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Travelling abroad? Use Multi currency card for a hassle-free travel

Posted on Wednesday, December 20th, 2017 | By IndusInd Bank

Travel is the best teacher as it helps one to understand different people, culture, traditions and lifestyles. It trains people on how to adapt, be more open, embrace the uncertainties, be modest and live in the moment. However, the financial aspect of travelling could possibly mar a beautiful experience, if not handled well.
Leisure and business international trips are accompanied by inevitable expenses. The common expenses include booking flight tickets, buying train tickets, and reserving hotel rooms. However, travellers also need to make room for costs such as meals, car rental, filling up gas/fuel, parking, taxi, tolls, cell-phone service, data plans, basic supplies for personal or official purposes and medical emergencies.
There was a time when handling cash, making purchases and carrying out transactions while travelling used to be a cumbersome task. International credit and debit cards were the only options left for people who didn’t want to travel with a lot of cash.
Things have changed for better now with multi-currency forex card and pre-paid travel cards.

International Travel Made Easy with Multicurrency Card

Experienced travellers often warn about ‘sneaky travel cost spikes’ when dealing in foreign currency. The exchange rates and currency value constantly fluctuates, making it difficult for tourists visiting a foreign land to plan their expenses. It can knock the best of plans and arrangements off the track. If the trip involves visiting multiple countries back-to-back, then the problem multiplies.
This is where multi-currency card comes to the rescue. It is risk-free, economical, easy-to-use and highly convenient. Probably one of the smartest financial products available in the market, travel cards protects your money from yo-yoing foreign exchange rates. As you can freeze the most favourable rate, you have complete control over your money, which is the exact opposite of the traditional methods of international currency dealings.

Benefits Galore

The Indus Multi Currency Card is a wallet-sized card packed with customer-friendly features and benefits. As safety and security sits at the top of the priority list, strict directions are followed to keep customers’ money safe. The first security measure is an embedded chip that provides highest level of protection to multicurrency travel card users. Instant SMS alerts, online access and immediate hot-listing act as extra precautionary measures.
With the safety & security feature neatly in place, let’s move to the other benefits. Travellers can load up to 8 currencies on each card, namely US Dollar, Euro, Australian Dollar, Great Britain Pound, Singapore Dollar, Saudi Riyal, Canadian Dollar and Arab Emirate Dirham. With this card in your bag, a seamless travel experience is guaranteed.
Make international stay & flight bookings, shop for souvenirs, pay various entry fees at tourist attractions and dine at restaurants of your choice without any hassle. Card users can withdraw money from ATMs without attracting any charges. With a validity of 3 years, you can place a request for a new card if you lose or misplace the primary card. Encashment process is as easy as the card application & issuance process.
In usual circumstances, the travel card can’t be used for transactions within India. However, shopaholics can now indulge in guilt-free shopping at the Delhi Duty Free outlet with Indus multicurrency card. Business travellers can select gifts and souvenirs such as Indian tea, spices, ayurvedic products and sweets for their international clients and colleagues before boarding the flight. Card-holders can also shop at the duty free shop on their way back with the balance amount.
You can get your hands on high-end perfumes, cosmetics, chocolates, liquor and fashion accessories at deep discounts. Those who forgot or didn’t get the time to buy gifts for family & friends back at home could buy presents duty free with the help of the multicurrency card.

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