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Support Demonetisation, Go Cashless

Posted on Tuesday, January 31st, 2017 | By IndusInd Bank

With Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement regarding demonetisation, high-denomination notes of Rs. 1000 and Rs. 500 have become void. Demonetisation is one of the boldest decisions taken by the Indian government to curb black money and achieve the vision of “Digital India”.

One way to support demonetisation and make daily transactions easily is by going cashless and embracing digital payments and online banking.

The Magic of Plastic Money

While old currency notes may have become void, your hard-earned money has not. You can still use the money in your account with the help of your debit card and credit card. Besides ATM cash withdrawal, you can use your debit card to order groceries, buy essentials, and pay bills. There’s an online service for everything, beauty treatments, laundry, plumbing, etc.! All these services can be booked using a credit or a debit card from IndusInd Bank.

To manage business in the current cashless market, local vendors have also started accepting card payments. When you shop with any of IndusInd Bank’s wide range of personalised debit cards, you get additional benefits such as cashback, gift vouchers, discount coupons and exclusive deals.

There’s a surge in demand for digital wallets to make offline payments, pay for rickshaw/taxi rides, tip service providers, and to send/receive money. And the fuel that digital wallets run on is plastic money!

You can also use your IndusInd Bank credit card to make big purchases and pay hefty bills. Premium credit cards offered by IndusInd Bank come with a host of advantages. From deals on travel, dining and lifestyle, to special reward programs, IndusInd Bank credit cards make your transition from hard cash to digital payments smooth and profitable.

Bank Online with Mobile Banking

Dreading the long queues? Skip the lines at banks and ATMs and switch to digital banking. Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, too, has urged everyone to embrace online mobile banking for cashless transactions.

Carry out daily financial transactions such as checking account details and paying bills via IndusInd Bank’s online mobile banking service. Alternatively, you can download the light, secure and handy IndusMobile app to transfer funds and get access to other banking services.

The rise of digital payments is a step in the right direction. Get on board with IndusInd Bank; apply for your debit or credit card online today!

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