FX-Retail, an electronic trading platform for Foreign Exchange has been developed by the Clearing Corporation of India Ltd (CCIL). FX-Retail Platform is a web based order matching trading platform for the Customers of Banks which includes Individuals, Sole Proprietor, Partnership Firms, Corporates, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) etc.

The platform offers trading in CASH, TOM, SPOT and FORWARD instruments upto a period of 13 months in the USD/INR currency pair.

Register Now

  • Visit https://www.fxretail.co.in to register.
  • On successful registration, the details will be forwarded to the Relationship bank provided at the time of registration for verification and approval.
  • On approval by the Relationship bank, you will be provided with the user credential which includes a login name and password.


  • The objective of the platform is to be a one stop solution for the Customers to execute all their Forex requirements in USD/INR currency pair through an electronic mode.
  • The platform is one of its kind electronic trading platform which provides for Anonymous trading and facilitates automatic price discovery in addition to other Qualitative benefits.
  • Retail customers can on their own, deal on the platform with real time access to current rates, thus moving from phone based trading to electronic trading.
  • The platform provides for transparency and better pricing to the customers. The Customers’ orders on the proposed platform are expected to improve the overall liquidity in the system.
  • Currently, the Member Banks take merchant positions and cover the same in the market, thereby assuming the market risk for the position until covered. The Platform enables the member banks to allow their Customers to transact directly by assigning limits on the platform. This ensures that Member Banks do not run a risk for merchant positions.
  • Assigning limits and monitoring the same on the proposed electronic trading platform makes the cover operations of Customer transactions hassle free and easy for the Member Banks. Customer limits monitoring is done by the system.
  • The platform provides a market based solution which will help in eliminating the price risk faced by banks in warehousing customer orders until they are aggregated and covered in the Inter-bank market.
  • The PI utility helps Banks and customers to automate most of their functions by allowing the platform to interface with their treasury systems.

Need for information

Visit https://www.ccilindia.com/