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Features & Benefits

Recurring Deposit Features & Benefits

With IndusInd Regular Recurring Deposit we encourage your regular savings, where in you can invest a fixed amount every month for a fixed period.

Fixed monthly installments are being remitted to Recurring Deposit by a Standing Order, ECS mandate or by regular direct remittance

Opening Balance: INR.500/-

Recurring Deposit Interest Rate: As applicable for term deposits including the benefits of senior citizens

TDS in Interest: As per the current Income Tax regulations

Deposit Tenor: 12 months to 120 months

Nomination facility: Available

Premature Closure: Allowed

RDs can only be booked in multiples of 100.


Please click here for interest rates.

How to Apply

How to Apply for Recurring Deposit

You can open a Regular Recurring Deposit online. Click on the Apply Now button on this page, fill in your details and submit it. We will get back to you for further KYC process. Alternately, you can visit a branch and submit the Deposit Account form.


  • Application form
  • Passport size photograph
  • Proof of residence
  • Introduction letter by any IndusInd Bank existing customer


Introduction by an existing customer paves way for a smooth application process

The introduction by a friend who is already an existing customer at IndusInd Bank led to a very sorted procedure wherein in no time a recurring deposit account was secured for me. I couldn’t have imagined a smoother process.


Senior Citizens Friendly Deposits!

The deposits for Senior Citizen at IndusInd Bank offer the highest rate of interest to people who are above the age of 60. Old age couldn’t have been better planned. The interest rate is half a percent more than what is provided to the general public. I don’t worry much about my parents now. IndusInd takes care of them.


Opening balance @ INR 500 only

Given that at IndusInd Bank the opening balance is kept so low makes it easy for the person on the street to set aside a small portion of his income as savings and get returns on time as well. The application process is so effortless and transparent. Thank you, IndusInd Bank!


Recurring Deposits made a child's play

The regular recurring deposit allows us to keep a part of your savings for a fixed amount of time and helps us reap the benefits in time. The loaded words like ‘recurring’ ‘deposits’ make them sound so heavy but thankfully, at IndusInd Bank, the process is so simple


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  • Daily balance Upto Rs. 1 Lakh 4 %
  • Daily balance above Rs. 1 Lakh & upto (& including) Rs. 10 Lakhs 5 %
  • Daily balance above Rs.10 Lakhs 6 %

  • 1 year to 1 year 2 days 7 %
  • Indus Tax Saver Scheme - 5 years (upto Rs 1.5 lacs) 6.75 %
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