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Why You Should Get a Premium Credit Card

Posted on Thursday, July 25th, 2019 | By IndusInd Bank

Are you enamored of the high life? High-end shopping, fine dining, luxurious travel – you get the drift. If you have a taste for the finer things in life, you need a credit card to go with it. If you feel that your current credit card isn’t the best companion for luxury purchases, it’s time for you to get a premium one. After all, there are some things money can buy exceedingly well.

What is a Premium Credit Card?

As the name suggests, a premium credit card is tailor-made for large expenses. Popularly known as black or purple cards, they charge an annual fee and offer several benefits in return. The most significant of these is a large credit limit. This makes a premium credit card ideal for big spenders.

How will I Benefit from a Premium Credit Card?

A Premium Credit Card comes with several perks such as exclusive access to airport lounges, international travel insurance, emergency covers, and unparalleled reward programs. Some also have a personal assistant service that can book airplane tickets, make restaurant reservations and even send gifts on your behalf. Here are some more advantages that a premium credit card lets you enjoy.

1.Shop Till You Drop and Don’t Stop at That

A premium credit is your best friend on a shopping spree. If you are someone who goes gaga over international brands, you’ll be thrilled by the special benefits on offer at your favourite stores. Some also come with exclusive product warranties. With a premium credit card in hand, you can shop without a care in the world.

2.Zip Across the World in Style

Travel is one of the major lifestyle categories that a premium credit card caters to. For starters, it can get you special deals on flight bookings. Apart from exclusive lounge access in airports across the world, you can also greatly benefit from frequent flyer miles that airlines have to offer. What’s even better is that some cards grant complimentary membership to privilege programs of various airlines.

3.Enjoy Big Rewards for Your Big Spending

If you plan on making large expenses with your credit card, it’s only fair that you get proportionate rewards in return. Which is why the most attractive bit about premium credit cards is their unique reward programs. For instance, you can enjoy special privileges at some of the world’s premier hotel chains. 24×7 concierge service, golf programs and membership to international diners’ clubs are only some of the other perks.

How Does an IndusInd Premium Credit Card Fit the Bill?

An IndusInd Premium Credit Card is just what you need for your kind of lifestyle choices. Available in different types – Super Premium, Premium and Co-Premium – they are a perfect combination of the large credit limit and special privileges you’ve always wanted. 

Super Premium Credit Cards

If you are tired of having a cap on your credit limit, these cards have been customized to ensure that you never have to compromise on your ultra-glam lifestyle. This category includes Indulge, Crest and Pinnacle credit cards.

Premium Credit Cards

If your focus is on easy, flexible payments and fine rewards with quick redemption, IndusInd’s Premium Cards are meant for you. Choose one from the Legend, Signature, Nexxt, and DUO credit cards to suit your needs.

Co-Branded Credit Cards

Any of these arethe best option if you want a credit card to cater to a very specificrequirement. IndusInd’s partnerships with Thomas Cook and WorldMiles haveyielded cards precisely for the globetrotter in you. There is also the IndusIndPayBack credit card, a co-branded card that rewards you with every use.

It makes perfectsense for you to get a premium credit card to complement your big-ticketpurchases and luxury spending. Browse through IndusInd’s offerings and chooseone that best suits your lifestyle!

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