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Brand IndusInd Bank is built around our deep focus and strong commitment to the customer, and the all-embracing culture of customer-centricity, which is at the core of what we do as a Bank. It embodies our deep commitment to innovation and to our constant endeavour to make banking more convenient for the customer. Our commitment to the customer stands on the 4 pillars of convenience that we have embraced: that we will make banking with us seamless, easy, fast and transparent. We are inspired by the ethos of the Indus Valley Civilization, one of the oldest and greatest civilizations of the world, from which we draw on our name and from its rich heritage and legacy, we derive our principles of trust, transparency, simplicity and service. It is from this great civilization that we also draw on the vibrant symbol of the Zebu Bull.

The Zebu is not only a quintessential symbol of the ancient civilization, but it also represents the vibrant and progressive community from which we draw our inspiration. The Zebu marks the identity of our Brand and its presence seen across all brand touchpoints. The brand communicates in Burgundy and Yellow Ochre – our brand colours. Exuding warmth and adding vibrancy, these colours help us create a strong and a unique brand identity and visual interest across our communication. Their consistent use enables a strong consumer connect.

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Learn how to use our IndusInd Bank logos and colors by downloading our full brand kit. This publicly available brand kit provides file types for a variety of print and web design scenarios

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