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No more waiting in the long queues at the bank branches, waiting for the demand drafts to be made, and writing cheques that takes days to clear. Here is the solution to make it simpler, convenient and faster with IndusInd Bank Visa Credit Card bill payment.

Pay your credit card bills absolutely FREE through IndusInd Bank’s IndusNet – VISA Credit Card Bill Payment Service. All you need to know is the beneficiary’s VISA Credit Card number.


Visa Credit Card bill payment process

ATM funds transfer

  • Select Visa Credit Card bill payment option
  • Select the IndusInd Bank account through which you want to transfer funds
  • Enter Beneficiary VISA Credit Card number
  • Confirm the transaction

IndusNet - Net Banking funds transfer-

  • Logon to
  • Login to IndusNet (Internet Banking) with the User ID and login password
  • Click on Funds Transfer and add a beneficiary for Visa Credit Card Bill Payment by providing the beneficiary name and VISA Credit Card number
  • Go to the “To any Visa Card” option under Transfer Funds
  • Select the IndusInd Bank Account through which you want to transfer funds
  • Select the card to which you want to make the payment
  • Enter the amount to be transferred
  • Confirm the transaction date
  • Confirm the transaction and validate through a Transaction password/OTP


Why IndusNet?

IndusNet is an online service which allows you to do virtually all your banking activities at your convenience. Through IndusNet you can access all your banking and depository accounts with the bank, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from anywhere in the world.

Who can register for IndusNet?

All customers of IndusInd Bank having either savings or current account, operated on either or survivor/anyone or survivor basis, can register for INDUSNET.

Will I be charged for availing IndusNet?

IndusNet is a free service, providing you access to your accounts and lets you transact over the internet. However, standard commission/transaction fees for certain bank services still apply. Please refer to the Schedule of Charges to know more on any applicable charge.

How can I register for IndusNet?

There are multiple ways to register:

  • Register online using your Debit cum ATM card by visiting and clicking on the Register Now link
  • You may call our contact center on numbers shared in the Contact Us section or
  • You may visit our branch
What do I need for IndusNet?

Indusnet is best viewed on 1024 X 768 resolution in Internet Explorer Version 6.0 or higher and Mozilla Firefox Version 3.0 or higher. While IndusNet can be accessed through other browser versions and browser resolutions, some functionality/pages may not load as per expectations.

You need a Java enabled browser, if your browser is not Java enabled Click Here to download the PlugIn. (

How secure is IndusNet?

At IndusInd Bank, security of your account transactions has always been our priority. We at IndusInd Bank have made all efforts to ensure your security and have already implemented 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Plus, a host of internal control measures and processes ensure that your transactions remain confidential.

Listed below are some tips to ensure more security:

  • Use the Virtual Keypad to enter your login password and Debit Card PIN
  • Change your login password and transaction password on your first login
  • Change your password frequently or at least once a month, through the change password option
  • Destroy the password after memorising it, do not write down your password or store it anywhere. Avoid using it when others can observe you
  • Don't disclose your passwords to anyone; it is both personal and confidential
  • Choose passwords that are difficult for others to guess. Do not select easy-to-guess password, like date of birth, telephone number or sequential numbers such as 111111, 12356 etc
  • Use letters as well as numbers and a combination of lower case and capital letters in your passwords
  • Always log out of IndusNet after using it or whenever you are away from your PC. For security reasons, your login session of Net Banking will be terminated if your browser is left idle for a while
  • Always remember to close the browser application after logging out
  • Avoid accessing Net Banking through computers installed in public/open areas, e.g. cyber-cafes or libraries
  • Our bank does not ask for the details of your account/PIN/password. Therefore, any one pretending to be asking you for information from the bank/technical team may be fraudulent entities, so please be ware. You should know how to operate net transactions and if you are not familiar you may refrain from doing so. You may seek bank's guidance in this regard. Bank is not responsible for online transactions going wrong
  • We shall also not be responsible for wrong transactions and want on disclosure of details by you. Viewing option and transactions options on the net are different. You may exercise your option diligently
Login/Password related
How many passwords do I need?

A user ID and a login password is needed to access IndusNet. To transact (financial and non financial) you would need your Transaction Password or register for One Time Password (OTP).

Can I change my User ID?

IndusNet offers you the opportunity to personalise your user ID at the time of registration. You get the freedom of choosing your own user id subject to the same being available.

What are One Time Passwords (OTP)?

One Time Passwords (OTPs) are unique single use passwords that can be used for high value transactions and other key services on IndusNet.

How can I register for and use the OTP service?

In case you have an active IndusInd Bank Debit Card then you can register for OTP through IndusNet else get in touch with our Contact Centre or visit an IndusInd bank branch.

What are the benefits of using the OTP service?

The benefits of using OTP are:

  • Using it enables you to undertake transactions of a greater value than using only the transaction password while also ensuring higher security
  • Using OTP service allows you to access services that are offered only via the use of OTPs e.g. enabling you to change your contact details
Can I use the OTP in place of the Transaction Password?

Yes the OTP can be used in place of the transaction password.

For how long is an OTP valid?

An OTP is valid for a few minutes only and can be used for one transaction/request only.

How long would it take to receive an SMS OTP?

The SMS OTP would be generated by the bank in real-time. The time taken for you to receive the SMS OTP would depend on your mobile operator.

What do I need to register online for IndusNet?

You need to have

  • Your IndusInd bank Customer ID
  • A valid IndusInd Bank Debit Card

You would also be required to provide any one of the following fields to complete your online registration.

  • Date of birth
  • Permanent Account Number (PAN)(In case you don't have a valid Debit card please call our Contact Center or visit our branches to know how to register for IndusNet)
How do I register online for IndusNet?

You can visit the online registration section available on the login page of IndusNet and commence the process for Online Registration.

How many attempts do I get to enter my login password?

There will be 3 attempts allowed to enter your correct login password post which your account will get locked.

What do I do if my IndusNet user id gets locked?

In case your id gets locked, you can

  • Reset your password online from Activate/Unblock id section on IndusNet login page by providing your debit card and personal details
  • Contact your Contact Center and ask the executive to assist you in resetting Login Password
Does my password expire?
  • Your login and transaction password expires every 90 days
  • If you choose to reset either password before the expiry then the next expiry is 90 days from the password reset date
What do I do if my password expires?

In case your passwords expire, you will be prompted to change your password after you log in, and before you login/transact subsequently.

What if I have forgotten my password?

In case you have forgotten your password you can reset the same by validating your debit card details on the "Forgot your Login Password" option.

How do I change my transaction password?

You can change it by navigating to the "Reset Transaction Password" section via the "Online Preferences" option located at the top of your IndusNet screen. Your password will be changed instantly.

Account Related
How far back will my account transaction history be available for viewing on IndusNet?

You can view your last 12 months transactions through the transaction query option.

Can I save my account statement on my computer?

You can download and save the account statement in MS Excel or PDF format.

Can I see & print copy of cheques issued by me through IndusNet?

By clicking on the transactions on the transaction history page you can view details of the transactions. In case it is a transaction where a cheque had been issued by you a copy of the same would also be available. You can also print the copy of the cheque.

What is my primary account?

The primary account is the default account used for your IndusNet transactions. You can select and set any of your operative rupee accounts as the primary account.

What are nicknames?

Nicknames are customized names that you can give to your account for your own convenience.

Can I view a history of my IndusNet activities?

Through the option of account Inquiry you can see a log of all transactions (financial and non financial) done by you on any particular date that you logged into IndusNet.

Manage My Account
What is Manage My Account?

Manage My Account is a one of a kind facility giving you the freedom to modify your relationship with the bank.

What can I do using this facility?

Through Manage My Account you can:

  • Update your Personal details
  • Upgrade your accounts and Debit cards
  • Choose your Debit Card & IndusNet Transaction Limits
  • Link deposits to your accounts
  • Customise alerts to be delivered on SMS, Email and IndusNet
Is there a charge for using Manage My Account?

This facility is currently provided free of charge. Though there would be certain charges for certain services provided through this service. Please refer to the Schedule of Charges to know more on any applicable charge.

Fund Transfers
Which accounts can I transfer funds to?

You can transfer funds between any of your transaction accounts i.e. between your savings and current accounts. You can also transfer to pre-designated 3rd party accounts (Inter or Intra branch).

When do my transfers get processed?

Your transfers get processed instantly. Third Party Transfers can be scheduled for future dates.

How do I register a 3rd Party for Fund Transfers?

Using the Add Beneficiary option you can register either another IndusInd account or an account with another bank for transfers.

Is there a limit on the amount of money or the number of transfers I can do?

The daily limit and per transaction limit as displayed in the limit Inquiry is applicable for transfer amounts.

How can I transfer Funds to accounts in other banks in India?

Through IndusNet you can use two routes to transfer funds to accounts in other banks in India:

  • National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT): Make funds transfer requests online to an account in another bank. Funds are transferred to the credit account with the other participating bank using RBI's NEFT service. RBI acts as the service provider and transfers the credit to the other bank's account
  • Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS):You can make online fund transfers via the RTGS system
Can I schedule EFT payments for a future date?

Yes. You would even be able to create a frequency of such payments by selecting the Recurring Option & setting the Transaction Date in the Funds Transfer section.

Is there a charge for the service?

There is no charge for the e transfers service.

What is RTGS?What is RTGS?

RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) is a payment system launched by the RBI in which payment instructions are transferred instantaneously to a beneficiary holding an account with a bank branch which is registered for RTGS by the RBI.

What is the value of Fund Transfers I can do?

You need to transfer a minimum of INR 200, 000 in a single fund transfer transaction to avail of the RTGS facility.

What is the time taken to transfer the money to other banks using E-transfers?

Debit from the account will be made online and the transfer will be done on the same day. A client will be unable to do a transfer if it is done post the cut off time that day. Cut off times as below:
RTGS : 9:00 am - 4:25 pm
NEFT: 9:00 am - 6:45 pm

How do I know if a particular branch participates in RTGS?

Based on selection of location and bank name, there will be a list of participating branches displayed. In case, the required branch appears in the list, the same indicates that the branch participates in RTGS.

What is the charge per instruction?

There is no charge for the RTGS service.

Do I need to provide the IFSC code of the beneficiary bank?

No.Based on a simple search option of location, bank & branch, The IFSC code will automatically be populated.

What happens if the RTGS instruction is returned?

The bank will credit the funds back to your account with appropriate return reason as received from the beneficiary bank

Bill Payments
What is View & Pay Service on IndusInd BillPay?

View & Pay is an extremely simple, convenient and secure way to view and pay your bills. Through this service you can view and pay your electricity, telephone, cellular, insurance and other bills using your IndusInd Bank Account. You can do all this from the comfort of your house or office, over the Internet - any time, any place.

What are the benefits of View & Pay service?

Paying bills with View & Pay simplifies your life. Your payments are made quickly and conveniently, and you no longer have to track multiple utility bills, write multiple checks or balance your check book.

How do I register and make payments through IndusInd BillPay?

If you are registered on IndusNet you can use the BillPay service. Once logged in you can go to the Bill Payment Tab and add all your Billers. You can then check the due amount on each of your bills, and click on payment option to make automatic payment using your IndusInd Bank Account.

How do I add billers after registration?

After registration you can log into your account and start adding billers. Subject to your providing correct biller details all future bills raised within a week of your biller addition date will start getting raised in your account.

When can I start paying my bills through this facility?

Subject to correct submission of the biller details by you, all your future bills that are raised within 1 week of your biller addition date, will start getting raised in your account. If any of your biller addition gets rejected, you will be able to view the status when you log in. In case of payment only type billers the biller does not need to be registered, an instant payment can be made to him.

How will I know that my bill has been received at IndusInd BillPay?

You will receive an e-mail/sms alert every time your bill is received.
Login into your account, check the amount and make a payment by clicking on the auto-Instant pay button.

How can I pay bills using the View & Pay Service?

You can

Pay bills by clicking on the auto-instant pay button.

  • All the details from your bill are automatically captured, you can validate and click on the submit button
  • This will take you to a secure payment gateway, where you will have to provide your IndusInd Bank Account details
  • You will get a confirmation immediately on transacting on whether the transaction has been approved
Which account can I use to pay my bills?

You can use any of your IndusInd Bank accounts.

By when should I make my bill payments?

To ensure that your payments arrive before a due date and to avoid late payment charges, you need to make your payment at least 3 working days before the bill due date.

Can I pay bills after their due date?

The biller specific terms are clearly indicated on the biller page when you are validating the Instant pay screen. Please adhere to them strictly. Where billers do not entertain late payments, any payment made by you after due date is liable to be rejected by the biller with attendant penalties.

Once I pay the bill, when will my account get debited and when will the utility company receive my payment?

On payment of the bill your account will get immediately debited online and the payment is sent to the utility company by the next working day. The same will get credited to your utility account in 3 working days time.

Can I pay someone else's bills?

Yes, you can pay someone else's bill through IndusInd Billpay.

What proof of payment do I have when I pay through IndusInd BillPay?

When your payment has been successfully made, you get a reference number for your transaction. Your IndusInd Bank Account statement will also include the details of your transaction under Instant pay transaction. This amount will be inclusive of the processing fee charged for each transaction.

If I am registered for View & Pay in a city, can I pay my bills from any other city?

Yes, you can pay your bills from any location through internet.

Is there a limit on the size of a payment I can make?

Please ensure you have free/unutilised credit limit in your account to make the payment otherwise the transaction will not get authorised.

Will I still receive my physical bill?

You will continue to receive your physical bill even after registering for this service with us.

How do I stop a payment after it has been made?

IndusInd Billpay has no way to stop a payment after it has been processed. You should contact your biller.

Is the View & Pay system secure?

View & Pay employs the best-in-class security so that the transactions done through the View & Pay service are secure. View & Pay uses Secure Socket Layers (SSL) data encryption. Using SSL ensures that the information you exchange with IndusInd BillPay is never transmitted over the Internet unencrypted and cannot be viewed by unauthorised individuals. View & Pay uses SSL to protect users from unauthorized tampering or viewing of their account and billing information. This encryption is done using 128-bit RC4 encryption.

Will I be charged for using this facility?

This facility is currently provided free of charge.

What are alerts?

Alerts are IndusNet notifications that the bank will send you. These can be received on your welcome screen, to your email account, or to your mobile phone. In the Alerts section, you can select the kind of alerts you wish to receive, and on which channel.

What type of alerts can I set?
  • Account related alerts
  • Bill Payment alerts
  • Alerts on IndusNet activities
How do I change my email/mobile phone details for my alerts?

You can change your email & mobile phone details from the "Manage Relationship" section.

Can I reply to or send further instructions to the alerts being sent on my email id?

No! Please do not reply to any of the alerts that are sent to your registered email address.

Would I be charged for using this facility?

This service is currently provided free of charge.

What are the banking requests that I can place online?

The requests that can be placed online are:

  • Stop Cheque Payment
  • Cheque Book Request
  • Demand Draft Request
  • Fixed Deposit Opening Request
  • Status of Inward clearing Instruments
  • Charge Plan Request
  • Account Statement Request
  • E-statement Registration Request
  • Mobile Alerts Registration Request
  • Cheque Pick up
  • Deposit Maturity Change Request
  • Sweep In Deposit
  • Notification of lost or stolen card
  • Debit Card Activation Request
  • Debit Card Modification Request
    • Upgrade Card
    • Link Accounts
    • Redeem Points
    • Upgrade Limits
  • Profile Change Request (Primary/Linked Customer ID)
    • Email & Mobile
    • PAN & DOB
    • Customer Address
    • Account Address
  • Grouping of customer id request
  • IndusNet Limit Change Request
  • Delink Customer ID
Can I book a Fixed Deposit through IndusNet?

IndusNet provides you with the facility to book your fixed deposits online. Through the "Service Request" option you can create your fixed deposits.

How long will it take to book the Fixed Deposit?

The fixed deposit advice will reach you at your mailing address 7 working days from the date of placing the request on IndusNet

Can I do a pre mature withdrawal or close a Fixed Deposit online?

This facility is currently not available through IndusNet though you can change the maturity instructions of your deposit online.

How do I know that my Fixed Deposit has been booked?

When your Fixed Deposit request is submitted, you will receive a Unique Reference Number. Your new Fixed Deposit will also be listed in your account statements and will reflect in the transaction history of your funding account. In addition there will be a mail in your IndusNet Mailbox confirming the same.

How long will it take to activate the Stop Payment? How do I know that my Stop Payment Instruction has been accepted?

Your stop payment will be done instantly. A confirmation message of the same would be sent to you through the registered email and SMS.

What are the charges for Stop Payment?

This service is currently provided free of charge.

How long will it take for my Cheque Pick up Request to be processed?

The doorstep banking co-ordinator from the nearest Indusind Bank branch will contact you to take the request forward. The timing of the cash delivery will be communicated by the Doorstep Banking co-ordinator.

How do I know that the request has been accepted?

When your request is submitted you will receive a unique reference number confirming the same. You can track the status of your requests in the "Service Request" section. When your request is processed, you will receive a notification on IndusNet, Email & SMS confirming the same and it will also reflect in the transaction history of your funding account.

Are there any transaction limits?

Your daily IndusNet transaction limits apply for Doorstep Banking as well.

What are the charges?

This service is currently provided free of charge.

Contact Us
How can I get in touch with IndusInd Bank?

You can either

  • Visit our branches or ATMs
  • Write to us through IndusNet
  • Call our contact center at call our Contact Center from Monday to Saturday between 8:00 am to 11:00 pm
  • Mumbai Customers : (022) 4406 6666
  • Customers with MTNL/BSNL Numbers : 1860 500 5004
  • Other Customers : 1800 209 0061
Where are IndusInd bank branches and ATMs located?

Please check the BRANCH/ATM Locator to find the branch/ATM closest to you.

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  • Daily balance above Rs. 1 Lakh & upto (& including) Rs. 10 Lakhs 5 %
  • Daily balance above Rs.10 Lakhs 6 %

  • Above 1 year 4 months to below 2 years 7.25 %
  • Indus Tax Saver Scheme - 5 years (upto Rs 1.5 lacs) 7.15 %
Cash on mobile
Cash on mobile

This innovative feature allows an IndusInd bank customer to withdraw/send money by just using the receiver’s mobile number

Register for Internet Banking
Register for Internet Banking

Online banking application for personal banking users

Immediate Payment Service
Immediate Payment Service

A one of a kind concept of mobile based account to account transfer for all bank account holders

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