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Two wheeler loan features

For different people, a two-wheeler serves different purposes. For some, it represents fulfilling a dream, while for others it represents a mode of transportation that can take them efficiently from one place to another.

While most of us dream of owning that dream motorcycle or scooter, only a few can fulfil it because of lack of financing. Luckily, owning a two-wheeler has become easier with IndusInd Bank’s quick and convenient two-wheeler loan.

We provide easy and faster loans for your two wheeler purchase. Visit any of our nearest branches or apply online to get timely approval of your loan.

  • Paper free and easy online application process
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Speedy loan processing
  • Easy & Simple Doucmentation
  • Attractive interest rates
  • 50% processing fee waiver and special rate for IndusInd A/C holders

Instant Two Wheeler Loan with IndusInd Bank
IndusInd Bank offers facility to get instant approval for two-wheeler loans. Click here, fill in the application and you can avail a loan from IndusInd Bank within minutes.

How to Apply

  • Anyone can apply for the two-wheeler loan online and get instant credit approval, even non IndusInd Bank customers can apply!
  • The loan offer is subject to field verification and submission of KYC documents by the customer to the bank
  • Bank loan officer would reach out to you shortly after submission of application for KYC documentation

Apply now for Two Wheeler Loan

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Two wheeler loan eligibility

The eligibility criteria for a two-wheeler loan online from IndusInd Bank are as follows:

Salaried customers:

  • Age Limit – Minimum 21 years at the time of applying the loan and Maximum of 60 years at the time of loan maturity
  • Income Limit – Minimum Gross income of Rs. 10,000/- per month
  • Work Experience – A minimum of 1 year of total experience, and must have completed minimum of 6 months service in current employment at the time of applying for loan


  • Age Limit – Minimum 21 years at the time of applying the loan and Maximum of 65 years at the time of loan maturity
  • Income Limit – A minimum net profit of Rs. 1,00,000/- per annum
  • Business Experience – A minimum of 3 years in business, and 1 year in the same business


Documents for salaried customers:

Thanks to IndusInd Bank’s easy documentation process, it is now easier to purchase the two-wheeler of your dreams. To avail a two-wheeler, apply for the IndusInd Bank two-wheeler loan by submitting the following documents:

  • Borrower Identity - 1 Passport size photo
  • Proof of Identity - Photocopy of any one of Driving License/ Passport/ Voters ID / Aadhaar Card/ PAN Card/ Photo Id card issued by State / Central govt/ Schedule commercial bank.
  • Proof of Residence - Photocopy of any one of Driving License/ Passport / Voters ID /Aadhaar Card /Telephone bill/Bank Account Statement/Ration card/Any utility bill issued by Govt Authority -Electricity Bill/Water Bill/Property Tax Bill .
  •  Bank statement for last 3 months.
  • Income Proof - Salary slip of the previous month with the regular salary credits seen in Bank statement provided

Documents for self-employed:

  • Borrower Identity - 1 Passport size photo
  • Proof of Identity - Photocopy of any one of Driving License/ Passport/ Voters ID / Aadhaar Card/ PAN Card/ Photo Id card issued by State / Central govt/ Schedule commercial bank.
  • Proof of Residence - Photocopy of any one of Driving License/ Passport / Voters ID /Aadhaar Card /Telephone bill/Bank Account Statement/Ration card/Any utility bill issued by Govt Authority -Electricity Bill/Water Bill/Property Tax Bill.
  • Bank statement for last 3 months.
  • Income tax returns of the immediate preceding financial year along with Computation of income for the assessment year.


Customer Reviews

Low interest rates and quick processing

I needed a bike to ease my travel to the office. At first, I was a bit hesitant, but then after going through the interest rates of IndusInd Bank, I decided to apply for a two wheeler loan. Trust me, their documentation process is so easy, and the loan application is processed as quickly as possible.

Reviewer: Adithya Krishnamurthi, Bengaluru, June 28, 2018


Easy online loan application

I had just begun working and needed a two wheeler for my daily commute to the office. IndusInd Bank’s two wheeler loan was like a boon. I didn’t even have to visit their bank. I applied for a two wheeler loan online, and in a few days, I received the money. Flawless processing guys.

Reviewer: Nikita Dave, Ahmedabad, June 26, 2018


Smooth loan processing

I am amazed at the hassle free process of getting a two wheeler loan from IndusInd Bank.  I wanted to gift my daughter a bike for her 20th birthday. I applied for a two wheeler loan online. It was processed quickly without much documentation and at a low interest. Quick and efficient team. Good job!

Reviewer: Ashok Sarkar, Kolkata, June 22, 2018


Very Satisfied with Instant Loan

My father travels fifteen kilometers for work everyday and I wanted to gift him a two wheeler for his convenience. The two wheeler loans by IndusInd Bank are easy to get approved and the loan disbursal is quick. Bought a vehicle for my father within a week! Wonderful service by IndusInd Bank!

Reviewer: Prachi Adesara, Ahmedabad, January 06, 2018


Simple Documentation Process

Recently bought a scooty for myself with IndusInd Bank's two wheeler loan and I must say that I am very impressed with their service. I did not hold an account with IndusInd Bank previously, yet I got an instant credit approval. The personalized customer service is simply great. Way to go, IndusInd Bank!

Reviewer: K. Venkat, Chennai, January 03, 2018


Easy Process for Two Wheeler Loan

Being an existing account-holder at IndusInd Bank made it easier and quicker for me to get a two wheeler loan. IndusInd Bank offers a great facility of waivering half of the processing fee of the loan and I also got a special interest rate due to my previous relationship with the bank. I am a happy customer!

Reviewer: Kriti Sharma, Mumbai, January 02, 2018


Bought My First Vehicle!

IndusInd Bank helped me achieve my dream of owning a vehicle. I was saving for a long time, but I was still falling short of funds. IndusInd Bank's convenient policies and competitive interest rates helped me gain the confidence of applying for a loan. Thanks, IndusInd Bank for all the help!

Reviewer: Soutik Das, Kolkata, December 27, 2017


Hassle-free Online Application

I was thinking of buying a two wheeler for my daughter but did not have the time to go to the bank and apply for a loan. I thought it required days just to get the loan approved. But IndusInd Bank's online application facility cleared all my doubts. We bought a two wheeler within a week of applying for the loan!

Reviewer: Smita Dubey, Ranchi, December 23, 2017


Best Interest Rates in the Market

The interest offered by IndusInd Bank for a two-wheeler loan is quite nominal when compared to other banks. The application process was completely paperless and hassle-free. My loan was sanctioned in the committed time without any unnecessary hiccups.

Reviewer: Rohan Arora, Amritsar, October 31, 2017


Wonderful Customer Service

I took a two-wheeler loan of Rs. 5.3 lakhs at a good interest rate and low processing fees. The customer service at IndusInd Bank is quite supportive and helpful. They communicated the terms and conditions in details and handled my queries patiently.

Reviewer: Anita Goyal, Mumbai, October 29, 2017


Quick Application and Processing

I applied for a two-wheeler loan with IndusInd Bank through their website. The rate of interest offered to me was a bit on the higher end of the spectrum but their processing time is very short. I was satisfied with their customer service and response! I would recommend IndusInd Bank to everybody!

Reviewer: Abhinav Malhotra, New Delhi, October 25, 2017


Received Discounts as an Existing Customer on Loan

I planned on gifting my daughter a two-wheeler for her birthday. I was an existing customer with IndusInd Bank and decided to apply for the loan. Because of beng an existing customer, I was given discounts on processing fees and interest rates. Overall, it was a smooth experience.

Reviewer: Rajesh Tripathi, Gwalior, October 22, 2017


Swift Processing of Two-wheeler Loan

I applied for a two-wheeler loan at IndusInd Bank. The online application process was extremely smooth and convenient. I was offered a decent rate of interest and the loan amount was disbursed in no time! I am quite happy with the service.

Reviewer: Rashi Tiwary, Ranchi, October 19, 2017


Amazing Experience

Being an existing account holder at IndusInd Bank, I received the Two-wheeler loan from the bank at a special rate. The whole experience right from the application stage to the final repayment was absolutely seamless and hassle-free. Thanks IndusInd

Reviewer: Prerna Mehra, Jalandhar, May 01, 2017


Easy Online Application

The online application process for a two-wheeler loan at IndusInd Bank made loan application really easy and convenient. I was able to apply for the loan easily even while I was travelling!

Reviewer: Ankita Pandey, Rae Bareily, May 01, 2017


Best Customer Service

I am super impressed with IndusInd's customer service. When I went to my nearest bank branch to make inquiries about their two-wheeler loan, I found the staff exceedingly courteous and attentive to my needs. Always a great thing to experience!

Reviewer: Kashish Chawla, Ambala, April 28, 2017


Best Features

I had been planning to apply for a two-wheeler for almost a year. As I already had an account at IndusInd bank I decided to get a two wheeler loan from them itself. I got the loan at attractive interest rates and with a 50% processing fee waiver since I am an existing customer. Good loan from IndusInd. Would recommend.

Reviewer: Vikram Choudhary, Gandhinagar, April 26, 2017


Easy Documentation

The documentation required while applying for IndusInd's Two-wheeler Loan was simple and uncomplicated. Took me some time to get the loan but it was an easy proccess.

Reviewer: Karuna Malik, Patna, April 25, 2017


Easy Loan procurement

My hunt for the perfect two wheeler was made easy by IndusInd. All I had to do was submit my KYC documents after which bank personnel got in touch with me and within a few hours my loan application was approved. Kudos on prompt services.

Reviewer: Nishit Rathore, Jodhpur, March 01, 2017


Instant Two Wheeler loan

I was pleasantly surprised to get instant approval on my loan application for a two wheeler. Availing loan for the same has been made easier and simpler by IndusInd. Thanks to them, I can now travel hassle free, conveniently, and reach my home and workplace in a timely manner.

Reviewer: Ravi Mirza, Nainital, February 27, 2017


Easy Application Process

I had been planning to buy a Honda Activa for my sister so that she could travel easily but the anticipated paperwork and high interest rate only made me shelve my plans. However, after coming across IndusInd’s offers on two wheeler’s loans, two wheeler purchase has become easier. Not only do they provide hassle free online application process, they also provide with a flexible repayment option.

Reviewer: Akhil Tiwari, Delhi, February 25, 2017


Loan Application from App

I was pleasantly surprised to know applying for a two wheeler loan can be a hassle free procedure using IndusInd’s app. I wanted to purchase a TVS scooty for my birthday and I was ecstatic to know that all the paperwork process was eliminated and I was able to register within a few minutes.

Reviewer: Pooja Vyas, Ghaziabad, February 23, 2017


Affordable rates

I had been planning to buy a scooty for some time now but because of high interest rates and general expense associated with loans, I would shelve the idea every time. However, a friend asked me to get in touch with IndusInd to avail special offers provided them on two wheeler loans. After going through the details, I decided to apply for the same in no time. Because of their special offer, I was able to get a 50% fee waiver for being an account holder. Also, I secured the funding in under a week in a hassle free manner.

Reviewer: Saanvi Dua, Varanasi, February 22, 2017


Easy Online Application Process!

I filled the IndusInd two wheeler loan application form online and it got instantly approved! Before sending the form, I used the loan calculator to check various plans and interest rates and compared prices. As I already have a savings account in their bank, IndusInd also gave discount on processing fees, interest rate and few other charges as well.

Reviewer: Vasu Shenoy, Mangalore, August 21, 2016


Fine Service But Customer Care Can Be Improved

The process of applying and getting two wheeler loan went smooth. Interest rate was affordable compared to other private banks and loan tenure is flexible. But IndusInd should improve its customer service staff as one of the bank representative gave incomplete info. Later the issue was resolved quickly and no issue after that. Happy with the service.

Reviewer: Priti Kulkarni, Pune, August 19, 2016


Reasonable Interest Rate, Good Service

I took a two wheeler loan from IndusInd two years back. The interest rate was bit high at 15% for my budget. But it was less than the other banks I spoke to before approaching IndusInd. They also reduced the processing fees and loan disbursement was done on time with less documentation hassle.

Reviewer: Deepak Bisth, Mumbai, August 17, 2016


Impressed by the Quick Response and Professionalism

I am very much satisfied with IndusInd as they replied to my two wheeler loan requirement query quickly. The bank representative visited my house on request within 2 days, spoke politely, cleared all my confusion, explained the process and took all the documents needed for the loan. Overall very satisfied with their service.

Reviewer: Subramani P, Chennai, August 15, 2016


Thankfully Less Paperwork

Biggest headache for all bank loan related work is paperwork. But papers asked by IndusInd Bank for my Honda two wheeler loan were basic, like ID proof, address proof, salary slip, photo and bank statement. Once I submitted the papers, my loan application was processed quickly and it was approved very fast.

Reviewer: Suraj Patel, Ahmedabad, August 15, 2016


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