Manage Standing Instructions

IndusInd Bank has created a platform to enable customers to manage Recurring Transactions/ E - Mandates set on their Debit Cards. You can visit the below link and perform the following:

  • View all recurring payments set on your Debit Card
  • Approve/ Decline a transaction
  • Modify your Standing Instruction validity
  • Modify the maximum transaction limit

To manage your Standing Instructions Click here


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Pay for your bills/ subscriptions in a timely manner

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1 . How can I manage my Standing Instructions/ E –Mandates?
You can visit the below link to manage all your Standing instructions:
Manage E-Mandates

2. Why is IndusInd Bank declining my Standing Instruction (SI)/ E-Mandate?
As per RBI guidelines on ‘Processing of e-mandate on cards for recurring transactions’, effective 1st October, 2021, existing / new e-mandates which were/are setup without additional factor of authentication will not be approved. We have integrated with a service provider to allow customers to setup standing instructions that are complaint with the guidelines.

3. What are the requirements stated in the guidelines on Standing Instruction that have come into effect on 1st October 2021?
As per the new regulatory guidelines, below activities need to be ensured:

  • Mandate registration, modification and deletion will require additional factor of authentication (AFA)
  • Customers will get a pre-debit notification by SMS and Email, 24 hours prior to the transaction
  • Customers can cancel the debit/ SI by visiting the link provided in the pre-debit notification
  • Customers will have the facility to view / modify or cancel any Sis that are set on their Debit card
  • Customers can also define maximum permissible amount for each SI. If the Debit amount is greater than the maximum amount set by the customer, the pre-debit notification that will be sent by the bank will have the link for the customer to approve the transaction via OTP. The transaction will not be processed if the above is not performed.
  • Transaction (SI) of value greater than INR 5000 will require AFA via OTP every time the debit request is received.

4. Which Standing Instructions will be declined?
Any Standing Instruction set up on your Debit Card (both domestic and international) will be declined if it is not processed with additional factor of authentication (OTP).

5. How can I register for Standing Instructions again with my Debit Card?
You will have to visit the merchant website/ App where your SI was earlier registered. If the merchant is compliant with the new regulations, it will allow you to register for SI again.
Below is the list of merchants where you can setup recurring payments using your IndusInd Bank Debit Card:

Netflix Spotify Vodafone
Max Life Discovery Facebook
Amazon Prime RPSL Macafee
Google India Naukri Exide Life
Policy Bazaar Ipru Story tell
Hotstar Zee5 Club Mahindra
Microsoft HDFC Ergo Gaana.com
Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Max Niva Bupa Bharti AXA Life Insurance

6. If my merchant is not taking AFA for new SI registrations, will my SI be approved by IndusInd Bank?
We will decline any Standing Instruction which is registered without AFA.

7. Will the SIs registered on my IndusInd Bank account(s) also start getting declined?
No, only SIs registered on Debit Cards will start getting declined.

8. What will happen to my bill payment that I have registered for directly with IndusInd Bank?
There will be no change for SI that is registered on your IndusInd Bank Account. However, the SIs setup on Debit cards will start getting declined from 1st October, 2021.

9. If my payment gets declined and I am charged fee on the same, will the bank pay for it ?
No, the bank will not be responsible if the SI is declined, the customer needs to make the payment directly with the merchant.

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