Inward Remittance

Inward Remittance

  • Initiate wire transfer from your local bank through their online / offline facility mentioning our correspondent bank details.


Receive inward wire remittance from anywhere in the world from your family members or business associates in just 1-2 working days. Through IndusInd Bank vast correspondent network you can receive in 17 currencies and at competitive exchange rate.

Sample Instruction

Sample Instruction to be provide to overses bank to remit money to IndusInd Bank account

Currency : _________________
Amount : _________________ (amount in Foreign Currency)
Intermidiary Bank: _______________________ (IndusInd Correspondent Bank Name)
SWIFT Code of the
Correspondent Bank (Field 56 A): ____________________
Beneficiary Bank (Field 57A): ________________________ (IndusInd Bank SWIFT CODE: INDBINBBXXX)
Beneficiary (Field 59): ______________________ (IndusInd Bank Account Number)
Correspondent Bank Charges (Field 71): OUR
Remittance Purpose (Field 70 / 72): ___________________

Correspondent Banks

For correspondent bank details, click Here