cheque Truncation System (CTS) which are having alterations/ corrections except for date validation purpose.

Customer Policy


Details of Unclaimed Deposits

Customers are advised to approach the nearest branch for payment of unclaimed deposits and submit the following for making the account live:

  • Photo Identification proof  
  • Address Proof 
  • Details of accounts held

Customers can alternatively call the contact centre for support on locations of branches

Kindly click here for details on Unclaimed Deposits

To know the process for claiming the unclaimed deposit amount,Click Here


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Filing complaint on SCORES - Easy & Quick

For Clients Maintaining CDSL/NSDL Demat Account Services with the Bank
Filing complaint on SCORES - Easy & Quick

  • Register on SCORES portal
  • Mandatory details for filing complaints on scores
    • Name, PAN, Address, Mobile number, Email ID
  • Benefits:
    • Effective Communication
    • Speedy redressal of the grievances