Corporate Salary Account

Corporate Salary Account

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  • What is a Salary Account?

    A Salary Account is one in which your employer credits your salary every month. Salary Accounts simplify the process of transfer and receipt of a salary. It is a type of savings account that offers you considerable advantages. However, there are certain distinguishing factors.

  • Is interest paid on a Salary Account?

    Yes, interest is paid on the Salary Account. We offer competitive interest rates on Salary Accounts, enabling you to earn more on each rupee.

  • Does the Salary Account have a minimum balance?

    A salary savings account comes with superior features and perks. It is a zero-balance account, and you are not required to maintain a minimum balance until there are regular Salary credits in the account.

  • When is the Salary Account converted to Non-Salary?

    In the event of no salary credit in your Salary Account for continuous three months, as per bank discretion the Bank reserves the right to change the status of your Salary Account to Savings Account variant

  • Can Existing Savings Account be converted to Salary Account?

    Yes. Existing savings account can be converted to Salary account. Please visit nearest Induslnd Branch or your corporate Relationship Manager to convert your existing Savings account.

  • Is Upgradation from one Salary Variant to another Salary Variant Possible?

    Salary Account can be upgraded on production of proof of Net salary per month/ increase in rank or designation (in case of Indus Force variant), please contact your corporate Relationship Manager or visit nearest Induslnd Bank branch for detail process

  • What is Reimbursement Account?

    Reimbursement accounts are Current Accounts that are offered to Employees maintaining Salary Account to get credit of various reimbursements other than salary paid by the Employer.

  • Can Customer continue to enjoy Salary Account benefits if he changes the job?

    Customer can continue to draw Salary through the same Salary Account even in the case of change of Employer. Customer has to intimate bank branch about the change in employer mapping with the bank. Also he/She would need to register Induslnd Bank Salary account with the HR Team of the new Employer

  • How do I open Induslnd Bank Salary Account?

    If your organisation has Induslnd Bank Salary Account relationship, you can approach us in any of the following ways:

    • Contact your Corporate Relationship Manager
    • Call us at our Customer Care number
    • You can Walk into any of the Induslnd Branches


  • What Documents do I need to submit for opening a Salary Account?

    • Photocopy of the Pan Card
    • Address proof

    Any one of the following documents will suffice as valid Address proof:

    • Aadhaar letter/card
    • Passport
    • Driving Licence
    • Voter ID card
    • Job card issued by NREGA


  • What is the eligibility to Open Induslnd Salary Account?

    You can open Induslnd Salary Account if,

    • You are an Indian citizen
    • You are 18 years of age or above.
    • The Corporate you work with is an on-boarded corporate of Induslnd Bank


  • What are the fees and charges applicable on my Induslnd Salary Account?

    To know the detailed list of fees & charges on your Induslnd Salary Account, please Click here

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