Open Fixed Deposit Account Online

Fixed Deposit Account Overview

An IndusInd Bank Fixed (Term) Deposit is a guaranteed-return investment with competitive benefits so that your money can work for you. Our flexible investment tenures make it easier for you to meet your short-term and long-term goals. Open a FD online from anywhere and enjoy competitive interest rates for long and short-term deposits. 

High Interest rates: Term Deposit

High Interest rates

Hassle Free Instant online booking: Fixed Deposit Tax Saving

Hassle Free Instant online booking

Flexible Tenure: Fixed Deposit Account

Flexible Tenure

Flexible options for interest payment: Term Deposit

Flexible options for interest payment

Features and Benefits of Fixed Deposit

When you open IndusInd FD, rest assured that you will get the following benefits:

1. Hassle free Instant booking – Book your FD online in 3 easy steps, you only need your PAN and Aadhaar details

2. High Interest rate – Earn best in class interest rate.

*Refer Interest Rate section for amount, tenure & interest rate

3. Auto – renewal option and multiple options for interest payment  (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly or at maturity)

4. Complete you KYC instantly with our Video KYC facility – With Video KYC you can book an FD of any amount

5. Tax Saver FD – Book FD for 5 years & save your tax

Apply for Instant FD

Fixed Deposit (FD) Calculator

When you open a FD account, the interest is earned on the amount you deposit. FD calculator makes it easy for you to calculate the interest earned and the amount you will be getting upon maturity of the fixed deposit. Find out how your fixed deposit investment will fair at IndusInd Bank by entering the values of your choice below:

I would like to invest for year/s and month/s with a re-investment option and earn an interest rate 7.50%

Calculate Now

*T&C apply, Term Deposits Terms & Conditions

*This is an estimated maturity amount.
*Only for resident individual customers
*Please ensure pop up is enabled on the browser before proceeding

Click here to know more.

View Interest Rates
These Calculations may vary from actual figures.

How to Book Fixed Deposit Instantly?

Web application Indus Mobile Indus Net
Applicable for Non-IndusInd customers as well
• Verify your PAN & Aadhar
• Fill in Personal and FD Details
• Complete Video-KYC
• Fund your FD

Apply for Instant FD
Step 1: Login through your Mobile banking ID and choose the deposit option.
Step 2: Click on ‘Create Fixed Deposit’, fill out the form precisely.
Step 3: On successful submission, the amount is transferred from your savings account.
Step 1: Select the deposit option on your Internet banking account.
Step 2: Click on ‘Open FD’ and fill your details.

Select the amount you wish to add to your FD from your savings account.

Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

Letting your hard-earned money sit idle is not an ideal option when the fixed deposit interest rates are increasing. Get attractive interest rates on FD with IndusInd Bank today to grow your wealth, secure future, and generate inflation-beating high returns.

Features of Fixed Deposits

A fixed deposit is a safe investment option and the most popular one because they are less volatile in nature. Fixed deposits do not depend upon equities, so they don’t fluctuate as per market condition. Since FD rates do not depend upon market fluctuations, account holders get guaranteed returns at maturity.

It is the most trustworthy option for those who are risk-averse but would like to diversify their investment portfolio, or simply begin their investment journey. FD interest rates is accrued on the principal or deposited amount over a fixed tenure.

We, at IndusInd Bank offer attractive fixed deposit interest rates for all our customers ensuring you get handsome returns on your deposits.

Benefits of Fixed Deposits

  • Returns are unaffected by the market conditions
  • Flexibility in interest credit frequency on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis
  • Flexible tenure as per convenience
  • 100% online application process

Trusted by millions of customers, IndusInd Bank’s FD interest rates are most attractive

Why Choose Fixed Deposit with IndusInd Bank?

IndusInd Bank is one of the most preferred bank for fixed deposits. We offer best-in-class interest rates for fixed deposits which you can book from the comfort of your home alongwith flexible tenure and guaranteed returns

How to Apply?

Apply for IndusInd Bank’s online FD is easy. Open your FD account in these steps –

  • Register using mobile number
  • Provide both PAN card and Aadhaar card details
  • Enter principal amount to be deposited and complete your KYC using video KYC
  • Receive account confirmation and start growing your money

Fixed Deposit Eligibility Criteria

To open an online fixed deposit with IndusInd Bank, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Should be a citizen of India
  • Should be more than 18 years
  • Should have a valid KYC documents such as PAN and Aadhar

Fixed deposits can be opened by :

  • Individuals
  • HUFs
  • Sole proprietorships
  • Partnership firms
  • Limited companies
  • Guardians on behalf of minors
  • Societies
  • Clubs
  • Trusts
  • Associations

Fixed Deposit FAQs

  • What is Fixed Deposit (FD)?

    A fixed deposit, also known as FD, is a type of financial investment offered by banks and non-banking financial institutions to their customers. People can invest a set amount of money for a set period of time in an FD and earn a higher rate of interest than they would in a regular savings account. The tenure of fixed deposits varies from 7 days to 10 years. If you want a hassle-free online FD account opening experience, opt for IndusInd Bank You can open an FD in three simple steps. All you need is your PAN and Aadhaar number and complete the Video KYC. The minimum amount that you need to open an FD is Rs. 10,000.

  • How safe are IndusInd Bank’s Online Fixed Deposits?

    With AA+ Crisil and ICRA rating, IndusInd bank is one of the safest banks for opening fixed deposits. Investors can choose between flexible tenures ranging from 7 days to 10 years according to their needs and deposit capacity. The deposit insurance scheme of RBI covers all IndusInd Bank deposits of up to INR 5,00,000 at customer level. Contact IndusInd Bank or visit their website to open an FD account online and earn the best-in-class interest rate.

  • When will my Online Fixed Deposit Account get opened?

    If you are an existing savings account holder in IndusInd Bank and want to open FD account online through netbanking, your FD will be opened immediately. In case the funding is from another bank, it will take 2 working days to open FD account online. This is subject to payment realisation from your debiting Bank and credit from the Payment partner.

  • What are the interest rates for IndusInd Online Fixed Deposit?

    Customers deposit their funds in various schemes, each of which offers different interest rates. Fixed deposit is one such scheme that offers attractive interest rates on a one-time deposit for a certain period. Different banks offer different rates of interest on fixed deposits. IndusInd Bank offers an attractive interest rate for regular citizens and senior citizens.

  • What is the minimum and maximum tenure and amount?

    If you are an existing IndusInd Bank customer, you can book a fixed deposit from a minimum of Rs. 10,000 to maximum Rs. 10 Lakhs. The new customers can book fixed deposit for amount ranging from 10,000 to Rs. 90,000 only. The minimum tenure for book a fixed deposit is 6 months and the maximum tenure is 10 years.

  • How will I receive my interest/maturity?

    The interest accrued on the online fixed deposit will be directly credited to the linked IndusInd Savings Account of existing customers. However, if you don’t have a savings account with IndusInd Bank, the amount accrued, post maturity will be transferred to you via a Demand Draft in your name.

  • How does a bank calculate interest on fixed deposits?

    FD is a safe investment that only requires a one-time deposit. You’ll earn interest on the amount you deposit for a chosen period of tenure. There are two methods for calculating interest on a fixed deposit: Simple Interest and Compound Interest.
    The rate of interest on a fixed deposit is not the same for all tenures. You should check the rate of interest table available on the bank’s website to invest smartly.

  • How does a fixed deposit account work?

    When you put money into a fixed deposit account, you lock away your funds for a set period of time. Banks give you the option of investing your money in an FD account for as little as 7 days or as long as 10 years. The money you put in helps you earn interest at a fixed rate. In addition, IndusInd Bank also allows premature withdrawal depending on the deposit category. Customers, however, need to check the product details to get the necessary information. On the maturity date, the bank deposits the principal and interest into your account. If you’re interested in opening an FD account online, IndusInd Bank is the right option. It allows you to open a fixed deposit account in three simple steps and offers a competitive interest rate. Get in touch with IndusInd Bank for more information.

  • How to save tax on FD interest?

    If the amount of interest on an FD exceeds Rs. 40,000, (50,000 in case of resident senior citizens) the amount will be eligible for a 10% tax deduction. An investor must submit form 15G to the bank, stating that he has no taxable income, in order to avoid paying tax on his FD returns. To avoid TDS on FD returns, senior citizens must submit form 15H to the bank. An investor can also distribute the FD amount to keep the interest rate under Rs. 40,000. Another option for tax saving is to choose a tenure that does not exceed Rs. 40,000 in interest. Book a 5-year Tax Saver Fixed Deposit wit IndusInd Bank and save tax. For more information, get in touch with IndusInd Bank.

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