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Welcome to IndusSmart, an online Mutual Fund platform by IndusInd Bank. IndusSmart is designed to help you learn, invest and plan for all your investment goals.

Even if you haven’t invested in Mutual Funds before, IndusSmart gets you started in less than 3 minutes. Our easy-to-use Goal Calculators and hassle-free paperless process make investing in your goals secure, quick and transparent.

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Easy log in.

No need to sign up, log in with your IndusBank account’s credentials.

Get set, invest.

Invest in 1000+ schemes from day one.

Invest Safe

Thorough suitability check to safeguard you from high-risk schemes.

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Plan better for your goals with the right knowledge about investment.

Interactive Dashboard & Analytics

Keep a check on your investment’s performance in real-time.

Instant investment ready

You can start investing from the 1st day itself and no formality required.


A mutual fund is a professionally managed investment fund tha pools money from many investors to purchase securities. These investors may be retail or institutional in nature.

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Disclosure on Commission received By IndusInd Bank for various  Mutual Fund Schemes*
Scheme Types Trail Commission p.a.
Equity & Hybrid Funds 0.10% - 2.00%
Debt & Conservative Hybrid Fund 0.01% - 1.50%
Liquid & Overnight Fund 0.01% - 0.30%
Solution Oriented & Other Mutual Fund 0.02% - 1.50%
Bonds/NCDs/SGBs/Others 0.00% - 1.00% Upfront

*Taxes as Applicable

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  1. IndusInd Bank acts as a Distributor of Mutual Funds wherein the Bank distributes products of various Asset management companies.
  2. The initial registration date for ARN -0633 is 1st Jan 2003 and the current validity of the ARN is 1st Jan 2025.
  3. IndusInd Bank is paid commissions for investment made under broker code ARN-0633. Any commissions receivable is subject to claw back as per guidelines set by regulator, interpreted & laid down by AMCs.
  4. Regular plans involve payment of commission to MFDs.
  5.  As per SEBI circular no. Cir/IMD/DF/13 /2011 dated August 22, 2011 Mutual Funds are allowed to pay transaction charge to distributor per subscription of Rs. 10,000 & above. IndusInd Bank has "Opted Out" of this. Hence no such charge will be levied by Mutual Fund on the investment amount.
  6. The above Rates are effective 1st April 2024 or later than that and will be updated on best effort basis and subject to change without any prior consent and at the sole discretion of the Bank and in agreement with the AMC.