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Multi-currency Card For International Students

Posted on Friday, December 15th, 2017 | By IndusInd Bank

IndusInd Bank’s multi-currency card travelling abroad hassle free for its customers. Whether you are going for a trip abroad, or to attend a business meeting or even to start a new course at a foreign location – the multi-currency card serves multiple purposes to provide a seamless experience to its customers.
One of the most important and basic requirements of studying abroad is foreign currency. IndusInd Banks helps students save money in terms of fluctuating currency exchange rates by providing them with a multi-currency card to meet their special needs. Salient features of this card are:

  • One of the safest forms of carrying foreign currency
  • 8 of the most widely used currencies can be loaded onto the card
  • Embedded encryption enables better security against fraud and counterfeit.
  • Available all the time unlike travellers’ cheque or foreign cash.
  • With this card, students can avoid paying the processing fees, thus, saving some amount on their person
  • With this card, students aren’t susceptible to varying exchange rates as the amount loaded on to the card is done at a fixed rate
  • The card can be loaded multiple times.

Studying Abroad with Multi-Currency Card

A lot of Indian students prefer to study abroad to get quality education. Not just for studies, but a lot of students prefer to complete their internships abroad as well. For 3-6 months of internship in the US, Australia, Singapore, etc. carrying a multi-currency card is definitely the best option to carry foreign currency. This would also need that you wouldn’t need to open a bank account to meet your local expenses in a foreign location.
Foreign countries spend a lot of amount on International education scholarship and internship offers to attract the brightest of minds to their country.
Needless to say, Indian students find Australian education, US education among others, comforting and promising due to the multicultural & safe environment, similarities (cricket, weather), and the assistance offered to international students.

Handy financial tools for international students

Studying abroad in a developed country is a fairly expensive. Education loan and personal funds take care of course fees, rent and other academic requirements. However, a reasonable amount of travel money is also required while studying and living abroad. Managing finances while travelling abroad and decoding the complex maze of currency fluctuations & exchange rates could prove to be a tough task for teenagers.
Travelling with cash or standard debit/credit cards can be a risky and expensive decision. While losing cash is one of the most common nightmares, the long list of charges levied on regular cards is equally terrifying. For instance, the cash withdrawal charges, currency exchange fee, interest on ATM withdrawal, overseas purchases fee and other charges has the ability to burn a huge hole in a modest student budget. In addition, the acceptable currency changes with country to country, so does the exchange rates.
Therefore, parents should look into reliable options to ensure that their children get to enjoy hassle-free travel experience in a foreign country. Multi-currency card is one such trustworthy option that would enable young travellers to spend cash in a convenient, safe and secured manner.

Multi-currency card for global student travellers

The Indus Multi Currency Card provides the benefit of carrying 8 currencies in one card, minus the anxiety of losing or misplacing cash. It’s a simple, small and smart card loaded with features. Card-holders can load Australian Dollar, Arab Emirate Dirham, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Great Britain Pound, Singapore Dollar, Saudi Riyal and US Dollar, which offers protection against ever-changing exchange rates. This makes it a convenient and practical travel companion for young travellers who plan to explore the world on a student budget.
Are you concerned about the card’s safety and security standards? Please don’t be, because the embedded chip coupled with instant alerts, secure checkout gateway, online tracking system and immediate hot-listing in case the card is lost or stolen would keep your money safe.
The card can be utilized to make up to 12 transactions per day and the usage is limited to Rs. 5, 00,000. From booking hotels to paying restaurants bills, from purchasing flight tickets to shopping at stores, you can swipe the travel card without attracting any extra charge. You could also make use of the secondary card as a ‘replacement’, if you misplace or lose the primary issued travel card. At the end of your trip, the balance amount can be easily encashed at your convenience.

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