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Ready to make your money work for you? IndusInd Bank's Savings Account gives your money the growth it deserves. Open a bank account online with us in 4 easy steps and enjoy competitive Savings Account interest rates. Make the most of IndusInd Bank Savings Account with seamless transactions, competitive interest rates, 24/7 access to your funds, exclusive discounts and offers across top brands, and a wide range of banking services at your fingertips. Pay bills, check your balance, transfer funds, or review your bank account statement – digitally, instantly, and safely!

What’s more? Add a personal edge to your savings account with a customised account number. Choose your preferred account number and make your IndusInd Bank Savings Account experience uniquely yours! Open a savings account online in minutes and enjoy the freedom of banking from anywhere, anytime with IndusInd Bank.

Choose from a Range of Savings Accounts Tailored to Your Savings Requirements

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Indus Delite: Saving Account Opening
Indus Delite Savings Account

Indus Delite Savings Account offers tailor made solutions for your delight. Enjoy exciting offers with Delights debit card!

Key Features and Benefits
  • 5% cashback* on fuel, entertainment, dining and OTT spends with your Delights debit card
  • 5% cashback on Amazon* with your IndusInd Bank debit card
  • Zero balance requirement subject to IP funding
  • 20% off on Swiggy & 10% off on bigbasket with your Delights debit card
  • Buy 1 Get 1 on movie tickets on BookMyShow with your Delights debit card
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Indus Multiplier Max: Online Savings Bank Account Opening
Indus Multiplier Max Savings Account

Indus Multiplier Max Savings Account offers the flexibility of a savings account along with FD-like returns.

Key Features and Benefits
  • 25% Locker discount
  • Smart sweep feature that automatically turns savings account balance above ₹ 20,000 into fixed deposits, giving you higher and better returns
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Indus Select: Online Saving Account Opening
Indus Select Savings Account

Indus Select Savings Account is a premier bank account with numerous privileges and lifestyle offers.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Lifetime free World/Signature Select Debit Card
  • Buy one and get one free movie ticket from BookMyShow

Open Savings Account Online in Just 4 Steps

 Pick an account number of your choice

Pick an account number of your choice

Enter your details

Enter your details

 Add funds to your account

Add funds to your account

Complete Video KYC from anywhere, at any time

Complete Video KYC from anywhere, at any time

Earn an attractive interest rate on your savings account balance!

Our savings account stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to prioritising our customers. Enjoy the advantage of highly competitive interest rates across all our online savings account variants.  Check out the latest interest rates we are offering on savings accounts here.


The interest on your savings account is calculated based on your daily maintained balance. The interest is disbursed at quarterly intervals.

Features & Benefits

Attractive rate of interest

Minimum documentation

Account number of your choice

Discounts & offers across top brands

Access to a wide array of digital banking services

Savings Account FAQs

  • What is a Savings account?

    A savings account is a type of bank account that helps individuals save money and earn interest on their deposits. Savings accounts are considered a safe and low-risk option for saving money for future use or emergencies. They typically have no or low fees and easy access to funds when needed. A savings account is a valuable financial tool for building wealth and achieving financial goals.

  • How to choose the ideal savings account for your needs?

    While looking for a savings account that matches your savings goals & financial needs, look for the following: 

    • Interest rate offered by the bank: This will determine the rate at which your savings will multiply
    • Minimum balance requirements: This will help you ensure that you have the liquidity you desire
    • Offers on your account or debit card: This will help you save more on your everyday purchases
    • Internet and mobile banking features: This ensures you don’t have to visit the branch for any & every banking services


  • Why open an IndusInd Bank Online Savings Account? 

    IndusInd Bank offers attractive interest rates on different online savings accounts. Each of our savings accounts is tailored to your specific needs based on your income, expenditure, and lifestyle. We have a vast network of branches spread across the country. You can visit any branch to open a new savings account. We also offer a robust digital banking system that enables you to transact from anywhere anytime.

    Enjoy benefits such as:

    • Freedom to pick an account number of your choice
    • Online savings account opening without any bank visits
    • Attractive interest rate on your savings account balance
    • 100% digital banking via the all-in-one IndusMobile App
    • Attractive cashback offers and discounts across top brands.

    We also offer attractive discounts on locker charges. We allow cash withdrawals in the denomination of your choice and lots more. Additionally, you can enjoy debit card offers on dining, travel, and entertainment! So, don’t wait – open a savings account with IndusInd Bank NOW.

  • What are the eligibility criteria for opening a savings account online with IndusInd Bank? 

    To open a savings account online, you must meet the following criteria and furnish required documents:

    • You must be an Indian citizen or a resident with a valid PAN card or Aadhaar Card.
    • You must have proof of age and be at least 18 years old or should have a guardian proof for the minor's savings account.
  • How to open a savings account online with IndusInd Bank? 

    The online savings account opening process includes four easy steps:

    • STEP 1 - Pick an account number of your choice

    • STEP 2 - Enter your details

    • STEP 3 - Add funds to your online savings account

    • STEP 4 - Complete Video KYC for your account

    That's it! Once your Video KYC is complete, you can enjoy a higher transaction limit, lifetime validity & unrestricted account access, and many more features on your IndusInd Bank Online Savings Account. 

  • What are the documents required to open Savings Account online?

    All you need is:

     - Aadhaar Card

     - PAN Card 

     - Mobile number linked to Aadhaar

    Click here to apply for a bank account online.

  • How can I open a savings account offline?

    For the offline procedure, you can open a savings account easily by visiting the nearest bank branch.

  • What are the various types of Savings Accounts offered by IndusInd Bank?

  • IndusInd Bank offers a variety of savings accounts to meet the needs of various types of customers. You can choose an account that suits you best by entering these details:

    - Your age (minor, adult, senior citizen),

    - Your monthly income, and 

    - Services you want. For example, free ATM transactions, offers on dining, travel or more.

    While opening savings accounts online, you can select from the following variants offered by IndusInd Bank:

    Regular Savings Account Special Savings Account Premium Savings Account
    Indus Privilege Indus Delite PIONEER Banking and Wealth Management
    Indus Privilege Max Indus Multiplier Max Indus Grandé
    Indus Classic Indus Diva Women Indus Exclusive
    Indus Digi Start Indus Senior Citizen Indus Partner
    Indus Maxima Indus Young Saver Indus PROgress
    Indus Small Indus 3-in-1 Account Indus Select
    Indus Easy    
  • What are interest rates on savings accounts?

  • When you deposit money into a savings account, you earn interest on that money over time. The percentage at which this interest is calculated is known as the savings account interest rates.

    You can check this link for the latest interest rates that IndusInd Bank offers.

  • How is the interest rate on an online savings account calculated? 

    Here’s an example to help you understand the concept better: If the interest rate on a savings account is 5%, and you have Rs. 1,000 in the account, you'll earn Rs. 50 in interest for the year. The interest is typically compounded. It means you can earn interest on the interest that you've already earned. 
  • What is compound interest on a savings account? 

    As per the compound interest on a savings account, the interest earned is added to the principal amount. The interest for the next period is calculated on the original principal amount plus the interest earned on it. This means you earn interest on your initial deposit and on the accumulated interest.

    Suppose you have Rs. 10,000 in a savings account that pays an annual interest rate of 5% compounded quarterly. After the first quarter, your account balance would be Rs. 10,125, which is the original Rs. 10,000 plus interest of Rs. 125. In the second quarter, the interest would be calculated at Rs. 10,125, not just the original Rs. 10,000. Therefore, the interest earned would be Rs. 127.03, which is slightly more than the interest earned in the first quarter because you are now earning interest on Rs. 10,125. This process repeats every quarter, and the interest earned keeps increasing due to the compounding effect.

    Compounding interest on a savings account can help your savings grow faster over time.

  • When is interest credited to the Savings Account?

    Interest rates are calculated and paid out quarterly. The interest earned depends on the balance in your account and the interest rate offered by the bank. 


* T&C apply. Saving Accounts Terms & Conditions

*T&C apply. Credit Card Bill Payment Offer Terms & Conditions

Online Saving Account Opening

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